Guitar solo.

Judy silently skipped towards nick's apartment door . Nick lived in a surprisingly nice block,well lit and up to date.

Judy was about to to do her usually 3 knock routine (knock,knock,knock Nicky- times three) she found that doing this it made him annoyed and she found it funny. But the door was already slightly open. She knew that nick was in there because his car was outside and she could see his car keys through the gap.

She pinned down her ears and sneaked through the door . she stood behind his living room door . Judy could hear him rummaging.

What happened next was not expected.

A guitar , I had no Idea he played ,she thought. She kinda felt happy and proud for him for some strange reason.

He started playing a familiar song , it was "its my life " by bon had an awesome singing voice.

Judy waited till the chorus and burst through the door singing, "its my life,its now or never ,I ain't gonna live forever , I'm just gonna live while I'm alive ,its my life" she sang at the top of her lungs in her best singing was greeted by a equally scared and frightened and confused fox.

"Hey. Why did you stop"

"I..i didn't know you we..were here..j..udy"Nick stated stammering

"You dumb fox"

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