The Good Shepherd

Pilot Episode: Dead or Alive?

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My boyfriend and most of my friends died that night, but I know what I saw.

You want an explanation? Carrie had some sort of power, but she was just like me, like any of you-she had hopes and she had fears and we pushed her.

And you can only push someone so far before they break.

Susan Snell giving her statement at the White Commission, October 1st 2015.


One thing we can be certain of is that biotics and bullying mix like fire and gasoline.

It was a mistake to turn over training of these kids to someone like Vyrnnus Cirix.

Doctor Karin Chakwas in an interview with the Alliance News Network while treating the survivors of Biotic Acclimation And Temperance June 12th 2169.


July 1st 2169, Alliance Research and Development; Arcturus Station.

Project Director Martin Burns rubbed at his right temple with the tips of his fingers to relieve the tension headache that was starting there as he listened to the report on the side effects that were still emerging from the L2 biotic implants that he had headed development for.

"We need something better for our biotics than the L2 implants that you rushed into service Burns," Professor David Chambers told the flustered project director in no uncertain terms "years later those poor kids from BAAT are suffering with all manner of horrific side effects-and the latest group will have to deal with them too."

"Some of those kids are nearly crippled," Major Steven Hackett pointed out as he finally spoke up in the meeting "And those that aren't may find themselves dealing with a life threatening distraction due to those side effects should they choose to serve in the Alliance Navy. I agree with Professor Chambers."

"I have no idea where to start in development of something like that," Burns sighed as he folded his hands in front of him "If I had an idea of where to begin then maybe-."

"The Asari are naturally biotic and as such they don't need a biotic implant," Hackett suggested "maybe we could talk the Asari consulate into sharing some information on the physiology of their people. Learning more about the neural structure of such a natural biotic might give us an idea of where to start development of an implant that is safe for use."

Professor Chambers shook his head.

"Asari physiology is too different from ours, you wouldn't be able to apply the knowledge to a human subject."

"So what then?" Hackett asked.

"Wait," Director Burns murmured, his face taking on a thoughtful look as an idea occurred to him "the first human biotic, Carrie White. She was a natural biotic just like the Asari are, and just like them she didn't need an implant."

"She's been dead for over a hundred and fifty years," Chambers pointed out.

"Studying her corpse may still yield some results," Burns insisted "even if I only manage to obtain a sample of her DNA studying that may point us in the right direction."

"I'm not so okay with disturbing Miss White's rest," Hackett pointed out.

"Exactly," Chambers added "Carrie suffered terribly in life due to the abuse inflicted upon her by her peers and even her own mother. Who are we to further victimise her in death?"

"I promise that the study of Miss White's remains, should I receive permission to go ahead, will be conducted as respectfully as possible."

Chambers' brow furrowed in thought at this.

"I suppose that this at least makes such a thing acceptable if less than palatable."

"A long shot," Hackett noted after a considerable pause "a very long shot."

"Do you have a better idea?" Burns asked rhetorically "or shall we try mine?"

Hackett nodded briefly, finding himself unable to debate the fact that viable ideas were in scant supply at the moment, and they did need a safer implant pretty badly.

"I'll see what I can do about obtaining authorisation to exhume Miss White's grave."


Chamberlain Cemetery August 11th 2169.

Professor Chambers glanced briefly at his young assistant Maria Wills as the two observed the exhumation of Carrietta Natalie White's grave, ensuring that the workmen involved didn't damage the casket or the body inside.

This was somewhat ironic seeing as no one had ever shown poor Carrie this degree of respect when she was alive.

As the last of the soil was removed from the top of the coffin Chambers appraised the condition of the casket with a critical eye.

"Casket's still in reasonably sound condition aside from that massive crack in the lid," he noted "the body inside should hopefully still be in good enough shape to study."

"Strange," Maria noted thoughtfully "her headstone was cracked as well."

"Probably due to an act of vandalism," Chambers opined "I remember reading how some bastard spray painted 'Carrie White burns in hell' on her headstone a few months after her death. If I'd been around to see him do that I'd probably have castrated the son of a bitch."

"Y'know something," Maria agreed as the two of them watched the workmen attach the crane to the coffin and begin lifting it out of the grave and into the waiting skytruck "I don't blame Carrie one bit for Black Prom."

"Neither do I," Chambers agreed as he and Maria helped secure the tie down straps that would keep the coffin secure for transport "Carrie probably blamed herself though, but it's like Sue Snell said 'you can only push a person so far before they break' and you've seen that first hand."

"Yeah," Maria agreed "racist Turian asshole-my arm still aches on cold mornings."

Chambers nodded in agreement as the two climbed out of the skytruck and closed the rear doors as the vehicle began moving off.

The skytruck would transport Miss White's coffin to their research facility in New York, Chambers and Wills would follow in a skycar.

"I wonder how Kaidan is these days, I hope he's okay."


The Institute for Transhuman Studies, New York August 14th 2169.

Professor David Chambers carefully directed the men pushing the antigravity sled bearing Carrie White's coffin into the examination room, fussing over proceedings the whole time.

"Be careful," he told the man pushing the sled "she is very valuable to the Alliance."

"I know Doc," the labourer in question replied "trust me, and I know the poor girl got shafted when she was alive too."

"Yes, she did," Chambers agreed "at least this way her tragic death might actually count for something."

"I'm not so sure," the labourer replied as he finished moving the casket to where Chambers had indicated "after all this time you'll most likely not have much to study besides some dusty old bones. Even with her having been a natural biotic what can you hope to learn from that?"

"It's surprising what DNA can tell you Antonio."

The labourer-Antonio shrugged non-committally.

"If you say so-was there anything else you needed Doc?"

"No, that will be all thank you Antonio."


Maria Wills walked quickly toward the examination room that currently housed Carrie White's remains in a state of flustered urgency.

I'm late-I'm late. Dammit I'm late, stupid migraine.

The painkillers she had taken were finally starting to take effect however and the roaring pounding headache reminiscent of the mother of all hangovers that she had been suffering from before had faded to a dull ache and she was feeling, if not lively at least somewhat less dead.

"Doc's new pet project has arrived," Antonio told her as she passed him.

"Thanks Antonio," Maria told the workman as she breezed past him, wincing at the dull throb in her head as she reached out and touched the glowing green holographic control to open the door.

"Migraine again?" Antonio asked sympathetically.

"Yep," Maria confirmed as the door slid up with a hiss of hydraulics "you can see why I don't drink, I already know what a hangover feels like thank you very much."

"And without the fun beforehand," Professor Chambers remarked as he overheard the conversation from inside "Does that suck or what?"

"Are Turians ugly bastards with sticks up their asses?" Maria shot back as she put on her lab coat, rubber gloves, hair net and surgical mask "Sorry I'm late Professor."

Chambers smirked behind his own surgical mask at that remark, Turians were indeed less than attractive by human standards and they did tend to come across as stiff and uncompromising.

"Okay," Chambers told Wills "We're ready to start."

Working carefully the two pried the lid of the coffin loose, breaking the seal that had built up from the century and a half plus that the casket had spent underground, once the lid was loose enough Chambers grasped the edge securely.

"Brace yourself," he warned Maria "what you're about to see may be-a little rough on sensitive stomachs."

Once Maria nodded that she was prepared for whatever gruesome sight awaited Chambers carefully opened the lid of the coffin.

What they saw inside the coffin was not what they were expecting though.

"Well," Maria remarked once she found her voice again "She's-a lot easier on the eyes than I expected."


David Chambers had seen many strange and unexplained things in his time but this defied all logic.

"I don't believe it," he declared quietly as he reached down and lightly touched the dead girl's cheek with a gloved hand.

Her still intact cheek, no signs of decomposition whatsoever.

"She's perfectly preserved," Maria noted in awed surprise "if her eyes weren't open I'd swear that she was just sleeping."

Chambers scanned the dead girl with his omni tool.

"Preservation of the corpse isn't due to saponification of her tissues and I'm not detecting any signs of life-not that I'd expect to after this long," he noted in mild surprise as a frown creased his brow "the phenomenon of incorruptible corpses is a scientific mystery but not unheard of, one popular theory is that it results from a crypt or coffin being sealed well enough to preserve the body-but how that happened with a crack in the lid is anybody's guess."

"The Vatican would have a field day with this," Maria remarked "she isn't even one of their saints"

"Look at the way she's lying in the coffin," Chambers added "it's like she was just dumped in there."

"She's still wearing a nightgown, or the remains of one instead of a funeral dress," Maria added "bastards didn't even bother to close her eyes."

At that exact moment Maria noticed something about the lid of the coffin, or more accurately the padded lining on the inside of it.

The lining was torn to shreds.

"Professor," Maria called quietly as she drew Chambers' attention to this.

David Chambers' eyes immediately narrowed in anger at the sight.

"They buried her alive."

"Well that explains the crack in the lid of the coffin," Maria noted sourly "and the headstone for that matter."

"Poor girl was in the ground within less than two days after her apparent death according to the records," Chambers recalled as he forced himself to calm down "and she was still alive when they buried her, they didn't even bother to check."

Chambers took several deep breaths and counted to ten in English, Salarian, Turian and Asari before continuing.

"The only reason she even got a headstone was because Sue Snell and her old Gym teacher Rita Desjarden insisted on it and covered the cost themselves."

"Needless to say a proper post mortem examination was never performed," Maria added "we should give her at least a cursory examination now."

"Okay," Chambers told Maria "Go get Antonio, there's one more thing I need from him."


With Antonio's help they managed to move Carrie's body from her coffin to the examination table-after he got over his surprise at Carrie's non decayed state that is-then Chambers began carefully cutting the tattered remains of Carrie's nightgown off of her with a pair of scissors.

Needless to say the need for an extra pair of hand's was not due to Carrie's weight as she was quite small and didn't weigh much, but picking up a corpse bridal style when it has gone into full rigor mortis is next to impossible.

Once Carrie was undressed he took stock of the marks on her body starting with her front.

"Bruises on both knees and left forearm-consistent with falling down a flight of stairs," Chambers noted as he photographed the injuries with his omni tool "also a bruise on her forehead, defensive wound on right forearm consistent with her being attacked with a knife."

"Her mother must have done this to her," Maria deduced "I remember reading that Sue Snell related seeing such wounds on Carrie as she tried to comfort her before her death, those that removed her body from the wreckage of the White bungalow also noted that such wounds were present."

"Let's see what her back looks like," Chambers suggested as he motioned for Maria to help him turn Carrie's body over.

Once Carrie was lying on her front Chambers began taking stock of the injuries on that side of her body and photographing them as he found them.

"Stab wound to her upper back consistent with a kitchen knife, bruises on both buttocks again consistent with falling down a flight of stairs, knife wound across the top of her right calf," Chambers' eyes caught on something else as he photographed that "what's this scar across her lower back?"

"Probably from her abusive mother," Maria suggested "she has a burn scar on her right shoulder too."

"My opinion of Margaret White is getting lower by the second," Chambers muttered as he and Maria turned Carrie onto her back again.

Chambers then reached down and gently closed Carrie's eyes before grabbing a sheet from a nearby cupboard and covering her with it.

"You really are beautiful," Chambers told Carrie as he covered her up "it's such a shame that you're dead."

"You okay Professor?" Maria asked him.

"Let's take a break for a while," Chambers suggested with a non committal shrug "we can begin the autopsy when we get back."

"I'll get you some coffee," Maria offered as the two of them left the room.

Less than a minute after they had left the room Carrie suddenly took a breath and her eyes snapped open.


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