It was Friday, and they'd all decided to meet in the Ministry before flooing to the Transportation Centre. Well, that was the theory, at any rate. Draco had simply stowed his one suitcase under the desk (It was nearly bursting with expansion spells, Draco hated getting places and discovering he hadn't the right thing to wear. And it was Italy, at this time of year, rain was more likely than not*). Hermione was exactly on time, with her sensible two pieces of luggage (that locked one on top of the other).

Draco Malfoy got up from his desk to inspect the contraption, Hermione Granger happily prattling at him about the joys of Muggle living. Draco just wanted to figure out how it worked, not have an entire blasted sermon. So, exercising enormous patience, he complacently ignored his 'girlfriend.'

Which made it all the more awkward when Luna Lovegood suddenly spoke from right behind Draco, "Nice buns, sweetcheeks." She said smartly. Draco straightened (He hadn't liked the idea of being openly ogled when he'd been at Hogwarts, and at least there people had had the common decency to not mention that they were doing it.)

Luna, not to be outdone or thwarted, ran her hand over Draco's bottom, saying, "Oh, don't trouble yourself for me, keep on learning how locks work." Draco sent her a stung glare, bristling - only to see Luna's standard vapid smile, as if she wasn't insulting him.

Then again, this was Luna Lovegood, queen of misplacing the obvious and going hunting after invisible beasts.

"What's she doing here?" Draco Malfoy demanded.

"I invited her," Longbottom's booming voice said from behind. He'd grown into his weight, making him look more stocky than fat. It still wasn't a look Draco Malfoy envied.

"Oh, so you're to blame," Draco drawled.

"Did someone say my name?" Harry Potter said, stumbling in carrying half a dozen different bags, suitcases, and valises.

"Harry!" Hermione said, gleefully, turning that bright as sun smile on him. As Harry's face lit up simultaneously, it seemed like they were the only people there.

So, of course, Draco Malfoy spoke up, "Your name's Trouble not Blame, get it straight."

Neville said dryly, "Then you'll take the blame?"

"Only if it's not Potions," Draco Malfoy said, and Hermione stifled a giggle.

Gin Weasley came in, looking around at everyone, "What'd I miss? Why's Hermione giggling?" Gin, of course, had the other half of her luggage, piled up on her back, her arms, and even her waist.

Draco's office was not big enough for all this.

*Nobody ever tells you that the Mediterranean has a wet season! Water water every day!

[a/n: Draco would be even more crowded if Harry'd remembered his own luggage. Oh, well! Off to Italy!

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