The Yamis of Tokyo U

by WSJ

WSJ: ^__^v Peace out! Welcome to the new mini-series! It's a continuation of my Unseeing Hearts Trilogy, the most recent of which being Sacrifice of Shadows. You should most definatly read my trilogy if you're to have any clue of what's happening in this. ^_^

It's been three and a half years since SoS, so everyone's around eighteen/nineteen. Ryou's still blind, Bakura's still mortal, yatta, yatta, yatta. They haven't had any more major run-ins with the Shadow Realm since then, which is all about to change...

Warnings: Well, lots of various couples... Mild Japanese cursing, and, ah yes, a very Americanized Japanese college. *sweatdrops* Gomen, but I don't know what college in Japan's like, so I'm sticking to what I know of American colleges...

I don't own YGO, unfortunately... *pouts* Various OCs (such as Hiro and Gwen) are mine. Amoura Letazuat is not mine, however. She belongs to my very good friend Brood Mayran, from her story Another Chance at Everything. Hope y'all like this! Gimme good reviews for it! ^_~ Pleases?


The Yamis of Tokyo U

Chapter 1 -- Arrivals and Meetings


Eighteen-year-old Ryou Bakura snapped to attention, straightening up out of his day-dream in a hurry. "Hai sensei?"

"Could you please demonstrate the kick that Chang has just tried, to show him what he's done wrong?" Ryou's martial arts sensei asked.

Ryou smiled and gave him a quick bow before moving to the middle of the dojo. "Hai,"

Although Ryou was blind, he was one of the best martial artists at the school. His telepathic powers (although no one but his closest friends knew about them) gave him the ability to easily sense his opponants moves, and since he had no sight to distract him, it was easier to focus. Sometimes he'd even put a bit of a psycic burst into his punches or kicks, Ranma-style. Unfortunately, today was also his last class. Tomorrow he and Bakura, his "brother", were leaving for college at Tokyo U. And besides, Ryou was already almost better then the instructor.

Ryou easily demonstrated the kick, and the sensei thanked him before dismissing the class. "Ryou," he said as an aside. "I really wish you'd stay on and help me teach."

"Sorry sensei," Ryou said with a grin, shaking his head. "College calls. I'll come back whenever I'm in town though."

"I hope so," sensei said. "You're one of the best students we've ever had. And we're losing quite a few to colleges in these next few weeks. Ah well, just promise me you'll practice everyday."

Ryou bowed and came up smiling. "Of course sensei. I love the martial arts. They've given me a sense of meaning since I lost my sight three years ago."


The Blind One grinned as the familiar light blue aura eclipsed the doorway of the dojo. "Coming Bakura! Bye sensei," He turned and headed for the door, grabbing his waterbottle and gym bag as he went. He was still dressed in his gi, but he didn't really care.

Bakura was waiting just outside when he immerged, also still dressed in his gi. The ex-yami was a master of the martial arts as well, and the only difference between the two was that Bakura fought armed and practiced hidden weaponry, while Ryou preferred to fight unarmed. "Konnichiwa Bakura. Done for the day?"

"Done forever," Bakura said, a mischeivious grin on his face. "Sensei announced me a master when I pulled a battle ax out of my sleeves."

Ryou gave his other a reproving glance as the two stopped at the door of the dojo to pull on black slippers over their bare feet. "Bakura, a battle ax isn't proper weaponry and you know it!"

"Of course it is!" Bakura chortled as the 'brothers' began the walk home. "It does severe physical damage, doesn't it?"

Ryou sighed. "I meant that it's not proper weaponry for a martial artist! Really Bakura, first a machine gun, then a flame thrower, and now a battle ax? Why can't you just stick to katanas or shuriken?"

Bakura shrugged. "Hey, I'm an ancient Egyptian. What would I know about the weapons of a Japanese samurai?"

"What do you know about machine guns and flamethrowers?" Ryou countered.

"Plenty! Malik taught me!" Bakura said, the huge innocent smile on his face not fooling anyone for a second.

The Blind One sighed. "Right... So, have all your packing done?"

"Most of it. Just a box or two more to go. What time are we leaving tomorrow anyway?"

"Seven AM," said a voice from behind them.

Bakura and Ryou turned around to see/sense eighteen-year-old Yugi Moto and "nineteen-year-old" Yami Moto standing behind them.

In the four years that Ryou had known Yugi and his other, they'd changed quite a bit. Yugi had finally hit a growth spurt, and was now actually a little taller then Yami, but still the shortest out of eveyone else. He'd also taken to keeping his hair a lot shorter then he had during Duelist Kingdom and Battle City, and it now stuck out from his head in crazy, inch-long violet and black gelled spikes. He'd even trimmed his bangs, so that they stuck out in a blond fringe that just reached his eyebrows.

He'd matured a lot too. His face had gotten longer and less chubby, although his eyes still held that profound innocence he was so known for. Yugi's taste in clothes had changed a bit too. Currently he was wearing a black tanktop and tight jeans, boots similar to what he'd worn in Battle City, and his usual belts, although he also wore some silver jeweralry to offset the gold of the Millenium Puzzle which was, of course, hanging around his neck from its chain.

Yami-Yugi, in contrast, had barely changed at all. Even in false form, he kept his hair in the same huge spikes it had been when Yugi was younger. In body and face he looked exactly the same as he always had. He no longer, however, wore the hideous Domino High school uniform, since he took on whatever clothes Yugi did.

Ryou chuckled, thinking that none of them would ever have to wear that evil blue uniform ever again.

Ryou and Bakura themselves had changed a bit over the years as well. Since Bakura was a mortal, he'd had to learn to worry about things like his hair and clothes. The ex-tomb robber had taken to wearing his hair just above his shoulders, and usually dressed in clothes similar to what Yugi wore. He hadn't changed much physically, save that he got a little leaner and developed some muscle, mostly from the martial arts.

Ryou, in contrast, wore his hair longer. Now it was almost down to his waist, and he kept it tied back into a low ponytail most of the time. He dressed as he always did, in whatever suited him that particular day. However, he'd ditched the "preppy" look a long time ago after Yami, Yugi, and Bakura had dared him to wear leather. Tea had nearly fainted when she saw him, and actually asked who he was. Well, actually, she'd asked for his phone number, since she didn't realize it was Ryou. Then she'd asked for his name, and when he said he was Ryou Bakura, she'd fainted.

"Seven AM?!" Bakura asked. "By Ra, what for?"

Yami gave him a strange look. "It takes roughly four or five hours to get from here to Tokyo University. We'd get to the campus about noon. Then we'd have the afternoon to unpack and settle in before classes start the day after tomorrow."

Bakura sighed. "If you say so..."

Yugi and Ryou were walking just behind Yami and Bakura, and caught most of the conversation. "So," Ryou asked innocently. "Are we going in the jeep or the clunker?"

Yugi snorted at the hint that his car was good-for-nothing... Which it was. "Jeep seats six, so we'd have extra room for luggage."

Ryou grinned. "My jeep it is!"

Over the past two years, Ryou had been saving up for his own car, and three months ago had finally saved enough to buy an extra-big jeep. He couldn't actually drive it, of course, but he'd had it custom painted, loved it to death, and called it 'my precious' every now and then. He, Bakura, Yugi, and Yami were going to ride together up to Tokyo U, to save on gas.

Ryou lowered his voice and leaned over to whisper in Yugi's ear, "Have you told Yami about your little 'surprise' yet?"

"No-o..." Yugi admitted, sweatdropping slightly. Ryou rolled his frosted brown eyes, and Yugi sighed. "Okay, okay, I will... Hey Yami,"

Yami and Bakura broke from their conversation and looked back at their hikaris. "Hai?" Yami asked.

"Um..." Yugi looked at his other nervously. "I... Er... I've signed you up for classes Yami. I figured that if you went to a modern high school and survived, you might as well go to college too."

Yami looked stunned for a moment, and then, to the surprise of all, burst out laughing. "Yugi! That's one of the best things I've ever heard! I was just thinking this morning about how bloody boring it would be sitting in my soulroom all day! This is great news, thank you aibou."

Yugi blinked. He wasn't sure what he'd been expecting when his yami heard the news, rage maybe, but this wasn't it. Ryou chuckled and nudged him in the side. "I told you,"

The four resumed walking, and soon they reached the Game Shop. "Come in for awhile?" Yugi asked, holing the door open for them. Ryou and Bakura politely declined, pointing out that they were still in their gi's and were all sweaty from martial arts.

"Okay then," Yugi teased. "Go home and shower. See you in the morning!"

"Bye Yugi! See ya' tomorrow Yami!"

The Motos disappeared into the Game Shop with a jaunty wave from Yugi, and Bakura and Ryou continued toward their home. "We are getting up at 5:30 AM tomorrow," Ryou said firmly, already knowing what his other's reaction would be. He was right.

"Aw... Ryou! 5:30? What fooor?" Bakura whined, sounding like Rebecca Hawkins on one of her worse days.

Ryou rolled his eyes upward. "First, you have to load all our luggage into the jeep-"

"Me? Why? Aren't you going to help?"

Ryou winked at him. "Because I'll be making breakfast. You can't boil water, let alone toast bread!"

". . ."

The next morning, Ryou was up at five, showered, dressed, and downstairs making breakfast, as promised, when Bakura stumbled in at five-forty-five. The ex-yami still looked half-asleep, and his silver-white hair was sticking up in clumps. Ryou chuckled and refrained from comment as he handed the yawning Bakura a cup of coffee. He could easily sence his other's sleepiness, and even his mental aura was yawning.

The coffee, however, helped perk him up, and by six-fifteen both teens were outside, loading their luggage and various boxes into the back of the jeep. There was still plenty of room for the Motos' things, and if needed, stuff could be tied on top. They climbed in, Bakura driving and Ryou in the front seat. They picked up Yami and Yugi, and then headed for Tokyo University and their new life.

"Bakura! Gimme a hand with this!"

Bakura scuttled over to help Ryou lift the particularly heavy box and lug it into the freshman dorms. Ryou could've just levetated it, but since they didn't know the sort of people they'd be dorming with yet, they'd decided to keep the psycic profile down.

"Which room's yours aibou?" Bakura grunted, nodding a thanks to Yami as he held the door open for them.

"A-6. It should be about half-way down the hall."

They'd actually arrived much earlier then they'd planned, and not many people were there yet. The freshmen dorms were all housed inside two huge two-story brick buildings, right next to each other. The girls were housed in one, the boys in the other. So far, Yami, Yugi, Bakura, Ryou, and a couple other guys they didn't know were the only ones there.

"A-6?" Bakura asked. "Same. They probably put us together because we're 'brothers'."

Although Bakura was technically one year ahead of Ryou, and could have already been a sophmore, he'd decided to wait and go to college with Ryou and everyone else.

Since there was no one around and both Ryou and Bakura had their hands full, Ryou turned the doorknob telepathicly and then nudged the door open with his foot so that he and Bakura could stumble in with the box. Bakura blinked twice as he took in the young man sitting on one of the beds. His hair was close-cropped and black, and his eyes were a mischeivious brown, a lot like Bakura's own.

"Hullo roomies!" the man said pleasently, standing up to help put the box onto a pile of other ones in the corner, which were presumably his. "I'm Hiro Kawagami, eighteen, a freshmen of..." he shrugged. "Who knows what classes mom signed me up for!"

Bakura grinned and decided he was going to like this Kawagami guy. "I'm Yami Bakura, but just call me Bakura, nineteen, and this is my brother Ryou, eighteen."

"Ohayoo," Ryou piped in politely from where he was rumaging through the box he'd just put down. He then remembered that he wasn't supposed to be able to find anything, and waved down Bakura. "Bakura, help me find my gi. I don't want it wrinkled."

Bakura obliged him, taking Ryou's place by the box.

Hiro looked at him with a furrowed brow, and Ryou grinned, pointing to his dull, muddy brown eyes. "I'm blind." Hiro began to make approprietly sympathetic noises, and Ryou held up a hand. "Accident three years ago. I'm used to it."

"Here Ryou," Bakura handed Ryou his gi, and the Blind One moved toward the closet to hang it up, sticking out his hands to feel his way, just for Hiro, since he could easily sense and avoid furniture.

"Oh, you practice martial arts?" Hiro asked, perking up.

Ryou laughed and nodded as he fished for a hanger in the monstrous closet. "Hai, Bakura and I both. I practice karate and some Tai Chi, while Bakura just practices about anything involving weaponry."

Hiro grinned. "I practice karate. Wanna spar sometime? Or can't you...?"

Ryou chuckled. "I can do martial arts perfectly well. It's a little harder without being able to see, but I manage."

Before more could be said, Yugi stuck his head around the open door. "I thought I heard you guys in here. Come on, Joey, Tristan, and Tea just got here."

"Yugi," Ryou stalled him a moment. "This is Hiro Kawagami, mine and Bakura's new roommate."

"Ohayoo," Yugi replyed. "I'm Yugi Moto. My, er, brother Yami and I are right across the hall, room A-9."

With that Ryou, Bakura, and Yugi trooped outside, leaving Hiro to start his unpacking. "So have you found out who your roommates are yet Yugi?" Bakura asked.

"Well, since Yami's a registered student, they assigned him a room, mine, and Joey's in our room too." Yugi chuckled. "Malik's rooming with Rex Raptor, of all people. Malik signed Ishtar up for classes like I did Yami, so that the third 'person' in their room. We haven't figured out Tristan's room yet."

"Any idea when Malik and Isis'll be getting here?" Ryou asked.

Yugi shook his head. "None. With Malik driving, it could be anywhere between now and next November."

Ryou just shook his head.

Out of all of them, Joey Wheeler, eighteen, had changed the least. He still wore his dirty blond hair however it fell, but at least now he kept the bangs trimmed so that they didn't hide his eyes. He still dressed in the same style clothes as well.

Tristan Taylor had also changed very little. Several weeks prior, just after he'd celebrated his nineteenth birthday, he'd gone and had his hair buzzed, and tipped blond. He gelled it up into spikes like Yugi did his. He'd ditched the trench coat, and was currently wearing a navy blue Ranma t-shirt and khaki cargo pants.

Tea Gardener, eighteen, out of all of them except maybe Yugi, had changed the most. She'd let her hair grow, and it now reached down to mid-back. She usually kept it tied back into a ponytail or braid, and today she'd opted for a French braid. Several strands were escaping and hanging into her blue eyes, just as large and expressive as ever. She still had a passion for mini-skirts, and was at the moment dressed in a light green one, with a white, off-the-shoulder top that showed some of her stomach. Her feet were wrapped in white leather sandels that had straps that criss-crossed her legs almost up to her knees.

Malik Ishtar, almost nineteen, had changed a bit, but not as much as Tea or Yugi. He was a lot taller and leaner, and his hair was longer, almost the same length as Ryou's. He, too, prefered to keep it tied back. He still wore his characteristic golden jeweralry, and his clothes consisted of whatever he could find that was clean. Ishtar had changed nothing at all, like Yami.

Isis Ishtar, twenty-one, had changed very little as well, save for the fact that her hair was a little shorter, and these days you could find her in slacks more often then not. She was a senior at Tokyo U, and had been giving the new freshmen tips and advice all summer on college life.

Soon the guys were all settled into their rooms, including Malik and Ishtar, who had arrived. After exchanging hellos, Isis had headed over to the senior dorms. Tea had been mostly hanging around with the guys, slightly apprehensive of going over to her own dorm. At least all the guys were rooming with at least one person they knew.

Finally she sighed and pulled a duffle bag out of Joey's car, beginning the short walk to her dorm and her roommates. Just as she laid her hand on the outside door handle, she heard a startling familiar 'ohayoo Tea!' from behind her. She turned with a smile to see Mai Valinetine, twenty-year-old junior.

About five months ago Mai had gotten cabin fever in Domino City, and had disappeared for at least half the summer. She'd returned with a tattoo, her hair cut and dyed, and a whole new wardrobe to go with her whole new outlook on life. The tattoo was a Harpie Lady, on her right shoulder. Her hair was now as short as Tea's had been during Duelist Kingdom, and was streaked with blue and purple. Her wardrobe, in contrast, was a lot more conservative then it had used to be, and was now somewhere in a cross between Serenity's and Tea's. For instance, at the moment she had on jean capris, black platform sandels, and a black tank-top that was made to be too long, draping itself over her shapely hips.

"Hi Mai," Tea said. "Why aren't you over at the junior dorms?"

Mai leaned against the brick exterior of the building to catch her breath, and flashed Tea a smile. "Believe it or not, Isis and I are the freshman resident advisors. We'll be living in slightly bigger dorms in here," she jerked her thumb at the freshman building, "To oversee you guys."

"You and Isis are our RA's?" Tea asked. "That's pretty cool."

Mai nodded, and grinned again. "When 'Sis and I heard you guys were all coming to Tokyo U, we lobbied ourselves into the possition. Of course, we're not RA's for the guys, they have their own. But at least we won't all be across campus from each other, eh?"

Tea nodded, and reached to open the door and find her dorm, when Mai put out a hand to stop her. "Just a second kiddo, there's something I need to tell you before we go in there. Isis and I put you in a dorm with two foreign exchange students. Partially because you actually bothered to take the high school English classes, and you're taking it this year in college, and partially because we think you can handle it."

"Hey, that's great!" Tea said, grinning. "I was wondering if I'd be able to practice my English outside of class."

Mai raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Well, how's your French?"

"Nani?" Tea asked, confused.

"One of the students in American, and the other is French. Both of them speak English, and they can speak Japanese pretty well. But both of them, the French one especially, are worried about seeming rude because they don't know the customs here. Neither one of them has ever been to Japan before."

"Oh, that's no problem at all!" Tea said. "As long as they speak a little Japanese, and I speak a little English, I think we'll be able to make each other understand. And customs are no problem, I'll coach them."

Mai's face creased into a smile. "Good. I was hoping you'd say something like that. Although there isn't much to know here. This college is getting pretty American. Okay, let's go meet 'em. They're both already here, I think." She opened the door and led the way inside, to the second room on the left. Mai pushed open the door, gesturing for Tea to go in before her.

Two girls were sitting opposite each other on two of the beds, holding a heated conversation in English. Tea caught some of what they were saying, about half. When the door opened, both looked up.

The first girl, who looked to be about seventeen, had long, straight platinum blond hair and green-grey eyes. She was dressed in navy slacks and a light-pink t-shirt, her shoes shucked by the door so that she sat barefoot on the left bed.

The girl on the right had sea-green hair that fell to about mid-back, and brown eyes. Her hair was wavy, and the ponytail it was in curled around itself. She was wearing a white skirt and blouse, and a baret was perched on her green locks. A white kitten was sitting on the bed next to her.

"I thought they didn't allow pets." Tea said to Mai, who shook her head. "They do if they're small, and quiet."

"Ohayoo," the blond said, standing up. "My name is Gwendolyn Kennedy, and this is Amoura Letazaut. Gomen, I don't speak much Japanese, and not very well."

"It's okay," Tea replied in English. "I know a little bit of English, so I guess we'll help each other as we go along."

"Oh," said Amoura in accented English. "Zat iz a big relief! I vas afraid no one vould underztand vhat I zaid!"

Tea blinked a couple times, and then grinned. "Well, I guess I'll have to learn to decypher the accent, but we'll make it work."

"Hey now," Gwendolyn said. "You're accent isn't anything to rejoice about either, Jap."

"Jap?" Tea asked in confusion, and Gwendolyn grinned.

"Well, you have yet to introduce yourself! Although for some reason you look really familiar to me..."

"Oh! Excuse me, my name is Tea Gardener."

As soon as those words were out of her mouth, Gwendolyn began to laugh and had to sit down on the bed, or risk falling over. Still laughing, she pulled a wallet out of her pocket and flipped it open, showing the other three the picture inside. It was Tea, taken a couple years ago, when her hair was a lot shorter. Tea began to laugh too.

"Gwen! I wondered why the name sounded so familiar!" Tea giggled, looking at Amoura and Mai's puzzled glances. "Gwen and I have been pen-pals since second grade," she explained. "I know you kept joking that you were going to come to Tokyo for college, but I never thought you'd actually do it Gwen!"

Gwen shrugged. "Yeah, well, I had nothing better to do, and when the exchange student program asked for volenteers I was like 'hell yeah!' So here I am!"

Mai grinned. "I leave you three to get aquainted/re-aquainted. Isis and I've got more freshmen to meet." She was about to close the door when Tea piped up,

"Oh, Mai, all of us and our new roommates are going to get together at the Rec for dinner at about six tonight. Why don't you and Isis stop in?"

Mai didn't even have to ask who 'us' was, since it pretty obviously ment Yugi and the rest of the gang. "Sure thing hun, see ya' there." Mai blew a kiss to the three of them and then ducked out.

"Amoura, Gwen, you'll come too, right? My friends would love to meet you." Tea said, taking a seat next to Gwen.

"Zure," Amoura said, smiling.

Gwen looked a little more thoughtful. "It depends on if there'll be any cute guys there or not..."

Tea rolled her eyes. "Two words, Yami Moto."

Gwen squealed. "Oh! That hottie you sent me a picture of a couple months ago? What about that white-haired guy?"

"Bakura? Yeah, he'll be there too."

Gwen squealed again. "Count me in!"

Amoura and Tea just looked at each other. It was going to be a long year with a bouncy American in their midst.


WSJ: *grins* So how was chapter one? I'm trying not to put too many OC's in, since that can ruin the story. I'm trying not to make them Mary-Sue's either.

Oh yes, about Yugi's appearance. Does anyone remember the animated series Nascar Racers that was on a few years back? I imagine Yugi as looking like Charger, except, of course, with purple and black spikes instead of blond. ^_^ I don't know where the mental image came from, but I wish I could draw it, because what I see in my mind is yummy-licious! And can't you just imagine Ryou with a ponytail? *squeals*

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Chapter 2: Everyone gathers at the campus cafe for dinner, and a round of introductions are made. Friendly banter follows, including, but not limited to; French jokes, American puns, Japanese insults, and a bowl of flying soup.

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