This is the result of collaboration, enabling, and a good bit of cheerleading on Tumblr. It's a not-entirely-serious look at what could have been a very serious idea for a Sith Tradition- when you kill a Sith Lord, you become a Sith Lord.

And Obi-Wan killed a Sith Lord on Naboo.

This story is nearly completed on both Tumblr and AO3, if you don't want to wait. However, I plan on uploading a chapter a day, or every other day, until it is complete.

The guardian would have sneered if he'd had physical form at the moment. The Sith Lord that had just entered the temple was of a type the guardian was unfortunately far too familiar with. He was one of the Sith who had never truly earned his power. He'd never defeated another Sith, hadn't even really attempted to challenge another Sith, not even his master.

Unfortunately, too many Sith Lords in the past millennium were just like this one- smug and sure of their power, but not a true Sith at all. Just as unfortunately, they were the only Sith the galaxy had, so the guardian of the temple had to deal with them.

Well. He had to deal with them when they acknowledged he existed, in any case. This one- the guardian skimmed through his mind, his mental shields were terrible- this Tyranus didn't even seem to realize the guardian was there.

The guardian would have snorted. The Sith these days had fallen so far from what they had once been. The guardian blamed Bane, and his "two Sith" idiocy. No, Sith needed other Sith to test themselves. Still… Bane's Sith were better than no Sith at all.

It had been the better part of a century since a Sith had entered this temple. The guardian was just about to contemplate revealing himself to the Sith Lord when something else intruded on his senses.

The guardian turned his attention to just outside the entrance. A group of beings had just arrived. Because they were outside the temple, the guardian couldn't tell who or what they were, just that they were there. He focused, trying to get a good look at them, through the Force or just with simple vision.

The leaders- they looked like human men- were getting off their speeder bikes, while what looked like a teenage Togruta and two identical human men were arguing with them. Eventually, the Togruta and the other two men subsided.

The two leaders headed for the entrance. The shorter one entered first, and it was all the guardian could do not to manifest. As it was, a shiver went through the air of the temple. This one was a true Sith, one who'd fought and defeated another Sith Lord, and taken his title as he did so. The guardian hadn't seen one of the true, old Sith in… far too long. No one but one of the true Sith could see it, of course, but the marks upon the man's soul were there. The guardian tried to touch the Sith's mind, to find out his name, but the Sith's shields were complex and layered things, and the guardian couldn't risk getting trapped in them.

The second, taller man entered. The guardian drew back, because this one felt like a Jedi… or almost like a Jedi. The true Sith looked over at the possible Jedi. "No matter what, Anakin, we stick together," he said.

The guardian studied the Jedi. He was powerful, there was no hiding that but there was something there… anger, well controlled but present. Fear. Darker emotions that could be turned to the Sith's advantage. And there was some sort of bond between the Jedi and the true Sith. The guardian didn't dare examine the bond too closely, but it was there. He couldn't read the Jedi any more than that, because his mental shields were nearly as good as the true Sith's.

Ah. Of course. The Jedi must be the one the true Sith had chosen to be his apprentice.

The Jedi- Anakin, apparently, which was a good strong name for a warrior like this man obviously was- was responding to the true Sith. "No arguments from me, Obi-Wan. This place feels Dark."

The true Sith- Obi-Wan- nodded. "It feels like…" he trailed off. "I think we're in an old Sith Temple, to be honest," he said. "Not one I knew about, or I probably would have warned you. Be on your guard. Sith Temples rarely like Jedi."

The guardian felt like smirking, but of course he couldn't. It was true, most Sith Temples barely suffered Jedi to live in their confines, and his Temple even less than most.

But this Jedi was safe, for now. He was with a true Sith, and obviously working with the true Sith. Even if they separated, this Jedi would be safe.

Of course, the guardian could test the young Jedi, if they were separated. There was no harm in that.

"No wonder Dooku fled here," Anakin said. He flexed his right hand.

Dooku? Oh, of course. Tyranus.

The guardian spared a bit of attention to the other Sith. He was making his way through the temple, and still radiating smugness.

The Jedi pulled out a comlink. "Ahsoka, I don't care what you sense, you are not to enter this building. No matter what. At all. Am I understood?"

"But Master…" a young female voice said.

"No, Snips. If we don't return in 24 hours, contact the Council and tell them where we are. This is a Sith Temple. I don't want my Padawan in here. Are we clear?"

"Do as he says, young one," Obi-Wan said into his own comlink.

There was a sigh, then… "Yes, Masters," the girl said. "I promise."

"Rex, Cody, the same goes to you. Stay out. Don't let anyone else enter," Obi-Wan ordered

"Yes sir," two nearly identical voices responded.

"Good," Anakin said. "May the Force be with you."

"And you, Master," the Jedi's Padawan said.

Obi-Wan and Anakin put their comlinks away and looked at each other. The guardian was completely confused, but…

Apparently, the true Sith was undercover with the Jedi? It… well, it made a certain amount of sense, especially if the Sith didn't want to go to the trouble of finding a youngling strong in the Force and teaching him everything. Corrupting a Jedi was perhaps more challenging, but at the same time, more rewarding.

"Let's go," Obi-Wan said.

The true Sith and the Jedi set off into the guardian's temple. The guardian watched them go. Whatever this true Sith was up to, he was playing a complicated game. The guardian could only approve.