With a New Heart: Not Negotiable



I do not own Love Hina, or Katawa Shoujo. Love Hina is owned by Ken Akamatsu. Katawa Shoujo is owned by Four Leaf Studios.

Notes: This is my first time ever using Katawa Shoujo in anything. If this works out...then I might do more. Also, in the interest of fairness, I will have to use created characters. There's a lot that are not mentioned in the main game. Finally...I hope this doesn't turn out to be a bash-fic. If it turns to that, I will cancel it.

Keitaro Urashima was hard at work studying to get into Tokyo University. Of course, he wanted to do this to impress the promised girl. However, this was annoying his parents, to the point where they actually had to do something. While Keitaro was studying...he hasn't helped out much at the bakery. He also has been, barely doing his chores to the point where his parents. At this point, they decided they were going to have to have a talk with him. Once he came into the dining room...they frowned. Keitaro had an uneasy feeling in his stomach. He sat down, and the gloomy Thursday night was even worse when the rains came down.

"Keitaro," His dad started, "exactly how many times have you failed this exam?"

"I think it was about three times..." Keitaro answered very uneasily.

"Your mother and I were talking...and you're not pulling your weight around here," he said with a scowl.

"What your father means is..." his mother started. "You need to get a job, or help us out here at the bakery."

"Yes, you do have exactly one week to figure out what you're going to have to do," he continued.

"But...what if...I..." Keitaro started

"Then...you still would have to get a job to pay your tuition," his father informed.

"I understand," Keitaro said.

"I hoped you would," his father stated sternly. "I wish it would have come to this, but...you've left us with little else."

"Oh...you are going to have to not deal with Hina," his mother remembered. "That will cause you more problems than you need."

"Exactly," his dad said putting the newspaper down. "Remember you have one week."

Keitaro knew that this was not negotiable. He had to find at least a part-time job, or relent to help in the bakery. Either way, his parents really made clear he had to do something...anything. Keitaro stayed back in the dining room with the newspaper in hand and he came across an interesting listing. It was to get a job at the Yamaku Foundation. Keitaro hasn't heard of this before...and he thought this probably would be him shuffling papers...and would probably be getting paid...very little. He wrote down the phone number and the address. He looked at the clock and ran to the phone to start to call them. It was only two in the afternoon, and Keitaro didn't have classes at the cram school today. Once he made a call, he was talking with a very friendly gentleman who took down his information.

"We do have an opening that we think you might be interested in," he said.

"Great, will it give me time to study for my entrance exams?" Keitaro asked.

"Yes, you will have time for that, and also leisure," he started. "We aren't that far from the city at all."

"Great, is there a way I can set up an appointment to come visit?" he asked.

"Yes, you are to go to the Yamaku Academy...the admin building...tomorrow morning at 9 a.m."

"I'll be early," he said.

"I'll give you directions so you can get there."

The gentleman did give Keitaro the directions to Yamaku Academy, and the campus buildings itself. Keitaro decided to investigate the school, and he had to go to the library to use the computers. There, he was surprised that Yamaku was a well-respected boarding school. He also was surprised that it was a private academy. Either way, he was looking forward to getting a job. He didn't care if it was to push papers. Though...he really didn't realize exactly that he was going to be thrown into a world which he's never dealt with before. Keitaro returned from the Library and his dad saw the classified circled in the news paper. He didn't say anything since he didn't want to upset the customers. That very next morning, Keitaro was at Yamaku Academy. He was there 45 minutes early. After all, it'd been rude to show up on time, or late. He looked at the campus map he printed out, but he still looked lost. The nurse came by and he smiled.

"Hello, you're looking for the administration building?" The nurse said.

"Ah yes, thank you," Keitaro said. "Good morning."

"Good morning," he said. "Classes are in session so we do have to be quiet."

"Right," Keitaro returned.

The nurse took him to the administration building where his office was. He took him to where he needed to be. Keitaro thanked him, and the nurse went on about his way. Keitaro looked over to a very attractive woman. She was in her mid 40's, brown hair, and of course, she had a business suit that was very formal. . She did however have a white/red cane. She was completely blind. She lost her sight in a fireworks accident when she was 5 years old. Even though she did lose her vision, she never did give up. Keitaro looked at the woman of modest stature, and he gulped. He figured she meant business. She was going to conduct the interviews today. Keitaro was the only person there who was early. She took note of this as the other candidates came on time. She began the examinations of the candidates. She really was not impressed with anybody. She then came to Keitaro he remained standing.

"Take a seat," she said.

"Thank you," Keitaro returned sitting down.

"My name is Makoto Kurosawa," she started. "I am representing the Yamaku foundation today."

'Crap what do I do?!' Keitaro thought while keeping his cool.

"You're Keitaro Urashima, correct?" she asked.

"Yes, that is correct," he answered calmly.

"I see you put in an application to work with us," she said. "You're rather ambitious for wanting to go to Tokyo University."

"I have always wanted to get into that school, but the entrance exams..." he started.

"Of course," she said, ending that quickly, "Why exactly are you trying for Toudai?"

"Well...I did make a promise to somebody I would get into there," he admitted.

"You were a 5-year-old then right?" she asked bluntly.

"I did," he admitted.

"Then, you are willing to give up all of your free time for study?" she asked.

Keitaro didn't exactly know how to answer this question. Makoto really wasn't beating around the bush. She continued the examination for the next fifteen minutes. From there, Keitaro did have some questions for her. She did answer them honestly. She saw that Keitaro had potential. She decided to make her decision right then and there. She had him out with the rest of the candidates. As it turns out, Keitaro asking for help from the nurse...and getting to the office early...worked in his favor. She of course didn't want to say outright who got the job.

"Alright," she said, "thank you all for coming...you will hear back from us within one day.

"Thank you," Keitaro said, "we appreciate the opportunity."

"You're welcome," she said smiling.

She dismissed the crew back off of the campus. Keitaro really had an uneasy feeling. He was second-guessing everything he has done so far. Still, he adjusted his tie, and he caught the bus back home. There, his parents knew how uneasy he was. He went to his room and he lay on the bed. He still didn't know how things have turned out. Either way, he'd know quickly. A day had passed, and Keitaro heard the phone ring. It was the director of the Yamaku Foundation who conducted the interview herself.

"Hello," Keitaro said picking up the home phone, "Urashima residence."

"Mr. Urashima," Makoto said bluntly, "you have got the job, and you also are very bold for signing up for teaching assistant."

"Thank you," Keitaro said politely.

"Yes, as such you should come right now to the campus for a full tour," she said.

"I'll be there right away," Keitaro said.

Once he hung the phone up, he did pack some bags. He went out to Yamaku where the Nurse was waiting for him. This time it was for the tour of the campus. He noticed Keitaro did pack some bags. He smiled. He knew that he'd been one of the few staff to stay on campus. Yamaku is a boarding school where kids stay for most of the year...but go home during breaks and vacations. However, Keitaro looked around and it did start to sink in.

"Yeah," the nurse said seriously, "This is a school for kids with physical disabilities."

"Wow," Keitaro said stunned.

"Yes...though we do have a few students...well...they're at the end of their ropes."

"You mean...?" Keitaro started.

"Yes, there are kids who come here to graduate before they die from a terminal illness."

"That's heavy..." Keitaro stated.

"It is, but these kids are fighters...don't forget that," the nurse said smiling.

"I do have one other question..." Keitaro started.

"Actually we do have kids without physical disabilities that come here as well," he said. "However they're few and far between."

They made their way to the office where Keitaro would get his assignments. Of course, there was the matter of how to get to work. Keitaro would certainly have to commute, but it would be rather cumbersome. Keitaro came to the head of the school, and foundation, and he explained his commuting problem. She had actually a very simple solution. He was going to live on campus to make things easier. She also spoke up and gave him serious instruction.

"Do not underestimate anybody here," she warned.

"I understand," he said.

'I don't think he does,' she thought. 'Though...it's to be expected.'

"Thank you for this opportunity," he said.

"You're welcome," she said. "I would like to lead you to where you need to be."

"That's right," the nurse said, as he had Keitaro's assignment in Braille.

"Let's go," she said, taking Keitaro by the arm.

Keitaro was lead to room 3-3...this was the room of Akio Mutou...the science teacher. He turned around and he greeted the director. It was rare that she was outside of the administration building. Now, however...this was major news. He saw Keitaro and he knew this was going to be his new teaching assistant. Still...he decided he was going to have to give Keitaro some menial work for now. However, he would turn over his class to Keitaro when the situation calls for it. Keitaro introduced himself, and Mutou spoke to the director. He wasn't exactly sure, but he had a good feeling.

"I think he's going to learn a lot about himself...than anything else," Akio remarked.

"He will," the director said. "After all, that's what life is about."

"Well, this is going to be interesting indeed."

The nurse lead the director back to her office, as he gave Keitaro the list of everything covered in class. Keitaro nodded. He could keep up. Though he did need to catch up on the lessons and do the same work. He didn't want to be caught off guard. Though, he was assigned an empty desk at the corner of the room and would be called for from time to time. Still, Keitaro did not realize he was going to have growing pains at a school like this. Still...he had to try for his sake. He was going to learn some very important lessons...and some lessons he knows, don't really come from a teacher's edition text book.