A Dagger, Trolls and the First Ritual

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*~*~*~*~* Chapter 16:  Night Actually Says Something About Her Ritual *~*~*~*~*

            Night was bored, tired, and miserable.  She had to wait waaay too long to complete her Ritual and then go into 'Demon Land' as Holly referred to it.  Night's way to alieve (sp, no one in my family knows if it's even a real word…) her boredom was to turn on her Discman and dance around on her desk.  In the middle of math.  And Mrs. Mandrake was back.

            "Miss Shade!  Sit back down!" Mrs. Mandrake called out.  Of course, Night had the volume up on the Discman high enough that she couldn't hear anything…

            Holly was leaning back in her desk, watching Night with great amusement.  It was the most amusing thing she'd seen in a while.  The past few days after they got rid of the Dagger were quite interesting.  Quite a load was off all of their minds, though Night was becoming obsessed with her Ritual.

            "MISS SHADE!  TAKE OFF THOSE INFERNAL HEADPHONES AND SIT DOWN!" Mrs. Mandrake bellowed.  Night still didn't hear, or maybe she was just faking it.  So she continued her dance to on top of Holly's desk, then hopped onto Trouble's.  She moved onto Lili Frond's desk, purposely landing rather hard on the keys of her laptop.  Lili's indignant screech was followed by Night being pushed off of the desk.  Nonplussed, Night began to sashay through the aisles, singing as loud as she could.  Unfortunately, Night's singing skills were rather lacking.  To put it bluntly, she couldn't charm a swear toad with a song if her life depended on it.  And one thing everyone knows about swear toads is that repeating several swears over and over again is a top hit for them.  Night might have been swearing enough, but even swear toads wouldn't fall for it.

            Mrs. Mandrake continued yelling, Night continued singing and Trouble and Holly continued laughing.  Eventually, Mrs. Mandrake had to drag Night out of the room and Night waltzed her way home to stare in boredom at a dot on the wall.  In Mrs. Mandrake's class, life continued as normal.

            By the time the day ended, Trouble was dead tired from keeping Lili off of him and Holly was seething.  The two elected to walk home together, considering that their houses were in the same direction for awhile.

            "Hey, have you seen that movie, uh, what's it called?  I think it's a parody of the Mud-Men horror movies," Trouble asked.

            "The Mud-Man Massacre?" Holly supplied.

            "That's it!  Have you seen it yet?" Trouble asked.

            "Nope, I hear it's good, though," Holly said cheerfully.

            "You wanna go to it.  With me," Trouble shifted his weight nervously.

            Holly grinned and asked, "Are you asking me out on a date, Trouble?"

            "Uh, yeah…" Trouble shifted his weight a bit more.

            "Let's see…  I have absolutely nothing to do, so, yeah, I will go with you," Holly grinned.

            "Uh okay…  Are you free tonight?" Trouble asked.

            "Ah, the cliché Friday night dates.  Yes, I am, and, yes, I'll come," Holly laughed happily.

            "Uh, yeah.  Sounds great, so," Trouble trailed off, unsure of what to say about the 'cliché Friday night dates' comment.

            "I'll meet you at North Haven Multiplex at 7 AM, okay?" Holly asked.

            "Uh, sounds good," Trouble said.

            "I'll see you then!" Holly grinned and ran off to her house as Trouble turned and walked calmly to his own house.


            "Holly…" Night's voice said cheerfully and full of fake sincerity.

            "What do you want, Night?" Holly sighed into the phone.

            "Come over to my place for supper, okay?" Night asked, dropping the sincerity act.

            "Night, I don't know where you live," Holly pointed out.

            "Well then…  I'll come and get you," Night said.  Holly could almost hear Night's shifty eyes.

            "I'll have to ask my mother, you know.  Normal people just don't leave.  I'll be back in a few," Holly placed her phone on hold and wandered down to the kitchen.

            "Hey Mom, can I go over to Night's for supper?" Holly asked.

            "What?  Are you not going to spend anytime at home?  Night's for supper, Trouble's taking you out on a date…  What happened to family time?" Primrose asked.

            "It died a few years ago," Holly muttered, then said louder, "Oh, come on!  It's Friday night!"

            "Alright, go ahead.  Spend some time with your friends," Primrose smiled.  It was good to see her daughter partaking in social activities.

            "Thanks Mom!" Holly gave her mother a quick hug.  She then hurried off to her room and picked the phone back up, "You can come now," Holly said to the dial tone noise, "Well then.  Impatience," Holly rolled her eyes.

            Five minutes later the bell rang several impatient times and Holly sighed and walked downstairs to open it.  There was no need; Night was impatiently pacing across the main entrance.

            "Let's go," Night said abruptly and grabbed Holly's wrist and dragged her out the door.

            "Uh, BYE EVERYONE!" Holly called out as the door closed.  Night continued to drag Holly through a great deal of streets and then stopped in front of a small, depilated shack.  She then dragged her friend up to the door.

            "Uh, Night, where are we going?" Holly asked.

            "Into House," Night said, as if it were obvious.

            "But don't you live in a mansion?" Holly asked.

            "Of sorts, yes," Night nodded, "Passed down from generation to generation type thing."

            "But this is a shack," Holly pointed out.

            "You think it's a shack because it appears to be a shack, but is it really a shack?" Night asked.

            "What?" Holly asked, "If something looks like it's something, it usually is."

            "Ah, but if I dressed up as a prep, would I be a prep?" Night asked.

            Holly snorted, "Yeah right."

            "So just because House looks like a shack, doesn't mean that she is a shack, now does it?" Night asked.

            "But houses can't dress up as preps or punks or whatever!" Holly protested.

            "But you have forgotten what my family is," Night pointed out.

            "Sorcerers.  The house is enchanted?" Holly asked.

            "In more ways than you have just seen, yes," Night pushed open the door, "Come in."

            Holly stepped into a dusty and gloomy entrance hall.  The carpet beneath her feet was obviously velvet, of what colour was unknown.  There were several footprints coming to and from the door, which Holly assumed were Night's.

            "Dirty and gloomy I know, but I can't exactly hire a maid, now can I?" Night asked.

            "No, but you could clean it," Holly raised her eyebrows.

            "That would take me away from my books, so no," Night shrugged, "Come, let's go to the kitchen.  I'll get some food."

            "Night, you're home!" House said cheerily.

            "I was gone for maybe ten minutes House," Night rolled her eyes.  Holly looked around for the source of the voice and found nothing.

            "Uh…" Holly began.

            "The voice is House.  As in the house that we are in.  I told you she was enchanted in many more ways," Night smirked.

            "So you have a talking house?" Holly asked.

            "Talking and sentient, please," House said, "I can think," Holly just stared.

            "Let's go get some food and forget about the House thing for a minute," Night said.

            "Uh, sound's good," Holly blankly followed Night into the kitchen.  Night pu her hand on the doorknob of the pantry and asked Holly, "What do you wanna eat?"

            "Pizza will be fine," Holly picked a random food item.

            "Sounds good," Night opened the pantry and pulled out a steaming vegetarian pizza.  Holly goggled, "Now what?  It's just pizza."

            "It came out of your pantry.  Cooked.  That's impossible!" Holly protested.

            "The pantry is charmed to serve whatever food you desire.  Just think about it and turn the doorknob.  It's not that hard and terribly useful.  I don't even have to buy groceries," Night took a slice of pizza, "Any questions."

            Holly decided to ignore the improbability of the pantry and jumped to the question that was on her mind for awhile, "What do I have to do with your Ritual?"

            "You're the Protector," Night said simply.

            "What?" Holly asked.

            "The Protector.  One thing you should realize about the Sorcerer's Ritual is that it is terribly dangerous and the participant is at his, or hers, weakest point in their lives during it.  Therefore, a trusted friend is necessary to protect the young Sorcerer.  Eventually, the restriction of being born on the same day was added.  You fit all the qualifications, Holly.  So you're my Protector, if you agree," Night said.

            "How dangerous is this Ritual?" Holly asked.

            "Terribly.  I could die very easily.  But, because the blood of the Sorcerers is strong in me, I can't have normal fairy magick.  I must partake in this Ritual if I want any magick.  You, as the Protector, do get some bonuses," Night said.

            "Like what?" Holly asked.

            "You get a lovely sword and a lovely dagger, neither of which are enchanted against you.  Also, since I get a boost in magick, you get a similar boost in physical, how would you put it, ability.  You'd be able to run faster, jump higher, punch harder and generally all around be better physically than most fairies.  Very helpful for your career choice, might I add?" Night grinned, "Plus, there is very little danger from your part, unless someone attacks us or something."

            "Interesting," Holly mused over the possibilities of what she could do with the Protector's abilities.

            "A bit of interesting information.  The Protector/Sorcerer relationship was copied by a family of Mud-Men.  Their name has something to do with birds," Night frowned and Holly shivered.  Her intuition was kicking in big time, "I can't precisely remember their name, but I do believe that their 'Protector's name is 'Butler'."

            "Something tells me that we're going to meet these people some day, Night," Holly looked dead serious.

            "You know, I believe you.  And I don't think it will be in the best circumstances," Night smiled faintly.


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