Hey there guys, Christopher Nagura here, and yes I'm going to be posting this to majority of my stories that are both on hiatus and also ongoing. In case you were wondering, no, I am not going to be discontinuing any of the stories nor am I going to be suddenly quitting. However, I do wish to make an announcement to basically inform you guys about something.

Basically I usually get comments on stories about when am I going to update, or is the story dead. Thus, in order to keep you guys up to date, I ask you to please follow me on my Ko-Fi account. The amount of followers in a Ko-Fi account means absolutely nothing, and it'll only benefit you guys seeing as I'll be making weekly updates about the progress of the current stories that I'm writing.

So, if you're not followed then please do so now, and if you're feeling generous, please drop one or two coffee for me:

kofi.c om (slash) christophernagura