Glowering down at the luke warm coffee before him, Lindsey McDonald cursed his rotten luck. He
didn't want to be here. Freezing his balls off in some nothing eastern town. But it seemed that the
Powers had other ideas. Believing he owed them something. Kind of his punishment for all the bullshit
he'd pulled in the past. With their usual twisted irony he was sent to protect his first evil deed from
another one of Wolfram and Harts idiotic plans.

He'd been doing fine on his own. Away from the war between good and evil. Turning his back on the
demons and nasties that creeped and crawled through the night. He would have ignored the Powers
summons as well if it hadn't been for that pain in the ass Irish bastard they sent to haunt him. Doyle.
Angel's old seer.

He knew he was screwed the moment the drunk half demon started hounding him. Day and night, no
matter what he did. No matter how many shots of tequila he'd down. Doyle was there. Reminding him
that he owed it to the young girl who's life he'd stolen. That he was the only one who knew where she
was. What she was. It was up to him to keep her safe. Seeing that he'd left her defenseless. No
powers, no memories. Just armed with a pack of lies that wouldn't see her through the night.

It wasn't until he was in some bar outside of Amarillo that he caved. Unable to take another moment
with the blue eyed pain in the ass. He jumped into his old beaten up Ford truck and made a beeline to
Port Charles New York. Unprepared, unarmed. All that mattered was that he got away from the
Powers little message boy and fast.

Picking the coffee cup up and looking down in its murky depths, he wondered if he was going to be
able to walk away from this when it was all said and done. Last time he barely made it out of LA. If it
weren't for the help of Angel and his little team of do-gooders, he probably would have ended up being
some random stain on the boardroom floor.

"More coffee?" Looking up in the familiar blue eyes of the waitress whose tag read Elizabeth, Lindsey
couldn't force himself to look back at her. A cold sweat broke out on his forehead as she waited. A
coffee pot in one hand, the other resting easily on her hip.

"Yeah." Watching as she poured him another cup and picked up the dirty dishes in front of him, he took
a chance to look up and get a closer look at the young woman. She hadn't changed much. Perhaps she
was a little thinner. Her cheekbones a little more pronounced than when she was seventeen.

"So are you waiting for someone?" Still an inquisitive little thing. He couldn't help but recall years ago
when she'd been locked in one of Wolfram and Hart's cells. Her face and body beaten and battered
after she and her friends had blown their High School to kingdom come. Never once did she back
down. Never cried. Never conceded. The girl had once been a force to be reckoned with. Had the
ability to make grown men cry out in fear. Was now reduced to a waitress in some pathetic little diner.

And it was his fault.

She'd once shown no fear as she stood her ground against some of the most powerful men in the
world. Demanding they answer her questions. Let her go so she could check on her friends. Make sure
the Sunnydale ratpack was still in one piece.

But her family had other plans. Sick and tired of seeing their daughter coming home night after night.
Bleeding and broken. Hating that she wasn't the pert little cheerleader like their eldest daughter. They
had wanted a normal bright shining child.

They'd come to the firm and begged for help. Unknowingly handing over their youngest child to the
enemy on a silver platter.

"Are you okay? You don't look too good." No. No he wouldn't. Not with one of the deadliest females
standing just feet away. Even if her super strength was temporally impaired, it was still a little unsettling.

"I'm fine. Just been traveling all night." Picking up the cup he busied himself with drinking down the
bitter brew. Hoping like hell she'd get the hint and go wait on the other customers.

He couldn't leave yet. Not when the smug bastard he was waiting for was about to come strolling
through the door and right into his fist. He'd waited for years to get back at his ex-coworker. The last
person he had ever trusted. He'd learned his lesson about the fine art of back stabbing fast thanks to
Ric Lansing. And it was time to repay the favor.

As if on cue, the bell over the door rung out. And the familiar face he'd been waiting for appeared.
Always impeccably dressed, not a seem out of place as he talked to some stranger who looked less
than thrilled to be there. Disregarding the stranger, Lindsey locked his eyes on his target. Knowing that
the sooner he talked Ric out of the insane plan the firm was putting him up to, the sooner he could leave
this town in his dust.

Standing up. His chair scraping loudly over the old pitted and scared floor. Lindsey didn't waste the
time waiting to be noticed. Stepping in front of Ric's path, he felt a small victory as the dark haired
lawyer paused. His mouth gapping as he fought to regain his composer.

"McDonald, what are you doing here?" Lindsey noticed the way his old 'pal' looked sideways at the
cold unmoving man beside him. "Not that it isn't great that you dropped in for a visit."

"Lansing lets cut the bullshit. I didn't come all the way up here to have you blow smoke up my ass." His
steel blue eyes were slivers as he sized up his opponent. Slipping easily into his old role. Into the cold
bastard that took no shit.

Ric glared back at him before stealing another glance at the stranger who was listening with abundant
interest. "Lindsey lets take this outside."

"Lets not. I don't have the time to waste." Taking a step closer to the man who he had once considered
his only friend, Lindsey could barely control the rage that was boiling beneath his skin. "Leave her
alone. You're about to poke your nose into something you won't be able to handle."

"What's he talking about Lansing?" The stranger finally spoke up. His distrust evident. "Who is this

Ric looked uncomfortable as his eyes darted across the restaurant, locking on the waitress behind the
counter. "Lindsey don't be a fool. You won't win. Her fate has been decided. And after tomorrow
night there won't be a thing you or anyone else can do to change it." Turning his attention back to the
man who was standing waiting for answers, Ric flashed him his trademark smile. "Jason, I'm sorry
about this. Why don't we get some coffee and take our business somewhere else."

Lindsey watched as the man looked slightly doubtful. As though he were deciding whether or not he
should push the matter. "Fine." With a short nod, both men brushed past Lindsey.

Waiting for a moment. Lindsey turned around. "Ric I may not be able to stop you from ruining her life.
But I know a group of people that can." The threat was issued. One that he had hoped he wouldn't
have to issue. "Do you really think this town is up for that kind of a war?"

The diner grew quiet. The patrons looking back and forth between the two men whose gazes were
locked in a furious battle. No one moved at they waited for the newest resident answer.

"Do what you feel you have to. But know this. You wont win." With those words the fate of the town
and one girl had been sealed.

With a nod of his head, Lindsey knew the lines had been drawn. And damn it all to hell, he knew the
Powers had expected this.


"I don't get it. I thought you said that there was only two slayers." Clearly puzzled, Gunn leaned against
the lobby's front counter.

Angel and Cordelia exchanged a look that clearly spoke of their unwillingness to speak of a past.
Wesley sat at one of the desks, his face taunt as he looked off into space.

"Hello? Some answers would be appreciate here. How is it that after three years of putting my life on
the line with you guys, I still don't know everything that there is to know about you guys?" Fred nodded
her head in agreement. Standing beside her boyfriend, her expression a mixture of hurt and sympathy.

"Tess was the slayer called when Buffy died fighting the Master." Cordelia voice was barely above a
whisper. Tears were forming in her chocolate orbs.

"I thought Kendra was next in line." Fred looked lost as she unfolded her arms from over her chest and
let them fall to her sides.

Angel looked down and shook his head sadly. "No Tess was called. She and her family ended up in
Sunnydale after her father was transferred to Sunnydale Memorial. You guys would have really liked
her. She was full of life and laughter."

"Well from the sounds of it she still is. That is if McDonald isn't yanking our chains." Wesley finally
spoke up. His eyes still unfocused.

"Ok so Tess was called. What in the hell happened next?" Taking a seat, Gunn settled in for the rest of
the tale.

"She clinically died for about two minutes one night fighting some no named fledgling. And viola the
psycho we all know as Faith was called." Waiving her hand listlessly in the air, Cordelia let her hand
drop into her lap. "Everything was fine. Well a fine as it could be when you had a slayer turned traitor
and a Mayor with a big ole chip on his shoulder running around town. We were getting ready to
graduate. To face the Mayor in his last step of his ascension..." Tears spilled from her eyes as she
gulped for air.

Patting her back, Angel took one of her hands into his. Clearing his throat, he fought back his own tears
as memories from the past haunted him. "It happened at graduation. Tess and Buffy were leading the
Mayor through the school to the library. Buffy said that she and Tess spotted some students hiding in
one of the near by classrooms. Tess spilt up, even though Buffy begged her not to. There wasn't
enough time to argue. Buffy continued on as planned. Hit her spot and the school..."

"Was blown to hell." Wesley finished. "We never recovered Tess's body. We assumed the worst."

"Instead the evil law firm we all call a pain in our ass got to her first and worked some hocus pocus on
her. Shipped her off to some place back east." Gunn shook his head. "Let me tell you all this. If I ever
come up MIA don't assume the worst."

"We should contact Giles. I think that he'd want to know." Standing up from the desk, Wesley walked
slowly to the back office. His head lowered.

"I'll call Buffy and the others. Why don't you all go and pack. I want to catch the first flight out as soon
as the sun sets."