Chapter 7: A New Day

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[Kalos, Luminose City North]


What was I drinking…?

The first thoughts since she fell asleep yesterday pushed through her partially hung-over mind. With her foggy memory now snapping back into order, she surveyed her current location and status.

'Luminose City…War…Giant laser…Landed aircraft….Fell asleep…'

Kate paused for a second, as the final thought pushed through her cloudy memory.

'…Ed is hugging me.'

Several Fletchlings vacated the area, as a loud scream interrupted their birdsong.


I flipped out of sleep, getting into a marksman's crouch, shotgun raised, "MAVERICKS!"


A hand tapped me on the head. I looked up. It was Kate. She was staring at me as if I was insane, "Ed, what's going on?" I pulled out my watch, checking the time, "Well, we slept from, like, 5 PM last chapter to literally 5 AM this chapter. Leaf's segment was even omitted because the author was that tired." The pilot blinked, "You can tell all that by staring at your watch?" "Yeah."

Suddenly, a sound of an engine rumbled through the alleyways. Dust was kicked up into the air, as a large shadow fell over us. I looked up, "Night again?"

A helicopter landed nearby, its twin rotors spinning as it hovered in to land. A yellow blur dashed out, knocking Kate and I to the ground.

Yellow squished us both together happily, "Ed! Kate! You're ok!" The blond girl seemed ecstatic that both of us were standing, or rather, lying before her alive. As my head was held against Kate's chest, I'm pretty sure I heard some bones softly cracking.

"Can't….Breathe…" Kate gasped, as Yellow released us from her death grip. "Sorry!" she innocently chirped, "Well, the last few days have been hard on both of you, so maybe now we can finally rest! That is, after you've met the new people joining the Dexholders!"

Out of the helicopter came Z, wearing his standard red jumper and another girl, this one wearing a red dress with several white lines running down it as well as a red cap, walked up. Our Pokemon climbed out as well, Squirtle happily jumping on my shoulder and Char on Kate's head.

I chuckled, "Z, you're-"

The League champion shrugged, "Well, I suppose a little adventure can't hurt. And the Dexholders always have that sort of thing happening! Besides, Go's coming too!" The girl wearing the red shirt smiled, blushing a bit, "While you were asleep, we… kinda…We kissed on top of the tower, okay? That what you wanted to hear?"

Kate slapped her back (quite strongly too.), "Hey, more allies! I'm good with that! Welcome aboard!"

Red climbed out of the helicopter, "Well, Ed. Mission accomplished. The terrorists are on the run, and our PR is celebrating like crazy." I raised an eyebrow, "We have a PR team? Do they tell our fans to 'cry like anime fans on prom night'?"

"Well,A PR."

Meanwhile in Sinnoh…

Platinum sat behind her desk, pouring herself another shot of Sinnoh's finest Vodka, "Wonderful."

"I bet she's so glad we're back in business!" Red laughed, "Well… The main mission, as well as the plot device as to why we're on this mission in the first place, AKA the Dex information, is getting loaded up to the Prime Dex now, but it'll take the whole day to load up. Knew I should have used something other than Dial-up internet. Since we can't leave until it's finished, how 'bout we take a stroll around Kalos. Tonight, there is the famous Kalos Got Talent show, and yours truly will be a guest host! It's 8:30 tonight! Don't be late!"

Kate nodded, taking another swig from her ever-present flask of Tequila, "Alright. So, Red, I'm guessing you and Yellow have some things to work on, right? Well, I shan't bother you any longer. C'mon, Ed."

She walked over to her Zero Wing, hopping in. Red stopped her, "Wait. Won't the citizens be a little skittish at a military aircraft flying overhead?" Kate shrugged, "I'm sure they won't mind. Hey, can I keep this?" Z shook his head, "No. I think X said he expected all the weapons used in this mission to be returned to base. Also, this aircraft is pre-programmed to fly back to base at 9 PM today." "Already neutralised." Kate tossed a mess of cables and steel out of the aircraft, "I modded it into the stereo system. Now I have 3D surround sound."

Red turned to face me. I shrugged, "I have no idea how she did that."

Kate shot back a cocky grin, "Besides, I think the Kalosian Air force wouldn't miss one aircraft. X and Y sacrificed theirs, for Christ sakes! Just consider it as my payment for this mission. That, or would they rather pay me one million?"

Red sighed, "Fine…" The bounty hunter smiled, "Thank you!"

With that, the aircraft rocketed off into the skies. Go interjected, "Why didn't we stop her? That's a prototype aircraft!" I turned to him, "If you know a way to stop a bounty hunter with a fighter jet that can shoot freaking lasers, I'm all ears." "Good point."

I turned to Red, "So, you're heading into the city, right?"

Red shook his head, "No… I have someone I need to meet…"


"I'm sorry, we don't want any more junk mail."

Red shook his head, "I'm Red. The guy who-" "Say nothing else. You have saved both of my children." Mrs Lysandre smiled, opening the wooden door, "Fire Red… You are truly a hero."

Vent ran to the door, "Red?! What are you… Thank you so much for helping save mom yesterday." The boy in blue stepped aside, as Aile walked up, "Red… I've finally found my home again. Th…Thank you so much!"

She ran at Red, knocking him to the ground, "Red, Vent and I even got this new job at Sycamore's lab!" Red ruffled her hair, "You two truly remind me of Yellow and I… And you even overcame a hurdle even I haven't tried to leap yet…"

The scarlet trainer handed them his hat, "Here, have this." Vent picked it up, "Woah! Really? We can keep it?!" "Yep!" Red winked at Vent, "I have a bigger one."

Vent hugged Red tearfully, "Thank you so much! Aile and I will miss you!" Red hugged him back, before getting up, "Well, duty calls. Keep an eye on the news for me, will ya? Bye… For now."

As he turned to leave, a tear rolled down his cheek, "Goodbye… heroes."

Sol turned to me, "Well, another mission complete for Trainer X, and I get to put 'saving the world' on my CV! Ed, what about that?"

I shrugged, watching the cars drive by. Kalos returned to practically normal after the battle, it appeared. Z remarked, "When I saved it from the big black ground tentacles of doom a few months back, I think they got used to the city being obliterated every other day."

"Hmm. Hey, Sol, what is Litten like?"

The Alolan scratched the cat's back, "It's very intelligent and… well, firey, and… Uh… Hmm…Honestly, I think I just picked him because he's a cat, and fire is inherently badass. Well, after all this, Luna and I will be flying back to Alola. Our next job is… Hmm…"

He pulled out a small clipboard, going down the list, "We're off to master Z moves! You see, we only know a basic version called the burst dance now, but when we're done, we can unleash a powerful attack that shall PWN all the asses!" "…Burst Dance?" "You called?"

We turned to face Z. Sol shook his head, "No, Z moves. A powerful attack triggered by dancing." "Sounds cool." Z smirked, "Hey, why don't I give it a try?"

He sent out his Charizard. Sol stopped him, "Woah up, cowboy. Z moves are hard to do. It'll take months to master how to perform-" "KIRBY DANCE!"

Z started doing Kirby's victory dance (Complete with the music), and suddenly, Charizard glowed with a yellow light. He spit out a massive fireball that barrelled down the street, blowing up several cars in the way before exploding into a massive crater.

Z smiled, "So, little pink puffballs of doom DO solve everything!"

Sol stared, "…"

Kate's aircraft landed perfectly on the parking spot, as the pilot climbed out. She removed her helmet, dusting off her hands, placed a few dollars into a nearby parking meter, and headed into a store.

"Hello there!" the owner smiled.

Kate nodded, "Howdy do. Got any good clothes for a tactical-"

"Oh, I'm sorry. You're not as stylish as you could possibly be!" she explained, looking Kate over.

The bane of the author's attempts to buy clothes in the city stared down the commando. Seriously, I beat (As Z) like, what, 7 gyms and saved the world (Yaysies for me!) from a massive Super Laser of DOOM wearing that red jacket, lime backpack, and red logo cap, and they still don't let me in?! This is an abomination! Dang capitalistic shopkeeper with her incessant grin and beret! DARN YOU! DARN YOU! RAAAH! RAAAH! RAAAH! RAAAH! RAA-

TRAINER_ED .EXE has crashed. Press any key to restart...

A few seconds passed. Kate's eye twitched, "Ex…Excuse me?"

"Come back when you've done some more things in the city, okay?" Kate was now getting pushed out the door by the unusually strong woman.

Kate was seething underneath with rage, "I freaking saved the city yesterday wearing these clothes, and here you say they're not stylish enough?!" "Yes. For starters, they're covered in mud." "Where I come from, that's a sign of respect for those who had to crawl through it to defend our home and country!"

The doors slammed shut. Kate pulled out her gun, "WHY YOU-"

"Calm down!"

Blue ran over, holding a shopping bag full of clothes, "Allow me." He approached the doors, opened them, and strolled in.

5 seconds later…

Blue was literally kicked out of the store, the woman's foot protruding from the door for a second. He fell in a crumpled heap on the ground, clothing scattered around him, "Changed my mind. We're busting in."

Suddenly, the shopkeeper was launched out of the door, Smash Bros. style, slamming into a wall. A few seconds passed, as Kate then strolled in, "She wasn't worthy."

As Brock once rightly said; "Payback is a bitch."

I mean, uh, "Revenge is a dish best served cold." 4Kids censored what he actually said.



Okay, I'm good now.

(A.N. No offence to 4Kids, sorry!)

Red raised an eyebrow, "Hey… What'cha doing with my hat?"

The boy in blue smiled dumbly, "Hey, I've earned it!" "No you haven't, you only beat up the enemy to an inch of their life, then you cheapshot them with your Pikachu!" Red shot back, "Didn't you hear about my Kanto League victory? I had to fight each enemy with a dying Pikachu in Brock's Gym. You activated the sprinkler system to beat Brock." "Well, that's perfectly-" "Listen. I don't rely on Deus Ex Machina to win. Life isn't a kid's show."

Ash ran at Red, "YOU'RE ANNOYING! BATTLE TIME! 1 V 1 ME!"



Red sent out Pika, "Listen, I don't want to-" "THUNDERSHOCK!"

It wasn't very effective…

The Kanto legend sighed, motioning to Ash's Pikachu, "Pika, do what we rehearsed." The Pikachu smiled, standing in place holding his arms skywards. Electricity rained down on him, bolt after bolt striking the electric mouse. Ash laughed, "Easy! I'll take you out, and then I'll-" "You are the weakest link. Goodbye." the scarlet trainer replied, "Pika, do it."

The Pikachu suddenly started glowing with an insane amount of power. Each thunderbolt that struck him made his yellow electric aura grow larger and larger. Ash's Pikachu blinked. Normally, when the Level 100 plot device struck something, it at least flinched. But this one was just taking all the hits.

Ash dunked his fist, "Again, but with more effort, Pikachu! THUNDERBOLT!"

Red looked up, "Finish him!"

Pika ran at the opponent, screaming something that vaguely resembled in his high pitched voice, "FALCON PANCHI!" Ash barely had time to react, as his Pikachu suddenly was blasted in the gut by a small but extremely powerful electric fist. It coughed out a small amount of blood, before being sent flying into a lamp post, smashing through it, flying through a random café and flying out the other end, before finally hitting a car.

Ash blinked, "I was not expecting that. But hey, it could be worse, right?"

Murphy's Law:When an idiot such as Ash states things can't get any worse, they always will. THE PLOT DEMANDS IT DOES!


Another car slammed into the car, followed by a gas tanker, which then promptly exploded. To top it all off, a stray missile fell out of the skies, and slammed into the explosion.


Red dusted off his hands, as Pika gave a polite bow to Ash, "Arigatōgozaimashita!"

As he walked off, Red patted Ash on the back, "Honestly, that missile wasn't mine."

Ash looked skywards, before his little mind came up with a logical question.

"Where did that come from?"

[Team Flare Secret Base, Luminose Badlands]

"Commander Sigma! One of our missiles accidentally fired off when Bill was smoking too near to the ignition!" a distressed grunt wailed, "It hit the city by accident!"

Sigma shrugged, "Oh, well. It's not like it hit anything too important, right?"

The grunt shrugged, "Okay then. Back to work."

Kate spun, admiring her new clothing. She didn't often care much about what she wore, but this time was different. She hadn't bought new clothing for two months now, and it was getting mundane.

She now wore a light-blue singlet, with her grey harness crossing over it. Red cargo shorts covered her thighs, her pistol's holster and her waist harness attached over it. Her black boots were now replaced by beige hiking boots, and a white slouch hat with a pink semicircle and elastic hem of the same colour graced her head, two sniper rounds tucked in it. Her tattered black backpack was now replaced by a yellow bum bag and hiking pack, as her assault rifle was clipped over her back. Finally, her dog tags hung around her neck, in between her know what I mean.

She turned to me, smiling, "So, does my butt look big in this?" I shrugged, "Well, it's certainly an improvement from what you were wearing to begin with." Kate nodded, "Excellent. Well, I'm buying this, then."

She dropped a few tied-up wads of cash onto the counter, "Mucho Gracias." I stopped her, "Um, this is Kalos, not South Unova." She shrugged, "I know. Well, where to now?"

Go stood outside her destroyed office, holding a small piece of that remained of the servers, "Man... good thing we switched to cloud computing ages ago. I don't even know why I was so worried about it, to be honest... Hmm..."

She tossed the server aside, pulling out her tablet. She tapped on her current location, creating a single gym upon the ruins, "Now, it shall be remembered for all time... or as long as Pokemon Go is still a thing."

It isn't. Well, it was when I first wrote this entry, but a whole year has passed! CURSE MY PROCRASTINATINGNESS!

[Lo Lo Ranch, Vaniville Town]

All was peaceful...

A Gogoat grazed peacefully on the grass below it, as a Skidoo happily whinnied, gnawing on some hay. All was well with the finest ranch in Kalos...

Suddenly, a loud warping sound broke the silence, as a silver saucer warped in overhead. A yellow beam shone down upon a single Skidoo, lifting it into the air...


Shotgun pellets blew the alien craft's tractor beam up, as Z ran in wearing his suspenders, "ROMANI TO GRASSHOPPER, OPEN FIRE!"

Epona slammed her hoof on a small wooden switch, and a AA gun out the front of the ranch locked on and fired a single Anti-Air shell. Instantly, the aircraft was decimated, it's antimatter core went critical, and it vanished in a flash of light.

Z hugged his favourite Skidoo, "Epona! Thank goodness everything's okay! Who's a good girl? It's you! It's you!" Epona nuzzled Z's cheek, before turning to face X and Y with a confused whinny.

Y slowly closed her open mouth, while X waved, "So, this is your Skidoo?" Epona nodded, holding out a hoof. X shook it, chuckling, "Well, points for intelligence. How did you get her?"

Z smiled, "When I was younger, a cousin of mine in Orre... Well, she caught this little girl one day, and she didn't take too kindly to her trying to ride her. So she gave it to me, and... Well, we bonded. I named her Epona, because I was a really big Zelda fan back then. She also likes Zelda. If I remember, her favourites were Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mas-" "That's not important." X cut the champion/herder off, "So she's a video game nerd. Two questions; how does she play video games, and how fast is she?"

Z held up an N64 controller, and Epona picked it up with two vines, "Well, she did beat Ocarina of Time in under 1 hour-"

X facepalmed, "No, how actually fast? Better question; Have you ever ridden her?"

Epona's amber eyes narrowed, as she grunted. Z stared at X, "You must be crazy. I rode her everywhere on my journey. Is that a request for a race?" X nodded, looking more serious than ever.

Z turned to Epona, "Fine then!"

Both the Kalos League champions mounted their steeds, Z on Epona and X hopping onto Marisso's back, "Alright. Normal rules, the first one to faint loses." Z smiled, "You're on!"

Y walked on, holding a chequered flag, "Ready? GO!"

Z kicked Epona's sides, giving a yell, "HYAH!" X laughed, noting that Chesnaught was quickly overtaking her, "Too easy!"

The new generation Trainer smiled, "Epona has another hobby too; Epona, Gotta go fast." The Skidoo nodded, lowering her head and running on the spot. Her legs became a blur, as Z grabbed onto her back, "NOW!"

She curled up into a brown ball, spinning rapidly, before charging forwards. Y's hat blew off in the wind, "Woah! What was…"

X smirked, "Wow. Was he joking? He's slow-"

The Sonic Checkpoint sounded behind him. X turned around.

Epona dashed past, still spin dashing with her rider on her back, "SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAA!"

"I FORGOT TO MENTION SHE WAS A SONIC FAN TOO!"Z cried, speeding away. X grunted, "Is that so? Marisso, Strength!"

The ground shook, as several hostile Digletts came out, irritated by the vibrations. Epona simply jumped into the air, bouncing off each one rapidly, before running up and out a random loop.

X blinked, "Fine! Chesnaught, Bullet Seed!"

Several seeds shot at Z, but a simple jump on each one sent them flying back to their sender. Epona finally jumped past the finish line, smashing a sign.

[Lo Lo Zone Complete! Grade A!]

Z whooped, waving his finger, "You're too slow!"

Red adjusted his harness, before planting another boot onto the glass surface before him. His hand nearly slipped, but he clenched it tighter, his undying will going on, "30 metres…"

Yellow calmly flew up next to him, her Butterfree flapping slowly to keep her in the air, "Red, is this really necessary? I mean, seriously, you do know there's an elevator, right?"

Red looked down to the city below him, then back at his best friend and companion, "Elevators R 4 scrubs. Besides, you know how much I suck at 'Who's that Pokemon?' quizzes, remember?"

"Who's that Pokemon?"

Red pointed at the TV screen, "IT'S A ONIX! 100%, AND I'LL EAT MY SHORTS IF IT ISN'T!"


Red spat out his milk, "THE WHAT?!BUT THESE ARE MY FAVORITE SHORTS!" Yellow walked in, rolling her eyes.

Our hero slammed another glove over an iron bolt, pulling himself up, "Nearly… There…" Yellow sighed, plucked Red off the side, and levitated him up to the top.

Now over the city, Red outstretched his arms, "I'M DA KING OF DA WARLD!" His companion smiled tiredly, landing next to him, "What a view… I feel glad we managed to save this land… Red, why are we here?"

Red turned to her, "Yellow, if I told you…I would die on this journey…How would you feel?"

Yellow gasped, "Red?!"

Red nodded, dead serious, "When we fought... I didn't use guns... I had to go up close and personal to the enemy... B..but... I was scared, okay? My life flashed before my eyes like never before... I...I... What if I die?"

Tears rolled down his cheek, as he shuddered. Yesterday, many a laser came close to frying him to death, and Red... Red wasn't used to missions in which he could die. Like, actually DIE.

Yellow hugged Red, "No. Not now. You are a legend. Legends never die. If you die... My heart would break... And I would follow..." The leader of the Rainbow Four hugged her back, "A gun... makes killing too easy... I will not use one. I will not surrender... For both my cause... and for you. And I shall never kill."

Yellow and Red looked at each other, before Red started.

"Even when I die, I'll protect you... Always."

I walked up to Ash, who was wandering about the streets, "Heeeey~! Ash!" Ash beamed, "That's me! And you're Ed! The guy who saved Kalos!"

Kate rolled her eyes, "Y'know, I was just wondering... Why aren't we surrounded by fans now?"

Ash shrugged, "Well, I saw what you did, you two! I admit it; It rocked! You rock, guys!"

Kate gave him a disapproving look, "Guys?"

Ash shrugged, "Well, tonight is Kalos Got Talent! And just after Xmas, too! Ah... The memories..."

He sighed, his eyes glazed over as he remembered all the Christmases he had spent with his companions over the years...

"Merry Xmas, Misty!" Ash grinned, holding a present for her. Misty smiled, opening the box to find...

A hand knitted jumper.

"Merry Xmas, May!"Ash grinned, holding out a bigger box. May giggled, opening it...

A hand knitted jumper.

"Merry Xmas, Dawn!"Ash grinned, holding a yet even bigger box for her. Dawn laughed, slapping Ash on the back and opening it to find...

A hand knitted jumper.

The couple sat upon the top of Prism Tower, as white crystals of snow fell around them. The full moon illuminated the scene, as dark clouds blew silently by. Serena shivered, huddling closer to Ash. Ash gave a little smile, "It's cold tonight... Isn't it? Here." He removed his jacket, placing it upon Serena. She turned to him, "Won't you get cold wearing nothing but your T-shirt?" Ash smiled to his best friend and companion, "Serena... Being with you warms my heart."


"Actually..." Ash began, getting up and digging in his ever-present green bag, "Serena... I... I just wanna say... Merry Xmas, Serena!" Serena squealed inwardly, as Ash produced a small black velvet box from his bag grinning. She kissed Ash, reached over and opened it...

How Ash managed to squeeze a hand knitted jumper in there, we shall never know.

I stared, "Wait. Did you make 4 different jumpers, or-" Ash sighed, "I... didn't have much time in my journey."

20 years have passed, folks.

Ash smiled dumbly, "Yup! I love Christmas! It's the time of the year we get the gang together and celebrate around the tree! We sing carols, eat Delibird and give each other presents! Not to mention being with loved ones and family, that's the true meaning of Xmas!"

We stared at him, before Kate spoke, "Ash, I'm going to go out on a limb here and remind you you're going to SCHOOL soon. Not to mention all the hate mail you'll receive when the fans discover AshXSerena is dead."

A random boy in red with holding a flask of beer and a shotgun ran past, "IT WAS MEANT TO BE! DARN YOU, 4KIDS! DARN YOU! DDDDAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRNNNNN YYYYYYYOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!"

Ash kept smiling dumbly, "Don't worry! My PR team will handle that!"

The author wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, "Suuuurrrreeeeee..."

"...How do I draw a Lennie face?"

Sol stretched, watching as Z, X and Y returned from Vaniville, "Hey guys! How'd it-" X shot him a glare that froze Sol solid, "We will never speak of this day again. EVER."

Y shrugged, "Well, X. I suppose we should get ready for tonight's show, right?" X perked up, "Oh! Good idea. But... What if the press spots me? They'll never leave me alone." Sol smiled, "Well, I have a plan..."

Kate sat in a random pub next to Go, "You drink?" Go nodded, slightly tipsy, "Yeah… Not very often, though, and I want to kick that habit soon." She drank some more of her drink. The mercenary sitting next to her smirked, "Then allow me to cure you instantly of your addiction. Right now. In this pub."

Go blinked, "…Eh? How?"

Kate pulled out two shot glasses and her flask, "You first."

Z and Ryu strolled along the snowing streets, "Ryu, I heard that there was a large missile that managed to land on this area of the city during the bombing raids." His Braixen made a confused sound. Z turned to him, "Well, I never said that we were going to visit there. I only stated what I heard."

He sat down on a nearby bench, pulling out two bottles of coke from his bag, "This seems like a good place to chill out. Later, let's go check up on Go." The firey fox sat down beside him silently, opening his bottle.

The Kalosian trainer sighed, "Sometimes... I wonder why I chose to fight. Was I truly correct?" Ryu placed a white hand on his shoulder, replying softly with a grunt.

Z sipped his soft drink, pulling out a single sandwich from his bag and eating it, "I know. For honour. For Kalos. And for my friends. But... What if things were... Different? What if I wasn't alone in my journey? What if someone stood by me? What if... Go. What if she was with me as I travelled?"

He turned to Ryu, before extending his arms towards the skies, "What if our world was only one of a million other variations of reality? There could be a reality where Red was a redneck, for example. Or another where Pokemon only existed. Or even one with only humans." He sighed, "Of course, you're probably thinking something different. But still... Makes you think, doesn't it?"

Ryu nodded, deep in thought.

"Perhaps a world where I failed to defeat Lysandre. What would've happened?" Z muttered, standing up, "Would I have survived? Would Kalos be what it is now? Maybe the world would've been purged itself... Is... Is that why I fight?"

"You know."

X stood behind the partners, "I fought so many years ago... But now, I feel broken that I no longer enjoy battle." Z turned to him, brown hair blowing in the wind, "What do you mean?"

X stopped, handing Z his beam sabre, "Take this. I believe you were destined to use it."

"I leave this land for you." X smiled, an action he rarely did these days, "Please... Z... Stay safe out there. You are... One of us now."

Z shut his eyes, "...I am a warrior. You are a pacifist, X. That's what defines us." He looked at the older trainer, "I'll do as you say. When an enemy appears, I'll retire it!"

X chuckled, "I guess that's why you chose to fight; you enjoy battling." Z shrugged, "I guess I went with my gut a bit. Am I ready to carry the weight of combat with me while I travel?"

Xavier turned around and began to walk off, "...You'll find out soon enough. In this endless fight... It's good to know that there are others who will stand for justice."

The red champion sighed, "...What am I fighting for?"

Disclaimer. This fanfiction does not condone alcoholic drinks in any way. At all. Period.

"Shot 1!" Kate said, pulling out her camera. Go was teetering in her chair slightly, "I...I beated you! Yayz...for me...!"

Kate blinked, 'One shot glass of my favorite drink, and she's already acting like she's seeing fuzzy pickles all over the wall. Meanwhile, I drink 5 flask-fulls to get tipsy. My alcohol tolerance is incredible... Or the rest of the world is full of light-weights.'

Go wobbled, getting up, "S...So watsch...doez I needz to doeaz... noaz?" Kate smirked to herself, before hitting record on her camcorder, "Sing."

And sing she did.

"I play Pokemon Go every day!"

"I play Pokemon Go!"

"I play Pokemon Go every day!"

"I play Pokemon Go!"

Go drunkenly began singing, her voice being a horrible rape of the very song. Nature itself cringed, Darkrai screamed for sweet death, e.c.t., e.c.t. Kate lowered her earmuffs, steadily holding the camera and recording every part of the action.

"When I wake up!"

"I'm grabbing my phone!"

"I wanna catch 'em all!"

"I wanna play Pokemon!"

"All day long, all day long!"

Still in her drunken stupor, Go began doing the Numa Numa dance while singing. All the other patrons in the pub sobered up quite quickly, except for the guy in the corner wearing the red jacket and holding a shotgun.

"I play Pokemon Go every day!"

"I play Pokemon Go!"

"I play Pokemon Go every day!"

"I play Pokemon Go!"

The patrons slowly edged away from the smashed Beta Tester, as the guy in the corner came out, pulled out an electric guitar and amp from nowhere and started playing the guitar solo segment of the song.

"I play Pokemon Go every day!"

"I play Pokemon Go!"

Go belted out the final lines to the song, sliding on the ground head-first into a table. The guy with the guitar pulled out a flask of alcohol from his belt, made the 'peace' sign, and sat back in his chair.

(A.N. Okay, that's enough of that.)

Kate switched off the camera, "See? That's what happens when you get drunk."

The guy in the corner smirked, "Awesome."

Kate leaned over to the girl's comatose body, "Are you okay?" The girl giggled uncontrollably, "Can yuoureepeeat that? But lwwesslousd, pleased becauesa the drugs aareamkeinfg my lollypopefaieires eat abccion!" Kate slapped her unconscious, picked her up, and hauled her outside, "Later."

The bar was silent. The bartender was silent. The patrons were silent. Leaf was silent. Redneck was silent. Ash stared at Serena's chest.

(A.N. This segment was written Post-Redneck, in 2017. So expect things to be a little… Different from here on out. Less swearing, and me trying to fix up this wreck of a story. For one thing, I now know how to spell Yellow's last name properly!)

It happened all of a sudden!


I cried, sparks suddenly coming from my breastplate. The neon blue lines on my suit flickered one last time, before flashing off. Kate, who was by my side, turned to face me, "Ed? What's wrong?!"

I flicked a switch inside my suit, and the various armour plating popped off, clanking on the ground around me. I groaned, "Not good… My entire suit just lost power entirely! How could this happen?!" Kate looked over my helmet, letting out a small chuckle, "Oh, so that's what that flashing red battery indicator light was."

I looked over my removed iron helmet, noticing the red battery icon flashing repeatedly, "Ah… Silly me. I should've recharged it through all this…"

With a soft grumble, I picked up my backpack and loaded the various pieces of armour into it, "What a time for the batteries to die…" Kate raised an eyebrow, "What? That's exactly what you need, Ed."

I paused, putting my cap back on, "Eh?"

"Let's face it; you relied too much on it!" Kate exclaimed, "Rocket boots, Mega Arm, Synergy blaster, the lot! You kept using it so often, it became some sort of cheap plot device for you to use as a crutch. I bet you're actually quite weak without it."

I growled, "That's not true! I can still do things just as well without it!"

Kate watched for a few seconds, as I struggled to hoist my heavy bag onto my back. Without the motors to support my actions, I hated to admit it, I was actually really weak. A few minutes of watching me struggle, the South Orran helped me put it on.

"O…Okay… Maybe you're right…" I gasped, stumbling around slightly. She rolled her eyes, checking her watch.

"WAH! 2030 HOURS ALREADY!" Kate exclaimed, and I gasped, "ED, WE'RE LATE!"

She pulled out a small remote attached to her waist, pressing a small button. Immediately, her aircraft came out from the skies over the city, landing before us. Kate tossed me in, before vaulting in herself, "No time for pleasantries, Ed! Strap yourself in!"

I had scarcely gotten my oxygen mask clamped on when we took off, speeding over Kalosian airspace towards the tower (Which, I should note, was hastily repaired with plywood in time for the show.).

Z adjusted his jacket, walking through the backstage area silently. Go came from a nearby dressing room, now wearing a scarlet dress.

The stagehands parted ways, allowing the couple to pass through. Z turned to Go, "…Are you ready? I mean, they know who I am, but you…" The programmer chuckled, "Hey, I saved the city, right? Think that gives me more than enough cred to do this."

Suddenly, a window flew open, and Kate leapt in, "SURPRISE ENTRY!" The two newcomers jumped about a foot into the air, "YAGH! Kate! Don't do that!"

I stumbled in woozily, slumping on the ground, "…Must… stop… head… spin…"

My companion turned to the duo, "So, I heard the performance was starting now." Z nodded, "Yeah. I thought it took us a little long to get organised. But here we are. So, without further ado…"

They parted the curtain, walking on stage.

The crowd roared, as spotlights beamed down on us. Red, as promised, announced our entry, but the roaring crowds were so deafening, I couldn't make out any words.

Not that I needed to. I felt on top of the world.

I had learnt who Kate was, and, after that furious clash, I had defended the city. Well, sort of. But that was besides the point.

Suddenly, taking my mind off the situation, Z's voice rang out, as the crowds hushed.

I couldn't help but follow along…

This love for you is always overflowing in my heart.

There's no such thing as eternity.

So I want you to stay with me for now.

Go closed her eyes, as the band began to play the next part of the refrain.

I search, but can't find the words to tell you.

The days of chasing you pass meaninglessly,

Will the future change if I find the courage?

Then, a brilliant light shone down upon Kate and I, so I hastily cast a gaze down upon the lyrics, displayed on a screen at the back of the room.

If it's not the days I dreamed of, I'd rather have this...

I can still feel your warmth on my fingertips,

I wrap it up in my palm.

I cast a glance at the piano player, realizing it was Green. Knowing her, however, she probably sat off-stage, allowing her Ditto to do her work for her.

What is this flickering love within my heart?

Throw off your chains and smile.

Where will your heart go now that it's free?

Tell me!

Z seemed in a bind about the song, 'Odd… Have I heard this before? Why… Is it so familiar?'

I know your tender gaze isn't just for me

But my heart is racing...

X, in a far-off place, watched the event broadcast on a small screen. He smiled, polishing his helmet, before setting it inside a cupboard and closing it. Within his heart, he prayed he would never need to open it once again, before turning his attention back to the singer and brother in arms.

Now my heart realizes this love for you.

There's no such thing as eternity.

So I want you to stay with me a while.

Tyra, filing her mission report, paused, listening to the broadcast on the radio, stopped to go over her letter of resignation once more, before scribbling out her faked name, the Façade she had employed for so long in battle, and signing her real name; 'Ranger Summer, born in Region: Fiore (Ferrum)'.

The me reflected in your eyes.

I wish I could tell you everything now.

Now I look up at the sky and reach out so this love will reach you.

As Red picked up his Prime Dex from the Professor standing behind him, he whispered something silently. The look on the Hero's face grew dark, as he accepted a small pokeball, but this one was golden, with a Mega Stone activation switch.

Muted thanks were muttered, as Red pocketed the ball and turned back to face the stage, now reminded of his own dark duty… In the darkness, nobody caught the tear falling from his eye.

I can still feel your warmth on my fingertips.

I wrap it up in my palm.

This flickering love.

This love for you is always overflowing in my heart.

There's no such thing as eternity!

So I want you stay with me.

A while…

For now…


[Game Saved!]



{Progress: 100%}


-Removed Location Stamp.

-Changed Pokemon Speech Translator.

-Now can spell names properly (Hopefully)

-Ed's personality changed to more reflect base material.

-Depressive themes to be toned down.

-Team to be trimmed down for better mobility between regions.

-Combat Style changed slightly for certain characters.

-Nerfs to Orran armour (Recharge Time feature installed)

-Writing Style Changed to prevent TLDR.

-I'm giving up trying to be current.





"Thanks, Mr… Ama…Amarill… Amarillo? Weird name…" I waved to the man as I headed into Viridian Forest. Come to think of it, it's a little odd that someone lives this deep in the forest, isn't it? Eh… What was I talking about again?


Woah, I mean, it's only been a couple of days away from home, and I've already felt like it's been MONTHS since I last wrote an update for this! But fear not, my loyal followers, for my morale is as strong as ever!

Today, I'm going to catch me a Pikachu! They're Kawaii, and useful! As such, I plan to spend the next few days Pikachu hunting, and I swear, I WON'T LEAVE UNTIL I HAVE ONE!

Speaking of which…

A Pikachu darted out from the bushes, and I jumped, "FOUND ONE! BULBY, USE-AGH!"

I found myself sprawled on the ground, dirt up my nose and mouth. Standing up slowly, I spat dirt out and turned around, only to have my eyes meet Ben's unwelcome face.

"Taste nice?" he laughed with that stupid laugh of his, and No, I don't mean in a nice way.

I grumbled, "Yeah, real funny. Why can't you go piss off somebody other than me?" The asshole snorted, flicking my nose, "Didn't I tell you? Nobody is a bigger idiot than you, Leaf Buttwiener!"

"Buttwiener? Do you come up with these names on the spot, or are you dumber than I thought?" Ooh, that rhymed. Nice.

"Naw. Anyway, me and mah kickass team are here to kick yo ass! Come at me, girl! Scared you'd lose?" he cacked, as I stood up and brushed dirt off my clothes.

"Seeing as I have nothing to lose, I guess I'll fight!" I declared, sending out Bulby.



Ben sent out Charizard!

My Bulbasaur sized up her opponent, before panicking. I yelped, "No! Don't run away! Use SolarBeam!"

Leaf used Pee in Pants!


Yes you did!


Charizard used FireBlast!

I jumped in the way of the flames, the resulting explosion sending me and my partner flying halfway through Viridian Forest, smashing through thick leaves, "AAAAAAAAH!"

Ben did a rude gesture, "SMELL YA LATER, ASSDERSON! HAHAHAHA-Okay, I really need some new material."


A mottled beam of light shone before me… dancing in the shadows of the woods and trees like a fried bacon afro cheese….

I let out a groan, rubbing my head and shaking off the pain, "Owowowow… Wait, Where am I?!"

Around me was nothing but dense forest, brown bark and green leaves covered my view of the sky above. I slowly stood, lost in the woods.

Bulby hopped on my shoulder, as I practiced my grasp on the obvious, "I think we're lost…" Bulby growled, shifting a slight bit. A rustling in the bushes. I yelped, edging away slowly…

A massive Pokemon emerged, slowly plodding towards me. I let out bated breath, "Ah, a Snorlax. Phew. For a second, I thought I was in trouble." The Pokemon began waving a hand at me, and I couldn't help but laugh, "It's waving, too! Hello-"

The hand slammed into a tree, smashing it in half.

My face (And Bulby's) turned from one of laughter to shock to horror in mere seconds.

"RUN AWAY! AAAAAH!" I screamed, and so began a wild chase through the woods. We hurdled trees and brush rapidly, as wooden shards of fallen trees flew by us. I wasn't used to running this fast, so naturally it was only a matter of time before I tripped and fell.

"I'M GOING TO DIE!" I cried, standing up quickly again and continuing to run through the woods. Oh, and to add to my plight, there were LASERS! I have no idea how, but a red beam grazed my hat, so there MUST have been lasers!


To be continued…

Ow... How long was I asleep?

Ominous Voice: 'Open your eyes...'

Kate, stop that.

Kate: "Oh, fine. But it's been two years since you last wrote!"

I know. And I apologise. Looking back now, the last chapters I wrote were before my exams, and I get especially tense around those times. However, I believe I've matured as a writer, even just a tiny bit, by writing the Redneck Series, ironically enough.

Just a warning, this story may take a back seat for a while, while I work on my other works, such as Flare Hunter Z and all the Redneck sequels.

But I shall never forget this one.

This Chapter is a sort of merging point of my old and new writing styles, with the old being used for the beginning and the ending written in my new style. I've done more background research into Pokemon, shown by Tyra being revealed to be the protagonist of Pokemon Ranger (I think?).

As for the song used, it was Megaman Zero 4: Freesia. Some things never change.

Until Next Time, PokeFans!


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