Four Hundred Days

By PassionFish

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Part Fifteen:

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~*~ Day Two-Hundred and Forty Three ~*~

"Come on in, the water's lovely!" Buffy called flirtatiously, a small smirk on her pretty face as she regarded her Mate's shocked expression with amusement. She wiggled in the water, the light shimmering across the small ripples she created, as her petite breasts bounced gently on the surface.

A low, dangerous growl rumbled from deep within the Vampire's chest as he took in the sight before him.

Without a word, the creature of the night dove smoothly into the clear, crystal surface. He disappeared within the water, so deep that she couldn't see him even through the practically transparent liquid in which she was bathing.

Buffy smiled, stretching out her senses in order to locate the Vampire, then shrieked as she was pulled beneath the waves, and cool fingers trailed possessively over her naked body.

In a flash his grinning game face leered above her, and her eyes sparkled in excitement.

The shriek that had dissolved into the water when she had been pulled under was let loose once more as the Slayer was tossed effortlessly into the air. She flew vertically above the public bath, a delighted laugh tearing from her throat as her butterflies fluttered in her stomach from the velocity.

An amused laugh rumbled from the Vampire below her as he watched his Slayer let loose all her inhibitions. As she started to plummet to the water, he rose up in order to catch her and safely slide her beneath the cool liquid surface.

Her melodious laughter was cut off as his mouth descended on hers. His tongue slid wetly over hers, massaging and titillating her senses. Her fingers dug into his scalp, holding him to her lips, ensuring that he couldn't leave…never leave her…

As if reading her mind, Spike's arms wrapped tightly around her body as he rested her against the side of the pool. Her body moulded to his as her legs slid around his waist, drawing his naked body even closer to hers.

Buffy shivered, the coolness of both the hard body in front of her, and the hard marble behind her turning her on more then she thought possible. Spike's mouth finally slid from hers, tonguing his way down her neck and across her collar bone, leaving her skin ablaze wherever he touched.

He paused by her ear, rumbling words of love, security and affection as his adoring hands roamed her water-slick body.

With a low groan, unable to resist the temptation of the rock hard nipples he could feel burning into his chest, Spike slid further down her body. His head was fully immersed in the water, but neither party truly noticed as the vamped Vampire's rough tongue circled and tugged at Buffy's pert, ruby red nipples.

Buffy moaned as sparks of lust soared through her veins and she rubbed frantically against his mouth, unintentionally piercing her flesh with one of his sharp fangs.

Spike growled loudly as Slayer-blood filled his mouth. Refusing to loose any of the precious fluid to the water he rose up out of the bath, bending Buffy backwards over the pool-side as he continued to suckle at her weeping, blood stained bud.

With a shocked groan, Buffy came, arching and writhing against him. Her nails clawed at his skull as she slowly descended from her high. With a momentarily sated sigh she flopped back down, only her lover's quick and careful hands keeping her from banging her head on the hard marble.

Realising that while sex in a pool sounded fun there were too many sharp edges for his Slayer to get hurt on while they were lost in the moment, Spike eased her body up over the edge and on to a bed of soft towels near by.

Buffy barely noticed the movement, her body still buzzing with the tingles from her Vampire's bite. She quickly dropped back to earth when she felt her lover's body lift from hers, only to moan loudly in supplication as his hands parted her thighs and his mouth opened against her.


Her fingers dove into his soft, damp hair, tangling in the curls as his elongated tongue swept, circled and spanned her drenching entrance. She cried out again as his much coveted organ thrust playfully into her pussy, drawing out her pleasure as his nose nudged her clit.

His face, which had returned to its more human planes, morphed when she rubbed her thighs against him, seeking the friction. His features cracked with the change, and his tongue became rougher, causing Buffy to squeal in delight that her lover had done what she had silently pleaded for.

Carefully he drew the throbbing bud into his mouth, all the while savouring her unique flavour on his enhanced taste buds. His teeth nipped at her playfully, never breaking the skin, before he sucked on her clit – hard.

Buffy convulsed into orgasm with a shriek of his name: the sound reverberating around the old stone walls of the otherwise silent public pool. Spike growled in satisfaction at the knowledge that his lover had been fulfilled once again. His lust doubled for her, if that was even possible, as he gazed up into her eyes and saw nothing but love and devotion.

Even though he gazed up at his angel with the eyes of a demon.

"MINE!" He growled. All of a sudden it was imperative that he stake is claim, that the world know that this woman was indeed his.

He crawled up her body, his eyes still on hers as he drove into her. Her body arched up with a silent cry of ecstasy at finally being joined. One that he only too willingly reciprocated.

With hard, possessing strokes he slammed into her over and over again, causing their bodies to scratch over the piled towels and on to the cold marble floor.

Neither noticed.

The room began to steam up, seemingly by the heat emanating from her body alone. Spike's growls and purrs rumbled around the room over the yips and shrieks of pleasure torn from Buffy's mouth as she dragged her short nails down her his back.

Spike reared up at the scent of his own blood his amber eyes flashing with possession.

"MINE!" The claim was uttered once again before he swooped down, sinking his fangs deep within her jugular.

The two skyrocketed over the abyss and into their release with unholy screams and roars of liberation.

Heavily panting, Buffy's head lolled to the side as her Vampire continued to tend to her neck. "Yours." She whispered, completed and utterly replete.

Spike growled softly, before a purr boiled up in his chest, sounding through Buffy's body and lulling her to sleep.

Together, they lay spent from their carnal coupling, limbs tangled and heart's beating as one – even if only from borrowed Slayer blood.

Fangs still deep within Buffy's neck, the two slowly fell asleep, calm and sated.

One final thought reverberated around Spike's brain before he succumbed to sleep; *Unlife is… perfect!*


Back in Sunnydale…

"Is this okay, baby?" Buffy called uncertainly across the open-plan downstairs to her lover.

Spike lifted his head, running a knowledgeable eye over her work. With a nod he shouted back, "It's great, pet; perfect – you done in there now?"

Buffy jogged over to where her Vampire was efficiently and effortlessly tacking and arranging screens and shutters over the beautifully wide and illustrious windows. "Want me to do upstairs now?"

"Nah, love – got it earlier while you were out shopping with the Witch." Spike spared his love a smile as she reached up to help him hold the wood in place as he knocked in the final two nails. "You hungry, ducks – mind your fingers!"

"Yes and minded!" Buffy smiled lovingly at his worry, basking in it; never had she experienced anything quite so powerful outside of maternal love.

With expert hands he drew her unresisting body into his embrace, pressing her back to his chest as he moved them both to the kitchen.

"Fancy something big or just a snack?" Spike asked as he guided them to the fridge and opened it before them, allowing them both to peruse the well stocked machine.

Buffy let her eyes roam the contents before falling on the eggs, "I was thinking something big, but actually I'd really like some of your scrambled eggs – that okay?" She turned her head up to face his.

Spike smiled, dropping a kiss onto her perfectly placed lips. "Always." He spun the Slayer around in his arms, continuing to softly sip at her lips as he walked her backwards. When they were close enough to the countertop he slid his hands down over her bottom, using his grip on her to draw her gently up so that she could have a seat.

With one more lingering kiss he released her, pouting at her pout, "Baby…"

"Want you…" Buffy moaned, dragging him back in between her legs by her grip on his belt-loops. Just as he was about to give in her stomach rumbled loudly.

She giggled. He sighed; "Food first, love." He decided with a nod, "Not having my girl starve."

Buffy pouted as he left, but this time let him go with a mock salute, "Yes, Sir!"

Spike growled, "Don't tempt me…"

"Oooh, naughty!" Buffy teased, then leant back against her hands watching her lover move surely around their kitchen as he prepared what was sure to be a sumptuous feast.

She sighed silently to herself.

Life was….perfect.

To Be Continued…

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