Today was a very important day to Dipper Pines. It was the day he asked Wendy to marry him. "Ok so let's review it again!" A nervous Dipper insisted. "Must I remind how your plan to ask her to dance when you were twelve just follow your heart like me!" Mabel said cheerfully. "Fine." Dipper said his stomach performing flips. "Remember what I said! Follow your

heart!" Mabel yelled. "I remember!" Dipper yelled back as he walked to his car. "Hey Wendy you don't have to worry about walking I'm coming to pick you up!" Dipper said on his cell as he drove. "Thanks man!" Wendy said smiling even though Dipper couldn't see it. "I'll be over in five!" Dipper said. "Alright love you! Bye!" Wendy said through the phone. "Bye! Love you to!" Dipper said and then the two hung up at the same time. He arrived fast and knocked on the door holding flowers. "Wow someone is fancy wearing his nice plaid shirt!" Wendy laughed pointing to his usual plaid shirt. "Yup five bucks the price was high!" Dipper joked. "Hold on let me get that!"

Dipper said opening the truck door. "Thanks man!" Wendy smiled. "Hey what's up your even sweatier than usual." Wendy said laughing. "It's nothing." Dipper assured her. "Ok." Wendy said in a tone that meant they were going to come back to that topic later. "Ok were here don't look up." Dipper said jumping out of the truck to get the door for Wendy. "Alright." Wendy said looking straight ahead. Dipper then lead her up the ladder and said "close your eye's. Don't worry I won't let you fall." Dipper said taking her hand. "Don't worry I trust you." Wendy said smiling at him. "I'll tell you when to open your eye's." Dipper said as they walked. "Ok now you can open your eye's." Dipper said with a smile on his face. "Oh my gosh its the spot were you first found out you had a crush on me!" Wendy said delighted. "We have been everywhere in town except for here on dates. So I figured you'd like it here." Dipper said smiling. "Oh my gosh I love it!"

Wendy said hugging Dipper. "I figured you would." Dipper blushed. "Dork." Wendy giggled. "Do you wanna sit down?" Dipper asked gesturing to the lawn chairs that had sat up here. "Sure." Wendy said sitting in the chair. For awhile the two ate and talked and pointed out the numerous stars in the sky. "Hey look it's the big Dipper!" Wendy said laughing pointing to the

constellation. "Hilarious." Dipper said rolling his eyes but still smiling. "Ok now is the perfect time to ask her." Dipper thought to himself. "Hey you wanna dance?" Wendy asked. "Sure." Dipper said. "Ok later." He thought to himself. Dipper pulled out his phone and gave it to Wendy for her to choose a song. "This one!" Wendy said clicking on the song. As they were dancing the part were Dipper was supposed to twirl Wendy around and Wendy twirled Dipper which surprised him slightly causing him to slip and fall with only the gutters preventing him from falling. "Oh my gosh Dipper are you ok?!" Wendy panicked. "Ok I'll pull you up but you have to pull yourself up at the same time." Wendy said getting down on her knee's.

"Wendy it won't work I'll break the glass on the attic window!" Dipper said. "Glass is replaceable. You are not!" Wendy said grabbing his wrist. "Fine." Dipper said placing his feet on the window. Then the glass broke when Dipper was almost up. "Hurry up!" Dipper said looking at Wendy worried.

"I'm trying!" And with one big feat of strength yanked him up leading to both tumbling on the roof. "Ok so that was interesting." Wendy laughed. "No kidding!" Dipper laughed. "Hang on I'm gonna get some stuff to clean my leg." He said gesturing to his bloody leg covered in glass. "No I'll get it." Wendy said hopping up. "Alright." Dipper said. In about ten minutes Dipper had managed to clean and bandage his leg. "Alright I can do this." He thought in his mind a reached for the ring in his pocket. And then was about to get down on one knee but then Wendy said "Hey why don't we see what else is in the basket!" Wendy said hoping to find more delicious food. "Ok." Dipper said. "Hey look its popcorn! The type we used to eat on movie nights!" Wendy said happily smiling at him. "Figured you'd like it!" Dipper said smiling at her. "Hey I brought Pinecones and I see the old target is still up what do you say?" Wendy said grinning. "You know it!" Dipper said

picking up some pinecones. "Hey hitting cars is extra points!" Wendy said smiling recalling when Dipper had hit a car. "What about moving cars?" Dipper asked grinning. "Go for it!" Wendy said patting him on the back. "Hey get ready I see some late night tourist!" Wendy said pointing to a car that said Maryland on the license plate. "Now!" Wendy said and Dipper through the Pinecone causing it to hit the car. "Now hide!" Wendy said and tugged him behind the chairs. "Dang squirrels!" The driver yelled. "Stay down he's looking up." Wendy whispered. "Ok." And remained on the

ground. "He went inside let's go!" Wendy said. The two stayed out their for sometime before it starting raining. "Hey let's pack up and go in before it gets to bad." Wendy said. "Wait close your eye's and hold out your hand." Dipper said. "Ok." Wendy said doing as she was told. Dipper then placed the ring in her hands and told her to open her eyes. "Will you marry me?" He asked as the rain poured down around them. "Yes! One million yes's!" Wendy said hugging Dipper and then kissed him. The band of the ring was a beautiful oak wood and on top of it was a simple beautiful diamond. The two then joyfully packed up the stuff they had brought up to the roof and then broke the news to everyone about their getting married. While Mabel squealed so loudly Dipper was sure New Jersey could here it. "Ok so

when's the wedding?" Mabel asked excitedly. "I have no idea yet." Wendy said. "I have so many ideas!" Mabel said. "Hey I think we want a simple wedding nothing crazy big." Wendy said. "Yeah." Dipper agreed with Wendy. "Fine." Mabel said. "Now all's we have to do is break the news to my Dad." Wendy said. "Well let's go then." Dipper said. And the two walked to Dipper's truck together.

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