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Chapter 6: Lost in Decisions

"Does it feel like that every time you kiss a guy?" Sakura asked dreamily.

Ino snorted. "Definitely not."

"Then, that means its special right? My feelings for him?" Sakura asked innocently.

They sure were, and it only made Ino upset. As much as she tried to argue with Shikamaru and deny what he said, she knew he was right. Sakura was gonna suffer from heartbreak. Unfortunately, it was her job as best friend to reduce the impending pain as much as she could. But how could she tell Sakura her relationship was ending when it had just began? She'd have to stop it, before Sakura fell any deeper than she already had.

The thought made Ino frown; just when Sakura finally started acting like a girl and willing to gush with her in joyous girl talk. Her frown didn't go unnoticed by Sakura. The pinkette, now frowning herself, reached out and asked, "Is something wrong?"

They'd just been talking about Sakura's first kiss when Ino suddenly go a drim look on her face. It made confused; wasn't a first kiss supposed to be exciting?!

"Yeah!" Ino expressed, planting a fake smile on, "Everything's fine. I was just thinking that…well…

Sakura leaned in closer, studying Ino's pondering expression.

"Yeah?" She prodded.

"That…maybe you're moving too fast. You haven't even known him that long. What if he really is a jerk?"

It was Sakura's turn to frown in response.

"He can be, but not to me. He's really kind at heart." Sakura retorted. Ino was the one that pushed her to take the initiative! Why had she suddenly changed her mind?

"Not yet." Ino muttered, crossing her arms and looking away.

Sakura got furious instantly.

"You're the one that doesn't know him! So you don't have the right to say that!"

Seriously, what was Ino's problem? She was acting like she was jealous or something-


Ino had pined for the prince most of their teenage years because of his looks. Perhaps Ino still did. Sakura thought Ino got over her wants and was cheering her on. Maybe she wanted Sakura to fail.

"Are you jealous?" Sakura accused, narrowing her green eyes.

Ino gapped in disbelief. "No! I'm just saying things are going too fast-"

"You pushed for them to! Come on Ino, you're supposed to be happy for me!"

Ino tried to defend herself, but Sakura already worked up her legendary temper.

"I am!"

Sakura didn't listen. She got up and grabbed her backpack off the bed. She stalked out of Ino's room without looking back.

"Sakura wait!" Ino tried to follow her, but she knew it'd be useless when Sakura was this way.

Ino had messed up.

She sighed, leaned against the closed door, and slid down to her knees.

"Please, don't hurt her Sasuke." She whispered into the empty room.

Shikamaru confronted Sasuke in his room while he took his boots off.

"You should reconsider what you're doing." Shikamaru said, arms folded as he stood in the doorway.

"Did you like the show? What were you doing out there anyways, watching us?" Sasuke asked. He continued taking his boots off without even looking at his comrade. Shikamaru narrowed his eyes.
"You've been acting strangely, and Naruto said something about seeing you at the festival with her. If word gets out to your parents"- Sasuke spun around and glared at him.
"So what if it does?" Sasuke challenged.
"It won't be good, you already know that. Your father already decided for you to marry Naruto's cousin." Shikamaru explained wearily. He didn't like this anymore than Sasuke; so why did he have to make it harder than it already was?
"Karen? I've never even the met the girl. I don't want her, if he likes her so much he can marry her. Maybe mom will finally murder him for his pigheadedness." Sasuke huffed. He turned his back to him, working on his other boot.

"Sasuke." Shikamaru warned sternly.
"What? And you think its right?" Sasuke inquired. He violently yanked off his boot, threw it behind him, and sat on his bed.
"I don't condone your father's decisions, I just want you to be ready for the repercussions going against him." Shikamaru meant it; people who went against the king suffered a cruel, ill fate. Even if Sasuke was a prince, his son, he doubted he'd go easy on him. He didn't want his friend and comrade to suffer the same fate.

"I don't care what he does to me-" Sasuke spit.

"But what about her?" challenged back.

Sasuke's jaw grinded.

"That's low." Sasuke spoke quietly.
"That's realistic, you should try it out sometime." Shikamaru retorted. "I'm only offering advice, since I know you'll do what you want anyways. At least I can say I tried."

Sasuke watched silently on the grim look on Shikamaru's face as he walked away, then wondered if he wore the same expression on his face.

"Really, Sakura, what's the point of this thing?" Her aunt asked as she examined Hana, her pride and joy.

"What do you mean? A monster could literally walk into town square and there wouldn't be enough guards to protect people. She can." Sakura said proudly, wiping sweat from her forehead. Aunt Menami had abandoned her day of house cleaning to keep Sakura company. Sakura was grateful for it; she hadn't talked to Ino for a couple days and she felt lonely.

Sakura didn't know if she was still angry at her friend; it was mostly disbelief at the Ino acted. Now that her head cleared, she didn't think Ino was jealous. It was something else upsetting her friend. But then why did she have to ruin Sakura's moment? She'd always been there for Ino to listen to her, good or bad, about her boyfriends. The one moment Sakura finally had it, Ino ruined it.

Maybe she was still mad.

Her aunt was lounging on an old couch in the corner watching her work. Menami shook her head at her niece.

"What are you talking about? There hasn't been an attack in Konoha in 15 years!" Menami announced.

Sakura frowned. "Well", she said while digging through some wires, "you never know. Maybe one day both her and I will be able to look out past Konoha."

A delicate brow rose on her aunt's face. Menami stood up and got closer to the giant to see Sakura better.

"You're planning on leaving us old folk now? Going on your own adventures with a certain…ahem…prince?" Menami asked, feigning innocence.

Sakura's head popped out from behind the giant faster than a weasel.

"You're not old auntie. And it has nothing to do with Sasuke…these are things I want for myself." Sakura babbled.

Menami gave her a blank, disbelieving stare. Sakura pouted.

"Fine, maybe it has a little do with Sasuke. I'm not going to follow him around like some puppy though! I want my own path to follow! He just helped me realize it is all." Sakura spoke.

Menami nodded in understanding.

"So if he asked you to go with him, would you?"

Sakura froze deep in thought.

Would she? Could she leave everything behind and go on a blind path in front of her, not knowing where it leads? Especially when you added a boy and romance into the mix, things were always bound to get dramatic. She could follow him halfway across the world and get her heart broken.

Or she could stay here and get her heart broken. There wasn't a difference if things didn't work out between them.

"It's nothing you have to decide now you know. But I'll support you." Menami offered with a warm smile.

Sakura gave one back.

She would miss her aunt, and her father, and Ino…

But, Sakura would go. Sasuke only had to ask.

Sakura tries to remind herself that even if she's falling for Sasuke that doesn't mean he'll go out with her, but the lines keep blurring. The walls she tried to put up just to keep a little distance between them are crumbling. That's the problem, you see, once you fall you keep going until you hit the ground.

She wonders if the ground would hurt.

Even with the impending doom, Sakura loves Sasuke. She knew she couldn't resist it.

Sasuke visits her almost every day now and they take walks, eat out at places, or just sit near the pond in the park. He isn't one for the public because he is such a popular figure, and Sakura is perfectly fine with having him alone. He asks her questions as if he takes her seriously. All her work, aspirations, and dreams. He tells her about his life at the capitol, and he can tell she is genuinely interested in knowing him and his personality. He finds that he's comfortable not only holding a conversation with her, but starting them as well.

He begins to wonder if he can take her back to the capitol with him, but that would be insinuating a lot on his part and he's unsure of her response. Will it mean something more? A big step for a possible relationship? He knows that she will not want to leave her father though. And he's unsure himself of how much time left he'll have at the capitol before he leaves for his mission. Barely enough time to try and convince his father to call off his wedding plans and make him see eye to eye.

He could come up with an excuse for a temporary trip; use her as a contracted engineer. She'll probably see right through his measly excuses. He contemplates this as he sits beside her at an ice cream shop, watching her glance at the magnolia trees they're sitting next too. For a girl as rough and tough as she is, she looks beautiful with her eyes sparkling and just a bit of chocolate ice cream at the side of her mouth. Even though Sasuke doesn't like sweets, he enjoys treating her.

He doesn't get close to people, the Uchiha's don't trust many people out of their family. Around her, he finds it easy to lower his guard, maybe because she doesn't press him for anything and just enjoys his company. But he knows he has to make a decision soon. He unconsciously leans on his hand, which brings him closer to her on the bench they're sharing. He's so lost in his thoughts that he's oblivious to it. Sakura notices right away, with her breath going short.

She's grown to like him more than she thought she could. She's used to going toe to toe with the boys and stepping up to any challenge they give her. Trying to impress them with her mechanic skills or her physical strength. She's been so busy trying to be one of the guys that she forgot to actually look at them. Until Sasuke. Sasuke brings about the more womanly side of her, she feels. Somehow, it makes her feel more connected to her mother and she's grateful for that. She misses her, and wishes that she could tell her about this man, and it should be more hurtful than it is to remember her. But remembering how she was is a gift to Sakura.

She continues to lick her swirl cone like she doesn't notice, but her back has become stiff and her nerves alert. Even though they've now shared a kiss, things are going slow. Sakura knows that the hesitance on her end is because of his temporary time here; maybe it's the same for him too. Most days she forgets that he's only been in her life for such a short time, and that it's finite. Once he goes back to the capitol, it'll be easy for him to forget about her.

'Then make it hard for him to forget you.' Her mind screams.

But she doesn't know how. Normally she would ask Ino for advice but they still weren't talking, and normally these weren't things she discussed with her aunt. Perhaps she should just let things go the way they're supposed to.

She thought about her discussion with aunt Menami earlier; if Sasuke asked her now, pressed up against her, there's no way she could say 'no'. But the idea of leaving her family behind, her dad, made her sad. But did it change her decision?

Did it?

What did it matter if he didn't even ask? He had to, there was no way she'd just follow him or just assume he wanted her to. That'd be crazy. She was working herself up over things that weren't up to her, not really. It would have to be Sasuke's decision.

"It's getting late." Sasuke commented, forcing her to look at him. He looked peaceful as he watched the sky darken.


Sasuke got up from his seat and stretched his hand out to her. "I'll take you home."

Sakura threw her cone away and gladly took it.

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