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The sun rose early the next day, its golden beams falling gently upon Serena's sleeping face. From somewhere in the shadows of her room, he was watching her. Watching her every movement, every rise and fall of her chest, every dainty flutter of her eyelids, every beat of her heart. She started to stir, and so with a heavy sigh he left the room for the first time the entire night.

Slowly, she woke and opened up her big blue eyes. "Where, where am I?" She asked to herself, half dazed and confused in her strange surroundings. Suddenly, she remembered, she was with him. She felt sick in her stomach as her memory retuned to her. Pulling the covers up to her neck, she huddled under the little comfort that the sheets provided, waiting for something to happen. Then suddenly, a loud rap echoed throughout the room, sending the dormant dust into a frenzy of movement.

"Who is there?" She asked innocently, and then bit her lip from stupidity. There was only one other person in this castle, and she knew exactly who was at her door.

"Please draw the curtains shut." A muffled voice came from outside.

There was silence; lay sat motionless on the bed, still huddled under the covers. She wasn't scared, however. She was never scared, she had grown up in the midst of a war, after all. No, she was motionless because she was defiant. There was no way that she was going to be a good little lap dog for him.

"Princess, please draw the curtains shut." He asked again, a hint of anger throbbing in his voice. The rap came at the door again, this time louder then before.

Yet still, she remained motionless, a thousand and one thoughts running through her head. She decided to obey, but only this once.

"Princess." He started again, but then stopped as he heard her footsteps walk away. The light underneath the door vanished. "Thankyou," he said nervously and opened up the huge mahogany doors. He walked in slowly, as if someone had put time on pause. He kept to the shadows of the room, making sure not to be seen by her. He kept his gaze upon the floor; he did not want to see the pain in her eyes. "Did, did you sleep well?" He asked for polite conversation, although, he already knew the answer.

She was silent, watching him in the shadows. Trying to see him clearly.

He placed a silvery tray down at his feet and took a small step back. "I have brought you breakfast." He said politely, and proceeded to wait for some kind of a thankyou. Nothing came. "It is not much, but I hope that you will enjoy it." Still, there was no reply.

She stared at him, shooting icy daggers into his heart. Her heart was stone, he had made it that way, though deep inside of her, she was still compassionate. It was against her nature to be mean, but for him, he would make an exception.

Feeling her anger, he turned to leave the room, but stopped immediately when he heard and angelic voice call behind him.

"Take your tray with you. I am not hungry." She answered bitterly, the temperature in the room dropped 10 degrease.

His heart sank. He turned to face her, still cloaked in the shadows. "Please eat, you should have something to eat. You will fall ill if you don't." He looked up from the ground for the first time. Lying across the bed was his angel, the shadows dancing upon her skin.

"Good." She answered viciously, "Then at least I will be free from here!"

A tear rolled down his face and splashed onto the tray at his feet, it broke his heart to confine such a beautiful thing to the shadows. He was in heaven when he was near her, but in hell when he thought of the pain he had caused her. "Please have breakfast." The concern broke through his voice. "Eat, dress, and then come down stairs."

"I am not hungry," she said again spitefully.

The anger started to flow through his blood, he could feel it pump through his veins with every beat of his heart but he chose not to say anything. For now, she had the right to be upset with him, so instead of retaliate, he once again turned to leave the room in silence.

"Take the tray with you!" She barked at him, frustration suddenly roaring within her. She didn't want to be here, she didn't want to follow his rules. Inside her stomach she felt ill, she was never this nasty, but there was no was that she was going to be a co-operative prisoner. "I said I was not hungry!" Her stomach turned again.

He swung around and kicked the tray so that her breakfast spilled onto the floor. A crystal glass that was filled with orange juice went rolling over near the bed, and stopped at its foot. "Fine. Dress, then come downstairs." He ordered, and then slammed the door shut, sending the dust in the room into another frenzy.

On the opposite side of the door he stood, his face cupped in his gigantic hands. "Damit!" He cursed himself under his breath. "Damit, don't loose your control, don't. You have to show her. Show her who you are, it's the only way." He recited to himself and wiped away a tear. "It's the only way that this will work."

It was noon, before the angel decided to show herself. Her royal air breathed life into the staleness of his castle as she walked down the stairs.

"Your late." A voice called to her, ignoring it she continued walking. "I said that you are late!" He bellowed again, stepping out of the shadows momentarily. Luckily, her back was facing him.

"You never gave me a time." She said defiantly. "All you said was to get dressed and come downstairs. You never said by when." She was a royal, that was for sure, and she had inherited all the usual royal haughtiness with it. "So what is my task?" She asked sarcastically. "You might as well know now, no matter what you do, you will never break me. Do you hear me?" She turned around, just missing him as he dived back into the shadows. "You can tell me to do whatever, but I will never belong to you." She had rehearsed the line a million times in her head, but it felt much better saying it aloud.

"I have no tasks for you." He answered, almost offended. "I wish you no harm princess, nor for you to suffer."

"Suffer." She spat out the words. "You do not know the meaning of the word!" He temper was running hot once again.

He bit his lip. Should he tell her? Should he tell her the truth? Then she would understand, surely someone like her would understand. Immediately he brushed the thoughts from his head. He knew that if he told her, then she could never break the spell. She had to see his pure heart, without any guidance.

"Believe me princess, I am sorry for your suffering." He bit his lip again, he had told her enough. "But I do not wish for you to suffer now. Believe me."

"Do as you will." Her voice was croaky, as if she was about to cry. She spat the words out at him, as if she had just tasted something horrible. "I no longer care."

"Princess, please." He started, but was interrupted by her.

"Spare me you dignitaries, you are to low to try to be civil."

His blood raged again, 'Control your temper.' He said to himself, knowing that his temper was his greatest downfall. 'She has the right to be angry, just control yourself.' He breathed a deep breath and then spoke quickly. "You are not here to be a slave, you can do as you will. You may go anywhere you like, except the woods, outside the castle, and of coarse, you can't go home. Do as you please anywhere else. Dinner will be served at 3 pm. Please be there promptly."

"See, there you go again. 'Be here, don't go there.' Face it. I am your slave, you just don't want to seam like a monster, but I know you. You are a monster!" She yelled at him, but then silenced herself, shocked at the anger that was boiling up inside of her.

"Fine." He bellowed, "You want to act like a slave, then you will be one. You can start by cleaning this room. Dust it, sweep it, mop it, and polish it. I will be back before sundown to see you progress." He paused for a moment, drawing in a long deep breath. "I did not wish it to be like this princess, but until you learn you place, and learn some respect, you will be treated as you should." And with a fling of his heavy black coat, he disappeared somewhere deeper into the shadows of the castle, leaving her alone to sulk in the darkness.


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