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After passing the traps and battling the likes of Meda and a Spider girl, Jacob stepped into a large, cavernous room. The walls looked like the walls of the passageway he had just come through up until a door frame, which very abruptly turned into brick like it had been done by a fourth grader using Photoshop.

In the doorway there was, of course a door made of iron. However, in between him and the door was sitting another… kitsune? He was hesitant to call it that. It was unlike any Faunus he had ever seen, for instead of the normal change of a tail or ears, it's entire lower body was changed to a yellowish fox's lower body, and her upper body was totally nude, nothing covering her large tits. It wouldn't have bothered him as much if it wasn't for the fact that him and the kitsune from before looked like normal faunus. It was kind of strange for something like him to be so… different. Almost like it was a totally different species than the kitsune he had seen before.

He glanced at it's tails. Like the kitsune before, it had more than the standard one. However, this one was even more of a freak, boasting seven tails. He turned to Alice to ask her the reasoning behind the number, but he sighed as he realized his 'companion' was nowhere to be seen.

He slowly turned his head towards the fox-taur. "I don't expect you would be willing to just give up the Poseidon's bell thing and skip the bloodshed?"

She shook her head, smirking at him in a way that he had seen before. She expected herself to fully win this fight. "I am sorry, but I don't think so. You are way to interesting." Her eyes lingered on his ears and tail. "You see, I have never seen anything like you before. A male, but one that has a dominant trait of monster blood in him? I must see if your seed is anything special. If it is, I may keep you as a pet."

Jacob took out his swords. "I would rather not, but I will defeat you if I must." When he said that, the fox-taur burst out laughing. "You, beat me? Come now, you must be joking! A one tailed kitsune defeating a seven tail? You would have to have a miracle for that to occur!"

Jacob's single tail swished with annoyance. "What do you mean?" The fox-taur blinked and made a face of pure disbelief. "You don't know? Normally, a kitsune has tails equal to their power. A one tailed fox is the lowest power level, while a nine tailed fox is the highest power level." She motioned to their respective tails. "I have seven, you have one. You catch my drift?"

Jacob bit his lip and looked at the tails. Him having one tail making him weak was bullshit, as he was a Faunus, but her having seven was no laughing matter, if what she was saying was true. However, he was not deterred. "I beat another kitsune with more tails than me, I can do it again."

She rolled her eyes. "Congratulations, you beat a kitsune with ONE more tail than you. Bravo!" She slowly clapped as she gave him a bored look. "You will find that I, Nanabi, am in a class of my own."

Jacob growled as she spoke, knowing she was right but not wanting to admit it. "Look, will you hand over the stupid bell or not?"

Nanabi glared down at him as one glares at an annoying gnat. "OK then. Since your ears aren't working, I guess I will have to use force to show you my superiority." Suddenly, she struck, her tails tearing off the fox Faunus' pants and revealing what was underneath.

(Well, he had to hit a hard boss at one point, and this was the first hard boss in the game.)

Jacob yelped and leapt back, his face beat red. "What the actual fuck!" Nanabi only grinned as she looked down at his now exposed privates. "Above average size. I will enjoy playing with it." Jacob only blushed deeper. "You're paying for a new pair of pants."

He was so embarrassed from both his lack of ability to react to her attack and the fact that his dick was now open for her to see. However, he had to ignore it for now. He struck at her, slashing her along her chest. She stumbled a small bit, surprised, her breasts bouncing a small bit as she stepped back, but nonetheless she looked no worse for wear.

He stared at her for a few seconds, not believing what he was seeing. She took his hit and didn't give a shit? Maybe she was a bit to powerful for him. He gripped his sword tightly, his knuckles turning white. He wasn't truly sure what to do.

Jacob wasn't given too much time to think, because after she recovered she rushed forward, knocking him down. She pushed his penis between her ample breasts, pushing them together and moving them up and down along his shaft. She gave his tip a small lick.

Jacob was shocked into allowing her to do it for a few seconds before shoving her off. He slowly stood up and attacked her, slashing her waist, but still doing no good.

Her tails swept his feet out from under him before she pinned him down with her hands, her tails working his shaft like a machine. She licked up the side of his cheek with a smile. "Come on. Become mine, fox boy." Jacob forced her off again, this time kneeing her in her soft underbelly.

She winced and jumped off him, showing a small bit of weakness. However, that weakness was all Jacob needed. He knew where he had to hit, but he wasn't sure how he would get there. While he was thinking, he didn't notice a leaf had appeared on her forehead, or the fact that magic was flowing around her.

Nanabi struck out one last time, her tails almost strangling Jacob's cock as they worked it. Jacob couldn't handle it anymore and came into the fluffy tails.

It was almost as if the tails absorbed the cum. She hummed happily. "You're mine now." She pushed him down to the floor, positioning herself over him. He looked down and saw her moist pussy above his cock. He looked away.

The monster chuckled. "Don't be shy. Your soon to be bride just wants to have some fun with you." And with that, she forced herself down. Her pussy felt warm, feeling like it changed to fit his cock in perfectly. She slowly moved, sending waves of pleasure through his body.

Slowly she started moving, her fox lower body moving forward and back, up and down, stimulating his dick like it had never been before. It almost felt like her pussy was slowly making him lose his mind through the stimulation.

Jacob squirmed underneath her. It was so humiliating, being raped by the person who beat him. She smiled. "Does the little hero enjoy his fiancée's cunt? Don't worry, you will be feeling more of it in the future."

Jacob gritted his teeth into what could almost be called a smirk. Suddenly Nanabi realized that it hadn't been her who had been draining him of power, she herself felt weaker. Like he had slowly been taking power away from her while she had been fucking him.

Jacob had been biding his time, squirming to slowly get a grip on his swords again the entire time. He swung, slicing Nanabi across her underbelly. She cried out in pain as she suddenly started to shrink, her humanoid torso becoming like that of a fox as she was sealed.

Jacob roughly pushed the fox off him and stood up. He glanced down at his torn jeans, wishing they were still in one piece. He only had one other thing he could wear as pants, and those were his pajamas. Plaid patterns on pants wouldn't exactly be a good idea in this time period, but it would be better than no pants at all.

He heard someone slither up behind him. "Alice, I do not want any of your snide comments right now. I am not in the best of moods."

Alice, ignoring that comment, said, "You are one of the dumbest people I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. You just let her rape you like that? Even if you did win, you still allowed a monster to rape you? How do you ever expect to get back home with those skills."

Jacob rounded on her. "I don't know, OK?! I don't know, and you really aren't helping, so please be quiet." She looked infuriated. "I think you need to be taught a lesson!"

Just as Jacob was sure he was going to be beaten into a pulp, the door behind him opened, revealing another kitsune. This one looked like she was twelve. However, when he saw her tails, he gasped. There was the maximum amount, nine.

She glanced down at the sealed kitsune before looking back at Jacob. She walked up to him before walking around him, examining him up and down. "You must have some skill to defeat Nanabi." She sniffed the air a few times before adding, "but I do wonder, why does it look and smell like she raped you before you defeated her?"

Alice slithered up until she was right beside him. "It's because he did. Even while he was being raped, however, he still somehow had enough strength to seal her."

The kitsune's eyebrows shot up. "Surprising indeed!" She giggled. "Though, I guess I wouldn't want Nanabi to have someone so cute all to herself." Jacob put his face in his hands. "You aren't going to try anything as well, are you? Because at this point I would probably just let you rape me. No point in trying to stop you."

She raised an eyebrow before shaking her head. "Even if you were at full strength you probably couldn't take me on. However, fear not. I am not going to try to rape you like my subordinates did." She held out a hand. "I am Tamamo. You must be Jacob. Granberia told me about you."

Jacob glanced down at the hand held out to him, and when he did, he noticed that, in her other hand, she held a strange bell. His eyes widened as he asked, "Is that the Poseidon's bell?"

She held it up and nodded. "Yes. Crossing the sea is so annoying with Alma Elma there, so I am taking this."

Jacob's eyes were fixated on the bell. "Is there anything I could do to get the bell?" Tamamo looked him up and down before saying, "Answer me some questions, then I might give you it. First things first, what are you?"

Jacob replied almost immediately, "A Faunus." "And what is that?" "Part human, part animal hybrid." The kitsune slowly sniffed again. "I don't think that's true. It's strange, but I am pretty sure that you are a kitsune." She peered into his eyes, every once in a while sniffing again, before she said, "No, you are a monster. Just one with magic surrounding him. Magic keeping your monster side from coming out."

She snapped her fingers, and Jacob fell to the ground. It felt like his body was changing. It all hurt. Almost like the very fibers of his being were changing. He looked up at her as he slowly lost consciousness. The last thing he heard was, "Sleep well, kitsune."

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