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**11:00** "Shane indeed, Chris. You should act so shocked because, as you can see, that is the last reaction my mother ever had." Shane said calmly.

"Why?!? Why did you kill her??? How could you side with Eric?" Stephanie wailed at him. Shane walked up to her and placed a hand on her cheek.

"Because I was sick of you." He said simply. Tears rolled down her face. Shane then turned to face Chris.

"Logically, I knew, if I killed her, then you would be coming after me-" Shane said.

"Oh spare me the rich kid bullshit, all right?" Chris said, cutting him off.

"Fine, I will." Shane said, grabbing Chris by the shirt and pulling him up. "Oh geez, it looks like your shoulder's been separated, would you like me to fix that for you?" Shane mocked before slamming Chris' arm into the wall. Chris wailed in pain as the arm went back into socket. Bischoff looked away from Stephanie, who he had once again pinned against the wall, and smiled as he saw that Chris was suffering.

**11:04** "Aw, Chris, you sound like you might be in a little bit of pain there-"

"Stop it!!!" Stephanie screamed. "You just leave him alone Shane, or I'll...I'll-"

"You'll what? Blow my eardrums out? Scratch out my eyes? No, with Eric holding you quite securely, I don't think that you'll be going anywhere soon." Shane sneered at her.

"What's happened to you? You're not the same Shane that I knew as a kid. You're not even the same Shane that I knew yesterday." Stephanie said softly. Chris was slumped on the floor, and was trying to bury his head in the wall.

"You're right!!! I'm not!! What you see before you is what you get, little sis." Shane snapped at her. Stephanie closed her eyes and shook her head.

"Well, what I see looks like shit." Shawn said from the other side of the room. Shane turned around slowly. He tossed his mother's head over in the far corner, away from everyone else.

**11:12** "What did you just say?" Shane asked. Chris forced himself up and got nose to nose with Shane.

"You heard him. He said that you look like shit." Chris told him. Shane glared at him. Shawn scooted up close to Shane and kicked him in the back of the knees. Shane's gun, which he had kept hidden, went sprawling across the room. Bischoff became distracted for a second, but kept his hold on Stephanie. Chris and Mark both made a dive for the gun. Mark was just a little bit faster.

"Don't move." He warned Chris, pointing the gun at his head. Shane wrestled Shawn back to the ground. He was in control yet again.

**11:16** Jay, Torrie, and Kevin were wandering around the building, opening every single door, and looking for Stephanie, Chris, Shawn and Cameron.

"You know what, now that I think about it, we haven't been able to find Shane, Linda or Bischoff at all since we've been walking around here. Don't you think that they would still be here??" Jay asked. Torrie shrugged. Kevin closed the door to the room they had just finished looking in.

"I thought so, but maybe they all went to call their other relatives since Vince got killed earlier today." Kevin said.

"I never thought about that, you're probably right." Jay said, then walked a little farther down the hallway to check out some other rooms.

**11:23** Chris stared down the barrel of the gun. He thought that he would never have his life threatened with a gun in his entire life, and in this day alone, he had already been threatened with a gun three times. As a matter of fact, today had held a lot of firsts for him. The majority of them were bad, but there were a few good ones in there.

Shane began to talk again, but Chris' mind wandered. He thought about how this whole day had been based around the fact that a car accident had killed Bischoff's family and not him and Stephanie. The thought was nowhere near being funny. In fact, it made him sick that someone would postpone their entire life for two years, plotting revenge on another person. Not just simply plotting revenge, either. Plotting out their deaths. Actually going through the system and picking people to carry out their horrible wishes. To have actually wasted that much time on trying to kill someone.....You really have to have a demented mind.

"Chris!" Shane yelled at him. Chris whirled around to face him.


"Daydreaming, were you?" Shane asked. Chris noticed that Shawn was bleeding pretty badly by his ear now. He also noticed that Shane was holding his gun once again. He really HAD zoned out.

"I guess you could call it that." Chris said, trying to restrain himself from punching out Shane's lights right that moment.

"Dreaming about Stephanie?" Shane asked. Chris glanced over at her. Bischoff had cut her doing something since her cheek was now bleeding.

"Sure." He said, returning his focus on Shane. Shane nodded and, in one swift, quick moment, aimed the gun at Chris' shoulder and fired. Chris flew backwards in surprise, clutching his shoulder. A twisted, tangled howl came out from his lips. Stephanie screamed as Chris barreled back against the back wall. He let himself slide to the floor. Bischoff slapped Stephanie to shut her up and she fell to the floor.

"Get over there by him!" Shane yelled. Mark stepped back by Shawn as Bischoff and Shane advanced towards Chris and Stephanie. Chris opened his eyes a little just to know that they were coming towards him. He needed to think of a way to get out of here, and fast.

**11:27** Jay tried the knob on the last door they had left to check.

The Boiler Room door.

It was the only locked door in the entire building.

"Guys, I think we found them." Jay said. Torrie leaned up against the door to see if she could hear anything inside there.

"I think that I hear people talking, I'm not really sure." Torrie said.

"Both of you get back. I'm going to break this door down, if it's the last thing I do." Kevin said.

**11:28** Ready to die, Chris?" Bischoff asked him. Chris glared at him with what little energy he had left. He was so sore, so tired. He wanted to sleep and he was hungry. He figured that he would never get to eat another meal in his life, since his life was more likely than not, going to end within the next minute or so. Bischoff shoved the gun into Chris' temple and was getting ready to pull the trigger, when a huge thump sounded through the door. Bischoff, Shane and Mark all turned their attention to the door for a split second.

It was all the time that Chris needed.

He quickly shot his legs out at Bischoff's knees and then tackled Bischoff to the ground. The gun went sprawling across the room, towards Mark and Shawn. Shane was coming back to planet Earth, just as Shawn grabbed Bischoff's gun. Shawn aimed at Mark, and Shane aimed at Cameron.

"You kill him, I kill your son, Shawn. Is that really worth it??" Shawn swallowed a few times. Chris sat, straddled on top of Bischoff, with his right fist raised in the air, ready to punch at any given moment. Chris' eyes met with Shawn's. Stephanie was sobbing in the corner of the room, still not believing what her brother had told her. Shawn was silently questioning Chris if he could get to Cameron fast enough to save his life. Chris glanced at Cameron, then looked back at Shawn. Chris gave him a slight nod.

Shawn started to squeeze the trigger, as Chris jumped over and tackled Cameron to the ground. When Chris hit the ground, two shots rang out through the room. Chris looked to his right and saw Mark hit the ground with a bullet hole through his head. Chris got off of Cameron and looked to his left. His heart skipped a beat.

Shane was holding Stephanie, who was bleeding horribly from her arm. Bischoff was starting to stand up again. Chris moved over towards Shawn, with Cameron right by him. They both stood up and faced Bischoff and Shane.

"You see what happens when you do stupid things, Chris?" Shane said. He brought Stephanie's arm up roughly, so that Chris could see where the bullet had passed through. Chris winced. His pain had faded to anger, and that sight only helped to intensify it.

**11:34** "Hurry up, Kevin!! We need to get in there!!" Jay yelled as Kevin rammed his body against the door again.

"It won't budge!!" Kevin yelled back at him. Jay walked back with him.

"Then let me try to help you." He said.

**11:37** Shane looked at Chris and Shawn and laughed. He shoved Stephanie over to them. Chris caught her as she stumbled and fell. He held her up.

"You know, Stephanie, I always hated you," Shane said, aiming his gun at them, "You were always soooo special. You were 'daddy's little girl' or mom and dad's 'little princess'. What did I ever get huh? Nothing!!! It was ALWAYS about you!!" Shane screamed.

"Shane, I never meant to hurt you....I love you Shane, why are you doing this?" Stephanie said weakly, pleading with him. Shane nodded sarcastically.

"Oh, sure you didn't. Right, I believe that load of crap about as much as I believe the fact that you're going to get out of this room alive. This room's a graveyard....And I'm the gravekeeper."

"As fascinating as I find that, why don't you spare me the torture of listening to you? I mean looking at you is bad enough, but you just keep droning on and on and on. You never shut up!!" Chris yelled at him.

"We, sadly, have something in common then," Shane told him. "But not much longer, because I'm about to shut you up permanently." He took aim.

"Wait, wait, what do you think that you're doing?" Bischoff asked, butting in. Shane looked at him.

"This is my show now, Bischoff. Back off." Shane said, and then he turned back to Chris and Stephanie. Bischoff began to get pissed.

"No way, this is MY plan damn you. You will not ruin this for me. Those people are about to break that door down, I WILL have my revenge before then Shane. If there's anyone who is going to be killing Chris, it WILL be ME!!!!" Bischoff yelled. Shane turned around and faced Bischoff again. He was silent for a second, then he spoke.

"You're right, I'm sorry Eric." Shane said. Eric smiled and started to shake his hand. Shane aimed his gun at Bischoff's head as he finished his sentence.

"I'm sorry that I didn't kill you earlier, you son of a bitch." He said, shooting Bischoff in the head. Stephanie screamed. Shawn raised his gun to kill Shane. He fired, once, twice, three times.

Click, click, click.

The gun was empty.

"Shit." Shawn whispered. Shane aimed quickly and shot Shawn in the chest. Stephanie screamed again and began to shake. Chris saw everything in slow motion. He saw Shawn falling to his knees, and his hand, losing grip on the gun. He watched as He fell back and remained motionless. Chris felt his anger reach unbearable heights.

**11:41** "Damn this door!! It won't budge!!" Jay yelled. He leaned back against it, as did Kevin, so that he could catch his breath a little bit. Both men were tired and ready for the day to be over with. They were ready for this door to just give out and they would know if their friends were all right or not.

Jay was debating on trying to find someone else who might miraculously still be there to help them break the door down, when his questions were answered.

Chris Benoit was walking over to them.

**11:47** "So, who wants to die first?" Shane asked. Chris and Stephanie were both sitting on the floor again. Chris had his arms wrapped around Stephanie to the best of his ability. He looked up at Shane and glared at him. Then, slowly, he untangled himself from Stephanie and stood up.

"No, no, no, I will not let you die here!! I can't lose you too!!" Stephanie screamed.

"Shut up Stephanie!!" Shane yelled. "Jesus, you're giving me a headache!!" He looked at Chris with all seriousness. "You first it is, then." He said, aiming the gun.

**11:53** Chris lunged at Shane as he was firing the gun. The gun fired up at the ceiling. Chris straddled Shane and began to choke him.

"Die, you stupid son of a bitch!!!" Chris said, choking Shane. "Stephanie, grab the key to the door off of Bischoff!! Get out of here!!" He yelled. Stephanie crawled over to Bischoff and began to check his pockets. Shane brought his knee up against Chris. Chris rolled off of him and squirmed in pain. The gun was on the other side of the room, and Shane was already on his way over there. Chris brought himself up, and leapt the distance between them. He tackled Shane when he was only inches away from the gun. Stephanie finally found the key.

"Got it!" Stephanie yelled. Shane rolled over on Chris and began to choke him.

"Get.....out....." Chris choked out. Stephanie stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do. She wanted to help Chris, she really did.

"GO!!!!!!!" Chris yelled. Stephanie ran to the door and began to fumble with the keys.

**11:58** "I'll check the door one more time, and if it's still not unlocked then we ram it, okay?" Jay asked. Kevin and Benoit nodded.


Chris wrestled himself out from under Shane, and reached for the gun. He grabbed a hold of it and jumped up.

"Bastards never win Shane, don't you know that?" Chris asked. Stephanie had unlocked the door and was turning around to see what was happening.

Shane glared at Chris. Chris aimed the gun at him.

"I'll be seeing you in hell, Shane." He said, before firing a bullet into his chest. He stood there and let the gun fall to the floor. Then, he fell to his knees. Cameron sat in a corner shaking. Shawn was moving his arm, to try and motion his son over. Chris sat back on his heels next to Shane. He was so tired. The day was finally over. Finally over.

Yet, in one final act of desperation, Shane threw his arm at Chris' back.

With his hand lodged around the hilt of a knife.

Chris let out a terrible cry as the knife struck him in the back. He arched his back as Stephanie ran over to him. Jay opened the door and rushed in followed closely by Kevin, Benoit and Torrie.

"Christ." He muttered, seeing the carnage that was spread across the room.

**11:59** "Chris!" Stephanie screamed. She pulled the knife out of his back. He fell back against her, and she started to rock him back and forth.

"Oh God, Chris!!!" She screamed. "No, Chris please, don't die, don't die. God, I'm so sorry. So, so sorry!!! I love you Chris!!!! Please." Stephanie pleaded with him as tears rolled down her face.

"I...don't...ha-hate you....Stephanie....I-m s-so-sorry for getting....getting angry at you.....forgive me.....I ....love...you." Chris managed to choke out before blood clogged his words.

"God, don't take him from me please, please." Stephanie prayed as the clock struck midnight. "Don't take him, he's all I have left."



//Drop to Zero, Drop,

(It's happening again)

I feel boxed in,

(It's happening again)

I'm trapped inside,

(It's happening again)

Feels like the world's closing in,

(It's happening again)

And there's nowhere to hide,

This time nothing feels right to me,

I'm sinking deeper within,

I'll wait for you to loose sight of me,

Before I suffer again,

(It's happening again)

I feel strapped down,

(It's happening again)

While you feed the disease,

(It's happening again)

I'm lying face on the ground,

(It's happening again)

For the whole world to see,

This time nothing feels right to me,

I'm sinking deeper within,

I'll wait for you to loose sight of me,

Before I suffer again,

Drop, Drop, Drop to Zero. Drop, Drop,

Now I'm so far away,

This time nothing feels right to me,

I'm sinking deeper within,

I'll wait for you to loose sight of me,

Before I suffer again,

Now I'm so far away,

Now I'm so far away,

Now I'm so far away//


Song is Drop to Zero by Trust Company.

To be continued..............??????????????????