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"Emphasis and Spells"

Atlas snarled. That Scion of Hades was being incredibly annoying. Couple that with arguably the strongest Scion of Poseidon with Hydro aquatic skills at least and the Lightning based Bitch of Zeus, he sufficiently occupied.

He had managed to successfully dispatch his daughter and critically injure the other Huntress.

He turned around to find the Scion of Hades reaching for the Sky.


Harry saw Atlas turning towards them. He concentrated on his powers of the Shugenja. "Break the shackles! Unleash the Goddess Contained."


Artemis felt the power rush through the child in front of her and then he grabbed the manacles on her wrists. They melted in a flurry of different colours. The Child of Hades freed her legs and she rushed forwards grabbing the Son of Hades sword.

Atlas it seemed was carrying Artemis's daggers. The Goddess of the Hunt, Fertility, Moon, Chastity, Animals and the Wilderness snarled and she charged forwards into combat.

Atlas swung his spear but Artemis shifted seamlessly into an animal form and back again evading the brutish swings of the Titan.


"Break the shackles! Unleash the One Contained." Harry growled and he hoisted the sky. It immediately drove him to one knee, he had no idea how heavy it would be but this was something else!


Harry held the sky. Percy and Thalia could tell that he was in agony. "Kelp head let's go. Take out Atlas at the knees and drive him into Harry. I need him."

Percy raised an eyebrow "Need him?"

"I want out of the Prophecy. He can't fulfil it. I don't want to. He knows how to skip fate and destiny thus I need him. Doesn't help that he's hot…for a Hades kid."

Atlas back handed Artemis. Thalia struck, she grabbed her spear and drove it into Atlas's heel. The roar the Titan gave made a visibily hurting Harry smirk.

"OI! ASSHOLE!" Harry shouted distracting Atlas as he saw Percy form in essence a battering ram of water. Thalia began to charge it with lightning.

Atlas turned his senses told him something was about to happen. Suddenly he found himself falling backwards. He was heading towards the sky. "Iter."

Atlas stumbled, he felt his legs go. He went for his spear, he wasn't going under the sky! He would destroy the fortress and drop the Sky on the Earth if he needed to.

Artemis booted him in the stomach. She saw the spear jump away from the Titan. She watched as it landed in Harry's broken hand. The Son of Hades was on his knees using his head and unbroken shoulder and arm to support the sky.

Artemis watched as his hair had taken on a white streak. She sensed the strike. It would be a mighty one made by her demi-god cousin and sister. Yes she was immortal but she was one of the few that acknowledged their half-godly siblings. She smirked coldly as Atlas slammed into the Son of Hades and was trapped beneath the sky again.


Harry saw the battering ram hit Atlas. The Titan flew towards him. As fast as Harry was with his skills in Umbrakinesis, Atlas was moving faster. The impact sent Harry onto his back. Atlas however was pinned by the Sky.

The Titan turned his head, he saw Harry. Harry flipped him the bird as he scrambled for Atlas's shadow and he vanished. The pressure was immense and Harry erupted from Thalia's.

He appeared and promptly collapsed to his knees. His face white with pain, Thalia dropped in front of him "Harry are you okay?"

"Been better. We'll do the thing…when I wake. Lady Artemis."

The Goddess joined Thalia "Yes, Scion of Hades?"

"Permission to pass out?"

"Granted." Harry did so.


As he did so. Zoe Nightshade passed away and was raised into the constellation of the Huntress. Harry felt her soul passing, bitch she may well have been but she deserved the chance to go to Elysium. He'd have a word with his father.

He slumbered in the Chariot of Artemis. Artemis had picked him up and place him most tenderly on her chariot. "Perseus Jackson, you and the Scion of Hades are exceptionally brave and loyal…for men."

Percy snorted "I doubt with Harry that he did it out of loyalty. He's already finished one war and now in another. All he knows is how to fight. All I know is that he's on our side and a force of nature."

Artemis cocked her head "A force of nature? How so?"

Thalia spoke next "I know you were occupied with the sky and for it not crushing Annabeth, thanks for that. Harry joined us and took on the Demigods fighting for the other side. He summoned…black wings…"

Artemis nodded and her eyes widened "I see…So he has chosen a new herald…I wonder how long this one will remain sane."


"Thanatos's herald. The Herald of Death. Thanatos seldom has children and thus cannot openly operate outside the Ancient Laws. Similar to how The Family cannot directly intervene and thus sire Demigods to do our bidding. Thanatos genuinely operates through his herald. Unfortunately the immense abilities of the Death God often drive those Heralds insane."

Thalia blanched "What is he?"

"Hadrian Hadesson is the closest Demigod to achieve 'immortality' outside of being ascended to full godhood."

Harry groaned and he sat up "Heard my name spoken three times and thus I have awoken."

Artemis shook her head "Your humour is as dour as your fathers."

Harry grinned at that "Good to know. So what happens now?"

"We attend the Solstice and inform my father of what we found."

Harry nodded "Who will most likely ignore the findings of his daughters and two nephews."

The sky crackled and boomed. Harry looked up "You know it is true." The thunder didn't reverberate again.

Soon enough they arrived at Olympus. To Artemis's surprise Hades was awaiting them along with Apollo.