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A/N: This chapter was influenced by the song "This Is What It Feels Like" by Banks.

The night air was inviting, pleasant, warm with a gentle breeze, almost seducing the couple as they leisurely made their way to one of the brightly colored huts sprawled over the outpost.

Astrid was acutely aware of the feel of Hiccup's rough hand in hers as he tugged her up his stairs. The breeze had done nothing to cool Astrid down, to help alleviate the tightly coiled tension between them both. Hiccup was backing up now, his hand still in hers, smiling encouragingly at her as he walked them over to his bed. "Sit with me," he offered softly, crawling backward over his bed as he pulled her along. The anticipation was thick in the air, but Hiccup was dead set on doing this right.

Astrid willed her heart to slow down, but she knew it was useless, she knew it would not beat at anywhere close to a normal pace this night. If any of her experiences so far were any indication to how he was... in bed... Astrid was sure Hiccup wouldn't make this easy for her, especially with how long he had... gone without.

Astrid knelt over on the bed, crawling toward him as he leaned back against his headboard, just like the night before. She had expected him to pull her back to his chest, between his legs, like they had sat before, but this time he guided her right to how they ended up before they fell asleep, with Astrid firmly straddled over him. He smiled then, arms around her, one hand casually gripping his wrist behind her and essentially trapping her there, not that she actually felt trapped. "Will you help me remove my armor?" he asked, eyes intense. Astrid shivered at the request, at how intimate it was, but nodded, honestly curious about how he got into it so quickly every day.

With nervous fingers, she trailed her hand up to the main strap over his chest, fumbling with it while he unfastened the one across his waist. Once the strap was loose, she slid her hands under one of his shoulder pads, finding another buckle underneath, a sort of latch there to help it move fluidly. While he went on to pull his wrist bracers off, Astrid curiosity got the best of her and she hoped she wasn't revealing her naivety too much with the question. "...How do you get it off so easily every night?"

Hiccup all but threw his head back, his face turning bright red with a loud chortle of mirth. "I just think of you!" he responded with a howl of laughter.

Astrid jerked in surprise at his uproarious guffaw. When she realized again what she had just said, her face turned just as red as his tunic. "Gods! Hiccup!" she cried indignantly, hiding her own amusement behind a glower, both completely embarrassed again at how easily she fell into such verbal traps, and by how perverted his thoughts were lately. Although... with what they were about to do, she couldn't exactly blame him, could she? "Just... just hold still..." she growled, scowling at the buckle she was fiddling with.

"Here," Hiccup said, laughter still in his voice as he reached up and unbuckled the strap swiftly. He did the same for the other and soon his leather armor was loose enough for him to simply pull it off him as though it were another tunic, albeit with a little more effort. "That's how I get it off," he grinned, snickering again as he let the armor fall noisily beside his bed.

Astrid took a long breath to calm down, not wanting to hurt him before the night even began. "Hiccup, if you don't cut that out, we won't be doing anything, understand?" she threatened, knowing that threat would get to him far better than actual physical pain at that point.

Hiccup's eyes widened comically, his mouth gaping slightly and he almost whimpered. "Y-Yes ma'am! Cutting it right out! Consider it cut! Won't joke again!" he promised hurriedly. If Astrid hadn't felt so knotted up with anticipation and a niggling sense of anxiety still lingering within her, she would have found his panic and complete obedience very amusing. Hiccup must have sensed something too, because the next thing she knew, he had gently pulled her against him, letting her rest comfortably against his chest. Astrid sighed in relief, feeling comforted by the familiar and soothing embrace.

Astrid wasn't sure what Hiccup was droning about at the moment, something about wondering if he could take the Death Song as a challenge and train it. Astrid listened to his voice rather than his words, not getting enough of how nice it sounded when he was speaking in a low, soft way, unlike his normal higher pitched and quicker way of speaking throughout the day.

Honestly though, she wasn't really paying attention, much more interested in whatever it was his hands were doing with her braid. If she wasn't mistaken, he was unbinding it. The second she felt a slack in her hair, felt it unravel across her back, she knew she was right. Then she felt his fingers thread into her hair, pressing gently against her scalp, and the thought to ask what he was up to went right out the proverbial window. Her eyes drooped, feeling almost the same kind of reaction overtake her at his massage as the dragons must have felt when they were scratched in just the right spot. "Like that?" he murmured softly, pressing his lips to her hair.

"Mm..." Astrid hummed, content to just lay there against his warmth and let his hands do whatever the Hel they wanted.

Hiccup smiled and ran his fingers through her hair, watching the strands slip between his fingers. This was one of his favorite things to do with her when they had a quiet moment together. He was aware of how proud Astrid was, how fierce a warrior she was, so when she let him do something as soft as play with her hair, a vulnerable, intimate gesture, he felt his heart sing. "You are so beautiful," he sighed, taking the hand that had been tangling in her hair to slide over her cheek, nudging her to look up at him. Astrid blushed at his words and followed his lead, leaning back a little so he could close the gap more easily.

Their lips met and their eyelids fluttered shut in bliss. Mouths parted, lips sliding, locking, teeth scraping, tongues drawing in, slow and sucking, not able to get enough. The world around them was a shade of its former existence, completely lost to them as they poured themselves into the kiss. Hiccup's hands slid over to her hips, moving up her skirt to hike it up. Astrid shifted a little closer to him, pressing harder into his addictive mouth, his hands burning hot on her legs. Then he began to pull her against him until their hips were locked together. He released his grip and waited. Astrid frowned slightly in the kiss, but had an idea of what he wanted. Shuddering and sighing with desire, she shakily slid her hands over his shoulders again, grasping at his tunic to give herself a little more leverage before rocking herself into him, answering his non-verbal invitation.

Hiccup moaned in relief, his hands back on her hips. He began tugging her against him, back and forth, grinding her thighs against his rapidly swelling bulge. Astrid began to feel resistance with every sway of her hips, blushing at the feel of his steadily rising arousal. Hiccup moaned again, one hand threading through her silky strands, kissing her harder, desperate, swinging his body up to meet her with each thrust. Astrid arched into him, sighing with quickly mounting need rippling through her heated flesh, reminding her of the reason she was there with him that night.

Hiccup didn't give her time to think about it, bucking up hard then, making her shiver as he pushed right into her center through his pants, the pressure pushing her bindings right into her folds. Astrid pushed down again in answer, needing more, joining his own groan at the hopelessly addictive pleasure is caused them. Part of her wondered why she wasn't panicking over the idea of sex with him anymore, but the answer seemed pretty clear. She wanted him in a much deeper way than carnal desire, a way that nearly scared her, and gods it was a suffocatingly overwhelming feeling. Her heart was calling out to be with him, connect with him in a more profound level... and gods help her, she was listening this time.

Hiccup pulled from the kiss, leaning in to whisper in her ear. "We've held out... for too long this time..." he said, his body still surging up to meet her rocking hips, hands still on her, keeping her moving in a steady rhythm. "It... hurts," he groaned. "I need you... please, Astrid..." he begged her, his head falling to her shoulder, panting to keep himself under control.

Astrid shuddered at his pleading tone, knowing just what he needed and honestly felt exactly the same way at that point. She knew what they had to do, she was completely ready for it, but a little doubt began to form in her head that wouldn't leave her alone. "Wh-What about... " Astrid twisted up into his unrelenting body, momentarily forgetting how to speak. "...R-Risks..?" she groaned out.

Hiccup didn't stop his restless rocking as he answered her huskily. "You've been..." he panted, desperately trying to find the words, "-taking the... the herbal... remedy... it lasts, remember?"

Astrid shuddered again, a particularly rough grind pushing up against her just the right way. "Aah-" shivers ran through her, the heat in her pounding sex blinding her. "...R-...Right..."

Remedy? ...Was it that tea?

Oh gods! Tea! Why hadn't she thought of it before? Hiccup had been preparing that stuff for her almost every other day since that time she had drank it in. She hadn't been able to ask him what it was because she didn't want to confuse and concern him, since it seemed to be something that she took kind of regularly. Sometimes she had drank it, to appease him, other times she didn't, though he never seemed disappointed or upset when she refused. When she did drink it though, he would give her these looks. Freyja, he had been giving her... all along he had been wanting..!

It had been moon tea, all along.

Astrid had heard about it, knew of a few women who would take it on occasion to stop unwanted pregnancies from occurring, but it had never crossed her mind that he would be..! Where had Hiccup learned to prepare it? Had she learned and taught him? And he made it a habit of giving her it as often as he could so they could..! Forget him being like a Roman soldier, Hiccup Haddock was gods damn conniving pirate. And with an exasperated groan, she realized then that she had just basically referred to herself as his booty.

She gasped a little when he suddenly rolled them over, gently pushing her down beneath him again. He leaned over, mouth firmly pressing against hers. Astrid responded in kind, shoving her tongue into his mouth, shivering at the moan it elicited within him. Hiccup pulled away abruptly, making her blink up at him in confusion. She flushed then when he all but ripped his tunic right off. Even though she had seen him shirtless quite a few times already, Astrid felt like she was suffocating when he pulled his tunic off the way he did, tearing it off his chest like it had offended him. Honestly though, hiding his beautiful body kind of was an offense.

This time though he didn't stop with just just himself. Leaning back over, he tugged on her own tunic as well, eyes pleading. Astrid bit her lip shyly but rose up a little from the bed, unclasping her own armor. Hiccups fingers found the hem of her shirt quickly, sliding it right off her. He didn't stop there, dragging his finger tips down her body, he slid them to her skirt. Astrid got the picture and tried to calm down as she kicked out of it, shimmying out of her leggings with his persistent help. Astrid tried not to shy away from his blackened gaze as he helped her, trailing his hands over every bit of exposed skin, setting her on fire with his touch. Astrid resisted stopping him, knowing how much she wanted this, almost as much as he did, and let him pull her bindings off slowly, as though he were unwrapping a precious gift.

And then she was lying there completely exposed to him, not a shred of clothing left. Astrid knew she was desirable, she might have been young mentally, but she was not ashamed of her body, especially not this one which was so much more developed and toned. So she lay there, arms out lazily, legs apart, completely inviting to him, openly allowing him to rake his eyes over her, feeling her confidence boost by how lustful his gaze was. Hiccup would not be content to just look at her though. She watched him bite his lip hard, and knew then how difficult it was to take things slow for him in that moment. She shivered again, knowing that despite how easily she could ...probably beat him up normally, in this case, especially under her circumstance, she was completely at his mercy.

As his hands settled on her hips again, gentle and warm, she knew she could trust him with her whole heart. Then he began to explore her, rough hands sliding leisurely over every inch of her soft, tender skin. Astrid's eyes shut on their own accord as he took his sweet time to map her, long fingers grazing over her bare flesh with practiced ease. As Hiccup slid a palm over one of her breasts, he sighed deeply. "It's been far too long..." he murmured, cupping her breast with one hand, the other sliding back to her hip. Astrid felt a thrill of shivers rush through her again at his husky tone, assuming he had meant since she was naked before him... but then, he could also mean since they had sex...

Hiccup was aware of how still and quiet she was, not understanding for a second why she was so docile, so submissive. Normally she would be guiding him to what she wanted, talking a lot more, moving a lot faster. Normally Hiccup would think about that, wonder why, analyze it, but he simply couldn't think too deeply about anything now. Now was not the time to think.

And so, he took the opportunity he was given, relieved she was giving him this reprieve. He leaned in a little more, testing her breast, running his thumb slowly over her rosy pebbles, flicking over her nipple, then rubbing it until it hardened under his touch. Astrid trembled beneath him. His eyes flicked up to hers to see her own swimming with need. Smiling, he leaned over a little more, blowing softly over her other nipple. "Ahh..." Astrid gasped, his breath surprisingly wonderful over her breast.

Hiccup shifted a little, trying to ease the pressure between his legs. All he wanted to do was plunge into her as deeply and as hard as he could, but he would not waste this opportunity. Astrid watched with parted lips, bated breath, as his tongue slid out of his mouth and pressed very gently over her nipple, his hand still mercilessly rubbing the other. Astrid couldn't keep the startled moan from escaping her at the exquisitely different sensation. Then, when he wasn't satisfied with just that, he opened his mouth wide and latched onto her. Astrid couldn't help the full-body jolt. Hiccup's other hand pressed her down gently, keeping her still.

Her hands dug into his hair and she whimpered, the new experience rendering her helpless. His tongue was murder on her senses, dragging it in a circle around her nipple, lapping and caressing the pebbles up to the rosy peak, his hand rubbing her other nipple in much the same way, slow and knowing just how to drive her crazy. Liquid desire spread rampantly through her belly, coating her thighs as shivers wracked her body. Desperate moans escaped her throat, her hands grasping onto his neck and shoulder, scraping, digging, pulling him closer. While Astrid was in throes of pleasure, Hiccup's other hand slid down her stomach, over her thighs, and between her legs, pressing firmly but not rubbing, just keeping it there, letting her feel it.

Astrid jerked up, trying to grind against his entirely too still hand, panting harshly and shaking beneath him. Hiccup smiled against her breast, feeling how ready she was for him, not realizing how loaded that sentiment actually was. He pressed the heel of his palm firmly against the apex of her sex, pushing against her hotly thrumming clit while letting his teeth drag ever so slightly against her tenderized nipple. In an instant Astrid began to thrash, forcing him to hold her down so he wouldn't accidentally bite her sensitive flesh. She grit her teeth almost painfully, uttering an agonized sound in between his name and a wailing moan as her walls spasmed and clenched shut with fiery vengeance. They hadn't even started, and he had already managed to make her fall apart.

Hiccup pulled away from her breast then, and Astrid wasn't able to stop the needy whimper. He smiled reassuringly and wrapped her legs around his hips. "Is this a new tactic from you?" he asked curiously. She stared, her mind still foggy from her orgasm. "Usually you're nearly ripping my clothes off with your teeth, straddling me and having you wicked way with me," he explained as he began to rub her, his hand still very much against her now completely wet sex. Astrid shuddered, not knowing how to respond to something like that. "Lately you've been letting me have my way with you. Not that I'm complaining, of course. I enjoy it when you show your softer side to me," he admitted tenderly, even as he was systematically relighting her aching desire.

He tilted his head slightly, as though trying to figure out her secrets, but then he shrugged and smiled playfully. "In any case, we were interrupted this morning... that's not going to happen tonight," he promised her, leaning over her again. Astrid bit her lip at his words, then she watched once more in rapt attention as he pulled his hand away from her body, only to begin sucking on his fingers like he had the night before, making a show of licking them, grinning auspiciously.

Astrid felt her body quiver with anticipation, squirming beneath him almost impatiently. Hiccup smirked at her reaction and slid his hand back across her thighs slowly. Astrid spread her legs for him, lifting her hips, needing his touch. As soon as he touched her, Astrid was astonished when she nearly orgasmed again, surprised by how much pent up sexual frustration she had.

Astrid didn't have to wait long. Hiccup slipped his fingers over her, pushing past her folds and began to pleasure her again. Astrid bucked into him, panting and moaning for more. Hiccup groaned at the request, feeling his erection jump painfully in response. He let out a growl of painful pleasure then when she brushed her knee over him accidentally. Panting to remain calm, Hiccup wedged his legs between hers, keeping them apart so that didn't happen again. Astrid gave him a frustrated look and Hiccup grinned in response, leaning down to kiss her while thrusting two of his fingers into her at the same time.

Astrid cried for him and Hiccup pulled her up with him, sliding her over to the headrest and sitting her up a little. Astrid let her head fall back, moaning as he continued on, the new angle making it easy for him to slide his fingers at his leisure. His mouth latched onto her offered throat, licking and sucking as he pressed into her clit, the finger of his other hand reaching up to roll over a hard nipple again, gently squeezing down at the same time. Astrid's arms wrapped around his back for support, nails digging deep as she clutched him fiercely, her knees shaking around him, her feet pressed against the bed, thighs drenched, moaning hoarsely into his shoulder. And then with just a little more pressure from his hands, she was crying out into his shoulder, her inner muscles collapsing over his still pumping fingers.

Hiccup held himself still, ignoring his own blinding need in favor of making this last. He wrapped his arm around her, hugging her, letting her lean against him as she recovered. Once she had relaxed enough, he then gently pulled her back down beneath him, resting his hands and knees on either side of her. Her eyes slowly refocused on him and he grinned playfully. "Do you need more?" he asked mischievously. Usually Astrid would say something witty back, something sexy, but this time, she stared up at him with a deep flush. Hiccup raised a brow, wondering if he actually blew her mind this session. He usually had to try a little harder to render her speechless, be a little more creative.

Astrid stared at his lethally handsome face for a moment and then reached for him. "Hiccup... will you stay still a second?" she asked softly.

Hiccup smiled tenderly. "Whatever the lady wishes, she shall receive," he replied promptly.

Astrid smiled weakly at his cute response. She didn't hesitate this time, though she did try to ignore his intense eyes that watched her. She slid her hands over the lines of his abdominal muscles, feeling the dips and swells, biting her lip hard once more. The familiar feeling of warmth pooling between her legs again made it difficult to concentrate, but she wanted to know him better, like he knew her. She moved a hand up, following the lines to his chest, taking note that it was dotted sparsely with fine auburn hair that dipped and thickened over his abs, disappearing under his pants.

Astrid traced him, gliding her finger tips and smiling when he shivered, felt the muscles under his skin tighten with arousal as she trails down. Hiccup moaned softly. "You're killing me, babe..." he panted.

"Be a Viking," Astrid murmured, ignoring her flush and continued on. As she had noted before, when she first saw this grown up version of him, she had seen her fair share of beefy, muscular men before to be sure, Hiccup was not a normal Viking in that respect, but Hiccup had something gracefully unique to him. He was proportional to his height, all the right angles and just enough muscular definition to make her quiver, the heat between her legs flaring in appreciation.

Astrid could hear his breathing above her get just a little harder as he forced himself to remain still, could feel his heat, smell his musky scent, and it took all of her strength to keep herself together, focus on her task of getting to know him better. Her other hand joined the other, sliding up his arm, feeling the strength there, traveling over his shoulders and to his neck, slipping into his crazy amazing hair. Gods, did she love his hair, it was like a lion's mane, wild but utterly masculine. Her eyes met his then and she felt another shudder run through her, seeing the obvious affection and lust in them, mingling together, darkening his eyes to an almost oil-black. She studied his face, all hard angles and sharpened features, familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. His face was so much more mature now, shadowed by that very faint scruff along a now chiseled square jaw. Her finger tip traces the faint scar on his chin, wondering for a second, but not for the first time, how he got it.

When she was finished she wrapped her arms around his neck comfortably. Hiccup hiked a brow up then. "Does milady approve?" he asked playfully. Astrid flushed when she noticed the smug expression. Usually she would roll her eyes, maybe punch him, but now all she could do was nod mutely. His smile softened adoringly and he leaned in again, kissing her in appreciation.

Her hands began to wander again as they kissed, feeling more brave about touching him now. She hesitantly trailed her finger tips down, over his abs, and down to the bulge in his breaches, far too curious for her own good. Hiccup pulled from the kiss with a strangled moan when her hand grazed over his erection curiously. "A-Astrid," he moaned, trembling above her. "Please... release me..." he pleaded, his eyes beckoning. Astrid shivered hotly at his request, knowing what would come of it and bit back a whimper. She did so however, shakily pulling his breaches open and sliding it down. Hiccup shook above her, struggling to keep calm.

Astrid focused on her task, swallowing hard to get some moisture back to her barren throat. She unwrapped his cover, and then he was exposed and Hiccup let out a sigh of relief. Astrid's eyes fixed on his prominent erection, both curious and slightly apprehensive about it. She thought she would be weirded out by him, but having felt him pressing into her, crushing that part of him into her until she cried out, made her heart race just a little faster and made her feel the burn of need inside her grow hotter instead. "Please..." Hiccup panted, pain very clear in his eyes.

Having only an idea of what he wanted her to do, having heard other women speak of it once or twice, Astrid took a breath to calm herself and tentatively wrapped her hand around him, surprised by how much of him there was. He was at least proportionate to his six foot something height. Hiccup bucked into her hand with a gasp, his eyes shutting, brows knitting. Astrid felt the heat between her legs intensify at his reaction, feeling proud that she could do that to him. Feeling more confident, she squeezed gently, watching him huff out a hard breath, groaning hard, trying to contain himself from bucking wildly into her hand. "Astrid... Astrid..." He begged, pushing into her hand.

Holding back her own moan at hearing him so lost with desire, Astrid began to stroke him, amazed by how much seeing him at her mercy aroused her. He was just inches away from her, felt the heat of his arousal bearing down on her and it was both anxiety-inducing and intoxicating, unconsciously tugging on him a little faster. Hiccup hissed then. "N-Not so... rough..." he groaned.

Astrid blushed in embarrassment. "I-I'm sorry..." she apologized, going back to pumping him gently. She slid her hand over him precisely and firmly, cautious of his tender skin. Hiccup panted harshly and shaking with the effort to keep himself still, letting her take her time. She watched him, face and neck red, eyes wild, expression knotted in pleasure and limbs visibly trembling as he barely held himself up. It was an incredible sight and it made her feel more powerful than she ever had.

Hiccup felt himself getting close and wanted to stop, wanted to finish inside her, but then she began squeezing just a little when she reaches his tip. What's worse was her other hand trailed up his thigh to take the rest of him in her hand, squeezing gently. And then he couldn't stop himself, couldn't hold back anymore. Hiccup jerked abruptly from her grasp and hurriedly angled himself away. Astrid stared in surprise as he wrapped his hand around himself, and began whipping his palm rapidly over his length, moaning her name as he spilled onto floor beside the bed, not caring that he would have to replace that bit of floor board. Astrid gaped wide-eyed, shocked and feeling more aroused than she had any right to be, seeing him release himself like that.

Hiccup turned back to her then, a look of complete frenzy in his eyes as he pulled her into an urgent kiss, pouring his lust and fierce love into it. Astrid sensed his emotions through the kiss somehow, as his lips moved against hers, as his tongue blinded her, and her hold on him tightened, her need for him to be closer increasing. All at once she was kissing him back with just as much force, feeling the repressed feelings for him rush to the surface all at once, threatening to overwhelm her, making her choke. A hum in the back of her mind seemed relieved.

They pulled apart from the kiss slowly then, puffs of air between them. As though by their own will, her hands reached up to trace his face again, fingers caressing over his broad jaw, scratching the beard there. Hiccup leaned into her touch, nuzzling her hand adoringly. Then, much like he had done months ago, he took her hand and kissed her palm tenderly, his eyes shining with clear worship. Astrid stared transfixed, the swell of emotion rapidly welling inside her heightening. A silent message was communicated between them, a deeply intense echo between their hearts, and suddenly her heart spread wings and beat with his.

Hiccup pulled away from the embrace, leaning over slightly to unbuckle his prosthetic. Astrid watched in rapt fascination. She remembered his younger counterpart always slinking away and hiding views from his stump whenever he had to remove his prosthetic. It was subtle, but she had noticed. But now he seemed so at ease, unstrapping it and setting it aside, next to his armor. Hiccup then promptly kicked off his pants without missing a beat, completely exposing himself.

Knowing what would come next, Astrid had another moment of panic that bubbled up in her. She had felt his size before, knew well how proportionate he was, and wonders how that was going to fit in her? Would it hurt? Part of her knew that she was in the body of her future self, and they had very obviously done this before. She knew that her body would be used to it, welcome it... but it didn't mean that she would be used to it though. Astrid hurriedly schooled her features again when he turned his attention back to her again, trying to smile as best as she could.

Hiccup frowned thoughtfully at her less than usual enthusiasm. "Astrid? Are you still not feeling like yourself?" he asked quietly, searching her eyes. Was this why she was so lax around him? Was whatever it was still bothering her, after all this time? Astrid bit her lip, knowing she couldn't exactly tell him that she wasn't exactly experienced with this type of thing. Instead, she nodded in affirmative, flushing guiltily. Hiccup felt completely confused and a little frustrated that she didn't tell him what was wrong. But then, Astrid had never shown him any reason to doubt her. She had never lied and never shied away. Hiccup knew he could trust her to tell him in time, he just hoped it didn't take too much longer. Even so, his eyes softened and he reached over to stroke her cheek. "Whatever you're going through, just know what I'll always be here for you," he promised. "Whenever you choose to let me in, we'll tackle it together, okay?"

Astrid blinked tears away, overwhelmed by his trust in her, his willingness to be there for her. "Thank you, Hiccup," she told him fiercely, feeling better now about being here, doing this, as always soothed by him. This Hiccup might have been different, older and more experienced, but he was also the same as well. He was still the same kind, understanding, and completely supportive friend. Astrid wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling him into her embrace, trying to momentarily ignore the fact that he was stark naked.

Hiccup fell to her and she heard the clear relief in his sigh, making her feel guilty for pushing him away so much. It wasn't his fault that she wasn't... she wasn't exactly his Astrid. Somehow, the idea pained her, and with a start she realized she wanted to be his Astrid. She was his. Her eyes shut and she allowed herself to feel the swell of her rapidly developing love for him surround her. She couldn't put a name on that feeling yet, but she could feel it now. Again. she sensed a very pleased feeling in that familiar spot in the back of her head.

Hiccup pulled away again and his face was back to being playful as he held himself up. "Well, if it's going to be that way," he began, his mouth twisted into a toothy grin. "If that's why you've been so subdued lately, I'll just have to take it as a challenge," he decided. Astrid wasn't sure what he meant by that, but the almost Loki-like glint in his eyes made her body rush with familiar shivers. To Astrid's shock, Hiccup began crawling backwards, sliding down her body, his hands gliding down the lengths of her legs. He slid his hands under her then, cupping her ass firmly and lifting her up effortlessly, shrugging her legs over his shoulders.

Astrid gaped, stumbling over her words. "W-What are you... doing..?" she asked nervously, not having a clue what he could possibly... but wait, no no, he wasn't! He couldn't be! Freyja help her, she had only heard about this, she thought it was a rumor, she didn't think anyone would actually..?!

Hiccup chuckled in response. "You know exactly what I'm doing, milady," he told her. "Just lay back and relax," he grinned. And then his head disappeared between her legs and she jerked in surprise, feeling his mouth on her inner thigh. Astrid shook against him, tense and disbelieving. She wanted to tell him to stop, tell him he didn't have to do this, but part of her was dying with curiosity. Feeling him move then, she gasped when she felt his grip on her ass tighten slightly, teasingly, and then she felt his tongue part her folds. Just like with his mouth over her nipple, Astrid was utterly unprepared for this, and definitely not prepared for the sharp, devastating pleasure he forced her body to endure as he probed her painstakingly languidly.

Astrid felt her entire body jolt each time he deliberately swiped his tongue along her slit, very quickly becoming too much for her to handle. Too much, too intense, the burn in her sex felt like it would consume her, pounding throbbing flesh raw and almost hurting. Astrid covered her mouth to keep the island from waking up, her howls muffled by her hand, body convulsing, back arching until only the back of her head touched the pillow. No, no, this was too much..! Hiccup's hold on her tightened, squeezing her cheeks, keeping her legs apart, keeping her from hurting him or herself. One rough swipe of his tongue over her clit and she was undone. Astrid orgasmed hard, screaming her throat raw into her hand, eyes blurring, her body lurching against him, writhing helplessly as her walls constricted tightly.

Hiccup continued on, completely ignoring her vindictive climax. She could almost feel him smiling, his tongue probing her deeper, breath wafting over her as his hands began rubbing her cheeks gently, rocking her body into his hungry mouth. Astrid felt another racking and severe rush of boiling heat swelling inside her, rapidly approaching, more intensely than the first. She moaned diffidently, feeling almost panicked. "Hi...ccup-! I-I d-don't... think I can... t-take an-another...! Please...!" she cried almost fearfully, never having felt such an overpowering sensation before. It almost felt like if she came like that again she could die. She knew that was obviously ridiculous, but what did she know? She hadn't even realized this kind of thing was actually done, let alone felt as explosive as that.

Hiccup paused for only a second, lifting his eyes up at her, eyes smoldering, enjoying this a little too much. He wrapped his hand around his length, unable to stop himself, seeing her weak, needy, and about to come again. "Oh you can, believe you me," he assured her with a chuckle, stroking his hand up and down his burning cock while grinning positively wickedly. Her eyes widened at his promising tone, at the sight of him fervidly pumping himself with the lust of what he was doing to her.

And then he shifted in closer, so he could taste her and work himself at the same time. He eagerly wiggling his way right back in to where his tongue had been before, wrecking her from the inside out again, while he pleasured himself. Astrid gripped the bed with one of her hands like her life depended on it, whimpering, knees shaking against his shoulders, angry, throbbing heat maddening between her legs. Hiccup didn't seem to have any intention of being merciful as he slid his free hand under her thigh, forcing her from trying to squeeze her legs together. Then he took that hand and squeezed a finger into her, stroking against her walls, adding just enough pressure to make her buck and shriek into the air.

Astrid couldn't... she couldn't. The rapid slither of concentrated urgency ensnared her and there was no escape from it. "Please! Please! Nnnn-aah..! Hiccu-up! Haaa..!" Astrid pleaded, writhing, sobbing with incessant lust, bucking wildly against him, desperate to relieve the salacious burning, thrumming, pounding and ceaseless. "I ca- can't... Ple-ease! Hi-ccup!" she whined, twisting and forcing him to hold her steady. "End.. Please e-end it..!" she begged desperately, twisting her head side to side.

Hiccup caved in just a little, though to her distress, not in the way she had pleaded him to, and began to suckle on her clit, letting an eruption of little orgasms swarm her body viciously with each long suck, tormenting her already burning flesh. Astrid was in a world of erotic torture she never wanted to leave from, but she needed relief, desperately, and he was doing everything he could to keep her in a state of heightened arousal. "Hicc...up..! Ohh..! ...Hiccup! Hiccu-aah..!" Astrid wasn't able to get her pleading across, wasn't able to stop herself from chanting his name with a tone so urgent, so desperate, Hiccup came then and there. His eyes rolled back, panting, gasping and moaning into her body lustfully, spilling into his hand hard.

Astrid thrashed violently then at the sudden feeling of his moan, the vibration ruining her, spilling her arousal out of her in wet, sloppy gushes over her thighs that he eagerly lapped up as she orgasmed again. Her throat was raw, hands shaking over her gaping mouth as she cried hopelessly. "Haa... haa... Hic..!" she choked, gulping down hard, unsteady breaths, body convulsing almost painfully.

Sensing the reaction from her, feeling her body jerk violently from his moan, made Hiccup grin evilly again. She liked that, huh? Well then she would love this. Now free to concentrate on her again, he groped the floor for a parchment he always kept nearby and wiped his hand as cleanly as he could. Then he placed that hand under her ass, lifting her up a little higher and began to hum, low and long, his mouth latched snugly over her quivering clit.

Astrid was in a state of agonizing pleasure, not having any chance to recover from her latest orgasm. The vibration of his constant humming on her aching sex while he sucked on her spurred a fresh ocean of molten lava to smother her nethers, flooding her with a lust so great she choked on her own cries, completely enslaved to the hauntingly rapturous pleasure, lost of all reasoning and thought, knuckles white as she gripped the edges of his bed enough to splinter it. Hiccup kept it up, intoxicated by her sweet taste, her haunting cries, her quaking body, feeling himself already at half mast again.

Astrid couldn't take it anymore, and suddenly her walls were clenching down again so tightly she couldn't contain herself and didn't recognize her own voice as she screamed his name in absolute tormented ecstasy. Her throat all but tore apart, not giving a fuck if anyone heard her scream, not caring if she sounded like Hiccup was brutally hacking her to pieces. Her body shattered all around him explosively, tight, hot, unrelenting, her walls crushing down hatefully.

Hiccup pulled away quickly then, mercifully releasing his clamp on her tender clit, for the moment anyway. He swiftly leaned forward, squeezed in two of his fingers, wiggling them into her clenched walls, once again rubbing her quaking sex as she came brutally, sobbing and shaking beneath him. He wiped his mouth quickly and once again silenced her by shoving his tongue down her throat, ravaging her mouth thoroughly. Still completely overcome, Astrid kissed him back desperately, her nails digging into his scalp, quaking severely beneath him, holding onto him for support.

After she began to calm down again, Hiccup slowed the kiss down and slid his hands back over her, his finger tips caressing her legs, wrapping them again around his hips, but holding still for a moment. Once Hiccup was sure her body had recovered from the recent violent finish, he pulled away from the kiss, knowing she was more than ready for him. He was hard again and very much eager for her.

Astrid panted hard but had very little time to recover from her haze of erotic gratification. She felt his length then, rubbing her thighs sensually, letting her know that the night was far from over. Astrid whimpered, her heart almost hurting at how fast it was thrashing inside her. Astrid had been prepared to give herself to him, but she had not been prepared for this.

Hiccup adjusted her legs around him, knowing just where to position her, but he held back. Instead, he slid his length along her, smiling at her stunned expression, feeling her jolt, her expression contorting into renewed voracious need with each swipe of the tip of his erection. It was torture, pure and simple. Hiccup was making up for so long without her, and Astrid wasn't sure whether to feel elated by how unbelievable this was so far, or extremely nervous, wondering if her body could really handle more.

Hiccup knew this was practically taking advantage of her, especially in the state of euphoria she was in, but he needed to hear her soothe his own insecurities away. "Babe, please," he whispered against her neck softly, still working his torrid erection over her soaked sex, his hand wrapped around it, guiding it right up against her clit with each swipe. "Tell me you want me?" he begged her, needing to hear it, needing to know she wanted him, a part of him still needing the comforting notion that she could ever want a fishbone like him. After so many months without her, he needed to know she was still interested in him intimately.

This was almost exactly what he had asked her in her dream, though maybe in a different way. This time, it didn't take anything for Astrid to respond to him. "Hiccup..." How could she deny him now? When everything in her screamed for him? "I ...want you! I need you! I..." she hesitated, her breath catching, wanting to spill her emotions, needing to tell him how she felt, but getting them lodged in her throat anyway. Her eyes stung then, hating herself for being such a stubborn wretch, such a coward, not saying what her soul cried out for her to tell him.

Hiccup seemed to understand somehow, she knew this because his own eyes shone with a love so deep it hurt her to look at, but as stubborn as she was, this time she refused to look away, this time she would face it head on. And then, with a tenderness that made her heart ache for him all the stronger, he spoke again, surprising her more than he ever had since she found herself there. "You don't have to say it, I know," he smiled adoringly. "I know how hard it is for you to open up," he murmured. If she wasn't already so hopeless lost for him, she would most definitely be then.

And then her vision blurred as he rocked forward, plunging his swollen shaft into her as far as he could go. Hiccup gasped in smothered pleasure above her, his body shuddering and head dipping down slightly, making his wet hair hide his breathless expression. Astrid's lips were parted, back arching again instinctively as her body took him in, eyes widening, never having felt something as utterly intrusive and yet as completely gratifying in all her life. She had expected to feel pain, but her older body was obviously used to this and welcomed his throbbing manhood into her with open arms, forcing a silent cry out of her, feeling him pulse hotly inside her, vindictively reigniting the inferno in her loins.

Hiccup gave her no time to get used to the feeling of him and began to move almost desperately, struggling to keep himself from plowing her. He gripped her hips almost painfully and pulled almost completely out, only to roll back with a snap of his hips, repeating this until she was overrun with pulsating heat, quivering around his relentless cock with each crack of his hips. Astrid scraped at the bed beneath her in desperation once more. Hiccup moaned and panted with each thrust, lost to his own desires, groaning in deep satisfaction of finally slipping into her wonderful, silky warmth again. It had been far too long, but he intended to make this last as long as he possibly could.

Erupting pleasure engulfed Astrid as he angled himself just the right way, letting his pelvic bone rub up against her inflamed clit with every hard thrust, pushing more and more of his meat deep inside her each time. Astrid's mind might have resisted it once upon a time, but her body certainly knew better. Before Astrid knew what had hit her, her orgasm rocked her hard, gripping down tightly, making her head roll to the side as a low throaty whine left her, her body twisting and tightening rapidly around his eager length.

Hiccup moaned at the feeling, panting to keep from following her into bliss, needing to make this last. He stopped them then, resting against her, feeling her shivering beneath him, legs shaking around him as she slowly calmed down again. He held still, needing to slow himself down. When Astrid whimpered again, fingers tightening on his skin, he made his move.

Astrid squeaked then when he rolled them over suddenly. Still recovering from her orgasm, she was too weak to stop herself from sinking further into him where she now sat straddled over him. Astrid gasped in shock at the intensely deep feeling, his length burning and very deep inside her. Her hands shot to his chest, her head dropping as she struggled to breathe, feeling almost like she was being split in two. Before she had a chance to adjust though, Hiccup bucked up impatiently, jostling his shaft inside her, grinding into her. His hip bone scraped up against her clit with the sharp movement, relighting her viciously merciless desire. Astrid moaned in surprise, bent over slightly and feeling overwhelmed by the sensation. "Please... please don't move..." she panted, needing to adjust to this. Hiccup groaned but thankfully obeyed her, remaining still beneath her.

The new sensation was almost painful, and Hiccup was not small and he had not been gentle... but he didn't know that she was new to this, and she couldn't exactly tell him either. Her pride was getting to her though. She knew she could handle this. Not wanting to seem weak, Astrid tentatively lifted herself up, gasping at the unbelievable feeling, trembling as she felt his entire length slipping off her slowly. He wasn't even that big, why did it seem to her like it didn't have an end? Hiccup moaned beneath her, shaking with the effort to hold still. Astrid breathed hard, almost overwhelmed by him. It wasn't that it hurt, it was just that... it was almost too much all at once.

She became aware of his hands on her hips then, sliding back and forth almost soothingly, as though sensing her distress. It was obvious he was becoming impatient again though. He pulled at her hips encouragingly, but roughly, and she quickly sank back down all the way as a result, hissing at the sudden feeling again, though was surprised by how good it felt that time, reminding her of her own burning need. Taking another few calming breaths, she looked down at him and notice then the half-lidded eyes on him as he raked them over every inch of her body.

Hiccup sighed. "You're a temptress, you know that?" he murmured, his hands sliding up and down her legs. Astrid felt a little more confident then, knowing she drove him just as mad. She closed her eyes to concentrate, then began sliding up and down his stiff erection, whimpering at the intense feeling, rocking into his body solidly, listening to him pant and moan hoarsely beneath her. His large hands splayed over her hips, shaking as he effortlessly helped her glide up and down. "Too... slow... please..." he whined. "You're killing... me..." he huffed with labored breathing. If she kept that tortuous pace he might just lose it.

Astrid bit her lip, increasing her speed, sighing then when the pressure began to ease and her body finally adapted to him. At the fevered pace, a rush of harsh inexorable pleasurable heat inside her gripped her again, so tightly that she couldn't think straight once more. Mostly out of instinct now, she began to ride him hard and desperately, listening to him shout and howl, his hips rushing up to meet hers, completely forgetting her earlier request to stay still. Astrid's moans left her with shuddering breaths, the deep, pounding pleasure welling tighter and stronger than ever, like a coil about to snap.

Hiccup groaned in pain with his attempt to hold himself back, after so long without her, wanting this to last as long as possible. Lots of practice having made this easier on him. But he needed to end this quickly before he went off anyway. One of Hiccup's hands slid between their joined bodies again, finding just what he needed, he began to viciously swipe at her aching juncture. In an instant, the tension that Astrid had felt building snapped brutally and she found herself throwing her head back, a mournful wail escaping her, crushing urgently into his pelvis as she came hard.

Just as she climaxed savagely, Hiccup rolled them back over again. Astrid whimpered, her body surging up instinctively as he began to thrust again, slow and hard, moaning at the feeling of her tightening around him. The profound, tugging sensation of his rocking body didn't allow her own to relax, and Astrid immediately began to feel herself rapidly reaching her end all over again. She was beginning to ache by now, her body having cum more times than she thought was even possible. Even so, she needed more, needed him, but didn't know what she wanted just then, squeezing his arm tightly, pushing herself up harder. Hiccup seemed to know though, and began to saw into her almost painfully, just as he had at the forge. His hands did not remain still, touching her, exploring her quivering body, squeezing her nipples as he drilled into her solidly, forcing incessant cries from her throat as she was overcome again, locking tight around his pulsating meat.

Hiccup stilled once again, panting harshly, moaning painfully as he held back again. This was going to kill him... but it was so worth it. He pulled his head back for a moment, meeting her eyes, sweat sliding down his face, hair a wet mess. The heady cloud of pleasure began to settle again and for a second Astrid recognized an extremely familiar look. She had seen the Hiccup she knew reflected in his eyes then, giving her that same look of adoration and wonderment he would when he thought she wasn't looking. At the time she hadn't understood what that meant, didn't recognize the sentiment... but now she felt it, knew it.

It was then she realized how often she had seen that same look of adoration on his younger self. How long had he had feelings for her? The way that looked now, directed at her with an intensity, made her lose her breath for different reasons. The love in his eyes was unmistakable and she knew then that he had always loved her, even when she had been cruel to him when they were younger.

In that moment, she didn't care about her fear or her pride, every feeling she had denied for him burst through her, filling her heart. His hand reached up then, surprising her when he swipe tears from her cheek, not having realized she had shed them. His eyes shone deeply with emotion, making the green in them swirl. Unable to handle it, she yanked him by the shoulder, seeking his mouth, crushing her lips to his, overwhelmed by the deep feelings she had for him, all of him, ever version of him.

Astrid found herself nearly sucking on his tongue, drawing a low moan from him, the rumble vibrating deep in his chest, her hands threaded into his hair and she couldn't get enough of him, pushing her body eagerly into his, making him gasp. Astrid pulled away from the kiss, her eyes still shining a little. She leaned into his ear, much like he had done so many times. "Hiccup, make love to me..?" she asked shakily but with so much tenderness it made her flush.

Hiccup moaned in response, trembling in her arms. He lifted her legs up over his forearms then, his throbbing shaft still deep within her. He bent them by the knees over his arms and reached over to hold her hips, knowing she was flexible. He shifted forward, his chest brushing against hers, and sheathed his length to the hilt. Astrid shuddered at the feeling, panting slightly as her flesh began to burn all over again. And then he began to grind, keeping himself firmly within her, grinding his pelvic bone right into her sex. Feeling him so very deep while wrecking her clit made short, rapid breathy whines escape her, trapped beneath his frenzied zeal.

Hiccup used one hand to slide over one of her breasts, rubbing one of her tender rosy buds back and forth while the other reaches between their legs then to rap and cuff at her raw sex again and again until she felt her body give in to the insistent pressure, locking up tight, unyielding pleasure exploding behind her eyes, almost in pain by now. She sobbed helplessly as she writhed in his grip, body jerking, holding onto him for support. Hiccup grunted with the effort to keep her still, even as he swelled thick and burning within her, moaning as she tightened around him again, encouraging him to drive his hips into hers more ferociously.

And then it became too much for him to handle for so long, hearing her squealing finally finished him. Hiccup cried out her name into her ear with hopeless abandon, his eyes rolling back, gasping and lunging forward, nearly making her slide against the bed with the force. He finished right along with her, roaring suspiciously like his dragon call as he spilled his hot seed deep within her wet, quivering body. Astrid moaned in surprised, harrowing pleasure at the feeling, her body eagerly and greedily welcoming his warm, life-giving essence in, in the back of her mind completely relieved she had recently taken that tea.

Hiccup's wild thrusts slowed to a crawl before he stopped moving altogether, gasping for breath. Astrid watched him in haze of pleasure, rapt captivation fixing her gaze on him as his chest moved hard with every deep breath he took, wild hair plastered to his forehead, sweat sliding enticingly over the curves of his alluring body, muscles tense, brows drawn, eyes closed in rapture, completely undone. Gods above, he was a magnificent sight. They lay there for a moment, panting, exhausted, tangled sweat-slicked and hanging on to each other desperately.

Astrid felt another shudder rush through her as he finally pulled his very efficient tool away, but part of her grieved at the loss of intense contact. Hiccup pulled his blanket over them and wrapped her up in his arms. Astrid relaxed, letting herself drown in his embrace again. Hiccup breathed an utterly, blissfully contented sigh, his face disappearing in the crook of her neck, laying a soft, adoring kiss there. "Thank you, milady..." he sighed breathlessly.

Astrid's eyes shut, trying to keep herself from becoming too emotional again at his sincere gratitude. "I-I'm sorry I... I made you wait for so long..." she apologized, reflexively reaching his hair and stroking his locks. Her body knew how to touch him as much as it knew how to hurl her axe, making her realize how much she was now completely in sync with him.

"Bridge... under the water..." Hiccup mumbled incoherently, not having realized he had spoken the term backwards. Astrid smiled weakly, not having the heart to correct him. "Are you... okay now..?" he asked sleepily, all the effort to keep going as long as he had having wiped him out completely.

Astrid knew what it was he was asking about and tightened her hold on him, caressing his scalp. Astrid thought about it and then realized that all day today, she hadn't felt the restraint she had felt before. She didn't feel her pride or her fear in the way anymore. Relief washed over her and she hugged him closer, resting her head over his. "Yes, yes I am," she told him with a relieved sigh. "Thank you, Hiccup... so much..." she said softly, her eyes welling with tears again.

Hiccup sighed in mirrored alleviation, making the effort to pull her around so she was lying against him again. He laid a gentle kiss over her cheek. "I'm glad," he murmured.

Astrid nodded, too overcome with emotion to respond properly, resting her head over his heart, watching his chest rise and fall steadily, listening to his strong heart beat, knowing it was full with love for her, feeling his warmth spread over her. She loved this, this deep connection they had. She felt her emotional well begin to overflow again, merging with his own. She loved how much he clearly loved her, how much he would do anything for her, even suffer for her. She couldn't get enough of him, hopelessly addicted to his love.

Astrid inwardly bemoaned her predicament; it was only a matter of time before they found out somehow. How would they take it? After such a long time? How would Hiccup take it? Would he ever look at her the same way? Would he lose trust in her? Would she ever feel his arms around her again? Ever spend hours just talking with him? Ever get the chance to make love to him again? Feel his love for her? It honestly didn't come to a surprise to her to realize exactly the feeling that had been eluding her the most that night. She had felt it from him, as clear as day, but had not recognized it in herself. Now that she did, however, it almost hurt with the intensity.

Astrid knew well now how deeply and wholeheartedly in love with him she was, so much so that it hurt, ached like a stake through the heart. She could no longer deny it, she was hopelessly in love with him, had been for a long time, she knew this now... and the risk of losing him to something like this was killing her.

The realization that she might in all actuality lose him made hurting, angry tears rush to her eyes again, stinging them, a shudder rushing through her. Her hold on him tightened slightly, needing his love and comfort now more than ever.

Hiccup reacted by pulling himself up and turned to her in the bed. He reached for her and ran his fingers through her hair, worry swimming in his eyes. "Astrid, what's wrong?" he asked gently, concern waking him completely up.

Astrid clenched her eyes tight, hoping he wouldn't feel her tears on him. "I... it's nothing, I'm just... tired, that's all," she whispered weakly. She knew he wasn't convinced, could feel him stiffen slightly, but he didn't pressure her.

Instead, Astrid felt Hiccup move her a little closer to him, his arms wrapped securely around her. She felt him then rub her back, silent and patient. Astrid felt her throat lock up, trying to keep her tears at bay, unable to handle his selfless love and patience. What if... what if... if she told him, he rejected her? What if he became upset that she had been lying to him this whole time? What if he didn't accept her because she wasn't his Astrid?

What if... after now realizing how truly, deeply and inescapably she had fallen in love with him, she... loses him?

Astrid threw herself at her goddess' mercy, silently praying to Freyja, beseeching to her to help her, begging her to ease her suffering, to take away the fear, the pain, the doubt. She surrendered, she gave up, she accepted her fate to be with him and Gods did she want to be with him! Odin, Thor, Freyja, please, she yearned to stay with him. She didn't want to lose him!


Suddenly, Astrid found herself more exhausted than she had ever felt in her life, drifting fitfully off to sleep. She fought to stay awake, fought to be with him longer, but she couldn't stop it. She could not keep her eyes from closing, her senses from shutting down.

Just as she began to slip away, she heard Hiccup's gently voice again, a soft murmur against her hair. "I love you, Astrid..." he whispered with a tenderness that flooded warmth into her heart.

Astrid felt fresh tears well in her eyes, feeling herself getting dragged away.

Feeling panic then, like she was about to lose something precious to her, Astrid struggled weakly as she fell deeper into the blackness and for a second wondered idly if those wonderful words were just a dream. The last thing she felt then, before the blackness took over completely, was his gentle fingers, lovingly wiping her tears from her cheeks again.

And then she was floating in a void of blackness, the force of the deep pull in her mind rendering her unconscious, dragging her in.

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