Small Talks

Kiznaiver Drabble

Characters: Mika and Yuta

A short one-shot? (Or multiple?) of these two characters that I think will become good friends (and maybe more?) later in the series. These two have very interesting interactions to say the least which what made me attracted to these characters in the first place. These are going to be really small drabbles I think. So, on we go!

Summary: Just some conversations that happens between Yuta and Mika.

"Honaka-chan! Hello there, how odd it is to see you around these parts."

Yuta caught up to Mika swiftly and quickly, not running since that wasn't his style, but speed walking. Mika ignored his presence as best she could, until he stepped a little to close, getting into her personal space. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, noticing how he wasn't facing her. She believes he did it unconsciously, that he stepped closer not of his own volition by the relaxed way he seemed to be walking. She took in his appearance and slowly calculate him in her mind.

Normal school clothes. Straight, short hair. Well groomed, must spend time on his looks. He seems to walk with an air of arrogance around him, but not enough to make people avoid him. No, quite the opposite actually. His arrogance can be mistaken for confidence which drew people to him, making him more attractive to their eyes. She knew already he was clever, but that didn't mean she can tolerate him, let alone be this close together. His hand almost brushed her side a couple times.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was only passing through, when I saw you walking by, and such a pretty girl walking the streets alone as the sun starts to set is very dangerous," Yuta replies back easily, as if he's had this conversation a million times beforehand.

Maki stops walking, Yuta stopping as well a few feet before her. He notices she still hasn't looked up from the book she was holding in her hand, but he noticed her looking, more like examining, him earlier. He smirks a little inside for that, thinking that he at least got her attention. She closes her book suddenly, a loud sounding slap from it. Maki's eyes slowly look up to his, but instead of him flinching back, he only gives her a little smile. Maki was currently giving him one of her famous glares, but he didn't seem bothered in the slightest.

This would usually upset any other human, but not her. She is Maki Honoka. She can do anything and she knows everything that you could learn. Maki Honoka doesn't get fazed by school boys who constantly try to make a dent in her life and try to be "friends" with her. No, she's smarter than that.

So, she'll play along with him for now, in this little game of chess they're playing.

"Are you coming Honaka-chan?" Yuta says, a smirk on his face as he turns to fully face her. Even if their only finally interacting because of their "bond" through their pain and being Kiznaivers, that doesn't mean he won't have fun while he's at it. So, he'll have his entertainment, and what better way than Maki Honoka, the only girl that he knows that could keep up this game with him.

Maki doesn't respond to his obvious jab, and marches forward. She always walks with a purpose, Yuta realized this long ago, and even if she doesn't know where she's going, she'll always walk straight on forward.

"So cold, such a terrible personality, like I always say."

They walk along in silence, neither realizing that even if they don't necessarily havI'm e the most pleasant conversations, they always enjoy their little chats.

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