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"text" Thing they say

text things that they think

# text # thing that they say trout and electronic thing

** text ** Flashback

Chapter 5


By: Chibi Mai

"Jajajaja just try to do that at you---- AAA!!" the trooper scream

With this Konoko tried to turn, and see what append, she only saw a TCTF officer punching the syndicate guy; and when he turn she could she the name "Kenji" writhen in the plaque on his shirt

'Who are you....."Konoko tied to talk but she current because of the pain that stop her from booing so

"Shhh!! don't try to talk is better if you don't, you are wounded and bleeding" the Kenji guy said to Konoko

Konoko did not believe all this that jus happen, until she move her head to see that her left shoulder was bleeding and so was her right arm and both of her legs because, of the plasma shots that she took. Suddenly Kenji reach to her and injected her with something that Konoko did not recognize, because it wasn't a normal medicine "what the hell did you injected me!!!" Konoko said only to make her breathing much more difficult, "This will make you feel better" said Kenji. Soon Konoko started to see only in a blur vision, but still she heard Shinatamas cries for a reply from Konoko, Konoko tried to speak but all was in vane she could only hear the wind pass by her and smell her blood and Mai's. It was something that Konoko will never forget; she just lost a friend and she felt like, also a part of her soul and on top of all, Shinatama will cry when she got to TCTF, if she ever got back, and will dishonor Griffin. (weird but she felt that). Konokos vision now was on blank and so was her mind, now her body was numb, and because of that she felt like she was dead. But just then she heard the voice of Kerr and Griffin and Hana's; Konoko tied to opened her eyes but she did not had the power to do it.


"What's her status" demanded Griffin to Hana

"She was on critical but now all her body is. ok, she just need some rest, her chrysalis has been very active, Sir" reply Hana

"How fast did this happened?" said Griffin

"What do you mean by this, Sir?"

"Don't play mind games whit me, you know what I am talking about, so don't come whit this dumb excuses, so how fast?" Griffins temper started to get irritating

"Sorry Sir, it took about 5 hours for her to get to total health"

"Quite impressive, tell me exactly what happen since, she was broth to you here Ms. Hana" By this time Griffin had return to his normal temper (whit was a bit irritating)

"If I remember correctly---" Hanas was interrupted by Griffin "I assume that it will", whit this Hana only ignore Griffin and continue telling her story

** "What the hell did you injected me!!!" Konoko said only to make her breathing much more difficult, "This will make you feel better" replied Kenji I hope this proto type works wish Kenji; Kenji carried Konoko in a piggy back way, back to the Van. Griffin's voice his hear on the radio thing (some sort of intercom) "Kensji report", whit this Kenji put Konokos sleeping body on the van's benches near, what look like a box that can be fill with one human body, at it was whit Mai's body. And after Kenji was sure that Konokos body was secure he pick up the communicator.

"We had only 3 people down and 4 injured" said in a military what Kenji

"Who were are down?!" ask Griffin

"The names are... -Kenji pause because 1 was his best friend, but then continue like he did not care about the dead- Karurosu, Remusu and Mai" said Kenji

"Did you just said Mai, of the special field forces?" Griffin said this quite sock (he is cold in heart but still care for Mai)

"Yes. Sir is something to maker about this one?"

"No, none... just recover the body of this officer, none other only her"

"What is so special about her? If I can ask"

"No you can't, and don't ever question the orders of your superiors, have I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir"

"That good, and who are the wounded?" Griffin said this in a tone that sounded like he was force to said it

"The wounded are... Ibanu, Hekutoru, Konoko and Sora"

Griffin pause before he reply (Yes he also felt bad, because of Konokos injuries) "What does the the Konoko agent have?"

"Well she is badly wounded, I injected her with the healing spay proto type, and well I only hope that she will survive to headquarters"

"How bad are the injuries on that one?"

"The injuries are high almost fatal, but she is currently resting safely on the van, but at least her wounds have stop bleeding, it's quite impressive, her healing his the most unique I have ever encounter"

So her powers are kicking in her already... this his earlier that anticipated "Well know return to headquarters with Muro and the Syndicate people that were taken in"

"Yes Sir, has you ask"

With this the communication between Kenji and Griffin stop. Well that when better that I expected said Kenji, "Why, did Griffin care so much about this purple head girl, I thought she was a simple civilian that was going to be kill...mmm... boy! does the world has his surprises, especially in TCTF... why did I join?.. well anyway that is all in the past" said Kenji


As soon has the van arrive at TCTF, there stood a young girl in lab's uniform with some other men that were expecting to treat Konoko to the much needed medical atencion

"Men put that girl in the stretcher and her immediately to the lab" order Hana as soon has the van stop in front of them

"But miss this one his almost dead, she must be taken to the emergency room in sector Gama" reply one of the men

"Don't question my authority here, if I said send her to the lab then send her to the lab!" Hana was getting a bit hot tempered

"Yes miss with out a doubt" was the men's reply

So Konoko was send quickly to the lab to have medical attention. Where Hana tried her best to heal her

What in all the word, were you doing Konoko, this injuries are serious Hana thought this while she remove her sweat from her face. At that same moment Konoko's hearth beat was hear by Hana and Mukade (one of the finest scientist of all TCTF), but then all of a sudden, Konokos hearth beat was weakening. "No, Konoko don't die on me" Hanas hands started to shake; "Focus young Hana on the patient and our work here" said Mukade (I know he his the ninja guy but well I want him to be a scientist ^-^... that is the good thing about being a writher, you can do what you want and because is my fic stick with it) "Yes, I must focus" said Hana. But all there efforts failed when Konoko's hearth monitor was in a continuum sound that indicated that she just died. Hana with what just happen lost her breath and felt like she had nothing on her soul, she pause on her track and she felt how all her blood turn to ice; has Hana turn to she how Mukade had reack to what happened, she only sow the same expressions on Mukade. But just when Hana and Mukade were going to put Konoko in a dead body bag, Konoko's hearth beat, had recurn out of nowere, but this time it sounded different in a way, it was weir when Hana thought that Konoko's hearth beat had change, but just then Mukade interrupted her thoughts.

"Hana do you think this patient has change something in her hearth beat?"

"Yes I thought I was the only one to think that, but yes... but what his exactly the difference in her hearth beat? do you know Mukade?"

"So, that is her name - pause- no wonder why Griffin care a lot for this one, and well I can said that for myself" Mukade make a smile that look like one that a father did to his child

"How exactly do you know her, if I can ask?" said very intrigue Hana

"Sure...but his better if I not" replied Mukade

"Don't worry I know all about her chrysalis"

"Yes, I know but still, talking about this in a place like this look and feels wrong"

"So what do you propose... tonight at 8 pm in the cafeteria (wow! what a place...)" said Hana like it was kind of a date

"If you want to know that with great interest, then visit my office, that is on the 5th floor on the Alfa building, the number of the office his: 10532; but I can tell you thing.... there his something in this girl that can be represented by the chrysalis, but I think that the chrysalis his lowering the effect of what truly lies on her... since she got here the thing his growing and I hope that she can handle it when she wakes up"

"What do you mean exactly?"

"That she his mutating, so she needed a different type of blood pressure to sustain, it was good that she had this accident, so we don't have to make up a story for TCTF intelligence, sure here on headquarters his a different story but, in Intelligence his hard to trick the leaders"

"And were exactly his Intelligence located" say Hana totally forgetting that Konoko just came back to life and all

"Shh!, it's better that we don't talk about this I have already told to much, now if we can just focus on our dear Konoko"

"O yes..sorry Konoko about this but, I am on a mission and I must not fail it, not even if it mean's... well I will know what to do when all comes up - Hana pause then she stop thinking all and finish her phase- yes lets continue" Hana directed all her attention on Konoko by doing test and her new condition

"Are you all right you look tense?" said Mukade

"I am fine, so if we can continue please"

"O yes"

And so Hana and Mukade run some test on Konoko and well, all the statistics pointed to the same answer, she had nothing, her wounds were healing very rapidly, more faster that any normal human but it all was expected, so this did not shock in anyway both of the scientist that were with her. It took them quite a wile to finish all the stuff that must be done in this type of situations, and exactly has they finish Griffin, Shinatama and Kerr barge in the in the room, and with out them knowing Mukade exit the room with out making any sound of nothing, just like a ninja**

"And well that is all that happened sir" said Hana after finishing all her story about what happened

"That fine now please, put that down on paper and send it to me, and well we better let Konoko rest for the night, we have a lot of work to do with Muro and with Mai's funeral that will be held tomorrow" said Griffin

"Sir can I suggests some more time with Konoko" ask Shinatama to Griffin

"Since you finish early today and well, you can stay for a maximum of 26 min. with her, then I need you for something" was Griffins reply. Shinatama felt happy and just smile at Griffin, that quickly exit the room

"Take care Konoko, I am were sorry that I did not protect you but... I must go back" said Kerr to the sleeping Konoko while he held her hand with love for the sleeping one. Then he stop holding her hand and made a little kiss on her forehead, and then he exit the room. Hana and Shinatama did not notice this scene since Hana was contorting Shinatama. Hana then remember something urgent that she needed to do and also exit the room behind Kerr, so now the room that smell like penicillin and blood; and the sound of Konokos hearth beat every second that pass there that seen like the triple of the true time, were the only things that Shinatama eared.

"I am sorry Konoko, I did not warn you about those plasma guns that just when in to the market... but since now, every time your hands reach a new gun I can assure you that I will tell you all about it" Shinatama told this to the sleeping body of Konoko. There were 16 min. of silence, just Shinatama holding Konoko's hand like she was dying. And then Konoko started to move, but still Konoko was asleep, and so only Shinatama tried to understand what Konoko was dreaming... but then she remember that she had a neural link with her. Now in Shinatamas mind was the idea to plug herself to Konoko's subconscious or not, a battle between her two ideas rouse, until she finally decided to plug herself. For this she close the door and lock it, so that nobody could see what she was about to do.

"I hope this doesn't hurt you" And whit this Shinatama pull a wire from her wrist and put it on Konoko's neck (ouch that must hurt). Then Shinatamas little body can tumbling down to Konoko's resting one, and so it seem like she was also asleep. For a second Shinatama only sow flashing images until all those images came to a stop, to were Konoko's thoughts were.

"Shini what are you doing here?" the image of Konoko speek to Shinatama

"Well I just..."

"C'mon hurry up we have to catch up with Mai" said quickly Konoko


"I said hurry"


"Mai can you ear me.... Mai Look out!!" Konoko scream

Shinatama did not know what to do just observe, the nightmare that was in Konoko's mind; the exact replica of were the mission was held, the same sounds, feelings, and unfortunately actions

"Mai are you ok! scream Konoko"

Shinatama tried to help but, just when she was about to do so, she stop on her track and stood there just watching, what look like a horror movie. But she know that Konoko must figure how to solve this problem. Knowing that she could not do nothing she unplugged herself from Konoko's subconscious. Has Shinatama return to real life, and had woken, she only cover Konoko's body with a soft cotton blanket that was near by, because she had brought it since the beginning. Now she prepared to go to Griffin's office and before she did this she only said "Be strong Konoko, you must be so to survive here" softly so no one can ear her, not even if it was 1 meter way from her, then finally leave Konoko.


Has Konoko review all that had happen to her just hours away, she finally get the message... she needed to find the truth behind all this, or at least that was what she thought.

Finally Konoko woke up and when she did so, she was not surprise to be in one of the small rooms in the lab. She turn her head to the right to she the her hearth beat, then she turn left to see the serum that was constantly being injected to her. After she saw all her surrounding she stop moving and only, started to look at the ceiling and at the same time, she was thinking "Who am I". She tried to get up but then she felt like fire on all her bones and joints, she look under the blanket that was placed by Shinatama, to only see her both legs bandage, and while she did so she lightly smell the perfume of Hana's always had on, whit this she felt warm, because she know that at least some one care for here. Two hours pass and she finally got up, she now was searching with her eyes for clothes or something more that was not hospital robe. She did not fine none, and so with this she was getting inpatient and pull her thought serum out and after she did this, she felt the room to wonder around for a while, but specially to return to her room. When she was in the hallway she started to faint but still she tried not to do so, she could only see a TCTF unit that was coming her way.

"What in earth his she doing that" thought Kenji has she saw Konoko walking throw the hallway. Has he was ready to walk to her, he saw how she was falling to the ground. "Got you again" said Kenji to Konoko

"Why?" said barly Konoko

"Why what?"

"Why do you help me twice in a day?"

"For your information this is the first time today, yesterday I help you"

"Oh, but still why?"

"Why not we go to your room, you need the rest"

"Ok---" Konoko finally fainted on Kenji's arms. Kenji some how figure out were her room was and so he take her up to her room, he pause before he closer her door, he just stared at her, then he felt like he was fowling in love with her. Then hi finally close the door and return to his normal day, but this time with the fuzzy feeling of love, he did not know if it was love like a brother of simply love, the thing he had not experience since SHE died, although he knew that SHE did not belong to her, it belong to the Hasegawa guy. He felt the memories of his past again, and now this, this -he pause- Why did all of this append to him because of her?, she thought but never the less he return to work, and almost he forgot about the mission he was on.


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