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The two set off for Illiasport. Jacob really wanted this to just be over already. He had gone through more attempted rapes than anyone should ever be forced to go through. He sighed, and then continued onward.

After many more monster attacks, Alice finally let them set up camp. They had gotten halfway to the port, and Jacob knew more monsters were to come. After Jacob had cooked dinner, the two of them ate, with Jacob telling Alice a bit more about his travels.

After he finished talking about his world, he stood up and prepared to do some more training. He stepped up his training, doing more pushups, situps, and pullups than normal. When he finished, he curled up and went to sleep.

Jacob was in a place that seemed familiar to him. Then he realized why. This was where he met Illias when he was dragged into this world. He sighed, and yelled out, "Oh great and powerful Illias, please tell this poor wretch what reason you have brought him into the heavens." Jacob knew that she could hear the sarcasm dripping off his voice, and sure enough when he saw the great god herself, she looked very annoyed with him.

"You should not use sarcasm when speaking with a god." Illias said huffily. She was glaring at him, and he could tell that her annoyance didn't stem from just his sarcasm. "Anyways, why are you so reluctant to get rid of the monsters like I told you to?"

Jacob's mouth made an O, and he explained, "Well, though I have been tempted to, I don't normally go to the extent of killing people anymore. And also, I have been noticing that the humans are somewhat to blame for the problems that are occurring, because by pushing away the monsters, the monsters have no choice but to go to the lengths they are currently going to. That doesn't make the monsters innocent by any means, but if the humans treated the monsters fairly, the monsters probably wouldn't act this way."

Those reasonings did not make Illias happy. In fact, Illias became more and more annoyed with every word that Jacob said. When he finished she was almost bristling with anger. "Let me put it this way. If you do not try your best to get rid of the monster lord, you will bring down my wrath on not only you, but your friends as well."

Jacob tilted his head, not really understanding what friends she was talking about. Was she speaking of the people in the previous villages? But she seemed like she was speaking of others. However, before he could think more on that subject, Illias looked down, as if surveying something under her, and said, "Do not fail me."

After the next day's travel, Jacob and Alice arrived at Illiasport. Jacob noticed the town seemed rather empty. He thought it would be even more lively than Illiasberg, since it was a port town. This town, however, seemed much more shrugged it off, as he was hoping to just get a ship to across the sea. It seemed like when he talked to people, he got roped into things he didn't wish to do. However, when he got to the docs, he noticed that there were not that many ships about either. There was a ship captain on the docks, and Jacob thought that he would be a good person to ask why the port was such a ghost town.

"Oh, my good man. The reason that this place is so empty is there has been no round trips to Sentora for about a year now. Every time a ship heads out, there is a huge storm that comes along. Just out of nowhere. No warning, no nothing." His voice dropped down, as if he didn't want anyone listening in to what he was saying. "They say it's the work of monsters, though why they would be harassing us, I have no idea."

Jacob looked straight at Alice, who was nodding. "It seems that a strong yuma is blocking ships from crossing."

"Let me guess, I would not be a match for it." Jacob sighed, and walked away from the captain, Alice walking next to him. "Is there any way for me to get through? I am not sure if I would care about helping, as long as I can get through the storm."

A voice spoke up behind him. This voice froze his blood and made him shiver in his boots. This voice was the most terrifying thing he had heard. This voice that spoke said, in a sing-song voice, "There's a way, my hero!"

Jacob turned, and before him, bent double, was the unfortunate lamia, Amira. "Tell us what it is, and then leave us in peace please." Jacob was disgusted, and he had hoped he would never see the crime against nature that stood before him ever again. However, luck was not on his side. Amira tried to look hurt, and told him, "Please wait! Don't treat me like any other annoying character!" Jacob looked at her, and said with an annoyed tone, "I treat normal annoying characters better."

Amira sighed, and continued, "Anyways, to the east of here is a cave with the Legendary Captain Selene's treasure inside. With the treasure, there is a bell. This bell is very important. If you have it, your ship will never sink, no matter how the storm rages." Jacob nodded, turned, and ran as fast as he could east. He had the information he needed, and now was the time to get out of there. He traveled far, and eventually had to stop for a breather. Yet again, Alice seemed to have kept up with ease.

"Are you planning on running away from her every single time? That is not very heroic of you." Alice had a mocking tone that just made Jacob roll his eyes. "Well, if I can't fight a monster like that, I best run away. If a grimm were that ugly, I would kill it quickly. Put it out of it's misery, you know?" Alice continued to glare at him, but Jacob ignored her as they continued onward. Soon, Jacob and Alice were at the cave Amira spoke of.

As the pair went in, Alice wrinkled her nose. "Smells like a fox." Jacob looked over at her , dumbfounded. Alice rolled her eyes and fixed him with a glare. "Not you, something else. Idiot. It smells like thin fried tofu in here." Jacob looked very confused. "Why in the world would a fox smell like thin fried tofu? And you never told me you disliked foxes." Alice glared at him, and said, "I would have thought it was implied." With that, she slithered away quickly. That gave Jacob a hint at what would be next.

Jacob walked a few paces, and stopped dead in his tracks. In front of him was one of the cutest things he had ever seen. It was somewhat like a female version of him. She also had silver hair and fur. What was in front of him was a fox faunus with two tails. She had what seemed like a sleeveless pink Kimono, as well as black tights and black gauntlets. The kitsune also seemed exactly Jacobs age.

However, after taking all of that in, Jacob realized the fox faunus was very flustered. She spoke in a very cute voice, saying, "Wh-What should I do? I got separated from Tamamo, and then I ran into a human?" However, she then noticed Jacob's ears and tail. That made her tilt her head in confusion. "A male kitsune? Do those exist?"

Jacob smiled, and asked, "Umm, excuse me, but do you know where the Poseidon's bell is? And if you know, could you bring me there?" This made the kitsune smile. "She said I couldn't let a human take Poseidon's bell! But," again came the confused look, "Would a kitsune be allowed?" Jacob waited as an internal debate occurred in the kitsune's head. It ended the way Jacob had hoped it wouldn't. The kitsune's face brightened, and she said gleefully, "Well, even if she had specified you could come in, I still like you. I think I will take you as my husband after finishing the ceremony."

Jacob sighed, and, speaking in an annoyed tone, said to the kitsune, "You know I really wanted to like you. However, I would not like a relationship that ends with marriage to start out with rape. Thus, I will fight you until you come to your senses!"

The kitsune smirked, and started twirling her tails playfully. "Fufufu, come on, let's have some fun!" She then lept at Jacob, tails outstretched. Jacob slid underneath her, slashing her across the stomach. It wasn't enough to seal her, just enough to make her very tired. Jacob stood up then turned to face her again. The kitsune looked very flustered, like she wasn't expecting someone to dodge her attack.

The kitsune, however, would not be deterred so easily. She concentrated really hard, and said, "Clone jutsu!" Suddenly, two clones appeared, looking exactly like the kitsune. Jacob was about to be impressed, when one of them started to talk. "Fufufu… Amazing, right? Now you can see I'm the real deal." Jacob's face went slack. Not only did she have one of her clones talk, but while the other two looked frigid as boards, the third had a stupid grin on their face. Jacob put his face in his hands, and said, "You are so unbelievably dumb." He then straightened up, walked over to the kitsune, who had a somewhat outraged look on her face, and he proceeded to backhand her. "Your clones looked stiff, while you were over here acting like an idiot. You spoke using your mouth, tipping me off that it was you, and you are just an all around shit fighter. Come back to fight me when you get some training and get good."

The kitsune burst into tears, but Jacob ignored her. He walked past her down the hall. It looked like all of the traps were sprung beforehand. That made the going easier for Jacob, but that made him wonder what he would have to face ahead.

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