The Survivor

Harry Potter/ Percy Jackson x-over
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Thwack, crack, crunch were the sounds that permeated the dojo's walls at six in the morning. A young teen stood in the centre of the hall, bokken-training sword at his side as he methodically made his way through the kata's.

The old man with bleached white hair observed with his full attention. "Good. Again Potter-Kun." The man ordered and Potter nodded and let an audible grunt with the word "Hai" in the middle meaning yes. Harry fell backwards and into the centre stance with his body positioned for attack and his katana held diagonally hilt pointing towards his gut and he began again.

Harry had been training in the Kakita-Dojo ever since he was five years old. Due to his Dyslexia and ADHD and to prevent his Uncle from going absolutely mad about the infected freak corrupting his precious son, Aunt Petunia had to think of something and what it resulted in was her enrolling her nephew in the Kakita academy.

Harry, remembered this as he began the Kakita kata again. He had spent one year learning to meditate before he could even touch the bokken, something inside him screamed at him to move, duck, to do something but Harry would not succumb to it. He knew there was a time and a place for everything but in the dojo it was not. At least not until he turned eight when he first learnt the steps of the Kakita duelling. It wasn't the only thing he had learnt the elderly Kakita-Sensei, took him off to one side and told him of his abilities over Magic or Maho.

Then came the tests, to see which Shugenja path his blood would allow him to walk and again he surprised his elderly master. His blood screamed with the power of Kuni, Agasha and Isawa three major clan families coursed in his veins even with the presence of the ichor of a Gaijin Outsider deity. Now here he was ten years later five days from fifteenth gempukku celebration when he would forge his own sword if he would be allowed.

Kakita looked at his apprentice and took to the floor, unsheathed his bokken with speed and grace that benighted his age and struck. Harry felt the attack come and expertly deflected the attack and they began to duel. "Potter-kun, you seem completely ill-at-ease this fine day. What troubles you?"

Harry parried and attacked with the fourth kata of the Kakita 'One Strike Two Cuts'. "Sensei, last year at school I saw a peer murdered in front of me. I was powerless to stop the murder and I ran from the murderer and his men." Kakita stopped momentarily.

"Was he a superior foe? Did he have honour?"

"Older and wiser yes. He killed a man of seventeen for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He tried to murder me at one-year-old." Harry was falling back now, it wasn't obvious to an untrained observer but both student and teacher knew it was happening.

Kakita stopped as did Harry "I shall pray for his soul…You did yourself and this school no dishonour. I am sure you and this monster shall cross paths and the next time you shall triumph…Now we spar with steel, three blood."

Harry bowed, took both bokken and with care placed them on the racks in the wall and turned to the katana next to them. With tender care and placed his left hand on the bottom end of the sheathe with his right hand near the top with both palms on the underside he lifted a blade out, walked to his master to find the man with his own blade. Kakita smiled "It is good to treat your sensei with respect and honour, but I have my own blade from my time as a student. This shall be your live practise blade from now until you join your ancestors…Now show me how to fasten the sword to say 'I trust you'." Harry fastened the blade to his left side and handed over the blade edge up.

Kakita accepted the blade "It seems you remember your lessons."

"Never draw your sword or make an attempt to grab it unless you are to use it. Sensei."

By now there was a knock on the dojo door and it slid open, revealing a tall man with a long silver beard. His name was Albus Dumbledore "There you are my boy…I was worried when you left the protections of your Aunt's had not returned. I have turned to escort you back."

Harry smirked and paid no heed to the headmaster, the man had entered without protocol and as such Harry would not heed his request "Shall we begin sensei?"

Kakita nodded "You will not honour this man's words apprentice?"

"He does not know the traditions. Tradition is everything to a practitioner of Kakita duelling."


Dumbledore stopped dead, 'Harry was training in KAKITA!', Dumbledore paced backwards to the door, removed his shoes and bowed deeply. Kakita stopped "Welcome Albus-San my old friend. What brings you to my dojo?"

"Your apprentice…He needs to return to the protections cast by his deceased mother and bound by the kinship his mother and aunt had." Dumbledore replied, deliberately not bringing the words 'Blood Wards' up as they were impolite and would warrant seppuku. Dumbledore had travelled much and far and learnt much and had forgotten much but the one thing he had not forgotten was Rokugan/Japan laws of etiquette.

Kakita nodded "You are protected by the arts of the damned? What must you do?"

Harry's eyes flashed from bright green to an almost black like colour with a faint amber pigment showing the thickness of the Isawa and Kuni blood within him and his physical whipcord thinness Agasha family. "Calm yourself apprentice. I forgive you for the first mistake but this one I cannot. You are meant to become a man and a master of this dojo or are you still a child."

Harry gulped, handed his blade to Kakita bowed deeply, before moving backwards to where he used to meditate and he began to. That was when everything changed.


Harry's mind was an abandoned Japanese town in Rokugan. The second landmass of the world before it became what it is now known. He followed his instincts which led him to the Big House of his family.

The town was deserted, not even a single guard was present. This resembled the lack of positive reinforcement from adults and peers. He slowly made his way up the steps to see the lantern lights were also extinguished showing his reclusiveness and being kept in the dark.

He found himself in the meeting hall where five daises were set up with beings sat in them. "Welcome Hadrian, Son of James and Lily of the House Potter." Harry bowed deeply and went onto his knees and bowed again.

'Be polite. Be calm.' Harry told himself "Great lords and lady, of whom do I have the honour of meeting." His response was met by faint murmurings in Ancient Rokugani, he managed to pick up "The Kakita are good for something evidently then."

Then the first stood up "My name young Lord Potter is Kuni…Yes, I am the Kuni whose blood flows in your veins. My companions are Isawa the Shugenja of the Phoenix clan, Agasha of the Dragon also a Shugenja and the last is Matsu of the Lion Clan a formidable warrior. The last is…"

"…My name is Hades. I am the Lord of the Underworld, Dead and Wealth…I have been waiting to speak with you my son for a long time. The Kami as you know them as are real, some have died because they have been forgotten or have taken on new aliases. I have seen your struggles and your triumphs which I commend you for and I see you have not yet fallen for the never ending grudge which is common for children of my line. I cannot stay long but know that I am proud of you, my present to you shall arrive shortly. I shall not wish you fortune and wealth as it is unbecoming of your studies but I shall ask you to not bring dishonour to your lineage." With that Hades departed leaving Harry alone with the four Rokugani Kami.

"We cannot give you much for that is dishonourable. But we will give you the basics of our styles and some of our spells. You must find knowledge and learn it, ready your blade and brace for war as the scourge of Lu-Feng has arisen once again. We bid you well honoured descendant and bring honour to us all."

(Mindscape end)

Harry woke up and felt more at ease than he had in a long time "I believe I am ready." Kakita looked at him and nodded.

"I agree. Now take your blade and we shall begin."

Dumbledore watched in amazement as his old friend and favourite pupil moved at speeds that could only be described as inhuman. The duel stopped once and Kakita stared at his arm where two cuts resided "Three blood right sensei?" Asked Harry.

Kakita smiled "If you're going to be doing that skill Single Strike Double Cut, you need to land three of them. Besides look at you." Harry looked at his side to see a thin trickle of blood."

"One all then." The match resumed with Harry landing a single blow this time instead of two and Kakita missing by a tenth of a millimetre. "You really are a prodigy with a blade."

Then it was over, the blades touched three times and Kakita landed a much more advanced version of One Strike Two Cuts, this was Three Strikes Six Cuts. "I win apprentice but you are worthy of forging your own blade."

Harry nodded and turned to his headmaster "You wished to see me?"

"Why aren't you at your aunt's house?"

"They can't help me with my problems. Have you ever noticed why my theory is only ever an Acceptable but my Practical is either Exceeds Expectations or Outstanding?"

Dumbledore nodded "I have but never…"

"Deemed it important? Or could not be bothered to ask? For your information it is called Dyslexia. It means I find it hard to read, my fidgeting in class is called ADHD also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder meaning I need to be interested in the exercise if I'm going to do well. I train here because it helps." Harry responded trying to keep hold of his temper.

Dumbledore nodded, he had heard of such a difficulty but the Governors would not allow him to implement the skills to help those with it. "What happens now?"

"Harry-San now forges his blade which will take two-three days and then he can move onto the more complex paths of the Kakita duellist or even turn his hands to the Shugenja arts…"