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In Which Jellal is the Pervert

It was the first time Jellal had even attempted sneaking into Fairy Hills. He had been anxious to do so ever since his first night with Erza, and the recent time he'd spent away from her made him even more anxious. This would also be a good excuse to get away from Erik – who had decided to relay every dirty thought Jellal had to the rest of Crime Sorciere in an attempt to get Jellal to stop thinking about that first night with Erza.

Sitting in a tree, he used what little skill he had manipulating objects to open one of the windows on what he suspected to be Erza's apartment. (He could see suits of armor through the glass). Holding it open, he used meteor to get through the window. The force of him landing on the floor made the suits of armor rattle, but thankfully didn't lead to anything falling loudly to alert anyone of his presence. The window had closed on its own when he had passed through it.

Looking around, he saw the walls lined with armor, just as he had remembered the one time her guild mates dragged him in there before. He thought that some of the armors had changed positions slightly or that a few new ones had been added. She had probably just rearranged her requip space. Hopefully that was for a past job, not one she was on right now. He hadn't even thought about what would happen if she was, indeed, out.

It was dark outside, so he decided that she might already be in bed. He slowly walked up to her bedroom door and peered inside. When it became clear that she wasn't in bed, he turned the light on and went inside. On the side table a note sat. In Erza's scraggly handwriting, there was a message to him – as if she expected that he would visit.


I'll be back by Thursday


Today was Thursday, but he didn't see that she was home. A large luggage cart sat in the room nearest to the hallway. Perhaps there was a late-running party at the guildhall or something. It was very late for Erza to be home, but that increased his desire to stay. He needed to be sure he was safe.

He began to pace her apartment in one of his more anxious states. As he began to pace, he began to notice things he hadn't gotten a chance to the last time before.

The most noticeable (he had no idea how he had missed it) was a tutu with a swan neck coming out from under the skirt. He wondered if she knew it was a dick joke, and why she had it either way. Even though he assumed it was something Fairy Tail gave her, he was afraid to ask.

While he looked at the mannequins, objects attached to the wall only just began to stand out to him: a whip (was she kinky, or was it just another weapon?), a lasso, a riding crop, and a set of collars on the mannequins all stood out to him. While he almost drooled at the thought of a naked Erza holding those objects, he couldn't imagine using them in sex. He'd hurt her enough in the past, so anything to hurt her now (even if it was her fetish) would not be good for his conscience. Despite Ultear's jokes, he didn't have a punishment fetish, but if Erza did, he'd let her use them on him.

He sighed and went back to her bedroom, hoping to find distraction there. Her closet might even have some clothes that would fit him so that he could replace his dirty ones. She had mentioned buying him sleepwear last time he saw her so that he could spend the night comfortably at her apartment.

When he opened her closet, he wondered even more about her fetishes. While he did see handcuffs, the things hanging on her clothing racks were much more appealing to his sensibilities when it came to sex. There was a tight waitress costume and a maid outfit. Several skin-tight dresses of varying lengths and designs hung on the rack with stiletto heels resting below their hems.

He desperately he wanted to take one of those off her. As older men always said, a dress would look great on their wife or girlfriend, but much better on the bedroom floor. He finally understood that, looking at Erza's collection.

The seduction armor Erik had drunkenly told him about (based on what he'd heard in Erza's thoughts about seducing Jellal) was displayed proudly on a mannequin. He didn't know if he should be happy that it wasn't in her requip space or not. It certainly fit the definition of fetish fuel, even if it wasn't his fetish. He stopped imagining it before his body could tell him otherwise.

His face flushed bright red at the thought of seeing Erza in the silky lingerie set he saw on top of her dresser. He recognized it from a Weekly Sorcerer cover. That was the first issue he'd taken from Meredy because it was "inappropriate" for her. He was sure his entire guild knew why he'd actually taken it. As if Erik hadn't teased him for any single perverted dream about Erza before that…

When he saw her dresser, he tried to look through for whatever Erza had bought him, but was immediately stopped by the contents of the top drawer. With an empty laundry basket, there were only about five pairs of panties alongside her extensive bra collection. Seeing this, his mind began to race as he realized she didn't have nearly enough to make it through one week. That would mean she had a habit of going commando. He slammed the drawer shut, trying not to think of that fact.

The next drawer was filled with other sets of lingerie he didn't know she had. He had no reason to know, he reasoned, but it didn't mean he wasn't excited to see the wide variety she'd already purchased for his use. Well, since he was her first, he assumed it was for his use.

He couldn't banish the thought that she might have used it as normal sleepwear. If he would have come to the apartment and seen her snuggled in her sheets wearing any of those ensembles, he wouldn't be able to help himself.

Lower drawers held a collection of booty shorts, tight tank tops, and sports bras he assumed was for training. With each piece he swore he could feel his pants getting just a little tighter. His mind switched gears to imaging a sweaty Erza in the woods with him during a morning run.

He tried hard not to think of Erza in every piece he found in the drawer or on the racks. He wished he could have seen her in them, but that would have meant being there in all those years he probably deserved to lose. With his past, he couldn't have allowed himself the pleasure of seeing her wear that sexy waitress costume at the opening of his former council member's restaurant. He couldn't have seen her wear the gothic Lolita dress at the Miss Fairy Tail pageant.

Still, he wondered if she'd wear them again for him. Imagining her in each costume was more than enough to make him blush. He tried to say it wasn't his fetish, but with how good Erza looked in anything she wore, it would be a lie.

Having enough invading of her privacy, no matter how much he liked the images it made go through his head, he decided to take a nap and await her return. With how late it was, there was no point in returning to camp.

Not wanting to get Erza's bed dirty, he stripped to his boxers and crawled into her neatly made bed. The thought of being in her bed, with her scent all over it, only made him hornier. He hoped she would get home soon. Hopefully she would also be sober and awake enough for him.

Erza and Team Natsu had returned back from their mission at 10pm (due to a fight between Natsu and Gray making them miss the earlier train to Magnolia). For whatever reason, Laxus was insistent that Erza report back that night. The report, being interrupted several times by rowdy guild members, took more than an hour. By the time it was done, only Mira was left in the guild (waiting for Laxus, Erza suspected). She trudged out the doors anxious to get back to Fairy Hills with her luggage.

When she got through her door, Erza dropped the luggage cart and began to strip. She only needed to wear her robe down to the long, relaxing bath she intended to go have.

And have her bath she did. Most of the other residents of Fairy Hills were asleep, and those that weren't had gone to their boyfriends' for the night or were being exceptionally quiet She knew Juvia and Wendy were likely in bed after their long day. She found that having the large tub to herself was incredibly relaxing. So relaxing that she dozed off.

By the time Erza woke back up from her nap, it was nearly two in the morning. The nap had left her refreshed, but she wanted to spend time in her bed asleep.

Erza trudged up the stairs to her room and put her bathing supplies away in her personal bathroom. She left the robe on a hook and began the walk towards her bedroom naked so she could get a fresh pair of pajamas out of her closet. She only had the pair she wore on the mission in her requip space.

When she opened the door to her bedroom, Erza nearly gasped in delight. The moonlight shining in from the window showed a nearly naked Jellal looking adorable curled up in her bed. She wondered if she was drooling, but felt it was better not to ask. She contemplated putting on one of the many sets of lingerie she had bought just before leaving, but decided she was too impatient. She'd had too many frustrations that day to wait.

"Oh, Jellal," Erza cooed. His eyes opened with a sleepy look. They shot open when he noticed that not only was Erza actually there, but was also entirely naked.

"E- Erza," he gulped. Something told him that this was a seductive Erza, not a murderess one, but it didn't make him feel better for waking up in her bed. She was walking towards him, her hips swaying sexily.

"So, are you here to see me?" Erza sat on the bed, crossed her legs, and immediately lost her wits again. She tried to reach for a blanket to cover up, but Jellal had sat up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Jellal blushed, embarrassed to answer that. Even if his reasoning was to see (and sleep with) her, he didn't want to admit it to himself.

"D- do you want me to dress up? I- I got a few things to wear," Erza stammered.

"Maybe later," Jellal asked, having regained his composure. He used his arms to pull her back on the bed. She melted into his arms and sighed.

Erza rolled over to face him and began to kiss him. There were no quick pecks or shy kisses. Instead, she immediately began to kiss him slowly.

He responded, trying to move his lips as slowly as hers were, but he was far too wound up at this point to take things slow. He tried to speed up the kisses to show his desperation, but she wasn't following his lead. Different tactics were deemed necessary, so he began to snake his hands down her back and to her butt.

Erza jumped, surprised by Jellal's hands. He pulled them up to her lower back and pulled back from the kiss.

"Are you okay Erza?" Realistically, he knew she was okay, but since this was only the second time they'd done anything even mildly intimate he was concerned about hurting her. Honestly he never knew if he'd get used to it.

Erza didn't bother to answer that, instead moving her lips down his torso. When she got to the waistband of his boxers she took her mouth away to remove them and licked her lips. Although the gesture was entirely unintentional (a result of her nervousness), he thought it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen her do. When her mouth reached its target and she looked up at him with round, pleading eyes (a result of her desire to get this right), he could hardly contain himself. He tried to push her away so that he wouldn't cum prematurely, but as soon as he got away he ended up spilling himself all over her face.

Erza looked confused for a second before using a finger to lick some of the white substance off of her face. Jellal was so embarrassed he almost couldn't watch. Unfortunately Erza was too sexy for him to ignore.

"Mira was right," Erza observed. "It is really salty."

Jellal wondered if that was a bad thing. Erza didn't say anything more, instead choosing to nuzzle her cum-covered face into his chest and snuggle up to him.

"Oh!" Erza realized. She jumped out of bed and ran to her bathroom. She came back holding a wet washcloth and used to wipe off his chest and her face.

Erza looked positively adorable sheepishly holding the washcloth. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto the bed to lay next to him. She could feel that he was already getting hard again, so she rubbed her hips provocatively. He tried to suppress a groan, but couldn't. Just watching her bare back as she leaned over to the drawer to grab a condom and the lubricant she'd bought had made him harder. She dropped said items on the side of the bed as he grabbed her breasts and began to massage them. She'd given him attention, so he felt he should do so before they got to the main act.

She leaned back and let him fondle her for a minute before her impatience got the best of her. He found himself rolled onto his back with Erza rolling the condom onto him. She then sank herself down onto him and began to rock her hips back and forth. Again he wondered why he hadn't allowed himself to do this sooner.

This time she came before him, so when he came quickly (though not as fast as the first time), he felt less guilty. All in all, he figured it was a success, even if they were both still clumsy.

He was so satisfied he hadn't even noticed Erza get up to clean herself up and change. She brought him a pair of sweatpants and a men's t-shirt from who-knows-where which he gratefully put on while she donned a set of blue flannel pajamas. They worked together to change the sheets on the bed and flopped down on the clean bed in a tangle of arms and legs.

They snuggled until both Jellal and Erza had fallen into a comfortable sleep. One day this would be a nightly thing, but until then he would do this as much as possible, not even stopping to wonder what he did to deserve it.

A/N: I love how lovely awkward this couple is around each other when pervy situations occur (which is a lot because Mashima). It's funny how the hottest couple in the series (IMO) with one of the most shameless FT characters is so not comfortable with each other in sexual situations.