Back in the courtyard, Artha and Kitt where glaring at Connor and Parmon, who stopped the two racers from going after Geeld and DCS.

"We can't just let her go like this! What if she gets hurt? What if she hurts someone?" Kitt called, stomping the ground with her foot.

"Yeah, besides, Geeld is not responsible for what happened in the market, and even if the wraith was, what about Geeld? Despite her grown body, she's still a whelp! They can't jail her, or whatever it is that they do to 'dangerous dragons'." Artha shouted, marking the quotes on the last two words with his fingers.

Connor simply shook his head, when Parmon poked him on the shoulder, prompting him to turn around to face a seemingly irate Faier at the front of his officers. But no Geeld in sight.

"Connor Penn." Faier said, frowning and crossing his arms as he stood only an arm's length from him. "The wraith that you said was gone, has just escaped."

"How?" Parmon asked, but regretted it as Faier bore a death-stare into the boy's eyes.

"She used some left over White Aero and Blue Speed gear from whatever was being done at the track to leap out ofo the safety walls and glided safely to a set of drag-ways below a section of the track." Faier said in a matter-of-fact way.

Everyone but the officers exchanged quick and nervous glances at one another, wondering how did Geeld pull off something like that. But then they remembered who was that stood before them, and their worries passed to what they were about to do to them because of this.

"So, what are you going to do now?" Connor boldly asked. Faier didn't spare his death-stare on the stable owner either, although Connor surely held his act better than Parmon.

"For one, take this." Faier said as he handed a small piece of printed paper with something written on it. It was a fine. "This is for sheltering a wanted criminal, plus various damages to our gear caused by the obstacles still present on the track."

Connor looked down to the fine, and his eyes became wide as he eyed the amount. But Faier continued nonetheless.

"As for the wraith, we've already sent a security dispatch to all of our secondary stations across the city. She's not going far."

Having concluded, Faier and his men left the Penn compound, leaving behind a dumbfounded Connor and several worried teens and dragons.

"Now what do we do?" Kitt muttered.

"I have no idea." Wyldfyr grunted, lowering his head slightly. Although what he said was not exactly intelligible to her, she nonetheless understood the motion.

"We can't just leave her out there... Wraith or not!" Kitt said as she let a hand rub her dragon's neck.

"Well, we can't just go out there and look for her, Dragon City Security is already doing it, and should they catch us looking for her, they might not be as kind as Faier has just been." Parmon said, the last part causing Connor to give a quick glare at him. "Okay, mostly kind."

"So we're just going to sit here and wait?" Artha asked, looking in disbelief at his father.

"As much as it pains me to... Yes, Artha. We're going to stay here and wait for things to happen." Connor sighed, putting the ticket into his pocket. Then he turned around, and smiled at this son. "The Dragon Booster, however, should go look for this... 'potential danger'."

The mood was immediately lightened, although Connor was quick to add that only Artha and Beau were to go.

"Whatever..." Kitt huffed. She turned her head to Artha. "Artha, just be careful. I don't have the impression that the wraith's going to let herself be approached so easily after this, and Geeld must be pretty scared with all that's happening."

"Good point." Artha said, with Beau beside him nodding in agreement.

After landing on a sparsely trafficked drag-way right in front of a much shocked Bull-class and its rider, Wraith-Geeld kept on running for nearly an hour before sneaking into an alley and taking a break.

"I think... we've lost them..." The wraith hissed as she breathed hard.

She wasn't used at running so much for so long.

Geeld only then appeared in the wraith's vision. Although the golden twin wasn't winded, she could still feel, and was affected by, her body's physical exertion. The wraith spied a look in her golden twin's eyes, and with that she could truly feel what the whelp felt. She was scared and confused.

"Do you... do you want to go home?" The wraith asked her. Geeld simply looked around, but her eyes still maintained that hazy look. Wraith-Geeld took a deep breath to fully steady herself as she felt she recovered enough of her stamina, although it would take some time to properly recover. "We can't go back home. Not yet, anyway."

Geeld lowered her head and began fidgeting with her arms.

Understanding that for now it was not use to talk to her, the wraith looked around. She simply ran for as long as she could, without even looking at where she headed. The fact that neither her or Geeld have ever truly visited the City only added to the problem.

"Now, where to go..." The wraith muttered to herself as she leaned her head out of the alley at the opposite end from where she came.

It seemed that around this part of the city there were very few people, as the street she looked in was thankfully deserted.

She rapidly ducked back into the alley, flattening herself against the building's wall as a DCS officer and his dragon appeared from not too far away at one of the crossing roads further down from where she was looking. The officer and his dragon ran right past her at full speed, the pair not noticing the black dragon whose black hide almost perfectly concealed her presence in the darker alley shadows. Wraith-Geeld leaned forward once more, watching as the officer took another turn to the left at another junction far away.

"They're everywhere..." She muttered. "A place where they'd never go... where would..."

Her mind locked up for a moment. It was once again working automatically, and she could only wait as her body refused to work or move. What is going on, she thought as she felt her mind whirl with information she didn't even know where it came from. Suddenly, flashes came to her eyes, images of some strange shapes and writings. They felt familiar, yet wrong. As the flashes were over, an idea finally came to her mind as she recovered from that mental lock-down.

"Out of the city... We must go out of the city..." She growled, her tone devoid of any emotional inclination.

She looked out in the street, and seeing it was still empty, and with no sirens announcing the approach of her pursuers, she darted out of the alley at a moderate but sustained speed. She knew where to go, although she didn't really understand how it was possible. She had never ventured in the city, and yet she now had a mental map of which roads to take and which not.

Wraith-Geeld had been running for almost another hour, when she decided to take a small detour into a dead ended alley. She needed to rest, and to eat.

She looked around, and saw what seemed to be a crate of sorts. Although her eyes didn't suggest her much, her nose gave her a wholly different opinion. She approached the crate, which was almost completely sealed except for a couple of holes at the sides and a larger one at the top. Once on top of it, she craned her neck over and glanced inside. At first she saw nothing, but as she moved her eye around she could see something shining at the bottom. Eventually she decided to open the crate. There seemed to be some sort of button at the top of the crate, right next to the large hole from which she had just glanced at the crate's insides. Being the only thing close to it, she pressed her chin on the button. The crate clicked, and the top half slid open by the sides. Now that it was open, she could see what was inside. It was a Draconola bar, but it was placed under some sort of crystalline lens-shaped device. As she approached to try and remove it, a glow came from the device, and before she could jerk her head back a bright flash of light blinded her.

"Ha! We've got a big one!" A voice called from high above her. It was almost cheering at her current predicament.

"Who are you?! Come here if you dare!" The black dragon roared as she blinked her eyes, trying to shake off the blindness. She reared, pressing her back against the wall opposite to were the trap was.

"Hahaha... Yep, a big and angry one!" Another voice said.

Even with her eyes still blinded by the flash, the wraith could still hear very good. Two sets of dragon footfalls approached her.

"Have you ever seen one like her?" One of the dragons rumbled. Wraith-Geeld guessed it to be a male Pack-class.

"Nope, ain't seen one like her." The other mumbled in return. She guessed it to be another male, a Sky-class. "She looks like one with a mean streak, too."

Finally, with a couple of blinks her eyes finally cleared of her blindness, just in time to see a Green Trapping pod fly at her and pinning her against the wall.

Although she couldn't really move, she could still bend her neck and head enough to give a deadly glare at her attackers as they approached her. The two dragons recoiled slightly at her eyes, clearly intimidated by the obvious accents of fury that hid behind those purple orbs.

"Look at it!" The Pack-class's rider said, motioning with a gloved hand at the pinned dragon. "What does it seem to you? Seems like a Pack-class to me!"

"Bah, I don't know, Jackyl." The Sky-class's rider said, eyeing carefully and slowly the snarling dragon, whose eyes had now fixated on him, making him fairly uncomfortable. "Those... spiky things on the tail are most certainly not a Pack-class thing. And..."

"And what?" Jackyl asked, leaning slightly towards his friend. "Come on, don't tell me you're spooked by it!"

"Her..." The Pack-class growled in correction, but shook his head as he remembered that his rider couldn't understand him.

"I might not be a Pack-class for you, but sure enough I know how to send you packing!" The Wraith-Geeld threatened with a shriek, causing both humans to be startled. The dragons didn't react better as they backed off, far away from her as she started to kick her legs against the ground. As she kicked her legs, her claws tangled with one the three green robes that held her against the wall, snapping it.

"What the..." Jackyl mumbled, watching astonished as the black dragon freed herself from the trapping gear.

Wraith-Geeld roared her challenge at them. She was furious. How dare they attack her and then think to get away with it, she thought. Her eyes bore into her attackers'. They clearly didn't expect something like this to happen, as the Sky-class and his rider ran towards the alley's dead end and climbed up to the higher roofs with their grappling gear. The Pack-class and his rider, however, did not have grappling gear, or any actual combat gear other than Green Ramming gear, which they promptly activated as the wraith began slowly stomping towards them. They backed away, although it was too late for them to notice that they had been cornered, their own trap turned against them.

"Two against one... This is going to be fun!" The wraith hissed as she bared her teeth to them.

The slightly smaller purple Pack-class kept backing away from her, until he eventually bumped into the alley's walls. The rider readied his wrist-mounted Green Trapping gear launcher, and fired a pod at the wraith, but unluckily for him the wraith wouldn't fall for it a second time, and readily intercepted the pod with a burst of deep violet energy that caused the green device to explode in mid-air in a small cloud of green dust and debris.

"Not this time!" She roared at him.

She charged up her energy. She couldn't afford to waste any more time now, as her pursuers from Dragon City Security would most likely have noticed or have been notified of the racket that has been going on in the alley. She discharged a stream of mag energy at the Pack-class in front of her, but he countered with a stream of his own, almost balancing it as the streams met halfway in a ball of purple and violet energy. This is not good, she thought.