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The Dragon Slayer tilted his head to show that he was listening, but he didn't stop in his quick strides to reach the source of the scent he was currently tracing and that had instantly caught his attention on their way home.

"Is it an enemy?" Happy asked warily, looking around the surroundings while floating in the air, "Do you smell something bad?"

"No," Natsu murmured, inhaling deeply and he could immediately feel his fangs ache with a strange want, "Whatever it is, it smells... good. Really good." He unconsciously licked his lips.

Happy blinked before he hesitantly flew up a little higher in order to get a better vantage point. They weren't too far from their own home and in the little forest that said home was situated near.

"It's close," Natsu said lowly, roughly recalling that there was a dry well not too far away, "It smells like blood." He stated as his breath seemed to grow heavier.

"Do you think someone's injured?!" Happy looked a little alarmed before his keen eyes caught something that he was not expecting to see, "Natsu, is that...?!"

Natsu quickly moved up to the dry well and paused in surprise when he noticed that an unconscious girl was lying right beside it. He could feel his heart begin to race when he spotted the pool of blood staining the ground underneath the girl.

"It's a lot of blood," Happy flinched back a little, "But she's still breathing!" He noted the slight rising of the wounded girl's chest, "Natsu, we have to–!?"

The Dragon Slayer clamped his mouth shut and his body trembled as he had to forcibly resist the urge to bite the injured girl all over and lick away at her wounds, 'What is this...?' He thought before shaking himself out of his thoughts, "Happy, we're gonna take her back to Fairy Tail!"

Happy nodded grimly, watching as his partner, despite his usual demeanour, carefully lifted the girl so as to not injure her any further. However, he could see that Natsu was holding himself back from something as he clenched his teeth together.

Just who was this girl?