the next morning "good morning everyone"raenef yawned as he looked around, eclipse was sitting down eating for once "where's sierra?"raenef asked, eclipse shrugged "hmmm.."raenef said then suddenly the two heard grunting "THAT'S SIERRA! SHE MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE!"raenef shouted, as the two got up and ran outside to find sierra doing a backflip and then when she landed she threw her daggers at the tree, raenef and eclipse just stared at her in amazement "poor tree..."raenef whispered to eclipse as they stared at her, after a few minutes the tree was scarred with dagger and sword marks "huh?"sierra said as she finally noticed them and turned around "oh hey"sierra said as she smiled, raenef and eclipse just stayed silent and stared at her "er...did i do something wrong?"sierra asked "h-how did you do that!"raenef said in shock "oh that's nothing"she said "WHAT!"raenef and eclipse yelled in shock "yep almost every pirate knows how to do it, to pirates it's just one of the most simple tricks"she said "WHOA!"raenef shouted in amazement "wow you people aren't used to pirates are you?"she asked "they don't come here often"eclipse said as he crossed his arms "i have a question"raenef said "what is it?"sierra asked as she put her daggers away "i thought pirates talk differently like saying ahoy matey or..."raenef said before sierra cut him off "that's called stereotyping, not all pirates talk like that"sierra said annoyed as she crossed her arms "I wish i knew how to do that"raenef sighed "i can teach you two if you want"she said "no thanks"eclipse said as he went back into the castle "I DO!"raenef shouted in glee "ok just do what i do"she said a few hours later the sun was disappearing and raenef was on the ground "want to take a break or..."sierra said before raenef cut her off "NO! I ALMOST GOT IT!"raenef shouted as he got up "almost?"sierra said to herself as she watched him fall again, eclipse came out of the castle to check up on the two "MASTER RAENEF!"he shouted as he ran over to see if raenef was ok "MASTER RAENEF?!"eclipse asked frantically "i...i almost got it!"raenef said as he got up slowly, eclipse sighed in relief and facepalmed "ok i'm done"sierra said as she walked away "so the training session is over?"raenef asked " is"eclipse grumbled "aww..."raenef said as eclipse helped him up, raenef headed into the castle, eclipse was a few paces behind him, eclipse suddenly came to a halt as he felt a presence he hadn't felt since last year "eclipse is there something wrong?"raenef asked "it is nothing i'll come in later"eclipse said raenef nodded and ran off to his room as soon as he left eclipse went outside, he sensed the presence getting stronger, then suddenly a figure appeared, as eclipse got a better look at the figure his eyes went wide "M-MASTER RAENEF!"eclipse shouted in shock "eclipse..."he said as he got closer, eclipse looked down, eclipse jumped when he felt raenef the 4th grabbed his shoulder "i forgive you"he said with a small smile on his face eclipse looked at him in shock "wha-what?"eclipse said in shock "i understand now...i know now that the decision to serve raenef the 5th over me was the most hardest decision that you ever made"he sighed "but how..."eclipse said still stunned "i am no longer alive and i'm just a spirit now"he sighed "but how can you be here?!"eclipse said "it has something to do with you and raenef the 5th"he said "WHA-WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!"eclipse said in panic "there's no need to fear quarrel with you has passed"he said, eclipse regained his composure "then why are you here?"eclipse asked puzzled "to help you..."he said "help me..."eclipse said puzzled "do you recall what meruhesae said to you?"he asked "yes...she said something else awaited me in the south...something about my bloodline"eclipse said "and bloodline means family does it not?"he said "yes...but all my family is dead"eclipse said as he turned away "are you so sure eclipse?"he said as he looked at sierra as she looked at the stars from erutis's old room "so are you implying me and sierra are related?"eclipse said "what do you think"he asked, eclipse stayed silent, his eyes filled with terror and shock "i know this must be hard for you...but you have made a choice like this before.."he said as he looked away "raenef..."eclipse said as his voice drifted "eclipse you were right when you chose raenef the 5th over me"he said as he stared at the night sky "master raenef.."eclipse said before he was cut off by raenef the 4th again "it is alright time in this world is did the right thing picking raenef the 5th over me..."he sighed not taking his eyes off the night sky "even at the time i didn't think it was right...but you did it for both of our sake's...remember when i said i didn't want my spirit to remain in this world forever, but i wanted to live a full life..i know now it was impossible to have both…when my spirit let go of raenef the 5th's powers i moved on to the next world, i learned a lot more..than what i learned when i was alive...and found a spell that would allow me to come back here"he said "but you used what was left of your power on me…."eclipse said as the memories of that fateful day came back to him "i was extremely intelligent in life did you think i would not bring that intelligents with me?"he asked "no...but you have no more powers"eclipse said "i found a way, i possess very very little magic now and i can't magnify them either"he said "so you don't have all the power you once possessed?"eclipse asked "yes i can only do simple tricks now.."he said before the two heard something, raenef faded away and eclipse hid behind one of the pillars he got a side glance of someone running as they looked around, eclipse got a better look at the figure it was sierra "IS SHE STEALING FROM US!"eclipse thought in rage, but he soon realized she had nothing in her hands "if she's not stealing then what is she doing?"eclipse thought as he watched her leave, raenef the 4th reappeared after she left "how peculiar...?"raenef the 4th said "so you don't know?"eclipse said in shock raenef shook his head "the dead could know so much but they can't tell the future of someone who's destiny is hidden"he said "i don't understand why she would jump out of the window instead of using the door..."eclipse said "maybe she didn't want anyone to know"he said "but why?"eclipse said puzzled "maybe she had enemies and she left because she didn't want anyone to get involved?"he said "then that means she might need help..."eclipse said "then you should go see since you're the one who's usually the mother hen around here"he said in a mocking fashion "i will..."eclipse said as he began to leave ignoring his comment