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Pokemon Extended Adventures

Chapter 1: Origins



Oh! Sorry. I must've fallen asleep. What is the time?


Oh my. I'm late!

No duh. That's why I came here.

I see… Then let's begin.

Welcome to the world of Pokemon!

I am Oak. I am commonly referred to as-

I know. I've seen this tale before. I know how it is. Boy sets out on journey and becomes a legend.

Well then. Let us begin with the questions, shall we?

Copy that.

What is your name?


Where do you come from?

Orre, moved to Kanto.

Ed. A journey awaits. Normally, I'd grant you a Pokemon, but-

This time… Things will be different. So let's begin. Destiny awaits.

The great journey…begins here.

[Creating save file… Please wait…]


Kanto, sunrise.

"Arise, young hero...Unite the forces scattered throughout this world...and defeat the-"


I slowly got up, rubbing my back," Owch... I'm going to need a bigger bed..." Squirtle jumped happily onto my lap the Water-Type, purring happily. I smiled a bit," Well, looks like someone's up early. Aren't you a morning guy?"

I got up, stretching. It was going to be another long, boring, uneventful day for this trainer. Just walking around, fighting Team Rocket, using my tools to modify my weapons and-

Doh! Here I am, telling my story without introducing myself! See how stupid I am?

Name's Ed. Edward Catcher. You probably never heard of me, right? Well, I'm not much of a famous trainer like Red, Ash, Gold, Trainer Xavier 'X' or Black. In fact, I'm not even a Dexholder at all! So why talk about me?

Well, I've earned myself a bit of a reputation in this Region of the World. Many know me simply as Trainer 'Iron' Ed.

'Iron' was a reference to the dusty Orran mines of my home region. Many shun the region, as there aren't too many heroes from that region. They say that Orre is a dead region, a region of war. However, where other regions triumphed in fashion, construction, healthcare and science… Orre was the birthplace of weaponry and true justice. Orre's battlefields became its greatest asset. Similarly, every downfall made me stronger. Albeit with half my money gone, but still I evolved alongside my Pokemon. At the start of my journey, did I know I would end up building DIY power armour to fight gym battles with my bare fists? Would I have figured that electrified armour could prevent Team R grunts from grabbing me and pulling me into their lairs? (Oh, related: when building electrified armour, two AA batteries allow for a satisfying 5 second burst.) Tangent aside, no. I would've never have gotten where I am today if I came from Kalos, Kanto, Unova or any other region. The Great War never ended for me. I wasn't a soldier, I was never a commando, but as they say; In Orre, every man is entitled to the sweat of their own work. Every Orran is born at arms, as we like to say.

Hey, quick question: Does anybody actually care about the fact I beat a few gyms and took down terrorists? Uh, no. And that is where my problem begins.

Oh, money is not the problem. I have a few million in the bank, and I currently own my own house by Pallet Town. Loneliness isn't it either. I have pokemon and several humans to keep me company...

'In fact...'I thought, glancing in a mirror,' The only problem I have... Is YOU!' I, of course, was pointing to myself.

You see, even after leaving the League years ago, I feel... Empty. I've tried everything, but I still hunger for excitement, adventure and SWAGGINESS. Except maybe not that last bit. Too cliché... ANYWAY!

I clunked downstairs, and woke up my 2 other pokemon: Charizard and Ivysaur, before opening up my closet. Most people keep clothes in a closet like this. I'm not most people.

My armour fell out, along with my Old Trainer clothing. I lifted my red baseball cap, and looked at it. It seemed old, rusty, next to the highly modified armour. After beating the league, I had way too much free time on my hands, so I returned to Orre, my home region. During my trip, I managed to get a diploma in mechanical engineering, and somehow acquired a set of the military's armour. Rebuilding it was a hobby of mine. I wanted it to be strong enough, if need be, for me to use in war.

Well, not that there will actually be one, but a man can dream, right?

Suddenly, just as I had finished putting on my jeans, I heard several loud yells outside. It was THEM...

"Prepare for trouble!" "And make it-" I kicked my door open, pulling out a shotgun," YOU DANG KIDS GET OFFA MA LAWN!" The two Team Rocket grunts stared at me," P...Please, sir. W..we..a...are just...h..having a p..picnic!" I pumped the shotgun," GET OFF MA LAWN, DAMMIT!" "O...ok...We'll...j...just..." Then I saw the brown bag they were trying to get away with. Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard were ready. My body was ready. Ragequit time.


My 3 pokemon unleashed their strongest attacks, launching a concentrated beam. It's not the strongest attack in the world, admittedly, but it's the strongest one at my disposal now.

"Looks like we're blasting off agai-" Oh yeah, then there was that. You had to shoot them in mid air to get them to shut up. Honestly, THIS was the terrorist team Kanto feared? I shook my head in disbelief.

I swung my shotgun back over my shoulder," We showed them. C'mon, guys. Let's eat- Well, what do we have here?" I opened the sack, and a straw hat fell out. I sighed again," Going hat store again. Let's-" Suddenly, the sack began shaking. I dropped it on the ground, and ran a good metre back. Just to be safe, I ran up a tree.

'Crud. Looks like I'm going to need a new plan.', I thought, taking my pistol out. I slowly slid down the tree, and crept over to the bag. Finally, I reached into the bag," You ok in there?"

"ZZZ...zzzzz...ZZ..pika pika...zzz..."

I put both my hands in, and lifted out the most adorable thing ever.

An 9 year old girl was in my hands, snoring quietly. Next to her was a sleeping Pikachu with a bow on its head. Other than that, I could see nothing else in the bag. I shrugged, and brought her inside...

I began by holstering my gun. I mean, waking up to a fully armed commando is not a very nice way to wake up. Still... I slipped my combat knife into my pocket.

Where did I get all these weapons? I thought back. It was 1 month ago, when I first got my POCOM and combat knife, and I inherited the shotgun from my parents, who were some of Orre's finest soldiers. I missed them... They were always so distant, but...

I wiped away my tears and kept working. Her heart was beating faster now, almost at a regular pace, and her breathing quickened.' S...She's waking!', I thought,' How do I explain everything so fast to her?! She'll think I kidnapped her for-'

"You know, I'm a lot older than I look. Try age 14, for starters." I yelped, and pulled out my shotgun again," PLEASEDONTKILLMEIHAVEAFEWMILLIONPKDAND3POKEMONIDONTWANNADIEEEEEEEEEE!"

She giggled innocently, and got up," Also, no need to explain what's going on. I worked it out." I slowly calmed down," R...Right..." She had a blond ponytail, as well as a black cloak on. Underneath that was a yellow shirt,' Must be one of those viridian forest girls. Better ask her where her home is.' She turned her head left slightly," Um... You do know who I am, right?" " No?"

"My name is Yellow. Trainer Yellow from the Viridian."

Me and all my pokemon gasped. I was the first to start talking again," Yellow? You cannot be... Didn't you retire?" "I could ask the same 'bout you. There I was, watching everything through your eyes, and you were clearly screaming for adventure, weren't you? Besides, the way you kicked down the door was like a young boy longing for a new journey!" "Well..."

I gave an awkward chuckle," It's not every day a famous trainer pops in here for tea, Yellow." She smiled back," Actually, I was on my way to see a certain trainer." "Would that trainer, by any chance, be….ME?! ", I asked," I am maybe- I mean, I AM, the most badass and amazing and most good looking guy 'round these parts." Sarcastic sarcasm is sarcastic.

" Yes I do."


"Ha ha, no."

I sighed," Fine... Well, what d'ya need? Guns? You look like a girl who needs a gun." "...But I already have Pokemon..." I leaned over, into her face," You need a gun. I looked at all your battles in the past in the history books, and all of them could've been solved by a good ol' bit of fancy shooting." "No, thanks, Ed. I prefer doing things my own way.", she nervously began, backing away," anything...Less bloody?"

I swore to myself," Dammit! I'm a gunner, not some guy who would own a store…" She put her hands on her hips," The least you could do is offer me a ride. I need to get from here to Victory Road. From there, I can make my way to the location." I nodded," I guess… Hey, can I come with you? It's dangerous to go alone…" She chuckled," Of course you can come! We're going to need a lot of help!" I raised an eyebrow," We?"

She blushed," Well, I'll tell you later."

I gunned the engines on the vehicle: a khaki 'Emboar' jeep. This vehicle is nowadays outclassed by other vehicles, but the mechanics back at Orre fix this sort of thing up. I was born in Orre, you see. I have the blood of the desert flowing through my veins. I only moved to Kanto to follow my dreams of becoming the world's best trainer… or not! I actually moved here as it was more peaceful than Orre, where blood stains the sands of the desert. The warring teams are bad for my health…

Yellow kicked the tyres," A Warthog?" The 'Warthog' was the nickname for this kind of car, thanks to its military background. I smiled," She's beautiful, right?" "…Is this piece of junk really going to make it to Victory Road?" "She's got it where it counts, ok?", I muttered, opening the back to load in several weapons and equipment," Get in the van…Please." She smiled ," Ok. Just mind that I'm not as weak as I look…" She opened the left door, and paused,"… Why is the driver's seat on the left?" "This vehicle uses several aspects from Unovan tech. Unlike Kanto, the Unovans prefer driving on the other side of the road.", I explained, taking the driver's seat. The windshield flickered on, showing the HUD," Ok, all systems are ready. Nitrous oxide levels are steady. We're ready for this trip…"

She climbed into the left seat, holding her bag," Shall we begin?"

Meanwhile, watching our preparations, a dark shadow hiding in a nearby tree peered down. It adjusted a receiver: a codec transmission device ," This is Snivy. Do you read me?" The voice on the other end of the codec replied," Reading you loud and clear, Snivy." "Target sighted. Shall I engage?" "No, Snivy. If this mission is to succeed, we need to give them some more time…", the person on the other end of the comm replied," For now, deploy and follow them while unnoticed. We must save him. These two are the ones who will lead us to…Him…"

"Copy that. Snivy out."

I hit the gas, and off we went.

Yellow lowered a pair of sunglasses as we sped down Route 1," Well, this is nice. I haven't been on a road trip like this since… a few months ago." I adjusted the rear view mirror, looking behind us," Mind if I put on the radio?" "No, not really…" I flicked the switch for the radio, and it started playing.

'I wanna be,'

'the very best,'

'like no one ever-'

I switched the station over to the news. I hate that song.


Terror war Flares up in Kalos!

" Seriously? Who writes this stuff?"

In Kalos, news has come in that the terrorist team 'Flare' has taken over most of Luminose city. The war has been going on for over a year now…

Yellow closed her eyes," So many deaths…" I shrugged," Fact of life, Yellow. People live. People fight… and they die." "Why do they fight?", she asked. "Power…Money, Greed…To avenge their sadness… Is that not why we all fight, Yellow?" She eyed me suspiciously," Ed, are you…?" "Oh, I would never join them. I fight to defend the regions from disaster. I promise to. If you meet me, andI go back on that promise, kill me. I shall fight them in Kanto, I shall fight them in Hoenn. In blackest day, in brightest night, I let no evil escape my sight." "… Did you get that from a comic book?"

Suddenly, there was a loud gunshot behind us. I glanced behind us, "WHAT THE-" Behind us were two vehicles, each with guns mounted on their backs, in hot pursuit. I adjusted my helmet, "We've got company!" "Ed! What should we do?"

I raised my gun, "Take the wheel. I'll take them."


I leaned out the window, holding onto the frame. The wind rushed past my face.

The turret aimed at me, locking on. I gave a smile, "Fine. Let's go."

A soldier wearing a helmet with a red R climbed out, holding a pistol. I loaded my own gun, and fired off several rounds. One struck his gun, knocking it out of his hand. I raised Squirtle," Water Gun."

The shot hit the driver, knocking him off the road. One left. The approaching gun truck sped up, the laser sights locking onto my forehead.

"Swerve, Yellow!" I yelled, grabbing onto the car's frame, firing at the opposing car's tyres. Yellow hit the gas, but she couldn't shake them.

A spray of bullets hit me. While my armour deflected a few, one managed to penetrate my shoulder pad. I yelled, grabbing my bleeding shoulder, "Son of a-"

"I can't hold it, Ed! We're going off-road!" Yellow screamed. I grabbed the wheel," As much as I would like to make an innuendo about that, our lives are on the line here. I'll drive."

I activated the nitrous, taking us up to my top speed. I lowered my rear camera, and spotted our pursuers falling behind. I turned to Squirtle," Ok, Squirt. Get the shotgun. I'll lower the rear window. Hold them off!" I opened the rear window, and several gunshots sounded from the rear.

"Where are you?"

"Don't worry, Yellow. I got this. In 3….2…1GOGOGO!"

Suddenly, a cloaked figure leaped from the bushes, holding a Pikachu," PIKA THUNDER!" The thunder hit the car behind us, making it swerve off the dirt road.

"SWEET ARCEUS!" I yelled, slamming the brakes," Brake! Brake!"

We skidded to a stop, all kinds of warning lights flashing. Yellow yelped, clinging onto her seat. Squirtle strapped himself in, gasping.

The mysterious figure calmly raised a hand in front of our vehicle, before motioning for me to get out. I was pissed.


"Hey, what's the big idea?! Jumping on the road when someone is driving… Using Thunder on a vehicle behind us… Then you act so cool, just telling me to stop. Well, guess what? I'm just going to go back into my car, drive off, and not give a crap!" I turned to walk away when the cloaked person stopped me, whispering in a creepy, yet familiar voice ,"Fight me." "Excuse me?" "Fight me. I want the girl."

I lifted my gun, as Squirtle emerged from the car, wielding my .22 ," Well, guess what? You ain't getting her."


The mysterious stranger sent out Pikachu, using thunder on us. I flinched, as my armour sparked," DAMMIT! Alright, enough warning shots! Take this!"

I grabbed a ball from my belt, pulled the pin out with my teeth, and threw it at my attacker.

"C'mon. I can take any pokemon that comes out of that ball." The stranger smiled, folding his arms," Pika, cover the ball." The electric mouse approached the ball, ready for what would come out of it…

"Who told you I was using a pokemon here?"

The Grenade Ball exploded, sending shrapnel at Pika. I wasted no time in running up to the stranger, and firing several stun shots from my arm at him. I had modified an Orric weapon known as the 'Snag Arm' to be able to fire concentrated blasts of energy at opponents. It was as simple as plugging the doo-hickey into the thingy, whatever that meant these days.

Suddenly, Pika threw himself at me, furiously gnawing at my face. I yelped, knocking him off. While I was still recovering, his trainer launched himself at my legs, knocking me to the ground.

I fumbled for a button in my arm, finally hitting it. My armour became electrified, knocking them both off. My opponent clutched his arm," Impressive. I haven't seen such technology since the days I fought Team Rocket." I raised an eyebrow," Wait, you aren't part of them?"


We stared each other down, before the mysterious opponent spoke," There appears to be a misunderstanding." I shrugged," Hey, misunderstandings are common with me. I'm a 'Fire all the grenades, ask questions later sort of guy.'" "Join me. I sense an uprising among the regions."

He gestured to the now-setting sun," Look at the Sun and Moon. What do you see?" "A new game!" I chuckled. "No… What I see is war." The stranger spoke," In Kanto…Hoenn…. Kalos…. Unova… Sinnoh… Johto…" "Not my business. I'm only doing what the girl told me to do. I'm a busy man…boy…guy." "Do you not feel it? The world is secretly at war…"

"In Unova, a girl is weeping for her loss friend, as Plasma rises…"

Unova, Nuevema town.

The manager kneeled over the grave, placing a bough of flowers upon it," Four years… How have you been?"

"In Kalos, the shining beacon of the region wanes, as darkness falls over the city of light…"

Kalos, Prism tower.

"HOLD THE LINE!" the boy in blue cried, pistol raised," DON'T LET THEM REACH THE LABS!" The rebels saluted," SIR YES SIR!" Behind them, a girl in red silently prepared a radio," Calling for backup now…X"

"…In Sinnoh, millions prepare for a day celebration. But it may become their graveyard."

Sinnoh, Hearthome City.

"Ma'am, the police force is at 100% full capacity. Nothing will disturb the race." The millionaire nodded, "Excellent. We shall proceed with the race." "Very well." "…You may proceed with the pleasantries."

"…This is our time of need, Ed."

Johto, Mt Silver (Kanto/Johto Border).

The researcher stopped taking ice samples for a second, watching as a fleet of tanks rolled into her home region,"…Need to alert Silver…"

"…Heroes like you are our only hope..."

Hoenn, Sky Pillar.

A cloaked figure stood atop the pillar, her sword raised to the sky, as a volcano erupted," For Hoenn, Rayquasa and my friends!"

"…For today, we fight not for our homes… We fight for this world."

?, Mountain.

A man in a blue cloak stood atop a mountain, his wild brown hair blowing in the wind,' They're coming…' "Hey, what 'cha thinking about, Wes?" An orange haired girl asked, leaning over. "Nothing, nothing.", he replied, folding his arms, an iron gauntlet clicking as he moved his arm. "Ah, you thinking about trying to put the sausage in the hole again?" another boy holding a camera asked. "What?! No! Shut up and do yer job, Todd!"

"So, still think it's not your business?"

"Uh, yeah." I replied," It's all nice and all, what you're fighting for, but as far as I'm concerned, you're just a random guy I met on the street who wants me to fight an army. I never asked for this…" "Fine.", He chuckled, grabbing his hood," How 'bout I tell you my name?"

He lowered his hood, and a famous face appeared, black hair covering part of his face. He wore a red cap, the brim facing backwards, and a red vest with a white collar and white shirt. On his belt was a little red box, a few balls, and a small bag.

"My name is Fire. Fire Red. But most people call me Red."

And then, as with all tales, there was only darkness…







I sat up, gasping,"27-2-1997, Miss!"

Wait, what?

I looked around. I wasn't in my bedroom anymore. I was in some sort of cabin. The walls were iron, and I was lying on a rather small bed, wearing my standard clothes, sans armour. This wasn't normal. "Well, this is oddly calming." I muttered to myself, "The bed's soft, the birds are tweeting, the fresh sea air and rocking of the ship are… WHAT THE?!"

I sat up, gasping. Last thing I remembered was that hooded guy taking his hood off after I totes kicked his ass. Then… Nothing. Nothing at all. My memory was like static on a television after a good TV show you can't afford to miss. I put on my armour, pondering my next move.

"Time for my mind to reboot and survey my location. Currently, I am…"

I looked out of the window, " In the middle of nowhere… All I know is I'm on an ocean, and my equipment is here with me… Well, can't exactly sit still while I'm being kidnapped."

I walked up to the door, my iron boots clanking on the floor. I raised my foot, preparing to kick the door open, " Three, two, ONE-"

Yellow opened the door, "Oh, so you're- SWEET MOTHER OF-"My boot collided with her face, knocking the psychic out. I gasped, "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! I just knocked out Red's girl with a metal boot… Uh, maybe he won't notice. Yeah, that's it. "

I clunked into the hallway, and immediately ran straight into Red. He was staring at me, open-mouthed.

"Uh, she was like that when I got here."

"Did you just… No way… Then again, this must be way too sudden for you to take in all at once, so let me explain." Red began, holding out a hand," My name is Fire 'Red' Red. You're Ed, right?" I nodded, shaking his hand," The one, the only Ed 'Iron' Catcher. Also in my spare time I build weaponry, drive in rallies, that sort of thing. But I never thought I'd meet… you." Red smiled, " I get that a lot. Anyway, welcome aboard The Gyrados." "What? Is that a name for this ship? Why not the Lapras or The 'S.S. Red' or something?" Red shrugged," Whatever. Anyway, I brought you here for a reason. The League of Professors want me to compile a… InterNational Pokedex, if you will. Problem is, the regions are at war. I need to travel between regions safely, as I kinda like not dying, so I asked Yellow to accompany me."

I smirked, "Real smooth, Red. Ask your girlfriend on your journey." Red blushed," Hey! Would you rather I asked Blue or Green along?! I can at least agree on things with Yellow. Anyway, I wasn't finished. I asked her to ask a strong, bold Trainer along. One with a heart of gold. A man who could defend us, stand up for what was right. You see, I was never a researcher. I always had to come into the field. I am a soldier, in a way. So, on this journey, I decided to attempt to fight through each region, to at least aid the oppressed, to right the wrongs of injustice. So, I needed an ally by my side. And Yellow picked you, Ed."

"Back up the truck, Red! I'm no hero. I beat the league once, sure, but I'm a regular, ordinary guy! I only did what I did because I could!" I replied," Why me?" "Well, that's what I did as well. So c'mon, Ed. Let's go on this trip. Maybe you'll get to know me and the others better."

I froze," Others?"

It was at that moment, I remembered a news program. I was lazing around one day, when it came on…

'Trainer Black absorbed into Light Stone: White in desperate need of hero.'

"Black… It's been two years since he was absorbed. I always wanted to help him and White. Red, chart a course for Unova. And no funny business, if you're a faker. My DNA scan visor never lies." Red smiled," You can count on me, Ed. And I'll trust you all of the way as well."

"…No way. As far as I'm concerned, I was kidnapped from my home and taken millions of miles away. Did I mention my car's gone? Because my car's-" "Right here. We have a garage, bottom deck. I was wondering how long it'd take for you to mention that." he replied, " Alright, we'll be making landfall in Unova tomorrow. Get yourself settled, Ed." I nodded.

Can I believe him?

I unloaded my bag from the car, still confused by the day's events. Here I was, on a boat with the 'Hero of Kanto' himself. I never asked for this. Whisked away from normal life into this weird journey. How was I to know if he was bad or not?

"Look Ed, he's the real deal. He has ID's, the DNA matches up, but… Both can be faked…"

"I understand your confusion."

"WOAH!" I yelped, as Yellow walked in, "Sorry, I haven't gotten used to mind chatter yet." "Most people don't. However… Not only can I talk, I can listen. I heard your doubts, Ed. So, tell me, why don't you trust Red?" she asked, sitting on a crate.

I paused, holding my pistol," Honestly, I'm not sure who to trust. This has all been so sudden. One second I was on dry land, driving someone somewhere, next I'm on the ocean." "I see…" "I think I could trust him, but… Eh, nothing's making sense in my head anymore." "Does it have to? Do we need a reason to travel? Do we need a reason to dream? Do we need a reason to be who we are? Red actually wanted to travel on this journey to beat enemies and defend the homeland like old times… and, I believe, I came on this journey to conquer a great fear both of us had."

"We are travellers, Ed. We always were. Who knows?"

Beneath her, a dark figure hiding in the crate shed a single tear.

"Maybe you'll realise… You need this journey too."

I smiled. Maybe I was no longer trusting the world anymore. Maybe I wasn't trusting myself anymore…


Maybe it's worth a shot.

[Saving Game...]

[Game Saved!]

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