A/N: I guess I had better put in the legal mumbo jumbo, just in case the PTB's are looking for GR. I could only wish that I owned the rights to GR, but Hearst Entertainment currently owns the show & has it buried in their archives. So, don't sue me! I'm a poor, broke fanfic writer! Here's to Sir Robert Mandell & the terrific writers of the show - LadyNiko


Time had no meaning in the nether realms as Niko tried to bring the dream into better focus. The smell of blood came to her, along with a strange sense of exhilaration and adrenaline high that was nothing like anything she'd felt before.

Unfortunately, the images from her dream did not become any clearer as she studied them. The only thing she could discern was that the images were external from something, someone else.

Nothing else about the dream was clear and she was left with a sinking feeling of dread. Tonight's dream was only the beginning of something nasty.