I'll always remember that day you fell into me. You joke around and tell me you were drunk and I was lucky that I was so close by. But when it's dark and we're close, covered by only a sheet because it's so hot even in winter, we're breathless and sweaty bathing in the afterglow, you confess that it wouldn't have happened with anyone else. But I remind you that I already know that, and you smile. I kiss your forehead and drift off to sleep, only waking up once a few hours later to cover us with the blankets we so quickly discarded earlier.

It wasn't a celebration. It wasn't even planned. It just sort of happened. There were only three of us to begin with, but before we even realized it we were hosting a party. I didn't know half the people there, and neither did you. So we stuck together and got wasted. By the end of the night you had had more than me, and when you fell you weren't just falling over. You were falling into. It was so graceful I almost thought it was on purpose. But you laughed so hard I knew it couldn't have been. You were laughing so hard that all I could do to shut you up was kiss you. I kissed you with so many emotions that you sobered up immediately. You kissed me back with just as many, and we were both completely aware. We were a living, breathing, clinging and loving cliche that night, me sweeping you into our room and us loving so much and so long in my bed.

The next morning everything was so natural. You were asleep in my bed and nothing could have looked more normal. When you woke up I was watching you. You were confused for just a moment before you saw me smiling and immediately relaxed. You smiled and I kissed you lightly. From then on, we just were. We didn't have to discuss it, it was almost inevitable. I think I always knew we would end up together. When everyone moved out, we still kept our room. We told those who asked that we had just never gotten around to rearranging everything, but I think we both knew. We needed the connection, if nothing else. We needed that close proximity that we had always kept. And now we're sharing the same bed withing that same room, the walls no strangers to the lovelust so often present.

And when this building is gone, these walls only scattered chunks of debris, they'll keep our beautiful memories; they've seen and won't forget. When this city is gone, a barren coast of sand and lost time, you and I merely two names having vanished eons before, I'll still remember that party, that kiss, that cliche. I'll always remember that day you fell into me.