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Chapter ONE

Hyuuga Neji thinks 'Chance' is a simple, stupid, overestimated word.

No single word should be used to define the power to change one's life for the better or the worse.

Since long ago, he has come understand that things happen and he and his sister just happened to be the unlucky ones fate decided to play jokes on, but that does not mean he has to accept it and he refuses to have the unfair lives his sister and himself had led be explained by a single word.

People could say that their life had been a series of unfortunate events and Neji hates it. He hasn't done anything to make their lives unfortunate, so why did he and his sister have to suffer?

They just happened to be unlucky.

They just happened to be born into the Branch Family of the clan.

Their mother just happened to die after giving birth to her second child.

Their father just happened to be sacrificed in place of his elder twin brother, the clan head.

They just happened to lose everyone that could ever truly care for them at the tender ages of four and three.

Neji hates the way the world seems to laugh at his misery. He hates the way girls giggle with their mothers over shared secrets and he hates the way boys laugh with their fathers from their place on his shoulders.

Life is cruel and unfair and brutal and he hates that no one around him seems to see this.

A fist comes at his face and Neji shakes off the thought that had once again clouded his mind. He notes the location of the sun in the sky and casually steps to the side to dodge the next attack. He spins gracefully on his heel and catches his teammate by the back of his head, slamming his into the ground.

Rock Lee stops moving, winded from the heavy blow, and Neji straightens himself. He brushes off his clothes then pointedly turns towards the stairs leading out of the training grounds and into the busy streets, stating without words that he was done for the day.

Maito Gai, his Jounin teacher, does not seem to get the message.

He never did.

"Neji! We have planned a youthful bonding dinner-"

Neji cuts him off with a harsh glare thrown over his shoulder. "I don't do bonding." He says. He tries to keep the sneer off his face, but he finds it hard and he does not know if he succeeds. "I don't have any extra time to waste bonding."

It has been two weeks since he has been put into his Genin team and he does not like any of his teammates. He leaves the training ground with his words still hanging, but he cannot bring himself to care.

The only, single existence he truly cares for would be finishing a day at the Academy.

Hyuuga Sakura's world revolves around one person.

She knows it is selfish and she has stopped caring ages ago. She tells herself that she is allowed this one bit of selfishness within her.

A few years ago, things had been different. A few years ago, back when she was stupid and naive and believed everyone had at least a bit of good in them, her world had included her family and her clan. Back then, she knew they had been able to see the leading light they could no longer able to see and they had been able to hear the songs of hope they could no longer hear.

Then reality had come at her with a deadliness she had been too young to see, speeds she had been too slow to dodge and a knife too sharp for her to even attempt to deflect. It had stabbed her hard and deep and it had left a scar that would never fade.

Now that she thinks back, it had taken her several wasted years to realize that left behind was not only an invisible mark forever reminding her of her traumatic past but shards of the sharp blade that had pierced her and scarred her for life. She had had no choice but to heal around the pieces of metal lodged within her and it had become a part of her, something she would never be able to remove without cutting away a piece of herself.

Her entire being has been molded around a small seed of hate and when she lowered her guard and looked away from one second, it had grown into something so much more significant. From where she currently stands, the tree of hatred completely blocks out the sky and she can no longer see it.

Sakura sees Umino Iruka, her teacher, calling for the class to stop working on the handouts. She looks down at her paper, fully answered within the first few minutes since they had been given out, then turns and takes the papers of the people sitting in her row. She stacks them neatly and places the pile on the corner of the table.

Iruka smiles at the class then picks out two people. "Kiba-kun, Hinata-chan, could you please deliver the papers to the front?"

Sakura is up and on her feet before the Hyuuga heiress can even react. "Please stay seated, Hinata-sama." She says, voice void of any emotion. "I shall take care of it." Sakura pushes out of her seat before Hyuuga Hinata manages to gather the courage to refuse her help.

At the front, Iruka looks very uncomfortable as he speaks out. "Sakura-chan, I know that-"

Sakura interrupts him. "Hinata-sama is very fragile." She says, not even bothering to hide her scornful tone. "What if she hurts herself? I am under the orders of Hiashi-sama to look after her."

Iruka goes quiet at the mention of the Hyuuga clan head. Not even he is willing to go against the words of one of the two most strongest clans in Konoha. Satisfied, Sakura gathered up the papers on her desk then proceeded to smoothly add the stacks from the other rows onto her pile. She walks up to the front and hands Iruka the papers before she twirls, Hyuuga elegance pouring from her. She sits back down in her seat, a row behind Hinata.

Sakura has never had any friends. If her strange colors don't immediately ward away others, it is her poise Hyuuga upbringing and her obvious position below Hinata on the social ladder that does.

She can hear the rumors going around, the mean, assuming words being shared behind her back. She has learned to ignore it a long time ago.

Ever since she had been born with pink hair and green eyes, an anomaly in the sea of dark hair and white pupil less eyes, she has been considered below everyone else. Two thirds of the people that had ever let her feel welcome were long gone, leaving her with her only true family member, her older brother.

Hanakotoba (Flower language):

Fire Lily (Also known as Orange Lily or Tiger Lily):


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