Based off of a tumblr prompt: Anthrophobia: My muse brings yours flowers.

Iko stretched her arms as wide as the could go. Of course, she didn't need to do this, but she loved how totally human it made her feel. Unplugging herself from the charger, she walked blindly to the door. So blindly, if fact, that she didn't notice he enormous batch of flowers until a leaf smacked her in the face.
"Ow," she complained, more out of instinct than actual pain. She didn't have nerves, after all. Turning herself around, she inspected the flowers, looking for a card, or anything that would tell her who they were from. After a while, though, it became clear that there was none. Maybe it was a joke.
Instantly, Kinney's face came to mind. His evil, wretched face.
His smiling, handsome face.
Pushing away the invasive thought, Iko clenched her jaw and stormed to her door, ready to give Kinney a piece of her mind when she saw him next...
She didn't expect for that "when" to be right then.
"Kinney!" Iko was surprised, and her glare fell right off her face for a moment, before she righted it, "Now, I don't know who you-"
He held up his hand to stop her, "This was outside your door." Unless her sight sensors were broken, Iko thought she could detect a small flush in his cheeks. Which was stupid on his part. He had no reason to be embarrassed. Just afraid. She was mad at his, and therefore he should be very, very afraid.
He pressed a thick, stiff piece of paper into her hand. She looked down at it, wondering what it was, and when she looked up, Kinney was gone.
I hope you like the flowers. From
That was it. That was it? No name, nothing?
God, humans, Lunars, whatever, are confusing.