In Westchester, your family name means almost as much as the brand name of your shoes. . . And this is where you meet Westchesters most elite, Dalton the most prestigious school in the country. Nothing matters more than the labels. On your door, your mail,and most importantly your clothing. It's a bítch eat bítch world and Manhattan breeds all wolves with stiletto claws and diamond fangs. Welcome to the Dalton School - the school of rich, privileged and beautiful teenagers of the country. Located at the very outskirts of New York, New York – this academy is home to the children of Hollywood stars, wealthy CEOS, Spanish models, and the richest, glamorous and important figures in society. And these are the elites.

DISCLAIMER:This story is based a few years after 'A tale of two pretties' and ideas of the characters in high-school. I hadn't read the last 3 books of the series but I started reading my clique collection and remembered a few popular stories I had that I never finished here so I thought I would do this. Please give opinions and review! I'll honestly still finish the story either way but it's appreciated. ALSO, I apologize in advance for bad grammar.


Alicia kept her word to Massie ninth grade year, and remained the Queen of the Dalton School. The self proclaimed brunette bomb-scare, rules the school with a RL leather glove covered fist and takes down anyone in her way. Yes, she's head of the DS dance squad. Yes, she is the highest ranked Dalton student on their academic list and in the football teams locker room. She's the school correspondent. She is an instagram celebrity and has her stiletto nails clawed into the arms of one of Dalton's hawtest juniors, Josh Hotz. But will an unwelcomed arrival from a former alpha ruin it all?


Dylan is the red haired siren that took society by storm when her mother Merri-Lee Marvel signed a deal for a reality show years back. Three seasons later the television series was renewed and Dylan is still the quirky, blunt, fun-loving fan favorite. The beauty hangs out with the likes of Justin Bieber and Hadley Durk. Every moves Dylan and her two sisters, Ryan and Jamie, makes causes a frenzy in the tabloids and she loves it. She's still attends the private school, she's still a part of the Pretty Committee and she's still the hilarious, weird red head everyone loves. However with all the changes, more fame and opportunity, will she be able to stay down on earth.


Kristen Gregory has become a triple threat. Looks, brains, and a star athlete. She's spends summers traveling with her 'Soccer Sisters' as well as the fall season ruling the Dalton School at the side of Alicia. She swallowed her pride freshman year in order to make things right with a certain junior philanthropist and the two have been separate ever since. With eleventh grade year approaching and a sports injury granted by summer futbol in Spain, will Kristen's extreme measures to salvage the life she's obtained be her downfall?


Sugar-sweet Claire Lyons is still in full effect. A few years without Massie at her side haven't been as bad as she thought. Things with Cam Fisher have been phenomenal and High School was a complete breeze compared to middle school. All of the pretty Committee girls have grown up and changed over the years and Ms. Lyons has seen it all. It has been hard fitting into this group from the beginning and the blonde was positive she'd be thrown out faster than Massie got to JFK. Butyears later, Claire figured out the ways of the elite and she's fighting to keep up.


Golden chestnut hair, gorgeous amber eyes and an English accent sharp enough to damage the HARTS of Dalton Schools elite. Massie is back in Westchester after taking over the UK and she's ready to claim her thrown. After three years away, how much trouble can the former Alpha actually cause?