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The Red Dragon.

Prologue: 31st October 2002

Harry stood face to face with his enemy, the person, the monster that had prevented him from truly living for the past twenty years.

There was nothing left in this world for Harry but killing Voldemort once and for all. Nearly all of his friends and colleges were dead, even the evil of the Dursley's (well Vernon and Petunia not Dudley) were going cold in their graves.

"Neither can live whilst the other survives." The dark lord grinned, quoting the long dead seer.

"Let's just get this over with." Harry was twenty-one now, he had been living with the dark lord inside of him for twenty years. He wanted to be left alone; dead or alive. With most of his friends dead and the death eaters stronger than they had ever been Harry had very little to live for besides killing the monster in front of him.

"Oh Harry, where's the fun in that."

Harry cut him off. "Crucio." Harry had long since allowed himself these curses against this man- monster of a man- and his followers.

The ministry had fallen and even Azkaban itself was in ruins. Voldemort and the death eaters used these curses and Harry could no longer afford the disadvantage. Not after so much had already been lost; not to mention what was going to happen if he lost tonight.

Curses flew for what felt like hours. Harry still hadn't used the darkest curse there was; however he was very close to breaking now.

"Avada Kedavra." The dark lord cursed back from behind his shield.

"Dissico." Curses flew and Harry felt the weight of his exertion pulling at his very soul.

"Avada Kedavra." The final curse hit Harry square on the chest unexpected.

Harry didn't feel the instant death that he had been waiting years for. Instead the curse blasted through the time turner that hung from his neck. The gift he had been given years ago shattered, its magic blasted Harry apart. He could do nothing but scream as he was pulled apart atom by atom. It felt as his whole being was on fire.

And then -

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