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Hello" = human speech

'Hello' = human or pokemon thought

"Hello" = pokemon speech

At mount moon:

After 4 years Ash was yet to be found, not by his former friends, not by the police and not even the legendary could find a trace of him.

Every time a pokemon came close to mt moon, Ash would hide deep in the shadows so he may not be found.

There was no human that came to said mountain, the reason was because the human body hasn't adapted to the harsh environment of the mountain.

On the top of the mountain, A human figure with long silver hair (his hair are as long as Ichigo's from bleach in his final getsuga tenshou).

His eyes were souless grey and he had a pale skin and he was wearing a black hood (something along the line of the hood from organisation XIII in kingdom heart).

This human was Ash, after his betrayal not only did he mentally change but he also physically change.

He did not truly know why he changed that much physically but he did not bother that much.

He was training with his pokemon to improve on his psychic and aura ability.

As much as Ash's heart was empty he would always used his power to save humanity.

He put multiple feared organization to rest by arresting them and got rid of all of them and also participated in tournaments going as Satoshi Ashida for as his alias to test his skilled and with no surprise he came victorious in all of them.

With all of that he did not accept the title of Pokemon champion as he did not want to much attention on him.

After the training Ash went meditating until, Hamber , his loyal ninetailes came and give him an envelope with the name Satoshi Ashida.

"Not to long ago a pidgeot drop this, we don't exactly know why or how they even find us but it must be for a good reason." The female ninetales said in a monotone.

"Well thank you for bringing this to me, you may continue your rest." Ash said with his emotionless voice.

"no problem master."

"How many time do I have to tell you to stop calling me master."

"Why? We owe you so much for saving us all"

"It just dosen't feel right. Anyway could you leave me for a moment, I will read this and come see you shortly."

"Very well master." and trail of to go find the other.

He open the envelope and started to read.

Dear Satoshi Ashida, you've been selected to participate in the Legendary Master League. Please participate as it would be great to see how much you have improve.

Frome: Mister goodshow

'how the hell did they find me, whatever I'll discuss this with my Pokemon.' Ash thought.

Ash went to see his pokemon and talk about the situation. Their answer was yes and hope that this league would cheer him up.

Later when Ash is asleep:

"I hope this league will cheer him up because ever since that day I never saw a smile on his face." pikachu now name Strike said with with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"I'm also worry, I never sensed any emotion emanating from him. And I thought I was hopeless." A shiny female gardevoir name Lili and as she as she said that she mutured the last part.

The human like pokemon was remembering how and when she joined Ash's family

She was a new addition to Ash's team as it was only two month that Ash found her.

She was a lonely Shiny pokemon with no family and when other trainer cathe her she was immediately released after word. Why you may asked, simple she was blind and other trainer feared that she would always lose.

Tanks to her aura she could at least know where she was going without hurting herself but when it came to fighting, it was to fast for her to concentrate.

Then Ash came around, when she first saw him she couldn't feel any aura from him so the female pokemon followed the human.

After some time she talk to him and for about a month Ash teach her about echolocation, feeling the vibration in the air and he also give her the ability to see.

The humanoid pokemon didn't have the best sight but she could see and from that time she allowed Ash to captured her as she was grateful to him.

Than an other voice was heard and snape her off her tougth.

This time it came from a female blaziken whom Ash had Took the liberty to name her Flare.

"I don't get why we should bother about him. He's just a human and he will abandon us like all of the human does."

Every single Pokemon glared at her then A blue jackal spoke up.

"Don't you ever speak this way toward Master Ash, With all the kindness he gived you, the least you can do is to have respect for him." The said pokemon said with a lot of anger.

"Me? Have respect toward a human? You're delusional Saku, all human have at least one thing in comment his greed. They use us and when their done with us they'll finished us." Flare said all in a venomous tone.

"Both of you should stop it. Flare, Saku is right though. You should give him respect he showed you nothing but kindness. Even you seriously injured him. It is true that most human only want power, but Ash is different. He know it himself, fought alongside multiple legendary only to save them, He even die to protect them and only arceus know how he was resurrected. Finely trust me no one no the feeling of getting rid of by the people you trusted the most beater than Ash does."

With Stike's speech over, almost every pokemon mood drop low beneath the ground whilst Lily looked confused and Flare had a looked of confusion and doubt imprinted on her face.

"What are you implying Strike? You're telling me that Ash not only died and resurrected, was betrayed by human and above that he met and fought with legendary. How can you be so sure he hadn't lied to all of you?" Flare said.

"Because some of us were there when Ash died, some of us were there when he fought the legendary and although only Saku was the one who witnessed Ash betrayal. Only something like that could break Ash like this. The Ash we knew is long gone, the only thing that didn't change about him is his love and devotion to help those in need and that he still care for us deeply as we are his only family." Strike started to tear up.

"Ash had always been a joyful ball of energy was always ready for new adventure. Now look at him he is Broken, It like if he had lost his will to live and let go of his soule. I wouldn't doubt that if none of us had came with Ash… He would have surely killed himself."

With that said the mouse like pokemon left and so did the other pokemons, until their was only two pokemons.

'That why I could never sense any feeling from him. He suffered so much he doesn't want to give trust to anybody in fear it would happen again.' the feeling pokemon taught before she left, leaving Flare in her guilt.

With THEME in kanto:

After his death All of Ash's 'friends' stayed with Delia ketchum in fear she would fall in another depression liked it had happened five years in the past.

She was so upset she would barely talk to people, until she finally came to the realisation that after all that, Ash wouldn't want her to lived in despair and sadness.

To help her out Ash's 'friends' stayed with her to remind her that she's never alone.

"Hey guys guess what, I've got invited to participate the Legendary Master League." Max shouted with joy.

"You don't have to shout Max" May said with an annoyed tone.

"Well that great and all but you better start training. Especially if tha Satoshi guy also participate." Brook said.

"Maybe you're right, if I want to stand a chance to win." The young boy with glasses said.

"You're such a kid Max" Iris said while laughing.

"Hey! How so?" he said with a bit of annoyance ine his voice.

"Because, if Brook wouldn't have said a thing you would have gotten to the league unprepared." she said with a shiny grin on her face.

"N-no I would have trained." he said nervously.

"Shur you would." As she said that abd role her eyes.

The end
Again sorry for the long wait and I have two thing to do 1) explain and 2) answers.

Where did all Ash's new pokemon come from.
Well as stated he got gardevoir when she was following him. Blaziken was a gift from sam professor who gave Ash his new Identities. The professor name is irrelevant but he give it to Ash long after he made his new trainer licence. He felt that Ash had strong bond with his pokemon and that maybe he could train her well. Both pokemon only been with Ash 2 or 3 month and Ash and his pokemon never really touched on this type of subject so they never knew that Ash had lived through so much. Blaze and Saku story won't be revealed yet but Ash caught Saku a short time after his betrayal and Laze a year later. Ash is able to speak to pokemon and understand them, his changed in appearance was due to the power he had awoken, he still have his pokemon from kanto all the way to kalos and he have unknown pokemon that will be mentioned in the story.

2) Question/wishes from: Bleachedred shinigami pokemon
"could u add serena in the harem and him being a champion of kalos"

Answer: No serena will not be in the harem and the other thing is already answer. The harem will consist of pokemon like latias, suicune, ect. Ash will become somewhat of a pokemon or something along those line.

Question from: sneak13579
Wille there be lemon

Answer: simple, no two reason, one

I am not good at lemon and second I have better plan.

Requested by: Red Satoshi ketchum
May have been short but nice to hear from this fanfiction and can you please make Ash look like from either this characters Nameless,Igniz,Goenitz(without the beard and just keep his blonde hair) from King Of Fighter or Vincent Valentine from FF7 and if not just keep ash but older like around 17-18 and please don't make him have those Z on his cheeks and make him have red eyes and well please don't change his name into like Red,Night shroud and just keep Ash as his real name please.

Answer: His Z's are gone but his name have to change because of how fare previous chapter made it clear that Ash is dead, I mean You are supposed the be dead and all of a sudden someone discover you, recognized you and tell the whole world. How would you deal with that, plus add the factor that he would need to face his 'killer'. Your character description are good but as you can see he's look is already make. Sorry if you don't like the story and if you are going to replied this in a nice way don't bother I have a pretty good idea that you're going to say something like "well you can't give everyone what they want". If you are thinking of replying in a not so friendly manner just don't review if you're going to say something bad.

Question by: Pokemon guest

Answer: Yes in fact I will Have a pole right now.

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