Hi everyone! This is (I think) my third Korrasami fanfiction, but I'm going in a bit of a different direction for this one. I've finished the first few chapters ahead of time so I'm going to go ahead and spit those out and you can get straight into binge- reading.

Just as a disclaimer, I know that this story is different and it does involve Korra with a you-know-what, and I know that many people that live that kind of life every day, and I'm really just trying to get the point of normality across. If there are any negative comments they will be deleted, and I'm just hoping with my fingers crossed that I'm getting this right.

But anywho, expect a lot of funny moments. 3


Okay, Korra, no pressure, the college freshman thought to herself as she scrubbed her teeth viciously, making little dots of toothpaste on her bathroom mirror, her bath towel thrown absentmindedly over her shoulders. Her dorm had been assigned to her only last week, and as you looked around the small room, you could definitely tell it. Bags were still unpacked, zipped open only to grab a t-shirt and some pants. Boxes of food hastily opened to get breakfast. The only thing that was really made up was the bed, but it was surprisingly comfortable to this new student, and she slept like a rock last night. The trip from her humble Canadian town to the Quebec airport had tired her out enough, but the flight from there to Connecticut, and then the layover, and two more flights made her completely dead. She'd never been so hot in her life either. The East Coast is something, and somewhere, that she'd never imagined she'd even visit in her life, much less go to art school. But she was sure that she'd get used to it sooner or later (probably later) as time went by. As of now, though, she was a scared art student that knew nobody, and felt like she knew nothing. She texted her parents as soon as she woke up, and they sounded all pep and cheer.

Mom: Good luck, sweetie! Ur dad says he loves you and to have a good time at scool! Don't let anybody get you down 2day! (She was still getting the hang of this whole 'texting' thing)

Korra smiled with a scoff and texted back, then quickly went into her morning routine, the only thing that's stayed the same since she moved.

Korra moved from the bathroom, wearing her usual sports bra and pair of boxer- briefs, walking towards her bed where her t-shirt and pair of cargo shorts lay. She sighed at her boxers, and what hid beneath them, as she slipped her shorts on. Just one more thing she was anxious about, not that this is the first time she's been nervous about having one of those things in her pants. The anxiety has followed her around since she was nine or ten. But these are new people, and even though she knew that this was just part of who she was, and accepts it, they don't know, and may not accept it. I just hope I can find good people.

Ten minutes later she's out the door, schedule in hand. Seems like she has math first. Really, at an art school? What kind of place is this? And since she's a freshman, it seems that she's gotten one of the worst time slots. Her watch says 8:10. Wait… MY CLASS STARTS IN TWENTY MINUTES?! The building is halfway across campus! DAMN!