Hello everyone. So here is my first ever Doctor Who fanfiction. Just so you know, this is set sometime after 'The Longest Game' and before 'Father's Day'. I hope you like this story because I had fun writing it.

I would like to start off by saying that I had a perfectly normal and utterly boring life. Nothing ever happen to me, and my life was filled with work. But now, I am happy to say, there is never a boring and normal day. Now this is the store of how I become one of the Doctor's companions and my life changed for the better.

It all started on a very normal Saturday afternoon in March of 2016…

I have watched quite a bit of Doctor Who lately, so I really need to go for a run. 'Because if I am ever to become a companion then I will need to run, a lot!' I thought sarcastically. Now here I am running, okay lets be honest, walk quickly down my boring old street. Then there is a rather loud noise down one of the side streets.

"Okay, I am not going to go and look for the scare noise. That's how the girl gets killed in movies." I told myself as I slowly headed in the direction of the noise. "Wow" I cannot believe my eyes. There is a real dalek down there.

"Hello, are y'all filming a Doctor Who episode?" I ask calling down the street, I know it was stupid but I was curious. The dalek turned towards me and said, "Human detected. Contain," in it creep voice.

My blood turns cold as the dalek starts my way. I cannot run because I am in shock. 'This is not real, this is not real, this is not real.' I keep saying over and over in my mind.

"You will go, you must help destroy the Doctor." The dalek said. Then all of a sudden, I am no longer on my street. As I opened my eyes I looked around to see a warehouse of some sorts. There is not much in here except a weird looking machine in the middle of the room. 'Wow, that looks like something out of a Doctor Who episode.' I thought before saying "how did I get here? I have to be dreaming."

"The human will be silent." Another dalek screamed at me.

"Ok am I being punked? I mean that show is not even on anymore; what's going on? You are not real, you are just a bad guy on a TV show." I am freaking out and backing away from the dalek.

"Silence" It screamed again as it turn and left the building. "Ok, get a grip of your self. I need to find away to get home," I quickly told my self.

"DOCTOR," I can hear from somewhere in the building. I whipped my head around. 'I know that voice.' Now I was getting more confused than anything. Daleks, Billie Piper, me going from my street to here, none of this should be happening. I start running towards where I heard Billie yell when I bump into someone I thought I would never meet, Christopher Eccleston.

"Oh, hello. Have you seen a blonde running around here?" He asked with a smile. I am still in too much shock to actually talk so I just shake my head no. "Ah okay, well if I were you I would probably leave this area is not safe for little humans like you." Then he turned me around and pushed me to the door.

Just then Billie Piper ran into the room. "Doctor it's coming what are we going to do? Who's she?" She asked. But now I am real starting to freak out. 'Why are they acting like they are still on the show?'

"I don't know. What's your name?" Christopher asked me. "Harper," I said kind of hesitantly.

"Well nice to meet you Harper, I'm the Doctor and this is Rose. Now off you go."

"Ok rewind and freeze," I yelled, both Christopher and Billie looking at me like I am crazy. "Why are y'all acting like your on the show again? I mean, come on, you have not been on the show since what, 2005? Plus I know there can't be any daleks right now, because they were only in three episodes, which this is not one of them. Oh, are you doing another special? Are there other past actors here? Can I meet Catherine Tate?" 'Now that would be the best day ever' I thought getting excited at just the possibility.

Quickly Christopher pulled out a sonic screwdriver and started to sonic me. "Oh, you are not from this universe."

"What!" I screech while Billie says, "what do you mean this universe?" This was all getting to weird for me. My past excitement quickly faded.

"Well you see there are different universes. Each one is a little different than the other, but how did you get here. It should be impossible to go between universes."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait. You are telling me, that you really are the Doctor and Rose? And that was a real dalek that I talked to? And I am not even in my own universe," my voice got higher and higher as I keep talking.

"Yup, pretty much." The Doctor said, and then everything went black.

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