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The Space Between Two Worlds

Chapter I - The New Girl

Whispers down the hall. Eyes shifting towards me. People cleared a path for me, as if I were harboring some sort of plague. I bowed my head, both due to embarrassment and shyness. My heels clicked on the luxurious tile beneath me. Each click was deafening, yet it was not enough to drown out the scattered whispers. I don't think I've ever felt more self-conscious in my entire life and, trust me, am I self-conscious.

"Who is she?"

"Is she a transfer student?"

"Wait, so the rumors were true?"

"Another one, eh? I guess the chairman is pretty fond of commoners?"

"I wonder how she was even able to afford our uniform."

"She's kind of cute, though, right?"

I tried to ignore the gossip and chatter. Couldn't they notice that I could easily hear them? I was right here, after all! Were rich people really that snooty?

Anyway, I just wanted to get to my class. Just focus on your schoolwork, Aya. After all, you wouldn't want to lose this generous scholarship, right? Not when mom and dad wanted to you come here really bad.

Ah, room 1A. Homeroom. It was the start of my first day here. I took a sharp intake of air.

I opened the European-designed wooden door only to be greeted by my new class. They stared at me blankly as I made my way to the front of the room, immediately spotting the instructor. And though I was only there for one term, I suddenly missed my old school - Hounan High - very, very much. What had I gotten myself into? My knees wobbled with each step.

Welp, here goes nothing. My first day at the prestigious Ouran Academy.

"Ah, there you are. Class we have a new student, so please settle down," the teacher announced. "Please, introduce yourself."

I parted my lips, yet words did not leave my mouth until after a few seconds passed by.

"Hello," I finally spoke, quiet as a mouse. "I'm Hoshino Aya." I bowed deeply, covering my face with my long dark hair. "Please take care of me."

This was it. No turning back now.

The bell rang. It was the end of my first day. Thank goodness, I actually survived. I breathed out a deep sigh of relief. I wanted to go unnoticed but, frankly, that was quite impossible in the current situation that I was in. Everywhere I went, people stared. They talked. However, no one ever approached me. I was a natural fish out of water.

How did a normal teenage girl like me end up in this academy of elites, you ask?

Well, to be straightforward, I had my brains. My academics got me here. My parents were well-off but we definitely were not rich. We lived a humble life in our quaint home. Mom is a family physician at a small private practice and dad is an architect at a local firm. They're educated and stable, just not filthy stinking rich. Actually, a lot of mom's work is done oversees during mission trips, so it's purely voluntary. She usually isn't home for several months. Also, dad has been having a hard time with finding work. They suggested that I apply here, seeing as it could really open a lot of doors for me. I didn't want to leave my best friends Ran and Miyuu, and yet, I knew my parents had the best interests for me. I figured I'd give it a shot, since I was also quite curious to see if I was actually cut out to make it in.

When the acceptance letter came in the mail last week, I decided to actually commit to transferring to Ouran. It surprised me, but it surprised my parents even more. They knew I didn't want to leave Hounan. My parents would never be able to put me through a school as expensive as this one, but they were so ecstatic that they said they would get me the girls' uniform. Apparently, they had been saving up for it, just in case.

We were nothing like these families here at this school. Especially as of late, since my grandmother has been hospitalized for the past month. Those bills sure were high. Yeah, our life wasn't perfect but we were a happy little family.

I looked around as the students around me were beginning to pack up their belongings. Naturally, I had done my research prior to coming here.

Miura Kanako, daughter of a luxury handbag designer. She was quite feminine and petite, with short, pixie-styled burgundy hair. She was actually very adorable.

Watanabe Keisuke, son of a famous engineer who always was involved in designing Tokyo's most modern skyscrapers and hotels. Since dad is an architect, I had already heard of the Watanabe name. He had sleek and neat black hair, with shiny golden eyes - almost like a cat. He was quite mysterious in a way, but handsome, nonetheless.

Tomiyama Ryu, apparently, his father was the CEO of several French-inspired restaurants scattered all around Asia. Ryu had wild orange hair, almost like flames. His eyes were emerald green and held a mischievous twinkle to them. I recalled him being the class rep. He was definitely popular among the girls.

Honda Mami - I can't describe what her family does because it would take me all afternoon. Basically, she was the richest girl in school. Not to mention, she was downright gorgeous. She also had amazing grades. I believe she also had a great boyfriend, who was in a different class. Could she be any more perfect?

I looked to the corner of the room, near the windows. There was a quiet boy there with raven hair. I felt my cheeks blush up a little as I continued to stare. I felt so drawn to him, for some reason. I hadn't noticed him before, nor did I know anything about him. Why didn't I see him earlier? Who was he?

I shot my eyes away from him as soon as he looked up at me. Dammit, we made eye contact for a fraction of a second. He must think I'm super weird. Or crazy. Or both! I needed to get out of here.

I picked up my books, stuffed them in my bag, and started heading for the door.

"Whoa, whoa, missy, what's the hurry?" A devilish voice said from in front of me. The voice came from Tomiyama Ryu, the class rep. "Aren't you going to say hi to your new classmates?"

"A- Ah, I'm sorry," I bowed, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. The small portion of the class that remained was now staring at me. I looked up and saw that the raven-haired boy from the corner was also looking at me. I had already introduced myself at the beginning of the day. Why did I need to do it again?

"Hoshino-san, am I correct?" a softer male voice said as he approached me. "Watanabe Keisuke. It's a pleasure to meet you," he bowed his head slightly. Man, this guy was polite. Very proper, too.

"Y- Yes," I stammered. "It's good to meet you, too."

"Stop putting so much pressure on her," Miura Kanako stated. She had an accent. Was she originally from Osaka? "Ryu, can't you see you're being insensitive?"

"Sorry, sorry," he apologized jokingly, scratching the back of his head. "I just can't stay away from a pretty lady when I see one."

I blushed a deeper shade of red. This Ryu character sure was outgoing.

"Ignore him," Honda Mami stated, shutting up the red-haired lad. Her words were blunt and stern. She was a powerful woman, I could tell.

"Eh, Mami-chan, don't be like that," Ryu whined.

"It's nice to have you here, Hoshino-san," Mami greeted me with a slight curtsy. She was so elegant. If she came from royalty, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. It was a simple greeting, and then she was out of the door. I felt like I had just been blessed.

This was the first time all day that I was getting good attention. People were actually talking to me instead of talking about me.

Maybe this place won't be so bad, after all.

"So there's the library, but no one really does any actual studying in there," Kana-san pointed out as we walked the vast halls of the academy. That was Kanako, by the way. She had indicated that she preferred Kana.

"Thanks for showing me around, Kana-san," I thanked. She was actually a very down-to-earth girl, despite her tiny and feminine appearance.

"No problem, Aya-chan. You're really quite a specimen here at this school," she said.

"I can imagine that," I replied to her comment. "It's like I don't belong, right? I feel like people think I'm so bizarre. Just a plain gal in a rich school."

"Well, it's not entirely false. You're quite rare, but you aren't alone."

"R- Really? There's more?" I piqued.

"Just one," she stated. "Want to meet him?"

"Oh, yes, please!" I said in excitement. I didn't feel so alone, after all. We kept walking down the hall and made our way up a grand flight of spiraling stairs. Beautiful paintings hung every which way. It was more like a museum rather than a school, in my opinion.

"Okay, I'll take you to him. But only on one condition," she suddenly said very seriously. We kept walking. I saw a sign for one of the music rooms. Was that where we were headed?

"Sure, anything," I replied eagerly.

"You can't fall in love with him. After all, I met him first. I think he's actually starting to fall for me, too. He's my favorite host."

"H- Host? What do you mean?"

As soon as I asked that, we stopped in front of some beautiful double doors, etched with marvelous detail. I looked up at the sign: Music room 3. Upon opening the heavy doors, she said these words:

"You'll see."

"Welcome!" seven guys greeted us in a lively manner as we opened up the heavy doors. Rose petals swirled all around me as we stood there.

"Haruhi-kun!" Kana yelped, upon seeing one of the suited boys. He cheeks became rosy at once.

"Kana-chan," the boy stated happily. She ran up to greet this Haruhi person right away. "It's been a while, huh?"

"It sure has! I'd like you to meet someone," she said as I stood there awkwardly. I played around with my yellow dress. Man, this thing sure was fluffy. I couldn't wait to change out of it later. "Aya, come here!" I snapped out of my thoughts and walked up to the group of boys.

"H- Hello," I stammered, looking up at all of them nervously. I gripped tighter onto my yellow dress. Why the heck were all these guys so good looking!?

There was a blonde, who was extremely gorgeous. Was he a model? His violet eyes were mesmerizing.

There were two twins, who seemed a tad bit devilish from their disposition. They also seemed pretty distracted and bored of the situation. They were in their own world. I'm pretty sure they were scrutinizing how nervous I was.

There was a tanned, tall, dark-haired guy, who appeared to be reserved and stoic. Quite handsome, too, I noted. He looked down at me and I shot my eyes away to someone who was latched onto his leg.

He was a smaller blonde, who was absolutely adorable. Was he really in high school? Maybe this was a babysitting service?

Then, lastly, a paler guy was in the back of the group, also with dark hair. He wore glasses and was quiet. His stare was intense. I blushed slightly and looked away.

"Haruhi-kun, this is Hoshino Aya. Aya, this is Fujioka Haruhi, the other scholarship student in our school," Kana introduced.

"Really?" Haruhi's eyes lit up. "So the rumors weren't just rumors. It feels good to finally not be alone. It's nice to meet you, Hoshino-san."

"Yes! I was really excited to meet you once Kana-san began talking about you," I stated ecstatically. I bowed in respect to this guy. He was actually quite feminine, I noticed.

"Well, what do we have here?" the taller blonde stated, taking my hand in his and kissing it lightly. My eyes widened and I gasped slightly. Was this guy for real? He was like an actual prince. "A lovely commoner student? Do you happen to know that I can make commoner's coffee?"

"Idiot," the twins said in unison. "Any monkey with a brain could do it."

"Aya-chan! Aya-chan!" the smaller blonde stated as he bounced toward me. Aya-chan? This kid sure got comfortable quick. "You're so cute, Aya-chan! Isn't she, Takashi?"

"Un," the tallest guy mumbled, with a straight face. He reminded me of a tree.

"Let's see, Hoshino Aya," the glasses guy stated as he opened up his black portfolio and flipped to a certain page. "A first year in class 1A. A transfer from Hounan High. Excels in academics. Her mother is a physician and her father is an architect."

How did this guy know that!?

"Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, lovely Aya-hime," the blonde prince boy stated. "Suoh Tamaki at your service."

"I'm Kaoru," one twin leaned on Tamaki casually.

"And I'm Hikaru," the other twin also leaned on Tamaki, making him fall to the ground completely.

"The Hitachiin twins, along with Haruhi-kun, are first years like us," Kana-chan stated.

"You can call me Honey! This is Takashi!"

"Those two, Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai, are third years," Kana whispered to me. I was pretty sure that my mouth visibly dropped to the floor. They were my upperclassmen!?

"I'm Ootori Kyoya," the last one introduced himself to me. He bowed slightly towards me, then pushed up his glasses. For some reason, this guy really made me feel nervous. I felt as if I made one wrong move, I'd get myself kicked out of the school in a heart beat. Yet, I felt curious about him. What was he jotting down in that portfolio of his, anyway?

I looked at all the guys in front of me. They were all different, yet charming in their own unique ways. It was intriguing, actually. This place genuinely piqued my interests.

"This is..." I started.

"That's right," Tamaki replied, as he stood up. There was a twinkle in his eye. "The Ouran High School Host Club!"

"That... that exists?" I asked, in disbelief. Rich people sure do have a lot of time on their hands.

"Of course! Let me educate you, sweet commoner," Tamaki exclaimed.

"Er, you don't have to call me that..." I began to say, but it was too late. Tamaki wasn't paying attention to what I had to say anymore.

"Do you prefer the prince type?" he gestured to himself, as he held a red rose. "Or the cool type?" he pointed at Kyoya, who curtly nodded his head. "The cute loli-shota type?" he announced, referring to Honey-senpai, who just played with his bunny doll. I think its name was Usa-chan, or something. "Perhaps the wild type?" Mori senpai just looked over with the same stoic appearance. It still sent shivers up my spine. "The little devil types?" As if on cue, the twins briskly appeared before me, mischievous smirks planted on their faces. They were awfully close to my face, actually. "Or, lastly, the natural type?" he gestured towards Haruhi, who just had an annoyed look on his face.

"Haruhi-kun is off limits!" Kana pouted, clinging onto the lad's arm.

"I- It's okay, Kana-san, I don't really know if I belong in here anyway," I stated, feeling slightly nervous.

"Are you saying that none of us are your type?" Tamaki grieved.

"You too good for us? Huh, commoner?" the twins asked, each one poking an index finger at my cheeks.

"N- No! That's not... What I meant was..." I was starting to feel nervous. What did I walk into? What an awkward situation!

"What are ya so nervous for?" one twin asked as he examined my face. He was so close! I think he was Hikaru.

"This one sure is jittery," Kaoru stated, noticing my knees wobbling and my perspiration.

"Come on, guys, leave her alone," Haruhi stated. I had a feeling he somehow knew my pain.

"Don't you like us, Aya-chan?" Honey-senpai pouted as he clung onto me. I looked down in surprise at the unexpected contact. Honey-senpai looked at me in such a cute way that my uneasiness suddenly washed away. I looked down at him and, for the first time today, I genuinely smiled.

From in front of me, I heard several gasps. I looked up to find Tamaki-senpai and the twins' mouths agape and eyes wide. Mori-senpai naturally looked the same, but shoved his hands into his pockets. Kyoya-senpai had simply coughed, while looking away. I looked down and Honey-senpai's eyes were as large as saucers.

"W- What is it?"

"Y- Your smile," Honey-senpai spoke, still in wonder. "Aya-chan, your smile is so beautiful."

"Eh? Is that it?"

"Aya-hime! You must stay! Join the host club!" Tamaki-senpai shouted at me. Where did this guy get his energy? Haruhi rolled his eyes.

"Isn't this club meant to serve girls?" I asked.

"Hoshino-san, don't mind him," the mild-mannered brunette spoke. "You owe this guy nothing."

"On the contrary!" Tamaki shouted, pointing a finger in the air. "Where is your generous scholarship to Ouran coming from, Aya-hime?"

"Oh, boy," Haruhi huffed. It seemed like he had been defeated.

"W- Well... I suppose that would be the chairman of the school," I pondered, placing my index finger on my chin.

"And that so called chairman just happens to be my father!"

"E- Eeeh? Really?" I asked, eyes wide. I took his hand in mine. "I'm forever indebted to you, then!"

"Yay! Aya-chan gets to stay!" Honey-senpai cheered. "Isn't that great, Takashi?"

"Un," Mori-senpai grunted.

"Hoshino-san, you do realize that Tamaki-senpai had nothing to do with your scholarship, right?" Haruhi spoke plainly.

"Don't mind Haruhi! Aya-hime, we can use your dazzling smile to the Host Club's advantage!" Tamaki exclaimed.

"A- Advantage?" I asked.

"Not again..." Haruhi groaned.

"Tamaki. You don't mean..." Kyoya-senpai spoke.

"I thought we dropped that plan, boss," the twins spoke together.

"No!" Tamaki placed an arm over my shoulders and pumped a fist in the air. "Operation: Ice Prince is back in action!"

The Space Between Two Worlds

Chapter I - The New Girl


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