Chapter 18: God of Wolves

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After they walked off they made their way to the center of the village and there was already a large crowd gather. They still hand as they pushed their way through wearing their rings proudly. When they caught on who was trying to push through they all started parting and cheering.

Naruto blushed deeply at all the praise, still not used to anyone other than his clan doing it, and Kiba beamed at it all squeezing his hand tighter. He led him his blushing fiance through the crowd to the front where there was a bit of rubble but nothing too bad and pushed him on top so that he could address the crowd.

Seeing him there everyone started to calm and quiet and Naruto looked up and saw all their expectant faces eagerly waiting for their leader to speak. As he was about to start he saw Tsunade walk to the back of the crowd he smiled and was about to step down and make room for her but she shook her head with a supportive smile. Naruto gulped then steeled himself to speak to the village with a big deal of determination, he could do anything with Kiba at his side which he was.

"Hello people of Konoha! This day has been a hard fought battle but as we always do we prevailed! The Akatsuki thought they could walk in here and assault our village, our home! Well we showed them that Konoha is not to be trifled with! No matter what is thrown at us we, will, win! I stand before you all now and pledge my allegiance to each and everyone of you as the next Hokage and as your protector! You all have my word that I will do everything possible to protect you no matter what! On this day the Akatsuki fall! Now if you excuse me I must deal with their leader," Naruto proclaimed.

At the end of his speech Naruto jumped down and ran off to where he had sensed the last Pain to be. It wasn't far from there considering the chakra rods were so short ranged so it only took him 5 minutes to get there.

What he came upon was a bunch of paper that had falling indicating that the blue haired kunoichi mom and Kiba took down was masking their hideout. He walked in and the first that hit his senses was the unmistakable feel of an insane amount of power. What he felt was something almost equal to his own base power which was shocking to say the least him being an Uzumaki.

Naruto walked up to the large looming shadow ahead and was not at all surprised to find a man sitting in a large contraption with 6 large black rods out of his back. The man was clearly not well being extremely emaciated to the point his ribs were showing. He had fiery red hair the same shade as his mother in fact. Naruto decided to make his presence known.

"Ahem you must be the seventh Pain am I correct?" Naruto said staring at the man. "Yes I am and you are the man who killed all of instruments and someone else you care about killed my only friend left in the world," the man spat the last part. "Hm well I wish I could feel sorry but you attacked my home, my people, and we fought back and won. You made the choice to try to capture me. Did you really think it would be easy?" Naruto admonished.

"How could you a mortal compare to me a god it was so simple. You shouldn't have won," the man growled. "You are not a god. May I ask your name?" Naruto said calmly. "Nagato. My name is Nagato," Nagato said. "I'm Naruto. I'm sorry to say but there is only one way this can end you know. You're an enemy and threat to the leaf," Naruto said solemnly. "Then do it," Nagato spat in spite.

At the entrance to the hideout there was a bright flash and a moment later Naruto walked out and dusted off. "Kit I was strolling through your mate's mindscape via the new link and found something interesting," Kurama said mentally. "What was it Kurama?" Naruto answered back. Naruto's vision changed so that he was no looking through Kurama's eyes. He was strolling through a thick forest.

He walked for a while just looking around until he came upon a clearing. He wasn't alone however, there in the middle was a giant snow white wolf snoring away. "Who are you? You shouldn't be here," Kurama said with a warning growl. The wolf opened one giant eye the same size as Kurama and peered at him. "I have been here since the pup was born this is my home per agreement with the Inuzuka clan. It is you who should not be here fox," the wolf huffed. "Wait a minute. Lupa is that you? So this is where you've been for so long. Patron god of the wolves traveling in a mere mortal," Kurama laughed.

"The pup is no mere mortal. I am only bestowed on the strongest of each Inuzuka generation. My last container was his mother and I can sense that he has the potential to be far stronger than she ever was. Especially if he continues down the road with your kit. The two of them are destined to do great things," Lupa said.

"Like what?" Kurama asked confused. "You have heard the tale of the great prophecy that your kit is part of to save the world. Well everyone has it wrong. The old toad didn't speak the whole thing. The prophecy is of two brothers who are not brothers. They will grow in power to be unrivaled and together they will be the saviors of this world and others. There is a price though. Without one the other would go insane so that is why I waited here to give the pup my power. Seeing the kit though it must happen," Lupa explained.

"I need to inform Naruto of this. Excuse me Lupa it was nice seeing you again," Kurama said. They bowed to each other in respect and he went back to Naruto.

The vision ended and when it did Naruto cracked a huge grin. "So Kiba is supposed to be even stronger than me eh? Well good need a strong alpha," Naruto smiled to himself.

He ran off and found Kiba with Aka helping some citizens clean up their stuff. Naruto walked up and hugged his waist resting his chin on Kiba's shoulder. "How's my big strong alpha?" Naruto teased. "Horny as all hell is how I am," Kiba said back. "Oh well we should fix that," Naruto purred. Naruto created clones of them then hiraishined them back to their room.

Kiba was already latched onto Naruto's neck biting and sucking from the base of his neck to the ear leaving hickeys all over. Naruto was already moaning from the sensation and rubbing Kiba's crotch through his pants. Kiba's breath hitched on his neck at particularly sensual rub and couldn't take it anymore.

He picked Naruto up and tossed him back on the bed and quickly stripped to nothing and stood there staring at the now also naked Naruto. The look in his eyes were primal and hungry in nature and so sexy that it sent a deep shiver racing down Naruto's spine.

Kiba wasted no time at all and jumped on top of Naruto and pinned his arms above his head. He attacked every inch of skin he could reach nipping and sucking and biting leaving love marks all over. He even left purposeful hickeys that spelled out mine over Naruto's stomach.

Naruto was a moaning mess and they were both rock hard at this point. In his ministrations Kiba found a particularly sensitive spot on Naruto right above his seal that made Naruto cry out Kiba's name. Hearing this drove him even further into his wild side.

Kiba quickly had his head pressed against Naruto's entrance who was too absorbed in pleasure to notice it at all. He pushed it in hard and instantly hit his sweet spot causing another cry of his name.

He went relentlessly on Naruto thrusting in and out hard and fast causing every muscle in Naruto's body to ripple in pleasure. Naruto had lost any control over his own actions and was now gripping onto Kiba for dear life moaning and yelling his head off. His first orgasm was ripped out of him without either of them paying much attention to it.

The smell of fresh release did however, cause Kiba to pound even harder not giving his body even a second to recover from it and sent him cascading right on into the next one and the next one. Naruto had in total 4 before he was drained of cum and was now just dry convulsions of extreme pleasure.

After an hour of this insane intense carnal sex Kiba was finally at his limit and shoved all the way in hard. Naruto could feel Kiba's dick pulse with every mighty shot of cum filling him to the brim inside. Having had an hour this caused one final orgasm from Naruto cum flying out of his own dick.

As they both came down from the intense pleasure of sex they lay there panting Kiba holding Naruto tight. His dick now limp inside of Naruto they shared a loving kiss. Naruto broke it to stare into Kiba's eyes. "I love you Kiba" he said breathless. "I love you too Naru," Kiba replied with a smile.

After catching his breath Naruto then explained all that he had learned. When he was finished Kiba laid there processing all he had heard. When he was ready to speak Naruto wasn't even surprised by what he said. "Good that means I can protect my mate even better now. I can protect you no matter what. I will never let anything happen to you," Kiba said with steeled determination.

They held each other as close as possible and fell asleep. They both dreamed of what the future could now mean for them. And Naruto dreamed of their wedding and what it would be even though he was now Hokage.


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