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Summary: Sakura is the daughter of an old war engineer who now lives the simple life in Konoha. Sasuke is the Prince of the Kingdom and infamous captain in the army. On a stroke of fate, meeting this Prince throws her on a journey past Konoha's gates and into a world more complex than she ever thought she might see. They never realized that there survival would land in the hands of one girl.

Background: Even in ancient times, monsters would arise to challenge the control that humans held over Earth. Kizashi Haruno was a prized engineer during the time of the Third War, using his machines combined with the muscle of the Uchiha to almost wipe out all the monsters. Afterwards, most of Kizashi's designs were scraped and he returned to Konoha to start his own shop and family. But now, a new battle has come undone. A second moon has been discovered, where terrible new monsters seem to be emerging from. It's time for the allied forces to end this once and for all.


"Oi! Boss! Your gonna be so happy when you see who we ran into!"

The three bandits were proud of themselves, tying the man they had snatched with a bag over his head to a dingy metal chair. They were scavengers that lived in the old junkyard fortress a couple miles out of the usually quiet town of Konoha. The men were big and burly, revealing missing teeth in their sneers and smiles. The fortress was pretty run down and dirty from being abandoned for decades (until now), and reflected heavily in the men's dirt streaked skin and clothes.

Another man walked in, slightly cleaner then the unruly lot. His old leather jacket and eye patch distinguished him as the leader of these bandits. "What are you idiots yappin' 'bout now?" He boomed as he walked into the room. He saw three of his lackeys with a man tied to a chair in an Uchiha military uniform. It was crisp and clean even in such a dirty place as this, with shiny black lace-up boots, cream uniform trousers, and a royal blue frock with gold lining. He could tell from the patches and chevrons on the uniform that this soldier was high up in the rankings of the military. 'Good.' He thought greedily, 'that means more money!'

He yanked off the burlap bag on the soldiers head to get a look at their new prize, not caring enough to do it gentler. His eyes popped and his smile widened with glee. "Well now, I didn't realize we were in the presence of royalty!"

The said soldier glared at the grimy man.

"Lookey here lads! We got the very prince himself, Sasuke Uchiha." He claimed in his scraggy voice. He leaned in closer to get a better look at Sasuke. Sasuke almost grimaced at the smell coming off of the junkyard leader. Apparently there weren't any showers here, or if there were they had never been used.

"There gonna pay a fine lot of money for you, eh? Hobbs, stand outside the door and make sure this little bugger doesn't run off as we go make our demands!"

The man with a faded red du rag on his head clicked his heels together. "Yes sir!"

The leader smiled again, his gold tooth gleaming, as his crew followed him out and shut the door.

With the lackeys and burlap sack gone he could get a chance to take in his surroundings. It looked as though he was in a storage room, with random junk littered everywhere. There weren't any windows, just a rusty locker and metal desk with a lamp on it. He huffed, and set to work on undoing the bonds they had put him in. "They're gone now." He spoke aloud. A blare of static sounded from his ear, revealing an earpiece hidden behind his dark hair.

"Alright. We've mapped out the whole place so far. Unfortunately, you're on the other end of where we need you right now. But, as long as you don't get caught you should be able to make it to the center room where we're getting the signal from." A baritone voice said from the speaker.

"Roger that," Sasuke responded, "If I can get out of these dame ropes-"


Sasuke whipped his head around as a vent cover in the corner of the room shot out and fell to the floor loudly. And then he saw a boot coming out that had so violently kicked the vent out. He watched as this person casually crawled out of the vent and dropped to the floor, stretching out her limbs from being cramped for so long. "That wasn't so hard." She praised to herself. Sakura turned around and stopped, mid-stretch with her hands clasped and arms above her head, when her green eyes come into contact with his obsidian orbs.

A small "oh" escaped from her lips as she dropped her hands. She cautiously walked up to him, observing his trapped state. Her eyes lit up when she recognized him to be Uchiha Sasuke, Prince of the Fire Kingdom. He simply stared back at her, watching her slightly tilt her head as she looked at him. "What are you doing here?" She asked in a melodic voice.

He blinked. "I'm a hostage." He states matter-of-factly. "What are you doing here?"

She begins to walk around the room, occasionally shuffling through some objects as if she's looking for something. "Stealing back a part I need. Bastards thought it'd be funny to raid my dad's shop." He notices that she's wearing black shorts and shoes, with a dark red tank top that only has one strap. She has a holster for small weapons like kunai and shuriken strapped to her right thigh, and her pink hair is pulled back in a spiky ponytail.

He thinks about the lay out of this giant fortress and is baffled at how easily she got in without tripping any alarms. The way she's walking around and picking at things gives off the appearance that she isn't scared of being in an unfamiliar placed surrounded by dangerous men. She has barely even acknowledged his presence, which is something very new to him. She whirls and this time takes in the sight of his trapped state, looking down at his bonds. "Do you, uh, need help out of those?"

He stands up and the ropes fall easily from him. He had already undone them during their dialogue.

"Help out of what?" He smirks.

"Oh." She states. She looks to his face, framed by spiked locks that almost reached his shoulders. He looks even more handsome than the posters of him in Ino's room. She doesn't have time to doddle over this good looking man though, and even if she did she probably wouldn't anyways because she's not that type of girl. She's used to being surrounded by men at her father's shop. So he's almost taken back when she ignores him again to go through another pile of junk. He slightly frowns. For all the years he's wished for women to leave him alone, he finally comes across one and he's somewhat disappointed about it. He can already tell she's different than the typical capitol girls he runs across and for some reason he wants to know why this fearless girl is so peculiar.

He watches her stand up and sigh before kicking an old muffler on the floor in disappointment. "Well, it's not in this trashy room. I guess this is where we go our separate ways." She says, even though she does wish she could spend a little more time with him. He's quiet and reserved; it's a nice change from all the rowdy men she's grown up around. She also admits to herself that she is a little star struck as well being in front of the Prince. She isn't sure how to act or what to say, so she chooses to go about her business. She goes to cross him and walk out the door, but he reaches out to stop her.

They both feel a jolt of nerves as he touches the skin on her upper arm, halting her on the spot. "Wait. There's a man guarding the door." He reveals. She turns to look at him again with her wide green apple eyes. He quickly lets go as it's out of character of him to reach out so suddenly to someone.

Her eyes become unfocused, lost in thought and she brings her hand to her chin as she thinks of what to do next. She was hoping that she could pass through the hallways discretely before reaching their treasure trove, but now that they have kidnapped the Prince she's sure that extra security is stationed everywhere.

He gets a better look at her as her almond shaped eyes are lost in thought. She had soft features for such a straightforward personality. She has beautiful clear skin and a full curve in her lips. She doesn't appear to be wearing makeup, but she has long dark lashes. The pink hair almost seems too feminine for her, but in a strange way he feels that it fits her. He quickly averts his eyes when she finds clarity and looks back at him.

"I guess it's back into the vents then." And she stalks away from him, just like that.

"I think we can help each other." He states. It's a little odd for him to bargain for help since he's a creature of pride, but this whole situation has been strange to him. She turns back to look at him, she's already climbed half way up the locker to get to the vent with full intent of leaving him.

"Oh yeah?"

"We're both looking for something valuable. You help me get there, and I can protect you along the way."

She frowns at him. "You don't think I can defend myself?" she questions. He almost laughs at her reaction; she's certainly not a damsel in distress by any means. He simply meant that they could help each other out. It will be so much easier to have her sneak him in than blindly listening to Shikamaru's directions on the other end.

"I'm sure you don't plan on taking down a band of scavengers with just a kunai do you?" He inquires. She pauses and thinks over his offer.

"I wasn't planning on getting caught." She mutters. 'I also wasn't ready for all the extra men to be here at this time though…and I can't handle so many.'

"Alright." She agrees. She feels a little giddy at the fact that she'll get to spend some more time with him, but she tries to convince herself that it's only because he's skilled with a sword and she wants to see him in action. He's almost as famous for his swordsmanship as he is for his looks, as Ino would say.

She's a little surprised when he grabs onto her feet and helps her back up into the vent, but she doesn't get offended because she knows he's just being a gentlemen. He lifts himself and crawls in next to her. "I'm assuming that anything worth stealing is in the 'treasure trove'. It's were they gather everything worth having in one room, the idiots." She tells him.

"Lead the way."


Sakura has been doing well so far, both her and Sasuke have successfully gone unnoticed above the hallway that has the occasional guard pass through. No alarms have been sounded yet, so the one guard watching the door that Sasuke was in hasn't tried to check on him yet. She knows that won't last for much longer though, so she stealthy heads deeper into the base.

She suddenly stops and Sasuke almost runs into her, but he is saved from the embarrassment of stuffing his face in her ass. He admits that he has been looking at it more than he should (it's a pretty nice ass in his defense), but he doesn't want to risk riling her up by touching it. Plus it's not the gentlemanly thing to do. He looks past her and sees the split in their path. "What's the hold up?" He asks. He knows as well as she does that their running on limited time. He is fully intent on protecting her, but he'd rather not have to use his sword on 20 rogue men to do it.

"I..I don't remember which one to go through." She admits. She had thought she knew for sure how to get through everything, but she doesn't remember this. She becomes nervous that Sasuke will get mad at her, this was her part of the bargain, but when she looks back he still looks calm. He raises a hand to his ear.

"Shikamaru, you there?" She realizes that he's not talking to her, he has a hidden earpiece.

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Can you lead me to that center room you were talking about from here?"
"Yeah..hold on." Click click, thwap. "Hang a left, then you'll go straight and the door ahead is what you're looking for."
"Roger that." He taps the earpiece to turn off the communication. "Take a left."

She follows his instructions without any argument.

"What's your name?"
"What?" She's so busy looking through the vent holes to see if there's any guards near that she misses his question.

"Your name?" He's never been one for idle chit chat, but he's curious as to who this tenacious woman is.

"Sakura Haruno."

Sakura, a delicate name for such a woman. But it does make sense with her hair and eyes.

She stops again, and this time it's because they've reached their destination. She peers through the slits, trying to see if anyone is guarding the door. When she sees no one she mentally thanks God that these scavengers really are idiots who don't even know how to protect their stolen valuables. She reaches into her holster and pulls out a tiny automated screw driver and sets to work on pulling out the screws. She can't just simply kick this vent out in case someone might hear.

She hops down before him, but he steps ahead of her to check the door and make sure they don't trip any alarms. He goes to test the door, and it's miraculously unlocked.

"They really make this too easy." She whispers, and even though she knows they don't rank very high in intelligence she's suspicious on how many mistakes these scavengers have made at protecting their stolen property. They can't really be that stupid, can they?

Sasuke opens the door and she is astonished to see that there isn't just a few items in here, but mountains of stuff everywhere. She was right in assuming this wasn't going to be as easy as she thought. Sasuke turns on a tracking machine and flips it on before saying, "we'll meet back here. Try not to take too long."

She nods and walks off in the opposite direction of him.


Sakura brought her own tracking device as well, but she is starting to get frustrated. The room is so much bigger, more like a warehouse, than she realized and she can't seem to pinpoint her objects location. It leads her past a mountain of bronzed and gold goblets before she hears it start to beep. She cheers internally, finally! She follows the beeping to just a few piles over, where she reaches a hill of all sorts of technological trinkets that probably shouldn't be thrown on each other like that.

And then she sees it, the shiny glowing proton orb that her dad had finished only a couple of weeks ago. She reaches up to grab it, and as her hand encloses on the cool metal a bigger hand shoots out on top of hers. She almost screams from shock. Sasuke is on the other side of her, grabbing at the same thing she is.

It dawns on her. They've both been after the same thing.

"Well," he says, "This is awkward."

She feels the same nerves as before when he touched her, but right now she is focused on her mission and what she came for. She needs to prove herself, especially to her dad. "This was stolen from my dad's shop. I'm not going home without it." She states seriously.

She continues to surprise him, because he's used to people just giving him what he wants.

"I understand that, but I think the reason I need it is a little more detrimental."

"Well then," she tries to yank the orb away, but his grip is firm, "You can just come by the shop and pay for it like a normal person."

He doesn't retract his hand.

"I would, but I actually really need this. Now."

They engage in a tug-of-war match, and he's surprised at how strong she is. But he can't give it up, because he cannot return from his mission empty handed. His pride didn't allow it. After a final tug, he manages to pull the orb out of her hands.


He quickly tucks the object away and relents. "We don't have time for this right now, we need to get out of here."

He can see from the scowl on her face that she wants nothing more than to jump him and possibly scratch his eyeballs out, but she's reasonable. Fighting in the middle of a scavenger's fortress is nothing smart to do. She decides that, for now, he can hold it. She steps back and huffs, folding her arms across her chest stubbornly. She lets him take the lead again.

She can see the door and their almost there, but she stops him too late when she sees the black leather strap across the ground. "Stop!" But she isn't quick enough and his foot moves it. He notices it all too late, but doesn't understand her reaction. It's not like he tripped over a wire and the alarms are sounding.


Now he understands. Guard dogs who must have been slumbering.

A huge dog comes barreling toward them with its teeth snarling. It's even bigger than a great dane, with the musculature of a bulldog and two heads. Sakura darts away with Sasuke hot on her heels.

"What is that thing?" Sasuke shouts. He's never seen a dog quite like that before.

"You've never seen a junkyard dog?" She replies as if it's the simplest thing in the world. Everything goes red around them and the alarm starts to sound. They've run out of time.

He doesn't reply, and moves past Sakura to yank the door open. He hopes that if they can get out quicker that they won't run into as many scavengers. Sasuke's hand flies to his ear.

"Shikamaru, I need a route of escape!" He yells as they take a sharp turn in the giant maze. Shikamaru swiftly lays out directions for the quickest exit, but in the midst they are spotted by the leader himself at the end of the hall they're in. His mouth hangs open in disbelief in seeing his captor and an intruder running amuck in his junk sanctuary. He thrusts a meaty finger in their direction and barks out orders.

"Get them! Don't let them escape!" A couple of burly men run towards them.

Damn. It looks like he'll have to use his sword after all.

He unsheathes his katana and gets ready to go to work.


"That was….amazing." She breathes out. She's leaning against a tree in the forest, heaving after running nonstop miles away from the fortress. Sasuke is in really good shape, but he's also taking in some gasps of air and leaning on his knees not too far from her. At least they've managed to make it out alive.

She's never actually watched a soldier use his sword before, and she isn't disappointed in his skills. He manages to unarm 2 men as they were darting in the hallways trying to follow the escape route, and took on another 4 giant men as Sakura picked the lock to the exit. They had managed to evade any men chasing after them, with Sakura occasionally taunting them. "Suck it, ya bastards!"

He was liking her more by the minute.

When they finally regain their breath he remembers that they still have the matter of the orb to settle. He knows she won't let him go with it so easily, but he does not fail missions. He cannot return empty handed. He waits for her to start her demands again, but he's confused when she flashes a smirk at him. She stands up as her breath comes back to her.

"It was nice meeting you, but I have to head back to the shop and return this." He's astonished when she whips out the glowing orb from behind her. When did she?- He reaches into his pocket to find it empty. To say he's impressed is an understatement, but his pride is a little wounded at being swindled by this woman. His eyes narrow at her.

She feels completely satisfied at swiping the orb when he had his back turned, but as he stalks towards her she begins to regret it. She goes to dart away from him, but he's closed in fast and in a flash his arm is near the side of her head and resting on the tree she's now trapped against. She becomes fidgety under his scrutiny, anxious because she's not used to such attention. But she doesn't back down, she looks him right in his eyes to let him know that she isn't intimidated.

But it gets hard for her to return his gaze as he leans impossibly closer to her face.

"I need that." He says stoically.

"Just because your royalty doesn't mean you get special treatment. You can come by the shop and pay for it!"

When a group of soldiers came into the clearing they could feel the friction before even seeing what was going on. Sasuke had agreed to meet back up with them here over a half hour ago.

"Oi Sasuke! You got the—who is that?" A blonde man says. Sasuke grunts and pulls away from her to address his peers, and she feels internal whiplash when her body misses his heat. Just a second ago she was wishing he would back away from her!

"None of your business." Sasuke stated. He pulled away from her completely, his attention now focused on his comrades.

Shikamaru, the one with the spiked ponytail and sharp eyes, looks her over. She looks somewhat familiar, but he's a man of all business and doesn't have time for pleasantries. They need to get everything done in a timely order.

"Sasuke, it's time to head out." He states flatly.

Sasuke complies. Right before her eyes she watches him start to walk out of her life, and she does nothing about it. She isn't sure if she should, she doesn't even know him. He lives a completely different life than she does; he walks through fame and fortune while she fixes rusty things at her dad's repair shop. The chances of them meeting again are very slim.

She almost jumps in surprise when he turns back to acknowledge her with a smirk gracing his lips. "I'll see you later, Sakura." He says cryptically. She quirks one furrowed eyebrow at him in confusion, and only at the last second does she notice the now visible object resting in his left hand.

It was the orb.

Her eyes widen and her jaw slides open in awe. "Wha?!" She reaches around to her holster and digs around it. That bastard! He swiped it back when she wasn't paying attention!

"Hold the fu-"

But she doesn't get to finish, because when she looks up they're already gone. She grunts and slides down the tree into a sitting position. 'This definitely isn't how I expected today to go.' She tells herself. She didn't envision running into Sasuke Uchiha in a dirty fortress of all people. What did he mean by that 'see you later' spiel? He had what he wanted now, and he didn't even know where she lived if he ever did plan on paying for that damned orb. Her father had spent so much time on that, and it was going to be the key to his retirement once they sold it. Stealing the orb from bandits was one thing, but trying to steal it from the Prince? They would chop off her hands and throw her in jail for the rest of her measly life. Her father would be stuck working his fingers to the bone for eternity! She blew at a couple bangs that had fallen into her eyes, mulling over the day's events. To say she was angry was an understatement.

'See you later, hymph' Even in her anger, she secretly hoped that he would keep to his words. So that she could follow through with the early retirement plan if he did pay for it. Or maybe she'd like to see him again.

There was no use wallowing in the middle of the forest where some very angry scavengers were most likely still looking for her. She hopped to her feet, ready to take on what the rest of the day had in store. Then she remembered that she had ran off several hours ago at the crack of dawn without any explanation to her father, and that she was returning home empty-handed.


Sasuke heard the shout even if they were already out of the forest, and this time he let out a light chuckle at her brash behavior. He couldn't help it. Naruto looked at him as if he had grown an extra head, but he ignored him. He didn't feel the need to explain himself to the dobe.


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