"Geeld! Geeld! Where are you?!" An old man called in the middle of night for the youngest of the cubs in his stables. This cub had, however, had the bad habit of playing hide-and-seek with the older dragons and the stable's owner, and fate wanted that it was always at the least appropriate times. Geeld had always been a particular dragon, as it was clear ever since her birth, when from red Magma-class and purple Pack-class dragons Geeld came to be of colors which held very little sense to either the parents and the old stableman. Black and gold.

"Gah, where did that cub go this time?" The old stableman, Arcturus, muttered. Had he been younger still, he would've kept searching for her, but his back and legs were really hurting from exhaustion and tiredness, which reminded him of how foolish of him it is to not trust any younger hand in helping him with his stable. He was just about to return to his sleeping quarters when something large landed behind him.

"Well, well, well. Looking for something, old man?"

Arcturus turned around, and as he did he found himself facing a large black Psy-class dragon, and her rider, a young man with silver hair and gray eyes, wearing a purple and black helmet and jacket. Arcturus's eyes immediately fell on a small bump on the dragon's forehead, a bump with a shape all too familiar to him.

"T-the Eye of the Dragon? W-what do you want?" Arcturus asked, his bravery strongly hindered by the growling dragon only a few inches away from him.

"What do we want? But your dragons, of course!" Chuckled another rider on another Psy-class dragon which approached Arcturus from his right side, this one wearing a black sleeveless shirt and a black and red helmet.

Meanwhile, Geeld was all snuggled up behind some crates. She'd been there the entire afternoon, and evening. As she waited for someone of the older dragons to find her, she eventually fell asleep. Waiting was boring, and being bored made her very sleepy!

Suddenly, however, she was jerked awake as she heard her parents' roars.

"Mom? Dad?" Geeld squeaked as she rose to her legs and peaked from behind the crates.

Her parents were surrounded by humans, and judging from her parents' pained calls they were not friendly.

"Let me go, thieves!" Geeld's father, the purple Pack-class roared in defiance.

"It's no use! This trapping gear is too strong!" Whimpered Geeld's mother, the red Magma-class.

"Come on, get these last two in the trailer and lets get out of here!" One of the humans shouted.

"Don't make this more difficult than it needs to be! Get inside and it'll be over in a second!" One the humans' dragons hissed.

"No! I'll never surrender to you and your thieving rider!" Geeld's father growled at the black and purple dragon. In that instant, Geeld's father noticed her daughter's little head peaking from behind some crates, and he did what instinct required him to. "Geeld! Run! Go away!"

Geeld was confused, why would her father tell her to go away? He always told her that venturing out was dangerous, and that she should always stay with the older dragons at the stable. The little cub had little time to think, as one of the humans noticed where her father was roaring at.

"Moordryd! Moordryd! Look! Behind those crates!" The human shouted, and before Geeld knew what happened, a human appeared in front of her and snatched up in his hands.

"Black and gold? Huh, tonight is turning a lot more profitable than I would've imagined." The human that grabbed her muttered, as a large grin made way on his face.

It was then that Geeld heard it, a mighty roar, from up afar that still made the ground shake nonetheless.


Geeld moved her little head around, looking for the one who she felt was about to save her and her parents, and as she looked right where all the other humans were, she saw him. He was a black and gold dragon himself as well, but unlike her he was a quadruped, as she was a biped. And unlike her he not only was big and powerful, but also had a rider.

"Not tonight, Dragon Loser!" The human that held her shouted at the gold and blue rider of the black and gold dragon.

Taking her chances, Geeld tried to pry herself free from his grip, and in the attempt managed to bite the human's hand, which prompted the human to drop her suddenly to the hard ground.

As she yelped from the fall, her father took advantage of the humans' distraction, and managed to break free from the trapping gear. He lunged towards her, to protect her from these humans, but before he was even halfway to her, another black and purple dragon slammed into the Pack-class's flank, sending him skidding towards the stables. As he finally came to an halt he tried to get up, only to fall back to the ground.

"No! Blitzer!" Geeld's mother roared as she saw her mate downed.

It was then that the other black and gold dragon jumped down and landed in the stables, only so few meter away from the thieving humans.

"It ends here, Moordryd!" The gold and blue rider shouted.

For Geeld, everything then became a blur. She ran back behind the crates, and yet from there she could still hear pained roars, shouts, and she could see how flashes of gold and violet alternated themselves in the night. She shivered, as the night's cold finally managed to grip on her. She just wanted to go back into the stable with her parents and sleep in the warm with them. But something suggested her that going back there would be dangerous. She curled up, the cold and the scare making her visibly tremble.

Minutes passed by in a flash, and before Geeld realized the thieves managed to run away with their loot. Except one. As she noticed the silence, she uncurled and was about to peak from behind the crates once more, when suddenly a huge green dragon appeared in front of her.

"Hey Cyrano, what are you doing?!" A human voice shouted as the large green dragon looked down to Geeld.

"Hello, little one." The large dragon grunted friendly to her. Unfortunately, his attempts at friendly didn't cope well with Geeld's already wracked emotions. As he noticed the way she was looking at him, with wide open eyes and quivering lips, he could already tell what was going to happen.

"No, no, no, please don't cry..." The large dragon whimpered, before Geeld's let out a ear-piercing shriek and began crying.

"Cyrano! For dragon's sake what's this noise!" The approaching annoyed human yelled as he held his hands to his ears. As he looked over the crates where his dragon was looking the human's behavior was completely flipped over. "Oh, dear..."

As the high-pitched cry pierced the air, Artha already knew what it was. Having grown up in stables had its advantages, sometimes. He hurried over to where Cyrano and Parmon where looking, which also seemed to be where the noise was coming from.

"Uhm, Artha..." Parmon said, as Artha got closer. "I think that this is more your area of expertise."

As Artha reached Parmon, he'd expected to see a very little and young dragon, but certainly didn't expect to see one like this. Without question, Artha instinctively reached down and grabbed the little dragon and held it close, giving it a slight rub of its neck. Already it was beginning to calm down, but it proved useless as Artha turned around and the whelp saw the downed Pack-class near the stable's stalls. Without warning, the black and gold cub wriggled free of Artha's embrace and ran over to the larger purple-pink dragon. When Beau saw the little dragon hurrying over to the injured dragon he had to make double takes.

"Black and gold? But how..." Beau growled as he eyed the whelp as it went tried to nudge the head what the others assumed to be its father.

"Dad?" Geeld squeaked, tears streaming her eyes. "Dad, wake up!"

"What is she doing?" Asked the green dragon's rider.

"Kitt, how's the dragon?" The gold and blue human rider asked to the one that was kneeling beside Geeld's father.

"Really bad, I think he has a broken rib or two, if not worse." The light-blue haired human answered.

"Dad?" Geeld squeaked again.

It was then that she heard a familiar voice from one of the stalls, calling for her. Quickly she hurried to the stall, only to find it closed.

"Help..." Arcturus called weakly from inside.

Getting the clue, the gold and blue human ran to the stall and opened it, managing by a very close call in catching Arcturus before he fell to the ground.

"My dragons..." Arcturus whispered, still having only enough strength to stay wake.

"Don't worry, Dragon City Security is on their way, they'll take care of you and your dragon." The gold and blue rider said to Arcturus as he carried the old man outside.

Once far from the stall, and Arcturus still barely awake and conscious, he gestured to be laid against the wall.

"Are you okay?" The rider asked, and Arcturus answered with only a simple nod.

Before the rider could get up, Arcturus grasped his arm, and then gestured for Geeld to come closer.

"Take... care of Geeld.." Arcturus whispered to the rider, before finally exhaustion and the injuries brought him to sleep.

"Sir? Sir! Scales, he passed out." The rider muttered as he tried to wake up Arcturus.

Just as Arcturus passed out, red and blue lights and sirens could be heard approaching them. Geeld watched as they loaded her father on a medical trailer and Arcturus with him. As the trailer disappeared behind a corner and the lights and sirens grew more and more distant, Geeld was picked up by the gold and blue rider. She felt safe in his arms, somehow. Safe and warm. As the rider walked slowly towards the other black and gold dragon, she started to daze off, the emotion of this all simply having drained her. That is until the other golden dragon growled at her.

"Not one step further."

Everyone was taken back by Beau's sudden change in behavior, Artha more than everyone.

"Beau! What are you doing?! What's wrong?" Artha asked, but Beau still kept growling.

"I don't like her! Something's not right!" Beau growled at Artha, although he was perfectly aware that Artha couldn't understand his dragon, even as the Dragon Booster.

"Strange, it's like he doesn't want to be close to her." Parmon said, eyeing the situation most cautiously.

"Thanks, Professor. Something else that you wish to say that we already haven't figured out ourselves?" Kitt teased at Parmon, annoyed by less than helpful observations, which earned her a frown from him.

"Beau, what's wrong?" Artha asked once again. This time, he made a step forward, only for Beau's growling to raise in intensity as he backed off himself. Shaking his head, Artha knew that sorting this problem out here and now would've been a waste of time.

"Ok, guys, one of you must take this hatchling back with me at home." Artha then called out to Kitt and Parmon.

"Nah-ah. Don't look at me." Parmon said, shaking his finger. "I'm a gear specialist, not a dragon-sitter."

It was then that Kitt stepped forth to take the small cub in her own arms. Luckily, she seemed to like Kitt, as she just let herself be straddled in her arms. One problem solved, Artha finally managed to get close to Beau, and once magged on by him they strode off to Penn Stables.

As Geeld curled up in the female rider's arms, she let herself be lulled to sleep by the red dragon's constant swaying as they followed behind the other dragons and their riders. In Geeld's dreams, she was playing tag with her mother, as Arcturus brushed her father's scales.