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*~*~*~*~* Chapter One:  School *~*~*~*~*

            Holly sighed.  At the age of twenty-nine, she was still going through school.  Whoever invented school should die.  If they are still alive!  Holly didn't like sitting around.  She wanted to be a LEP officer like her dad!  His stories of fighting goblins and trolls were so vivid and realistic, she felt like she was with him fighting the bad guys.  A grin lit up her face.  She knew that she would get into the LEP!  Maybe she would even be the first female LEP officer!  That would show those boys!

            "Miss Short!  Are you paying attention?" Mrs. Mandrake asked.  Holly jumped guiltily.

            "Er, Mrs. Mandrake, I, uh…" Holly said, trailing off.

            "You were daydreaming about the LEP again, weren't you?!" The class didn't bother to try and hide their laughter, "You and I both know that women will never be in the LEP!" Mrs. Mandrake sneered.  That was it.  Holly was sick and tired of hearing 'You're a girl!  You can't be a LEP officer!  The LEP is only for men!'

            "Has any women even tried to become a LEP officer?" Holly asked sweetly.  Mrs. Mandrake looked a little scared at her tone of voice.  Holly was working up to something.

            "Of course not!  The thought is unheard of!" Mrs. Mandrake said.

            "Firstly, I have thought many times about being a LEP officer, so the thought is heard of.  Secondly, if no women have tried to become a LEP officer, nobody can be sure if it is only a male thing!" Holly said.  She knew that Mrs. Mandrake couldn't counter that!  But she did.

            "And you think that you would make it into the LEP? You're small!  The LEP are boys with big muscles!  You will never make it into the LEP!" Mrs. Mandrake said.  Unfortunately for Mrs. Mandrake, many people have said that before.  So Holly had an answer ready.

            "So? I'm fast.  And most of the work done these days is with guns!" Holly shot back.

            "What if your aim is pitiful, then?" Mrs. Mandrake drawled.

            "My aim is perfect."

            "Really.  And do you have any proof of that?" Mrs. Mandrake asked.

            "Ask my father.  He taught me how to shoot and fight," Holly growled.

            "You're twenty-nine!  And you expect me to believe that your father would teach you how to fight and shoot?" Mrs. Mandrake asked.

            "Yes.  Because it is true." Holly stated.

            "I realize that in a while you will go through your First Ritual, but teaching you fighting arts?  That is insane!  You are too young!" Mrs. Mandrake was surprised.

            "I started learning how to fight when I was barely fifteen."

            "Really!  Something must be done about that!" Mrs. Mandrake exclaimed.

            "Ha!  I would like to see you try to stop my father from teaching me fighting arts!" Holly laughed.

            "Watch me!" Mrs. Mandrake said.  But Holly knew that it was an idle threat.  Nobody would dare try to say to her father that he is raising his only child wrong.


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