Heaven is waiting

Fay's POV

A warning for anyone who dares to reads this: it's not a happy story. I would know, I lived to tell this tale. There may be a happy ending, but to get there I had to face many monsters, overcome many fears, suffer through years of pain and sadness.

This is my life story if you haven't worked that out yet, and my life from day one to day six thousand and thirty-one was dark, miserable, fear-filled, and just downright wrong, something no human being should go through.

By the age of sixteen I had seen things that could make a grown man cry, and felt things that would make any self-respecting woman want to die.

I was born with an abusive father, and a mother… A mother that would stand back and watch her husband beat their children senseless, while she drank herself to an early grave.

I'm not telling this story for your sympathy, but to tell you I lived… I lived through sixteen years of abuse, pain, and suffering to tell you this… Don't give up, because your heaven is waiting for you somewhere out there.

#So that's the prologue, the other chapters are going to be longer#

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