The Amazing Hawkeye!

The World's Greatest [strike]Marksman[/strike] Babysitter!

"Remember, he has kids. This is normal for him," Natasha said with amusement. In a heartbeat she went from Agent Romanoff to 'Auntie' Nat as she walked over to Clint and the baby. Clapping her hands together, she grinned at the infant then held them out. "Hey there little man….do you want Auntie Nat to hold you?" she cooed before taking the baby. She followed Clint to the elevators, still speaking to the infant, but in Russian now.

"I don't trust any of the supplies taken from that base," Clint commented as he pushed the button for his floor. He shifted the carrier to his other hand as he hitched the diaper bag a little higher on his shoulder. He started to put together a mental list of essential items knowing what was in the bag would only last a day and a half at the very most.

Natasha nodded in agreement about the supplies. Anything taken from the base would be suspect until tested, which would take far longer to do. "It will simply be easier and less time consuming to acquire new items instead."

"Right," Clint said as the elevator doors open.

"Agent Barton," FRIDAY chimed in softly, "Ms. Potts has authorized an expense account with expedited delivery."

"Great! Tell Pepper I appreciate it and thanks," Clint said as he keyed open his door. Automatically as he crossed the threshold, he scanned the room for anything out of place. Once he was satisfied, he nodded to Natasha as he held the door open for her.

Natasha entered the apartment with a nod as she headed towards the couch. The layout of his apartment was a mirror to her own, which was several floors down. Like her's, his had just enough personality to show someone lived there. Bits and pieces of Agent Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye of the Avengers strewn about the place with a few odds and ends of Agent Natasha Romanoff AKA The Black Widow. Nothing of Clint Barton, loving husband and father could be found anywhere. She settled on the couch, Alexei held securely on her lap as she cooed and made faces at him.

Clint dropped a bottle of water on the cushion next to her as he leaned over the back of the couch to make faces at the baby. "You OK with him for the next few minutes?" he asked.

Natasha raised an eyebrow. "Go get cleaned up, you stink," she replied, lips curling up at the corner in a smirk.

Twenty minutes later, Clint was in the kitchen area fishing through the diaper bag for the packets of formula he had seen earlier. A bottle was sitting next to the bag, already filled with warm water. "Repeat the list back to me please FRIDAY," he said.

"Enfamil formula 0-12 months 3 large containers. 9 bottles with replacement nipples for 3-6 month. Diapers size 2 large box. Wipes sensitive 5 pack. 1 Pack n Play. 2 dozen onesies and 6 sleepers size 3-6 months assorted styles. Burp clothes and blankets," FRIDAY said. "Anything else Agent Barton?"

Clint glanced at Natasha, eyebrow raised in a silent question.

"Pacifiers?" Natasha suggested with a shrug.

Pacifiers were always a hit or miss, most kids either refused them outright or refused to settle without one. Cooper was the former while Lila the later. Nate fell into the third category of fifty-fifty, take it or leave it. "Add pacifiers to the list FRIDAY," Clint said as he capped the bottle then shook it to mix the contents. "Hmm.. baby wash as well, lavender prefered." He glanced around the apartment for a moment before he walked over to the couch and sat down next to Natasha. "That's all for now."

"Items have been added to the list Agent Barton," FRIDAY replied. Several moments later then AI spoke up again. "The order has been placed. The expected delivery time will be within the next four hours."

Natasha took the offered burp cloth and draped it over one shoulder. "Don't you need a baby bathtub?" she asked as she accepted the bottle next.

Clint settled down on the couch, back against the arm, one leg propped up and his arm draped across the back. "Usually, but a towel in the bottom of the tub and a small pitcher works in a pinch." He watched her as she settled the infant in the crook of her arm before she started to feed him. "As much as I don't mind watching him, I'm hoping it won't be for too long."

Natasha chuckled softly. "I know how much you hate to be sidelined."

"Who else is going to watch your back?" Clint quipped back. "Properly," he added.

Her chuckle turned to a scoff. "Oh come on," Natasha replied. "I trust them to watch my back."

Clint shifted, lifting his arm up to prop his head on his fist. "I trust them too, but you are still my partner 'Tasha. No seriously, be careful out there will you? Laura will kill me if something happens to her favorite babysitter."

Natasha just smiled as she continued to feed Alexei. Twenty minutes later, she smirked as she handed Alexei over to Clint with a comment about diaper duty and her own need to get cleaned up.

Clint adjusted to Alexei's sleep/feeding cycle with practiced ease over the next several days. When the infant settled for the night, he took a small trip down to the armory to retrieve his bow and quiver then returned to his apartment. Complete maintenance on his weapon took only a few hours, the rest of his in between time was spent working on completing and revising reports, catching up on shows and movies he'd missed or napping.

Around mid-morning on the sixth day, Clint was informed of the custodial transfer of Alexei to Johnny as well his transfer from the holding cell to guest quarters. He had enough time to feed, change Alexei before he headed down to the holding cells where he met Tony along the way.