WSJ: *running around crazily and screaming her head off*

Scott: *eyes her* What's her problem?

Ryou: *chuckles* She's mad that she has to wait a whole 'nother week for the finalle of "Joey's Betrayal"...

WSJ: I wanna see Yuugi go bye-bye!!

Yugi & Yami: >_>

Ryou: ^^; Don't mind her, she's always like this after a new episode...

WSJ: *stops running around and Amazon-Tackle-Glomps Duke* Kawaii!

Duke: v__v;; *mutters* When did Shampoo get here...

Ryou: *laughing* SJ has bacome rather obsessed with Duke/Otogi over the last week, so be sure that we'll be seeing more of him from now on...

WSJ: ^^ I even started an entire AU fic based around Otogi-kun! ^o^ No telling when it'll be out, what with all I have to work on with this series... But it's called Of Cards and Dice: Otogi's Story. While I'm on the subject, what theme should Otogi's dueling deck have? I'm thinking fire/pyro, but I'm not sure...

Duke: ....Lovely. Just absolutely peachy....

Ryou: ^^ You know she loves you when she gives you your own fic...

Pegasus & Duke: *sweatdrop nod nod*

Scott: *sighs* SJ doesn't own YGO, nor does she own Amoura and Yunet, Lisa and Amoura's family, which are Brood's. Hiro, Gwen, Takeo, and I, as well as various others, do belong to her however.

Muse-ic of the moment: Purgatory and I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend (I Wanna Be Your Lover), both by Pat Benatar.


The Yamis of Tokyo U: Freshmen

Epilogue: Scattered to the Winds

Quote of the Chapter:

"Real stupidity beats artificial intellegence every time."
~(Ridcully; Terry Pratchett, Hogfather)
((Hehehe... That's one of my favorites! *waves a little flag that says "Long Live Pterry"*))

"What do you mean I can't get a job here?!"

"To put it bluntly... You're not a girl. We need cute waitresses here, not scruffy little boys like you."

"But what about him? He's not a girl!"

Duke choked on the snicker that had been rising in his throat and gave the newcomer his very best 'Who me? I'm just an innocent little crossdresser' look. Somehow, the guy applying for work didn't seem convinced.

Duke's sister sighed. "Duke works here for two reasons: he's family, and he's cute enough to be a girl anyway. Besides, he attracts the female side of the population well enough with his 'sexy god' act." She shot an annoyed look at Duke, who again tried his best to look innocent.

It had been a week since the last battle, and Duke had gone back to work at the cafe. His classes were all over, but thank God he had plans for the summer! He did not want to be stuck in Domino with his sisters the whole time. The fact that he was shifting from staying with his sisters to staying with his cousin on the other side of Tokyo was of little consequence to him. At least he could finally get out of women's clothes. The various actresses he and Ishtar had peeped on made sure to "drop in" every now and then and make sure he was still keeping up his act.

"You might as well hire him imouto-chan." he told his sister, leaning against the table he'd been wiping down. "After all, I'll be gone all summer anyway."

"Whaaat?!?" his sister shreiked. "That's not fair! Where are you going?!"

Duke smiled smuggly, fiddling with the die earring in his left ear. "I'm going to cousin Rei's for the summer. So nyah!" He stuck his tongue out and then backed away from the swing she took at him, laughing at her expence. In a huff, she turned back toward Rex. "Fine, you're hired. But don't come crying to me when everyone asks where Duke went."

Duke just grinned. Ah, a relaxing summer at his cousin's temple was stretched out before him. Nothing but peace and quiet and sweeping the courtyard. No crazy duelists only three feet high, no nuns chasing him down with intent to kill, no demons, no Shadow Realm. Just peace.

Little did Dukey-boy know how very wrong he was.

((If you all are thinking what I think you're thinking... Then yes, I do mean that Rei. ^~))


Isis hummed as she tossed her various belongings into boxes. Just one more week of school, and then they'd be free for the summer. She, in particular, would be free, since she was graduating tomorrow. She and Shaadi had plans to move in together in Egypt. Isis hadn't told anyone yet except Mai, and was semi-expecting Malik to blow a gasket. But then again, he'd be in California all summer, so it didn't really matter what her brother thought of the plan.

Come to think of it, almost no one was going to be left in Domino City. Ryou would be, but he'd be at the house by himself. Bakura was going to France, and his dad had a summer-long dig planned in Greece. Mr Moto would be staying behind too, of course, to run the Turtle Game Shop. Since both Yami and Yugi would be gone, he'd hired Mako to help him out for the summer.

Scott would still be around too. He was graduating tomorrow with her, and had agreed to take the teaching postion at Domino High that Shaadi had vacated. He'd be spending the summer building lesson plans, poor guy.

Pausing, Isis sat down on the window seat, resting her chin in one hand. Looking out across the Tokyo skyline, she smiled as she felt Shaadi come up and sit down beside her, running one hand up her arm to rest around her shoulders.

If you'd looked at them now and hadn't seen them since Battle City, you probably wouldn't recognise them. Shaadi had his black hair back in a ponytail, and while it wasn't as long as Ryou's or Malik', it was well past his shoulders. He was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, with a light leather jacket over top, and black boots. The Ankh was hanging around his neck, but the Scales weren't visible. If Isis had had to guess, she would have said he'd cast a dimention spell and stuck the Scales in their own private "pocket" of space similar to where magical girls kept their henshin sticks and various other gadgets.

Isis had changed too. Her hair was shorter now, and she had laid off the heavy adornment of jeweralry in favor of a few smaller, more stylish pieces. She was wearing a t-shirt as well, and jeans and sandels. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail. The Tauk glimmered around her neck, where she'd since reclaimed it from Yugi.

The two sat like that for awhile, and didn't even look up when the door behind them opened. They certainly did, however, when Isis's roommate and best friend let out a loud wolf whistle. "So, the love birds make themselves known. When are you going to tell everyone else what you guys are planning?" Mai asked, leaning against the doorframe, a mischevious grin on her face.

"...The day before we leave." Isis muttered quietly.

Mai threw back her head and laughed. "Good thing I already know, I'll make sure not to be there when Malik loses it." Still grinning, Mai flashed the two a peace sign. "Make sure you send me a postcard."

"Will do," Shaadi said, grinning and mock-saluting. "A letter, even."

"Good," Mai said, still smiling. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have one more exam to plow through before my junior year is officially over. Ja."

"Ja ne Mai." the two chorused.


Ryou yawned and fidgeted slightly in his seat, trying to get comfortable. Beside him, Bakura elbowed him in the side. "Stop squirming."

"I can't help it." Ryou whispered back. "It's so boring!"

"...Well, I agree with you there. Why are graduations so long?"

"So people like you two can get tortured," Serenity said from Ryou's other side, laughing quietly. "Now both of you shush, Isis's name is coming up."

It was graduation night for Scott and Isis, and both the white haired teens were bored out of their minds. Ryou had come because Serenity asked him to, and Bakura had come because he didn't want to be sitting around the dorm alone all night. Besides, Scott's parents, Joey and Serenity's aunt and uncle, were throwing a party afterwards. And if there was food, Bakura would be there.

Ryou shifted possitions once more, then settled down and prepared to let himself catch a quick cat nap. He was just drifting off when he felt a slight breeze brush across his forehead, though it failed to even stur his bangs. He didn't twitch a muscle, but mentally he jumped awake. It wasn't just a draft that he'd felt, it was someone reaching out to lightly touch his conciousness. He was just starting to get alarmed when a voice quietly and deftly inserted itself into his surface thoughts.

"Do not be alarmed Child, I simply need to talk to you."

(Of course, honoured kami. May I ask who you are?)

A quiet laugh. "Of course Child. I am the one known as Hatred, Guardian and god of the Millenium Item your friend Malik currently holds."

(Well met Hatred-sama. Why is it you need to talk to me?)

"Fate would have bespoke you herself, but she and Time are deep in their research and cannot be disturbed. We are afraid, Child, that the Shadow Realm is increasing its activities. We do not think that anything will happen to you over the summer; a group of fighters in the heart of Tokyo are taking care of most of the attacks right now. But come fall you must be careful."

(Who are these other warriors you speak of? Do we know them?)

"No Child, although according to Time one of your number will get to know them soon enough. They do not even know of us, nor do they call the Shadow Realm by its proper name. But their guardians are in contact with us, so in a roundabout way they fight with you. They will hold off the True Pharoah for now, but even though they will attempt to destroy him during the end of Augest, they will not succeed, even if they think they do. This coming school year you must be increasingly careful, although by that time you will have these fighters' help as well."

(Can you tell me anything more about them? How will we know them?)

"You will know them. And it is already telling too much to tell you what I have. Just know that the Elementals side with Ryou Bakura, now and for eternity..."

Hatred's voice faded away, and Ryou dropped off to sleep for real. In his sleep, he dreamed of the future, as he almost always did, whether he realised it or not. He saw in this dream the same scene he had at Christmas, of Serenity in a wedding dress. Mai and Gwen were giggling at her, and she looked like the happiest woman in the world. Then it faded away, and was replaced by a rapid succession of several different scenes.

He saw Duke Devlin outside a Shinto shrine, laughing and talking with a blond girl in a sailor-style school uniform. He saw Hatred and Fate, each of them with a cat in their arms, one of them white and the other black. Malik surfing, Amoura with a little boy of about two, and Yugi and Tea on top of the Eiffel Tower followed so quickly after each other that they almost overlapped. Then came the only sound at all, a earth-shaking roar, and suddenly his vision was filled with the head and face of a dragon, its eyes as dull and blind as his own. For a moment they stood there looking at each other, and then the dragon turned and leaped away. It was only then that Ryou saw Joey and Serenity on its back.

The last picture, one only seen faintly as Bakura shook him awake, was the one he wouldn't remember later, no matter how hard he tried. Serenity stood in the middle of a grassy hill, watching a little girl run around and play. She looked over her shoulder and smiled as Amane and Jonathon, followed closely by Isis, Shaadi, and Pegasus, climbed up the small hill to join her. Serenity turned, and for a moment looked straight at Ryou. Then she faded away, and Ryou woke up.

Looking around, slightly disoriented, he realised that the ceremony was over, and everyone was beginning to leave. Bakura was looking down at him, a concerned expression on his face. "Are you okay Ryou?"

It took Ryou a moment to gather his thoughts, but then he smiled up at his yami. "Better then ever Bakura. I was just thinking about the future."


WSJ: .....For most of you who think you know who I'm talking about when I mention the Soldiers, you're probably right. Home Sweet Home and Yamis of Tokyo U: Sophmore will definately be a cross-over with another anime, but you won't need to know anything about it, because I'll try my best to explain it all. After the Sophmore year, the influence of the other anime will fade, although it'll still show up from time to time, but only as passing acquaintences. *sweatdrop* Am I making any sense at all?

Ryou, Scott, and Duke: *shake their heads*

WSJ: *sweatdrop* I thought not. Well, the Freshmen year is over, and everyone's off to their various vacations. ^~ So make sure you look up HSH, 'kay? Ja till then!

God bless minna-san!