This was about facades, they both knew it and they both liked it like that.

Outside they were the fiercest enemies in a battle for the freedom of mankind and all that stuff politicians liked to say in their speeches when they praised Tracer and her people or condemned Widowmaker and hers.

That was the outside; the cold outside world where enemies were enemies to the death, everything was meticulously calculated and surely two enemies couldn't be in love.

Amélie met her when she was just a girl with a passion for rifles that had been in her family for generations, all the way back to her forefathers serving proudly in Napoleon's Grande Armée and Lena was an energetic teenager that was very self-assured of her identity as a whole. Lena was such a bright light in Amélie's life it was hard not to love her, not to want her, not to cry for her when the news came she had died in an accident.

That's what bred the Widowmaker. A life of seeing each other grow old and happy, with children and memories of a happy existence. All of that washed away with one phone call from her father telling her she wasn't coming home and that there was nothing left of her to bury.

That was the Widowmaker. It's genesis, it's raison d'être, it's everything. A widow that was made after the loss of her loved one. A widow that didn't cared when she brought others the same grief.

And for a while she was contempt with that. The missions, the money, the luxury. Everything was as right as it could be considering the voice in her head that told her 'Lena would hate to see us like this 'every time she took a shot, the voice that told her 'Lena knew we could do better than this' when a shot or a mission was failed, the voice that scolded her saying 'Lena would be so disappointed of us' when she slept with an opportunity to get near her target.

Lena's gone she told herself and so is Amélie.

But one day in a battle against those meddlers from Overwatch Lena was there.

She was taking aim to put a talking ape out of its misery when all the sudden she hears a buzz come from behind her and rolls around as she reaches for her pistol and shoot, only to fail as the target teleports away from the bullet.

When the would-be attacker materializes itself again long enough for her to see it. Her. Amélie swore a nuclear bomb could've gone off right there and neither would've noticed.

"Mels?" the girl said in that English accent of hers that had won the French woman's heart a long time ago.

"C'est ne pas possible" (Impossible) the Widowmaker says out loud "Tu est mort!" (You're dead)

"Luv" Lena says raising her hands "I did died, but I came back. I'm a sort of physical pussycat now. Weird thing that-" Tracer doesn't get to finish as The Reaper takes a shot at her and she has to leave.

"Conqs!" it's all the girl says before leaving the sniper alone.

Conqs. Of all the gin joints in all the world it had to be Conqs. The place where they got drunk for the first time when both were legally able to do so. The place that was the preview to a night Amélie never forgot, a night that kept her company all of her life.

She walked in there as normal as she could. A plain shirt, a leather jacket, jeans and a bag. She walked up to the barstools and read the neon sign that said 'Conqueror' above a picture of the founder of the bar, a proud veteran of the submarine that sank the General Belgrano.

"What are you havin luv?" the bartender walked up to her and asked in a friendly manner.

"Brit in the rocks, if you still serve those"

"Comin' your way"

Had that man only know that could be said in more ways than one as a certain British girl walked her way in an orange spandex suit, a bomber jacket and a huge blue thing in her chest.

"You fooking came. Can't believe-" before Lena finished her sentence she raised her hands as Widowmaker went for the gun in her purse "Wow, not 'ere. Please. I like this place. Has good memories"

"Talk, before I empty it in you" the Widowmaker used her cold gaze to examinate the woman her other self had loved and cherished.

"Ever 'eard of Schrodinger's kitty?" she girl asked and Widowmaker remembered her physics classes when she was a rich girl with tutors that came to her home to show her things that a normal girl would learn that young.

"A cat that Is not dead or alive. Nor here nor there in a box. The point is?" The sniper questioned and the Brit took a moment to find the words.

"Well, I volunteered for this experiment and it went wrong and I became a human Schrodinger kitty cat. But the fun thing is I couldn't make my mind where to be. I couldn't make sense of anything for a while actually." The girl then pointed to her glowing blue ornament.

"I tried after a while but couldn't. A really cool guy named Winston figured out a way to help me and he built this thing. It's the only thing keeping me in the now and here."

At the point both Amélie and Widowmaker had a deep discussion that lasted for what for both felt an eternity until she sighed and motioned for the resurrected girl to take a seat next to her.

"I cried myself to sleep for a week when they told me" Amélie started "They had to make me sit at the funeral so I wouldn't ruin my dress with the mud. I always wondered why it had to rain in funerals. Your dad let me throw the infamous handful of dirt on top of your coffin" Amélie said as her drink was served to her.

"There wasn't a thing to bury" Lena said with her heavy cockney accent "I didn't loss a limb so there was nothing you could've possibly-"

"I was gonna propose to you when you got back" Amélie confessed what she had kept for so long inside of her "I had bought you this ring that would've matched so well with your eyes and your hand and I had engraved it with my most solemn bow to you in French so you would never forget it"

"Mels, I-" Lena was at a loss for words

"That's what's in the coffin. The ring, your dad put one of your jackets, your mom bought a whole CD collection of the Sex Pistols and The Doors to bury it, the ones you owned she gave them to me. Some of our friend placed stuff that you had shared with them: Pictures of moments, books that you'd recommended; I think someone even placed one of those Japanese weird things you liked so much. The one of the underaged girls in tanks" Amélie was in the brink of tears at this point and was about to drop her drink to the floor.

"Mels, I'm so-" Lena reached for the bridge of her nose, trying to hold back tears herself "Overwatch is this huge secret and I couldn't reach out until a few weeks ago. My mom almost dies on me when I showed up; Dad told me she got a depression thing going on since I passed that got her heart ill and me showing up took a toll on her"

"Serves you right. Doing that to us" Amélie felt a knot in her throat forming and decided to say another attack before it closed he throat "To me"

"Mels, how was I supposed to-" once again before Lena can finish her sentence Widowmaker takes over and tries to punch Lena, but she's fast, faster than anyone or anything the sniper's ever seen and before she knows it she's in a lip lock with her.

Amélie uses this to come back and deepen the kiss and both girls moan into it, not caring for any costumers that might be watching or the bartender that thought he was going to have to turn into a bouncer. Breathless, both girl reluctantly part "Have you gotten yourself some-" Lena can't bring herself to finish the sentence this time and Amélie tell her, finally crying.

"Never. Not in a million years could I have replaced you. You are why I'm the Widowmaker. You're my Victor Frankenstein and I'm your monster" As the sniper says this, Lena cradles her face with a hand and looks in awe at her girlfriend and almost wife with amazement at what she's hearing.

"Never call yourself that" Lena finally says "You're not a monster. You are mine though, as much as I'm yours" Lena reaches into her jakcet's pocket for her most valuable possession. It's a piece of paper, but not just A piece of paper. It has a promise she intends to make the other woman keep.

"After all this years?" Amélie asks surprised.

"It was the first thing I asked for when Winston got me back from where I was. Not clothes, not an explanation. This" Lena says in that accent that the French girl can never get enough off and she leans in for another, a more passionate kiss as Lena puts the paper away in her jackets' pocket once more.

In that simple piece of paper, ripped of a notebook when they were 17 lies a simple promise made to Lena on her birthday. A promise that for all she cared, she would have.

Par la présente, je te promets que je vais te marier et vieillir avec toi. Je promets que je serai là dans les jours de pluie et des journées ensoleillées. Je promets que je vais te faire aussi heureux que toi me fait chaque jour à partir de maintenant à la fin du monde. Mais avant tout, je te promets toi que je serai toujours tienne. Dans l'amour avec vous-Amélie

(Hereby I promise that I'll marry you and grow old with you. I promise that I'll be there in rainy days and sunny days. I promise that I'll make you as happy as you make me each day from here on out to the ending of the world. But above all things I promise to you that I'll always be yours. In love with you-Amélie)