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Part Two.


Raven walked casually along the edge of the wooded aura behind the school. She wasn't sure how she ended up behind campus, knowing that she probably wouldn't find any students or teachers in this area but, one would never know unless they were to try. Plus if she did find someone out this far, there would be no witness's to her prank and she'd be less likely to be caught.

She also wasn't in any hurry either. She had all night to pull off pranks and what better way to do so, when everyone was sleeping cozy and safe in their beds. Oh the nighttime pranks she could pull on them all. It sent a shiver of excitement through her body.

For now, she was enjoying the cooling breeze and the quietness of nature. Her eyes took in the green grassy plains and the tall thick trees overlapping the setting sun.

"Hmm." The witch wondered out loud tilting her head back and looking up into the trees. "All these trees are the same type…how boring. I should spice them up a bit." She said, raising her hand.

"Now…what do I make? Oh! I know!" She cheered happily casting a spell.

Her magic fully enveloped the first tree and altered it, changing its leaves and bark, turning it into an apple tree.

"That's more like it, but one isn't enough." She whispered and let her magic flow.

Within only a minute, three dozen oak trees turned into apple trees. Big round red apples hung from the branches; all perfectly ripe and ready to the picked. She took a moment to marvel at the sight and gave a nod of approval. She then figured, why stop there? There are so many more trees and so much more she could do.

The witch ran a few yards away from the tree line and turned to face it. She let her eyes roam.

"Oh! I know!" She said excitedly. "A little something for Maddie next."

Raven let her magic flow once again from the tips of her fingers and she aimed at the batch next to the newly created apple trees. In a flash, those boring old oak trees sprouted big fluffy puffs of cotton candy along their branches. Multitudes of blue and pinks surrounded the greens and as an added bonus, Raven had turned all the leaves into different tea leaves.

"There we go. No doubt Maddie will enjoy that. Maybe she'll make some cotton candy flavored tea. I'd love to try some." She said excitedly licking her lips at the thought.

"Now for the next batch. Cerise is going to love this." She said happily. Purple engulfed the next group now. Upon the tips of each branch, a small mound formed and shaped into large fully cooked pieces of stake. 'Hmm, creating meat is hard, even with magic. I hope she doesn't mind them being veggie…maybe I'll just treat her to a stake dinner later.' Raven thought, tapping her chin.

"Hey that reminds me." The witch exclaimed. She lifted her hand back up and aimed at the single tree next to one of the cotton candy ones. She aimed and cast a spell upon it. This one too altered much like the others, however instead of bright apples or puffy candy, the only thing that changed were the branches.

The bark turned flaky and tinted a lighter shade of brown.

"I'm getting a little tired of you following me Kitty. So, I present you a small gift. A treat from me to you. Something to distract you." Raven called out, a smirk forming on her lips.

'How did she know I was following her?' A grin appeared out of thin air next to the witch, soon followed by the feline Kitty. Once the cat-girl took a good look at the tree that was meant for her, her eyes widened. Slowly a familiar pleasant scent wafted into her nose. It made her skin tingle and her legs wobble.

"Is that…?" She asked, knowing what that tree was, but not being able to say it out loud.

"Yup! That is correct. That is a cat nip tree and its all for you! Please go enjoy your treat." Raven said enthusiastically.

Kitty swallowed thickly, her fingers twitched and her legs itched to run for it.

Raven decided to help get the girl started by placing her hand upon Kitty's shoulder and giving her a small nudge.

That seemed to get the girl moving because the cat girl gave a loud squeal of delight and she burst forward into a full blown sprint towards that lone tree. Kitty giggled happily, a full skip in her step, jumping up into it and buried herself into its leaves.

"Heh, have fun kitty." Raven said softly as she turned and walked away.

The witch whistled a small tune, but stop short when she caught sight of Faybelle out in the distance.

The dark fairy tiptoed into the woods, looking behind her, seemingly to check weather she was followed or not, before entering inside. Why she didn't look to her left, Raven wasn't too sure, but she didn't which means Raven went completely undetected by the fairy.

"I wonder what she's up to." Raven whispered as she walked forward.

The witch walked along the edge of the forest, keeping to the shade, moving swift and slightly. When she reached the area, where Faybelle entered, she stood behind one of the wider trees and tilted her head around and peered inside. She saw a small glimpse of the fairy walking deeper into the woods.

Raven briefly wondered weather the fairy was sneaking around to pull off a prank. It that were the case, Raven decided she'd gladly help. Even she knew that together they'd create a huge fantastic prank. Along with that, Raven could make sure that Faybelle wouldn't get too carried away and hurt someone.

When the dark fairy reached a small clearing, she stopped and when she stopped, Raven stopped.

The witch sneaked around some foliage as silently as possible and hid herself with the shadow of its thick vegetation. She leaned her head off to the side and glanced over into the clearing.

Standing in the middle, waiting for the fairy was the headmaster himself. The large man had his arms crossed over his chest and his foot tapping against the grass in clear annoyance.

'Hmm I wonder if he's seen his office yet.' Raven thought with an inward snicker. She decided to listen in to their meet up. Seeing the large man together with Faybelle, Raven changed her earlier thoughts of pranks. No doubt, this wasn't going to be good.

"You're late." He stated to the approaching fairy.

Faybelle scoffed and waved her hand dismissively. "You can't rush these things. Plus, it's me whose sticking her neck out there for this dirt, you oh-so want to know about."

The older Grimm brother humph, but nodded his head. "Don't forget, if this was found out and I too got caught, it would be my neck on the line. My reputation isn't doing too well in this school as it is. So do you have the information?" He asked, skipping anymore of the pleasantries and getting down to business.

Faybelle grinned. "Of course." She said, taking out her phone and holding it up to her face. "Let's see…a large number of princess' and princes on your royal side are currently still single. Ashlynn is still dating Hunter and they seem to be going strong. Its unclear weather she'll go against her fairytale, but for the moment, she's still following through. A large number of the evil students are still being evil and following their destinies. However, a growing number of 'evil' students want to have their own happily-ever-afters. You already know about Raven, of course, but there is also Ginger who only wants to bake. Actually, she's really good at it too. There's been talk that Tiny wants to be a dancer. News spread pretty fast that Darling wants to be a knight and is abandoning being a princess…so she's joining the rebel side. There have also been rumors that Blair isn't following her destiny either."

Raven smiled at those words. It was so nice to hear more students following their dreams and not pages of an old book. In actuality, despite what everyone thought, the witch never cared about the royal verses rebel sides or who was on them. She just wanted everyone to follow what made them happy. If Maddie wanted to follow in her father's footsteps, then great! If Lizzie wanted to become queen of hearts, perfect! If anyone else only wanted to follow their own destinies, then good for them! Just so long as they didn't force others to be something they weren't.

Milton hissed in displeasure letting out a small growl. His foot tapped harder and faster against the grass. This was not good in his eyes and things were quickly spiraling out of control, his control. 'I need to find a way to put these kids back on track with their stories.' He thought his mind already starting to scheme.

"And what of my best royal, Apple White?" He asked hopefully.

"Pretty much the same. Still popular. Still a royal. Still following her destiny, as far as I know." Faybelle said with a shrug.

The headmaster smiled approvingly. "Good, good."

"However…" The dark fairy trailed off, a spark of mischief spreading through her.

Milton's smile dropped faster then a ten pound bowling ball. "What?!" He demanded.

"There is talk going around…since Daring's kiss didn't work and Darling's kiss did. People are wondering if Apple is a lesbian. Along with that, students are starting to question their own prince's they're destined to. Plus Daring's been seen hanging around Lizzie for the past few weeks…not sure what's going on there." Faybelle said, acting a bit too nonchalant about her words.

"What?! Daring's kiss didn't work? But it was designed to work! He was hand picked for the best match. He is the perfect age and attitude for a proper Charming."

'Perfect attitude? Yeah right!' Raven thought sarcastically.

"Then there's the fact that Apple's been following Raven around like a love-sick puppy. Not my words mind you, but Apple stopped trying to get Raven to be evil." Faybelle's lips twitched in amusement, when the man started to become flustered.

"She's what?! She hasn't?!" The headmaster panicked, his words starting to sound like a broken record.

"Nope, it seems like she finally given up in making Raven evil."

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! This wont do at all. There must be a way around this! Maybe a love spell? Yes that might work. She has to follow her destiny. He was hand picked and they got along so well. Yes…yes, a love spell would do nicely." The man said sounding more and more crazed with every word he spoke.

Faybelle blinked, her smile fading fast. 'Crazy much?'

Raven's eyes flashed with anger and began to glow purple as her magic flared to life. 'How dare he?! Apple is mine!'

Thick purple swirled around her hand, silently begging to be let loose. Raven did not ignore the plea. She sent a small tendril loose letting it slither through the grass. Her magic traveled around the clearing, disappearing within the high unattended grass and fused with the tree that stood directly behind the headmaster.

The tree gave a slight quiver and shook as if there were an earthquake right under it. The leaves shuddered on their branches and the roots began to move.

Faybelle took a step back, feeling the magical presence that just flared to life and it felt angry. Small shivers pass through the dark fairy's body. She glanced around her surroundings, swallowing a lump in her throat.

A single root lifted fully out of the ground, ripping free from its soil prison with a pop and shot out towards the headmaster, smacking him hard on his behind.

The large man flinched forward in pain, his hands instinctively going for his behind and covering it. "Ow!"

The root shot forward again, aiming for the same spot but this time hitting the man's hands.

"Ouch!" Milton hissed out, shaking his hands of the sting. He looked down to them, seeing the red welt that was quickly forming on his hands.

Raven stepped out from behind the tree. Her arms were crossed over her chest and a deep frown painted her face. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" She said, making her presence known.

Faybelle whirled around at the voice and gasped at seeing the witch. Her eyes widened at the power the witch radiated. Ok the fun of snooping around and gathering dirt was over.

The headmaster visibly gulped at being caught red handed. He looked like a child with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

"Spying on students Faybelle? And once again becoming a lackey to someone else? I thought you'd have learned your lesson from your time with my mother." Raven started her attention upon the dark fairy, before turning over to the headmaster himself. "And you. What the hell are you doing? You're still trying to stick your nose into where it doesn't belong." She said with a shake of her head.

Her words were laced with anger, along with disappointment. Her eyes were narrowed at the two and her magic pulsed around her body, coming off in waves. A thin violet mist floated and swirled into the air. It surrounded the nearest trees and like the first, the magic entered and enveloped each one. Like the first tree taken over, these also quivered and shuddered to life. They seemed to grow in size and closed in around the three.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! I had no idea he was going to do some crazy stuff like love spells! I just thought he wanted dirt. I also couldn't turn down the pay he offered." Faybelle reasoned, keeping her eyes upon the trees, looking for an escape. She held her hands up defensively.

"What was the pay?" Raven asked, an eyebrow rising, questioningly.

"Hah…a semester of straight A's. Can't argue with that, right?" Faybelle said with a small nervous chuckle. She took a step back but immediately jumped forward again when the tree behind her rustled warningly. She gulped.

Raven whistled, half sarcastically and half approvingly. "Not bad! A safe semester of goofing off?" The witch mentioned with a small nod of her head. "Its not that I don't understand why you did it, but I really expected better from you." Raven said with a shake of her head.

"Raven! You're using your magic to control nature so well. That's so evil of you!" The large man belted out, approvingly.

Raven turned her head and stared at the man incredulously. It was like the words died in her throat at the man's stupidly.

Faybelle too completely lost all trace of fear and worry and turned to look at the man. Her facial expression screamed the question. 'Just how stupid are you?' Her mouth tried to form words, but only one word was able to come out. "Really?"

"Um…" Raven muttered, trying to hold back her sass. "What Faybelle said. Really? I mean, really? You're going to say those words when I just caught you trying to tamper in students live? You do things like this and you call me evil?"

The headmaster had the right of mind to actually look a bit shameful at those words.

Raven shook her head and flicked her wrist once again. The tree behind him shifted and poked its root out of the ground. The root swept across the grass and collided with the headmaster's legs tripping him. The large man fell hard, face first. Milton groaned out in pain.

"Alright Faybelle, I'm going to need you to get Giles Grimm please. He really needs to know what his brother is up to." Raven said turning to gaze back at the fairy.

"…alright…but what are you going to do?" Faybelle asked hesitantly.

"Me? Well I'm going to keep our headmaster entertained while you're gone." The witch commented, a dangerous look in her eyes.


Apple stopped short, sliding to a halt when she was blindsided by the oldest charming sibling. She gasped out in surprise when Daring firmly grasped her shoulders and leaned in real close to her face making direct eye contact with her.

"Apple! Tell me I'm still handsome!" The boy yelled desperately.

"What?" Apple choked out. She leaned her head back at the close proximity. A wave of uncomfortable pressure washed over her.

"Please! Every mirror I look at shows me a hideous image! Tell me I'm still pretty Apple! You have to!" Daring pleaded holding his grip firm.

Cerise and Maddie, sensing Apple's tense and distressing poster, came up taking either side of the prince and took a hold of the boy's arms, prying the limbs loose.

"Ok, Daring, you need to calm down and let Apple go." Cerise said sternly, tightening her grip and sticking her sharpened nails into the boy's hand.

Daring yelped in pain, through did let go of the princess's shoulders. He even took a step back when Cerise didn't let up in her grip. Only then did she let the boy go.

"Good boy. Now tell us what's going on?" The hooded girl asked.

"It's like I said. Every mirror I look into shows me a hideous monster." The panicked prince said once more, tears now starting to form in his eyes.

"Oh, oh, maybe it's because his eyes are purple!" Maddie said excitedly, pointing at the boy's eyes.

"Purple?" Apple asked, now having a moment to breath. She looked over the prince's face and took note of the purple color covering his otherwise blue eyes.

"Oh yeah, they are. That must mean Raven's been by here." Cerise said gazing upon the haze that took over.

Apple's eyes widened in excitement upon hearing her witch's name being said. She rushed forward and clasped her hands upon the boy's shoulders, much in the same way that he just did to her. Her grip tightened and her nails sunk into Daring's shoulders. "Have you seen Raven? Where is she?" Apple asked, half yelling.

The boy winced back in pain and grunted out. He made an attempt to pull away, but the grip only tightened. He swore he could feel blood leaking out of the punctures in his shoulders. When he didn't say anything, the nails only sunk in deeper.

"Tell me where my Raven is?" Apple hissed sounding a little crazed.

Daring, completely forgetting his own dilemma, mostly due to the pain he was feeling focused onto the increasingly scarier girl in front of him. He gulped before shakily opening his mouth. "I…I don't know. I haven't seen her."

"You haven't?! Uh! You're useless!" She expressed and tossed the boy aside much like an old rag doll.

The prince landed a few feet away from the three girls in a heap. He wheezed out when his bottom hit the hard dirt. He blinked his eyes back open and looked up to the retreating Apple; his mind in too much in shock to formulate any questions.

Apple paid the boy no further mind and simply moved along, resuming her run.

Cerise's eye's widened at the sheer strength that Apple processed. 'Wow! I never would have pictured Apple, ideal princess, to have this much power in that thin body of hers.'

Maddie whistled impressed. "She's like super strong! Neat!" The mad girl said before running over to Daring's side. "Sorry about that. Apple is just really focused right now. She didn't mean it." She said happily, patting the boy's shoulder.

"Wait for us Apple!" Maddie called out before breaking into another run to follow the princess.

Cerise waited for a moment before she too walked over to Daring's side. The wolf girl gripped the prince's arm and hoisted him back up onto his feet. She patted his clothes down, dusting him off. "You're fine. There is nothing wrong with your eyesight and there are no monsters in your mirrors. A small prank spell was cast on you. It should wear off later. Just go back to your room and sleep it off."

Daring sniffed a little, close to tears at this point, but nodded obediently.

Cerise shooed him away. "Now, off with you."

Daring nodded once more and turned without another word walking away.

The hooded girl sighed and shook her head, turning to start her own running. 'Damn it Raven. What other damage have you done?'

Apple ran passed the castleteria, rounding the corner of the side of the building, only to catch sight of Dexter now. Her first thought was to stop and ask if he'd seen her Raven, but when she saw him on the floor, rubbing his back along the rocky ground and furiously scratching at his sides, she didn't even bother to slow her run.

"Nope!" She passed him, without as much as a sorry.

Shortly, after Apple, Maddie showed up. She took one look at Dexter and stopped. "Oh no, an itchy spell. Those are quite the nuisance." She said walking over to the boy. "Earl?" She asked tapping her hat. "Could you get me that spell cancel tea leaf, please?"

Her hat shifted and popped up a little, with her pet sticking his head out. Earl reached behind him and slid over a light green tea leaf.

"Thank you."

Maddie leaned down next to the younger Charming sibling and merely shoved the leaf into his mouth. "Chew thoroughly and swallow."

The mad girl patted the boy's head and stood back up.

"What happened to Dexter? Is he alright?" Cerise asked coming up behind Maddie.

"Oh he's fine. It was just an itchy spell. It's pretty common and easily cured. I only needed to give him one of my special tea leaves, so he should be just fine in about a minute."

"…is there anything your tea can't do?"

"Hmmm, nope!" Maddie said happily, breaking back into her run.

Within just a few minutes the two caught up with Apple who had stopped at the tree line of the forest. She stared, fully in awe at the sight before her.

"Apple!" The hooded girl called out coming up next to the princess. "Why did you stop?"

Apple didn't answer the question. Instead, she pointed over to the group of trees. "Were those there yesterday?"

Cerise looked up to see a mass of apple trees, trees that seemed to be growing cotton candy, wait…was that? Oh wow, it was. It was a tree growing big juicy stakes. Wow that is just fantastic! Cerise's lips burst out into a wide amazed smile. The hooded girl gave a small sniff of the air. 'Huh, veggie stakes, but that was thoughtful of you Raven to think of me. Then again, I've never heard of any witch creating real meat.'

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! That's a tree growing cotton candy!" Maddie screeched bouncing over to its massive trunk.

"Huh, Raven made special trees just for her friends. Even drunk, she thinks of us." Cerise mentioned.

"Awww! Raven is so sweet thinking of us like that!" Apple cooed, small hearts forming within her eyes.

"Yeah." Cerise agreed lightly, taking note of the massive amount of apple trees compared to the others. She wasn't too surprised.

Her nose then caught the scent of something else too. The hooded girl walked over to it and peered up. 'Is that cat nip?' "Kitty?"

A dazed head popped out of the leaves of the tree and looked down at the three. "Oh hey girls. Raven made this just for me. Told me to enjoy it." The feline said in a daze. She seemed to be pretty intoxicated on the stuff.

"Did you say Raven?! Did you see where she went?" Apple yelled out.

"Hmm no. I wasn't really paying attention after I got my tree…but before all this, I saw her walking along the edge of the tree line. Just keep going in that direction and you should run into her." Kitty said, pointing before disappearing back into the foliage.

"Well, better then nothing. We should try…Apple?" Cerise stopped herself when she turned her head only to see the princess already taken off running.

"I'm coming Raven! Wait for me!"

Cerise sighed. "Come on Maddie. We should catch up with her."



"Come on headmaster. You can dance better then that." Raven chuckled out.

She was leaning against the rough bark, her left arm wrapped around her midsection while her other hand waved lazily in front of her.

The headmaster was a few yards in front of her. Every ten seconds, the tree behind him, glowing in a tint of purple, whipped its long thin root against the dirt right under the large man's feet, only centimeters from touching him. The man would jump in fear every time the root made contact with the ground and then he'd do a little tap dance on the balls of his feet to avoid it. Milton had made several attempts at leaving the clearing, only for the trees to shift and move blocking his way.

Despite the fear that was clearing written upon the man's face, he smiled.

"I'm so proud of you Raven! You're well on your way to being the best evil queen this school's ever seen!" He praised as another root whipped forward. He jumped up at the tip of the root grazed his toes.

Raven frowned annoyed and rolled her eyes at the man's words. "Actually, I'm only keeping you occupied until Faybelle comes back with your brother. I don't plan on turning evil and for your information, I will never poison Apple." 'There are plenty of things I want to do to Apple. Poisoning her isn't one of them.'

The large man huffed, keeping his eyes upon the root as he continued to dodge its whipping. "What you're doing to me right now seems pretty evil. Besides it's your destiny to poison Apple White. Why can't you understand that?"

Raven glared. "You want to talk about evil? What about what you're planning on doing or what you have been doing? Giving Faybelle free grades on exchange for gossip? Plans on giving Apple a love potion for her to fall in love with Daring? Look in the mirror headmaster. It's not me who's evil. Its you."

The headmaster didn't say anything after that, but it seemed that something had clicked inside the man's head. Raven could clearly see the cranks twisting and turning. She lowered her hand and the tree lowered its root. She stayed quiet, letting the man think. Maybe…just maybe this would finally get through his thick skull and he'd back off in his student's affairs.

Raven's ears perked up when she heard a few sets of feet getting closer behind her. 'Oh good, Faybelle is back with Giles Grimm. I'm getting a little tired of babysitting. Hmm, I should head back to the room soon and probably try waking Apple up. She'll need to drink a few cups of water to help with that hangover she's bound to have.' She thought as she turned around. She wasn't in the mood for anymore pranks today.

Her eyes widened when she saw who was coming her way.

Instead of Faybelle and the younger Grimm brother running towards the clearing, it was Apple, Cerise and Maddie.

"Apple?!" Raven expressed surprised as she pushed herself off of the trunk and turned to meet them.

"Raven! I found you!" Apple yelled joyously. She ran, still at full speed, right into her witch's awaiting arms, almost knocking them both over. She wrapped her arms around her witch's neck and held on tight as they wobbled a bit, getting their balance right.

"Apple, are you alright? How are you feeling? Why-" Raven was cut off by a pair of soft red lips.

Cerise blinked. 'Wow, I never thought Apple would be this bold.'

Maddie cheered. She then lifted an eyebrow and tilted her head, glancing over to the gawking man in the clearing. She lifted her hand up and waved at him happily. "Hello headmaster! Enjoying your Saturday?"

Milton didn't answer. He couldn't answer. He could only stare, eyes wide as saucers and his mouth hanging down so low, a bird could use it as a landing pad. All he could do was point awkwardly at the two kissing girls. When did this happen? How did this happen? These questions and many more ran at lighting speed through his head. Questions that would probably never get answered.

It was a full two minutes before Raven and Apple pulled apart, breathless and gasping for air. Their faces flushed and their eyes filled with lust and love, mixed into a deadly concoction.

"Ah good. Now that you two aren't sucking face. Raven, mind explaining what's going on?" Cerise asked averting her eyes over the love stares the two were sharing.

"Right…" The witch panted out, still keeping her eyes upon her princess. "I caught Faybelle and that man making a deal. He would give her perfect grades and she would provide him information. Turns out, that man doesn't like what's going on in his student's lives. Not that it's any of his business. He was even going to give Apple a love potion to make her fall in love with Daring."

At those words Apple's eyes darkened. Cerise growled lowly and even Maddie lost her smile.

"What?" Apple hissed.

"Yeah." Raven said, leaning down and kissed the frown away from Apple's lips. "I already sent Faybelle to go get Giles. He really has to rein his brother in. This is going way passed the line."

"Agreed." Cerise said.

"Milton Grimm!" Apple commanded, her voice holding the makings of the queen she will someday be.

It made the man flinch and visibly shake. It lost all sense of his previous shock and instead began to cower.

Apple didn't look away from her witch and only continued to stare into those perfect eyes. Eyes she planned on getting lost in. "I'm going to have a long talk with my mother later over your actions." She promised.

"Say…how about you two go on and head back to your room to rest. We'll wait for Faybelle and Giles to come back." Maddie said, turning and giving the two a thumbs up.

Cerise nodded her head, glaring over to the large man.

Raven smiled. "Thanks you two." Finally she tore her eyes away from those bright blue ones, only to take her princess's hand and walk away from the scene.

"Come on Apple. They'll take care of things. Let's head back to our room, where we can be alone."

Apple smirked. "Sounds good to me."

Along the way back to their room, the two couldn't stop themselves but steal kisses along the way. Behinds were pinched and sides were tickled. It took every ounce of their wills, to keep their clothes on.

Apple pushed Raven against a tree and ran her hands along the front of Raven's dress, letting her fingers graze along her witch's breasts. She could practically feel Raven's heart hammering in her chest.

Raven giggled. "I never pictured you to be this bold my princess." She teased, reaching down and cupped Apple's bottom, pulling the girl closer to her.

Apple smirked against Raven's lips. "I already tried to molest and rape you back in our room. I think I'm way passed being shy now." She whispered before stealing another kiss.

Raven hummed in pleasure. "Good point." She said as she gently pushed the blonde girl off of her and continued on their way, not before giving Apple's bottom another squeeze. She was eager to get out of the opened space and into their nice private room.

"You're not drunk are you?" Apple asked, licking her lips and looking up and down along her witch's body hungrily.

At that, Raven let out a long laugh. "No…no I'm not. I never was drunk."

Apple lifted an eyebrow in slight confusion. "But the second bottle of cider was empty."

"Yup, I only had only a couple of swigs of it and poured the rest of it down the drain. Just enough to get me a little tipsy. Everyone just assumed I was drunk, so I kind of just went with the flow and used it to do what I wanted. I always wanted to let loose like that. It's probably a good thing too. I had a pretty clear mind so no one saw me pull all those pranks. My rep as non-evil will stay just as it is." Raven explained.

Apple giggled. "That's brilliant! I'm so happy you were able to have that kind of fun too."

The two shared a smile and another kiss before continuing back to their room.

It felt like ages before they reached their broken door frame and walked inside. Far too long for the two horny teens.

"Wait, let me fix that." Raven said, summoning her magic. Purple engulfed the broken door and began to mend it. The wood fused back together connecting it to its door frame and closing properly.

Raven turned only to be once again pushed, this time to their newly fixed closed door, her lips being captured by her princess's. Apple wasn't wasting anymore time now and began to strip her witch of her clothes.

"Ahem!" Two voices rang out from within the room.

Apple groaned out in annoyance and pulled away from those delicious lips. She turned and looked upon Darling and Blair.

"Oh yeah. I forgot you two were still here."

"And we're leaving." Blair said, sounding just as annoyed as she stood onto two shaky legs. Most of her nerves in her legs were back to normal, but some still remained paralyzed. However, she had enough feeling in them to get up.

Darling followed close behind her in standing.

Apple opened the door for the two. "Out." She commanded. Her blood had already left her brain and traveled south. She was in no state of mind to act like a royal.

"Apple I'll call you tomorrow afternoon…late afternoon to get the cliff notes of today." Blair said, bidding her friend a goodbye before leaving the room. 'I'm so over today.'

Darling bowed her head before she too left the room. "Um have a good night."

"Sorry about paralyzing your legs." Raven called out, a blush forming on her cheeks before Apple closed the door fully.

"Never mind them. It's just you and me and I have you just where I want you." Apple said seductively, taking a hold of her witch's collar and dragging her over to the bed.


Milton Grimm's eye twitched, a vein pulsing on his forehead. "What happened to my office!?"



Author's Notes: Finally it's finished. I never thought I'd turn this one-shot into four chapters. But it happened. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed it. I may write a separate story involving nothing but Raven and Apple smut, but that depends on how many of you ask for it.

Until next time.