Hey guys this will be a series of oneshots maybe two or even three shots for Wendip. To be clear some will take place after the story Blazing stars in The night but that won't happen often and I'll tell you when they do but if I will tell you. Alright enjoy!

It was another day in Gravity falls when Dipper Pines happened to be just sitting around reading on a bench when a few bullies came over and started to tease Dipper and then stole the hat Wendy gave him and trashed the book he was reading. If they hadn't tooken the book he wouldn't have cared but Wendy's hat was a different story. "Give it back!" Dipper yelled as he tried to jump up and grab the hat. "In your dreams!" The bullies laughed. Dipper kept trying to snatch the hat from them before they could do anything to it but he never succeeded in grabbing it. "Your never going to get it back!" They laughed. "Give him the hat." A voice growled from behind them. "Why should I?" The bully laughed. "Because you never mess with a me." Wendy growled. Then she punched the bully and retrieved the hat and gave it back to Dipper and then she growled at the other bullies and they ran off. "Thanks Wendy." Dipper replied gratefully. "No problem are you ok?" Wendy asked. "Yeah." Dipper replied moving to pick up whatever was left of his book. "Hey after we clean this up we go and get some pizza and a bunch of other food and watch a bunch horrible movies!" Wendy suggested cheerfully. "Yes!" Dipper said happily. "Or even better let's watch a bunch of peoples memories!" Wendy suggested excitedly. "That's even better!" Dipper said excitedly. "Then let's go!" Wendy said and with that they ran off to get the memory tubes. Hours later both were laughing so hard they thought they would pass out. Another few hours later both had dozed off exhausted.

Hey guys hope you enjoyed that chapter I know its not long but still just small cute fluff. Mando out!🔥