Forgive Me

Dear Readers,

I realize that the timing of this news could not be any worse. I truly wish that I had a second letter prepared for tomorrow, so that we could all laugh when I called out 'April Fools' to each of you. Unfortunately, I am the only fool here, it seems.

I have drawn up this letter to notify you all that the following stories are no longer being continued by me- Star Sword II: Return to the Stars and Inheritance of a Dragon Slayer. Legacy of Korra is still on hiatus, and The Red Swordsman: Shattered Fragment is still ongoing, though the updates will be slow.

I'm sure by now you've asked why this has come about, and why have I only said anything after being silent for so long? You deserve answers, my personal privacy be damned.

First and foremost, my wife and I are expecting our first child in little more than a month, an event which will occupy the rest of our lives, and it is an endeavor I take very seriously. This will consume more of my time and effort than anything else ever has or ever will, yet I will not resent it- I will embrace it.

The second reason is my health had fallen in various ways over the last few years, especially so in this year so far. Not only does my diabetes continue to be a problem, other issues have begun to spring from it, namely neurological damage to my right arm. The limb shakes incessantly and often causes me pain. My heart is also experiencing a problem that cause me short- yet very intense- bouts of agony. In summation, I am in my twenties, and my body is already falling apart… Bugger.

The third and final reason is all entirely on me. It's quite simple, really- I burned myself out. I tried to write about too many things at once, each of them- I'd like to think, anyway- were good ones, but I let my ideas run away too fast for me to control. I tried very hard to keep going on them all, but it became beyond me. This will not happen again.

All of this is leading to say that I am so very sorry. As an entertainer I have failed myself, and more importantly, all of you. I hope that my apologies make up at least partially for my absences in these preceding months.

The messages and reviews I've received for these stories have been incredibly encouraging to me, and I appreciate them greatly. Thank you all for sticking with my stories, in spite of my erratic upload schedule.

The only thing I can do now is offer a bit of good news. I have a new project, set to be released tomorrow (that is, Easter 2018) that my wife has been helping me out with. Featuring a brand-new original character of my design, this story is set to be much more lighthearted and fun than my usual works. It's a crossover of Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail, set to begin immediately post-Tenrou, and it will be titled A Saiyan's Tail. It's the first story I've begun since we were married, and I think it will be a delight for all who read it. I know it has been to write it.

Thank you again for hearing me out. If any of you have an interest in continuing where my stories have left off, please let me know. I would love the chance to see these characters finish their journeys, even if it's not by my hand.

Best Regards,