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Alliance Academy

June 20, 2100

It wasn't long for the people of Earth to know that there is life in the universe; that they are not alone. It has taken several years for the government of all nations to disclose the information until there are no more threats posed to the planet and to the galaxies. Their meager existence is not set on one planet but of several planets and galaxies.

In 1948, a discovery of a device was uncovered by an American archeologist during a dig in Giza, Egypt. It wasn't much to tell what it does and what it can do as it was kept in a military facility under NORAD. Several scientists experimented with the device. They activated the device by accident and a single scientist went through. They thought they had an understanding what the device does, but after the device shut down; not knowing that the scientist just journeyed through the stars and ended up on another planet. They shut down the project and kept it in storage.

In 1990, Katherine Langford; the daughter of the archeologist who founded the device had asked the U.S government to reopen the project under military control. The government approved of the project and she recruited scientist to help after signing a non disclosure agreement. During the 4 years; they could not make head or tales. They were missing a single piece to the puzzle until Katherine Langford recruited the help of a fringe archeologist Daniel Jackson.

Daniel Jackson translated the hieroglyph and discovered the name of the device "STARGATE". After activating the STARGATE; the military sent a MALP through the STARGATE to see if it's safe to travel through. As soon as it was safe to travel; the military sent Colonel Jonathon 'Jack' O'Neill and his team including Dr. Jackson through. On that day; the galaxy will never be the same as human history and existence of alien being will be rewritten in the history books.

A parasitic alien race impersonating Egyptian god Ra…

Cadet Ray Reyes put down his tablet on the bed and closes his eyes as he lay down. He opens his eyes moments later and turns his head to stare at the clock on the oak nightstand. 1300. Great, have 1 more hour until my next class. He grabs his tablet on the bed and begin to look through his class schedule.

"Exobiology 101" Then reviews the syllabus on the course that he has to take and turns it off and place it on the nightstand. He grabs his phone and started to make a video call. "Mom?"

"Ray, how are you settling at the ACADEMY on Earth?" the other voice on the end said in a Spanish accent. She has noticeable beautiful smile but where she is the million dollar question. A decal of the Stargate and the symbol of Earth was on the background. Then the name of a ship USS BELLEROPHON is capitalized on the bottom screen and CAPTAIN RITA REYES below in small print.

"It's fine mom, but how long until I get to choose what command I want to be in?" He said as he stares at the ceiling and twirling his black Academy cap. On his cap a shield decal with a V upside down symbol and a silver STARGATE encircling it and a name ALLIANCE ACADEMY.

Captain Rita Reyes tries to reassure her son. "Your dad and I went through the same rigorous and dull classes in our first year in the academy." She said. "What command are you interested in?"

"Fleet Command, I want to captain a ship like you." Ray rolls his eyes. "But I don't need learn about the history of the STARGATE." He muffled. "We are given a history lesson in high school." He said as he places his palm above his forehead.

"It's not the same as High School. You were given what the government has unclassified," Rita Reyes stated before the lights in the room dims and the klaxon sounds.

"Captain Reyes to the bridge." the embodied female voice said over the intercom.

She looks at her son one more time before kissing her hands and placing it on the camera. "I have to go. I love you." She said and turns off the monitor.



The Bellerophon is a brand new class in the Tau'ri Fleet Command. It's a Beliskner Class Dreadnaught. It's modeled after Thor's flagship The O'Neill, before the Asgard killed themselves off because they could not solve their cloning problems. It's the same design as the Beliskner that includes pulse beam for close air support and beam cannon weapons for ship to ship battle. It has not been tested in battle since the Bellerophon just came out of the dry dock and it's on a shakedown cruise.

The ship has 2 intergalactic drives. There is a hyperspace drive and the wormhole drive. The hyperspace drive is a standard to all Tau'ri Alliance ship including fighters and bombers. The wormhole drive is still in it's infancy stages since it require great amount of power to use the drive. Only an emergency it can be used. Tau'ri scientist on Atlantis studied the wormhole drive discovered a way to use the wormhole drive without requiring large amount of energy from Alliance ships. They went back to study Asgard ship building capability and maneuverability with the help of the Asgard Computer Data Core and design a ship that's large enough.

The original Asgard ship has a Neutrino Ion Generator that powers the ship engines and weapons. Since neutrino are hard to come by; they just install four Naquadria instead. The engine room is about the size of a football field that 4 to 10 engineers have to maintain and operate in shifts.. Naquadria become unstable if more power is extracted from it.

After several months of study, they came up with the design of the Asgard O'Neill Class. Thor's second ship named after the Alliance founder and President General Jonathon 'Jack' O'Neill. They made the design human built that doesn't include the fins that's in the Asgard design. They gave the design to the FLEET COMMAND, NAVAL OF OPERATION. It didn't take long for FLEET COMMAND gave final approval of the new class of ship; paying homage to the ASGARDS.

Captain Rita Reyes, the Commander of the newest ALLIANCE vessel enters the bridge. She has been Captain of the ship for a few days, thinking taking the ship on a shakedown cruise was an easy task. Before being assigned to the BELLEROPHON; she was XO of a Prometheus class destroyer. She clips her braided and began to bark orders.

"Commander Wolf, sit rep?" she said as she smiles. One of the crewmen handed her a tablet for her to check off. The name almost sounded like one of the characters in a classic Sci-Fi series that she enjoys now and again.

"Ma'am, we are picking up radio transmissions from an uncharted system near the Cygnus cluster" Commander Wolf, a Salish male about six feet tall and medium built approach the holographic plotting table said. He is from PXY-887, now it's known as Salishia.

Salishia is a thriving planet Alliance inhabitated by Indians Tribes. Ever since the public knowledge of the STARGATE program, Native tribes from the Abenaki Tribe to the Zuni Tribe made a pilgrimage to Salishia. On the planet, they are free from government oppression; keeping them in reservation and limiting their movements.

"radio?" she ask as she sat

The holographic plotting table showed 12 planets and then it zoomed to the largest planet. The detailed of the hologram is precise as it reveals the details of 12 huge ships and several thousands fighters in a defensive position over a large planet. As it zooms out, red reticules showed 2000 scythe looking fighters approaching the defenders. Then it projects the distance between Alliance and the Cygnus cluster 2 LY from Alliance Space to the Cygnus Cluster.

"Getting no life signs on the attacking ships." Said the sensor operator added the reading on the holographic display.

"How about the other group that's fighting the attacking ships."

"They're human ma'am." She said as her jaw dropped.

"Spit it out Ensign." Captain Reyes said as she went over to the ensign's station and saw the readings. She couldn't her eyes and what she was reading. "One hundred billion."

"What?" Commander Wolf couldn't he was hearing. "One hundred billion human, how is this possible."

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Captain Reyes stated the idiom meaning that they will deal with the problem later. "Ms Haley," she called to the COMM officer.

"Yes ma'am"

"Upload the data to Fleet Command; I want to know what our next move and if it's in Rules of Engagement." Captain Reyes ordered as she stares into the holographic display.

"They haven't call for help." Commander Wolf stated. "We are not to interfere with internal matter of other worlds unless requested."

"Ma'am, sensors reading two small craft approaching, also its indicating weapons fire from both small craft."

The human pilot flying a sword shape space fighter chasing after craft half his own size through a nebula rolling his fighter and shooting it's cannon missing he target. He seems to enjoy chasing after the craft as they exit the nebula the silver oval shape craft made a maneuver that human pilot cannot make without losing consciences.

"Oh FRAK!" The male pilot cursed as he banks left to avoid the weapons fire from the oval shape craft.

The Oval shape craft fired at the human piloted craft, hitting the starboard wing and engines. It caused the sword shape craft to spin uncontrollably. The pilot pulls an ejection lever, causing the canopy to be jettison. Seconds later the ejection system launches him into space in line of sight of the oval shape craft. Helpless while floating in space, the oval ship hovers over the pilot and fired.

The man floating in space was about to meet his maker, when all of sudden his is engulfed by a bright light and ended in a room. Not any other room. He thought he is in Olympus , the home of the gods.