***Author's Note: I have fallen in love with a new couple, and in a desperate attempt to make more people want it or to see it happen, I took matters into my own hands and of course, that means a fanfiction~ Constructive critiscism is always welcome, but please no flame wars. I don't own Marvel, if I did, this would be real.***

The Stolen Clothing.

Rogue was a dangerous thing in the early hours of the morning. She would be half asleep, her red hair with her signature white bangs slightly tangled in a mess; her skin dangerously, (and tantalizingly depending on who you asked,) uncovered. As usual, she kept her eyes closed, but still she somehow managed to walk around without too many accidents, though no one ever knew why. (She herself would never openly admit that it had been due to absorbing a certain ragin' Cajun far too many times and having a knack for summoning his cat like reflexes even without the aid of any caffeine.) Without missing a single step her bare feet padded down the stairs, and when she reached the last one she turned and began walking to the kitchen through pure instinct and muscle memory.

It was pretty quiet this early in the morning, all the younger students wouldn't be up and about for at least another hour or so. Ororo was wide awake and already dressed for the day, her white hair kept out of her eyes by her headband. Being a weather Goddess she always rose with the sun; or at least that's how the rumor went. She was plating food for the others who were already downstairs. Hank was drinking his coffee while reading the newspaper; his glasses slid partially down his nose. Being a teacher, he was accustomed to being up at this hour. As for the students, Scott and Jean were there, and if she had been more awake Rogue might have made a suck up joke, but she held her tongue. Bobby was goofing around with his cereal and Kurt was watching it and enjoying the show. Both boys deemed it perfectly fine to be hanging out in their boxers and t-shirts. Kitty Pryde was next to a certain Russian by the name of Piotr, Kitty was talking almost a mile a minute despite her pajamas being nothing but pink sweat pants and a tank top. Piotr, oddly enough, was shirtless and wearing a pair of jeans.

Rogue shuffled farther into the room feeling like she had forgotten something, but she brushed it off. Usually no one paid attention to her, but for some reason everyone seemed to notice her this morning. Ororo was the first, but rather than saying something she had turned away with a hidden little smile. Hank had noticed that Storm had seen something and turned to look as well, and almost spit out his coffee in surprise. Bobby was the next to look, and Rogue might have gotten away with no one else noticing if he hadn't opened his big mouth. "Rogue you look hot! Maybe I need to cool you down?" Bobby let out a little whistle, and with that, the other five people turned to look. Rogue stood there, confused, like a deer in the headlight. She was wearing a gigantic shirt with sleeves to wide and long to be her own, her shoulders were even a little visible though the sleeves covered all the way down to her hands. The hem also reached her knees, so she was almost swimming in the fabric. It was a dark green color that complimented her eyes but besides that, Rogue didn't understand what looked so hot about it. She had seen Kitty in a tiny actual form fitting pink night dress that only went to her mid thighs and didn't bat an eye, so why were they all looking at her?

Rogue shyly waved her bare hand, the sleeve sliding down to her elbow as she did. "Ah thanks, but.. uh, no thanks." She said a bit sheepishly. She nodded to the others who were to stunned to speak. Kurt shook his head and greeted her back, "Good Morning." The blue looking demon said before shoving Bobby out of his seat. "Yuck, that's my sister!" Kitty waved back before turning to Piotr to resume her conversation, which apparently involved her trying out a new cooking recipe. Piotr himself nodded slightly but was an odd shade of pink compared to his usual complexion. Jean and Scott looked at her and then looked back at each other. Rogue could tell they were having a conversation in their minds. She quickly walked over to the counter to get her own coffee and a plate of whatever Ororo had made today.

"Thanks O," Rogue murmured politely taking a plate with pancakes, bacon, and eggs. She didn't want to bother with the rest of the students and instead decided to sit next to the Beast. McCoy greeted her kindly and she smiled back at him, finally getting to drink her coffee. "How are you on this glorious day Rogue?" He asked. Rogue savored the flavor of the bitter drink before responding. "Just as tired as ever Hank. Ah feel like ah didn't get much sleep." It was understandable, she had done a late night danger room session with Logan, so Hank nodded his head in understanding. Rogue started to eat as Hank left to go grade some extra credit project someone had turned in a little late. Jean and Scott soon left as well, saying something about the College professors needing help setting up. Kitty, Bobby, and Kurt left soon after that.

With the kitchen nearly empty and Rogue more alert, she noticed Piotr would occasionally glance at her; and if they made eye contact, he would blush a little and go back to the picture he was sketching. She almost wanted to go see it just because she was curious, but unlike others she could respect his privacy, and she knew he hated people seeing unfinished work. Ororo was humming something as she cleaned up the dishes, carefully washing each one by hand. Rogue got up and set the plate next to the sink so as not to risk touching Ororo. She smiled a little before heading out, walking behind Piotr in the process. She managed to catch a glimpse of his picture, a green long sleeve. 'That's a bit odd,' she mused to herself, and as she was about to exit Ororo spoke up. "Rogue," She said sweetly with that same hidden little smile, "Isn't that Piotr's shirt?"

Rogue now remembered what she had forgotten, she had secretly stolen this shirt after one of their missions together where her clothes had gotten ripped up pretty bad. At first she had never returned it because she liked the smell, but even after the smell had faded, she just loved wearing it. Her face was bright red, which was unusual, but she understood now why Piotr was acting weird too, 'He must think I'm weird.' Rogue thought to herself and pretended to laugh. After that, she waved to Ororo, running off with a small, "It's mine now." Ororo laughed quietly to herself, knowing that the Russian would be thankful she had waited that long to mention it. 'If only she had looked a little harder at the picture too.' The goddess mused. She herself had spied on the artwork that Piotr was too shocked to cover in the moment. What he had drawn was clearly a sleepy looking angel with red hair and her face beautifully framed by white bangs, wearing a green shirt that looked as heavenly as her shining green eyes.